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When Venerable White used the Heavenly Peng’s Flying Technique, the speed of the helicopter changed as fast as lightning. It would take them a little more than one hour to reach China. The quality of the material of the helicopter was limiting its speed. If Senior White were to use his Meteor Sword, the speed would have been several times faster.

On the way back, Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone and started to search on the Internet for news regarding space stations. After all, they had just bumped a hole in one of them!

Many news popped out when he typed ‘space station’ on Baidu.

[Latest news: The spacecraft Soyuz has successfully entered the orbit of the international space station and is preparing to dock! Soon, the two astronauts on board will be able to return home!] This news was posted 6 hours ago.

[Latest news: The spacecraft Soyuz has taken off. The numbers of astronauts that will stay on the international space station this time will be five. They’ll replace the two astronauts that are currently on board, and they’ll perform at least 70 experiments up there.] This news was posted 1 day ago.

There was no mistake. He could tell that it was exactly the space station he and Senior White had created a hole in.

And it seemed that the spacecraft Soyuz had entered the orbit of the space station 6 hours ago… therefore, they should already be on board and met the astronauts, right?

Song Shuhang broke in cold sweat while thinking of this. Luckily, they had been quick to leave. Otherwise, they might have ended up meeting the people from the spacecraft.

One and a half hours later, Song Shuhang and Senior White arrived in China, near the Jiangnan area.

"Should we directly go to the training center?" Venerable White asked.

Song Shuhang thought a bit and said, "Senior White, we should look for a good place to land first. Then, we need to create the scene of a helicopter crash and set Instructor Li Jr. free."

The helicopter was completely ruined, and if they were to go back to the training center like this, the people there would get a scare.

It was better not to give more problems to True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

"You have a point." Venerable White nodded.

Then, he found a desolate place and stopped the helicopter there.

Song Shuhang took Instructor Li Jr. and got off.

Venerable White deleted all the formations he had engraved on the fuselage of the helicopter. Next, he created a hole with his foot near the helicopter, throwing the fuselage inside.

It was fine to choose a random place to arrange the scene of the accident. True Monarch Yellow Mountain would send someone later to work on the details.

Song Shuhang put Instructor Li Jr. on the ground. Then, he was preparing to take off his helmet and spacesuit as he said, "Senior White, can we let Instructor Li Jr. wake up already?"

"Sure." Senior White agreed and was preparing to cancel the technique he had used.

Song Shuhang was preparing to take off Instructor Li Jr.’s helmet when he noticed something—he remembered that the helmet was transparent in the front, but now, there was a black layer there, hiding Instructor Li Jr.’s face.

He slowly removed the helmet.

Next, Song Shuhang’s eyes widened, and his whole person froze on the spot.

"Senior, wait a moment!" Song Shuhang called out. He prevented Senior White from releasing the hypnotizing magic art.

At the same time, he immediately put the helmet where it was and took a deep breath.

"What happened?" Senior White asked curiously.

Song Shuhang rubbed his eyes, "Let me rub my eyes a little. Maybe I’m having hallucinations because I’m tired."

Senior White was puzzled...

Song Shuhang stretched his hands out and removed the helmet once more!

Once the helmet was removed, the face of the man beneath was revealed.

This person was in his forties and had a good complexion. Maybe because he had overworked himself, his hair had grown white ahead of time.

"We got scammed! Who the hell is this?!" Song Shuhang really felt like flipping over a table! ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ┻━┻

What happened to Instructor Li Jr.?

This is clearly the spacesuit I gave him. There is even China’s flag on it!

But why is this foreigner wearing it?

"So, what about Instructor Li Jr.?" Venerable White was also curious and asked.

"I don’t know where he is either!" Song Shuhang wanted to cry but had no tears, "However, I think I grabbed the wrong person. Instrutor Li Jr. might as well be still in the space station."

"..." Venerable White.

"This is the same spacesuit I gave to Instructor Li Jr.! But for some unknown reasons, this foreigner decided to wear it. Moreover, he even covered his face with that black layer, making it even more difficult to tell them apart!" Song Shuhang said.

This small mistake was bound to cause further trouble.

"Don’t panic!" Venerable White said. After thinking a bit, he added, "Should I build a disposable flying sword 004 and send him back to the space station?"

As soon as Senior White said this, a certain scene appeared in Song Shuhang’s head—Senior White created his disposable flying sword 004 and set the space station as the destination. Then, he activated the sword art and sent this unknown foreigner flying into the sky.

And then, that space station they had bumped into suddenly exploded with a mushroom cloud—and the cause of the explosion was the impact with the disposable flying sword!

After thinking of this fearful scene, Song Shuhang shook his head.

