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Chapter 1773 The New Year gifts have been buried beneath the ground, who else wants to have a look?The Dragon Network Assistant opened the portal to the first treasure land. 

Without authority, even a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender would have their spatial energy sealed after entering the Black Dragon World—just like how Song Shuhang had been trapped in the Inner World at first.

The Dragon Network Assistant introduced the small world. “This is an area where spirit plants are born. It is a dragon scale world on the chest of the Black Dragon. The locals call them ‘Kappa Dragonshrooms’, they’re spirit plants that grow on cliffs. Although they are only Third Level spirit plants, they taste great, have strong survivability, and reproduce quickly, thereby meeting the requirements set by Administrator Tyrannical Dragon.”

There were two kinds of spirit plants that Song Shuhang needed.

One was the type of spirit plants that were used by ‘immortal chefs’, for which the taste was just as important as the level of the plant.

The other was spirit plants for cultivation. For this case, the higher the level of the plant, the better the medicinal effect. But if there was some other plant that possessed a special effect, it could be collected as well.

After all, his Inner World had a limited area. When importing spirit plants and beasts, he had to choose carefully as he couldn’t just bring everything over.

The Dragon Network Assistant passed through the spatial gate, and directly brought Song Shuhang and Soft Feather to the bottom of a cliff. The structure of the cliff reminded him of a table, and those ‘Kappa Dragonshrooms’ grew on the inner side of the cliff.

This location would cause ordinary people to despair as it was impossible for them to reach the shrooms unless they could fly.

Song Shuhang trod on the air, came to the side of those Kappa Dragonshrooms.”Are there any restrictions when it comes to picking up these dragonshrooms?”

“There are no restrictions tied to harvesting them, as they belong to the category of high-yield spirit plants. The main reason ordinary people aren’t able to pluck them is because of the precarious location they grow in, which in turn also makes them rather valuable,” the Dragon Network Assistant said. “The transplanting process for these dragonshrooms is also very simple. They only need to be moved to similar cliffs, specifically to a location which is dark and humid, and they will be able to grow on their own very quickly.”

Song Shuhang nodded and began to pluck a batch of dragonshrooms, transferring them to his Inner World.

Inside the Inner World, the Inner World Assistant immediately transplanted the spirit plants, placing them in a number of locations suitable for their survival. It even placed a batch of dragonshrooms on the ‘Sword Saber Peak’.

The Inner World Assistant was truly great—Song Shuhang felt that it could be regarded as one of his greatest gains from this trip to the Black Dragon World.

Meanwhile, Soft Feather also trod on the air, albeit rather awkwardly. She had just ascended to the Fifth Stage, and she had only acquired the ability to tread the air, so she wasn’t that accustomed to it yet.

After taking a few steps, she stepped directly on the steep cliff. Then, she casually walked vertically as if the cliffside were flat ground.

Soft Feather chuckled. “Mm-hm~ Walking on the ground is still the best.”

After walking for a while on the cliff, she got the hang of it, and started running down the cliffside.

Song Shuhang heard her words, and gave Soft Feather a thumbs-up. “Right, having firm footing indeed lets one’s heart be at ease. So, Soft Feather, would you like to know about flying sword guardrails?”

“Hehe, thank you Senior Song, but I don’t need them.” Soft Feather chuckled as she ran back and forth on the vertical cliff wall, having fun in her own way.

This was her character. No matter what the environment was, she would be able to find something fun to do.

After running on the cliffside for a while, Soft Feather turned her gaze to a more challenging location.

Then, she started to run towards the upside-down area of the cliff.

Upon seeing this, Song Shuhang shouted for her to stop. “Wait, Soft Feather.”

“???” Soft Feather.

Song Shuhang reminded her, “If you want to run in that area, it would be better for you to… change your clothes.”

Soft Feather was wearing a beautiful knee-length dress, so if she were to run upside-down, she would be completely exposed.

“Change clothes?” Soft Feather lowered her head, and glanced at the white dress she was wearing. She then blinked and chuckled. “Thank you for the reminder, Senior Song.”

But she didn’t have any intention to change her clothes.

“But, Senior Song, it’s okay if you look!” After Soft Feather said so, her slender legs rose up, and she quickly ran to the upside-down area of the cliff. While she ran, she said, “Senior Song, watch carefully, don’t blink!”

“???” Song Shuhang.

Don’t blink? Should I really watch Soft Feather?

The virtuous lamia quickly came out and snatched a line. “New Year’s gifts have been sent out!”

…It should be an advertising slogan for a certain product.

“Hehehehe.” At this time, Soft Feather’s long legs had stepped on the upside-down area of the cliff, and after two more steps, she was hanging completely upside down.

With her feet planted on the cliff, her black hair fell towards the ground, fluttering with the wind.

But… the anticipated ‘gift’ did not appear.

Soft Feather’s skirt did not fall due to gravity. It completely violated common sense and fluttered upward.


Song Shuhang opened his mouth and wanted to rant.

“I-It’s here, the antigravity skirt!” But before he could say anything, the virtuous lamia had already taken the words out of his mouth.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Ever since she made that error while snatching a line, the virtuous lamia had become more careful, and would always pay attention to Song Shuhang’s facial expression.

Although she didn’t have the ‘mind reading technique’, she had learned the ‘face reading technique’. By looking at Song Shuhang’s expression, combined with the various contextual knowledge she had at present, she was able to instantly infer the lines that Song Shuhang wanted to say.

At the same time, after seeing Song Shuhang’s dumbfounded expression, she knew that she had succeeded in snatching the line.

This line was snatched, and Fairy @#%× was satisfied. The only regret was that Fairy Creation, her competitor, was not around, which slightly reduced her sense of satisfaction.

Song Shuhang asked, “What kind of magical technique is this?”

Soft Feather chuckled. “It’s not a magical technique. It’s just a simple application of spiritual energy that has spread among the female practitioners in the group. Fairy Dongfang Six taught it to me.”

Fairy Dongfang Six was ​​a dancer, and she would always appear wearing a skirt; she had researched this method herself. However, she rarely used it. The Bewitching Dance she was proficient at was a charm-type skill, and the antigravity skirt couldn’t really be used during such times.

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “I don’t know how to evaluate this skill.”

The virtuous lamia exclaimed, “At this time, I am both disappointed and grateful. Long live Real Madrid.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

What the hell is that line?

Why is such a sentiment attached to Real Madrid? What’s up with Real Madrid this year?

In addition, I remember that there wasn’t any way to surf the Internet in the Black Dragon World during the past few days. Fairy @#%×, how were you able to update your database?

“Hehe, don’t be so disappointed, Senior Song.” Soft Feather patted her skirt, jumped down from upside-down, and plucked a few dragonshrooms. “Now, what else are we plucking?”

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