"Senior, it’s better if we find a way to deliver him to the space station personally. Moreover, Instructor Li Jr. is also still up there. We don’t have just to send this guy over there; we also have to take Instructor Li Jr. back!" Song Shuhang said.

"You’re also correct." Venerable White nodded.

"In this case, let’s go catch Doudou first. Later, we’ll make another trip to space!" Song Shuhang heaved a sigh. Now, he could only hope that the astronauts of the Soyuz spacecraft would be slower than them, letting him and Senior White swap Li Jr. for this foreigner before their arrival.

Since Instructor Li Jr. was still up there waiting for them, Senior White and Song Shuhang didn’t directly return to the training center. Instead, they rode a flying sword and went to look for Doudou.

At this time, Doudou was casually flying around with the helicopter.

"Wahaha! How could a mere helicopter baffle me? Let alone a helicopter, one day I’ll get my paws on a space shuttle too! Yellow Mountain can’t stop me!" Doudou said cheerfully. From time to time, his paws would fiddle with the instruments in the helicopter; he seemed very skilled.

He was flying and flying, but then his smiling face froze.

Senior White, who was riding a flying sword, appeared right in front of the helicopter. He had a calm smile on his face.

And behind him, there was Song Shuhang who was carrying a man wrapped in a spacesuit; his face wore a fiendish grin as he said, "Doudou!"

Doudou made a hollow laugh, "Ahaha. Shuhang, you’ve come back. Welcome back! Ahaha."

"Let’s go back home!" Song Shuhang said.

"No, I don’t want to go back. I want to keep flying this helicopter, and I want to try another model too!" Doudou objected. He had waited a long time to find the right opportunity to board an aircraft, how could he give up so easily?

"Senior, we don’t have too much time. Let’s just kidnap Doudou!" Song Shuhang suggested.

Senior White faintly smiled and said to Doudou, "Doudou, be a good dog. Fly this helicopter back, and then we’ll go home."

"I don- I’m sorry, I’ll immediately fly it back!" Doudou still wanted to refuse, but as he saw Senior White’s smile getting brighter and brighter, he decided to compromise.

His sixth sense as a monster beast was telling him that he would end up in a tragic state if he kept annoying Senior White. He might even send him to the moon with his disposable flying sword 004.

Therefore, Doudou flew the helicopter back to the Jiangshui’s Civil Aviation Training Center with a face full of tears.

Inside the training center, Caselli, who was trying to determine the position of the helicopter stolen by Doudou through the radar, felt like a cat on hot bricks.

At this moment, the voice of a man echoed in her headsets, "Caselli, good news. The helicopter taken by the pekingese has returned."

This was the instructor that Caselli had entrusted with looking for the helicopter stolen by Doudou; he was monitoring the helicopter from the outside with his car.

"That’s great! Keep a close watch, nothing must go wrong!" Caselli relaxed a bit.

The other instructors also heaved a sigh of relief.

One of them casually turned the TV on to lighten the atmosphere.

They had many TV channels here at the training center. Not only did they have access to Chinese channels, but also many aviation-type foreign channels. With that, the instructors could broaden their knowledge in their free time.

This instructor had selected a foreign aviation channel.

At this time, a pretty hostess with golden hair and blue eyes was covering some aviation news, "According to the latest reports, the spacecraft Soyuz has successfully picked up the two astronauts on the international space station and is right now on its way back to Earth. Ten minutes ago, the spacecraft left the ‘blackout zone’ and activated its sunshield. It will land shortly. Let’s welcome the two astronauts that have come back from space, Aguero and Anthony!"

Afterward, the camera switched to the place where the astronauts were about to land.

In the last three years, aerospace technology had developed quite a bit, reaching a very high level.

Therefore, astronauts were able to land more quickly and safely.

Previously, astronauts needed around one day to properly land when returning from space, but now they needed around two hours. Moreover, it was unlikely for them to face any danger in the landing process.

At the landing zone.

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Barbara, the journalist on the site. The spacecraft Soyuz has just successfully landed. The bodies of the two astronauts are in good condition, and with the help of the staff, they are now sitting on chairs, ready to give us an interview. Therefore, we’re about to interview from close up the two heroes that have just returned from space. The first one is—Mr. Aguero!"

Aguero took off his spacesuit and waved at the crowd.

Venerable White’s hypnotizing technique had expired not long after he had boarded the spacecraft leading him toward Earth.

Even if he had lost part of his memory, it didn’t stop Aguero from accepting the cheers he was receiving. After all, it was an honor to be greeted like this.

"And here is our other hero—Anthony!" a warm applause echoed once more. Perhaps they were his fans or his relatives, but there were some people loudly shouting Anthony’s name in the crowd.

However… Mr. Anthony had yet to take off the helmet of his spacesuit!

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