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Chapter 1766 Dragon Eye GemThe Demon Emperor’s inheritance which Song Shuhang glimpsed just now was merely a catalog. To get more information, one required something like the demon pattern that Young Master Hai had.However, just from seeing the catalog, Song Shuhang could already guess what the inheritance was.

Soft Feather said, “Senior Song, your smile is so sinister.”

“It’s not sinister, this is a smirk that emerges when taking pleasure from another’s misfortune,” said Song Shuhang. Then, he exported the catalog of the Demon Emperor’s inheritance, and displayed it for Soft Feather and Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword to see.

Demon Emperor’s Inheritance: ❮300 Exclusive Cutting Techniques❯, ❮Special Preservation Methods to Keep Ingredients Fresher❯, ❮Perfectly Stimulating the Unique Flavors of Ingredients❯, ❮Another Use for Spiritual Energy, Making Ingredients Tastier❯…

This was the unique ‘Immortal Chef Inheritance’ of the Demon Emperor’s family, a truly ancient cooking skill.

Did you think the inheritance of the Demon Emperor was some supreme demonic technique? Did you think that the inheritance would give you access to the ‘Demonic God Pillar Kingdom’? Did you think that the inheritance would be the way for a demonic cultivator to reach the Ninth Stage Realm?

Too naive!

The Demon Emperor possessed countless secret skills, and of course, his inheritance was also varied. Why couldn’t he simply impart his ancient cooking skills?

Song Shuhang said, “If I become a big shot one day, I must pass on my various skills as well.”

Then, he began to think about his ‘skills’.

The Basic Buddhist Fist Technique? Those various basic martial arts? The Lightning Palm?

Apart from these ‘skills’, what else had he mastered?

Maybe pill refining techniques?

But when it came to pill refining techniques, he’d only refined body tempering liquid… and it was the kind refined through an induction cooker. He hadn’t actually learned how to refine pills through a pill furnace.

Perhaps one day in the future, a youth would go through great troubles to look for Big Shot Tyrannical Song’s inheritance, then after opening the inheritance, they would merely receive an ‘induction cooker pill refining’ secret technique.

That youth would definitely go mad…

“This is too mean, I shouldn’t.” Song Shuhang shook his head.

However, could there actually be many bored seniors who produce all kinds of boring inheritances waiting for a ‘destined person’ to find them?

Song Shuhang felt that there was a great possibility for this to be true. After all, a high cultivation base did not necessarily mean that they had a good character.

Song Shuhang said, “Right, speaking of inheritances, before I leave the Black Dragon World, I still need to designate an ‘inheritance space’ for Scarlet Pupil.”

At that time, he could just leave his ‘induction cooker pill refining’ skill together with the inheritance. Who knew, Scarlet Pupil might just have a talent for pill refining.

“An inheritance space?” When Soft Feather heard this, her eyes lit up. “Senior Song, let’s make it together! Is there anything I can do?”

Song Shuhang said, “I’m going to imitate the Demon Emperor’s inheritance, and create a similar inheritance space. It just so happens that I currently have the highest Authority in the ‘Dragon Network’, so I should be able to do something similar. Afterward, I will leave a set of the succeeding cultivation techniques in there. And I might leave the induction cooker pill refining technique as well as some other skills.”

Soft Feather raised her hand, and said, “I created a set of forging techniques for forging flying swords that are brittle, and can’t be used for combat very quickly. Can we place that in there too?”

“Sure, the more the better,” Song Shuhang said. “Right, I should leave a few buckets of wings in there as well, it’ll be another reward for him after he gets through.”

“How about you also leave a copy of the Demon Emperor’s immortal chef secret techniques in there?” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said—it felt bad for Scarlet Pupil for all the mess of things that Song Shuhang and Soft Feather were leaving in the inheritance.

Song Shuhang replied, “The Demon Emperor’s inheritance hasn’t been fully unraveled yet. Once it is, I can leave a copy for Scarlet Pupil.”

Soft Feather said, “What about my senior brother’s modified ‘Turtle Breathing Technique’? Previously, Senior Brother Jianyi asked me to help him spread his ‘Improved Turtle Breathing Technique’. I had been planning on posting a copy of it in the Nine Provinces Number One Group, but I forgot to send it.”

Song Shuhang said, “We should leave a few treasures as well. It should be good to leave some ‘Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds’ in there.”

At this time, Lady Onion couldn’t help but say, “What about my set of monster spirit secret techniques? It contains several secret techniques which are pretty useful.”

Song Shuhang said, “Go ahead, you can put in whatever you like.”

He grew increasingly excited as he spoke more with Soft Feather and Lady Onion. Now he couldn’t wait to go and set up the secret realm.

Black Dragon World, Dadamar Forest, Dragon Blood Tribe.

In the attic where Song Shuhang lived, Doudou had his tongue sticking out as he ran inside the hamster wheel.

He was both talented and intelligent, and was able to answer all the questions in just over an hour with a fast answering speed. He’d thought that after he got to answer all of the questions, he would be able to get out of the hamster running wheel and rest for a while… but the wheel kept spinning nonstop.

For the entire duration of Song Shuhang and Soft Feather’s trip to the ‘Dragon Network Node’, Doudou had been running inside the hamster wheel.

After answering the questions over and over again, he accidentally answered wrong several times, and the hamster wheel’s speed increased several times accordingly.

Because of all these factors, Doudou’s legs had already gone weak.

“Is that guy Shuhang still not back yet? Woof~” Doudou exclaimed while panting.

He’d discovered that this ‘hamster running wheel’ did not only stop one from flying, but it also added the effects of doubling fatigue and doubling gravity. Moreover, the longer one ran inside the hamster wheel, the more kinds of additional effects would emerge.

Many secret technique effects that Doudou did not even recognize had been placed on it, causing his limbs to go weak, and making him exasperated after running inside the wheel for so long. It should be taken note that, under normal circumstances, a Fifth Stage Great Monster Dog wouldn’t have a problem running at full speed for one or two months without losing its breath.

At the side, the old tribal chief who was changing the floor of the attic raised his head and tilted his head—he couldn’t understand Doudou’s words.

At this moment, a demonic god pillar descended from the air, falling outside the attic.

Then, Song Shuhang, Soft Feather, Lady Onion, and Scarlet Heaven Sword reappeared in the attic.

“Shuhang~ You’re finally back.” Doudou was moved to tears. This was the first time that Song Shuhang looked so pleasing to the eye. “Hurry, stop this wheel. This thing has been looping endlessly. I’m about to die.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

“Doudou, you should have followed me and Senior Song.” Soft Feather chuckled, and said, “Our trip was really fun.”

Doudou urged, “Hurry and stop the wheel first.”

“No problem. After all, we are good brothers. I’ll stop it for you right away.” While he said that, Song Shuhang lost control of his two hands, took out his phone, and then took photos of Doudou from all angles.

“…” Doudou.

“Doudou, I suddenly have a question I want to ask you,” Song Shuhang said while taking photos.

Doudou responded, “Ask, hurry up and ask.”

A dog under a roof can only bow down its head.

Song Shuhang asked, “Why don’t you wear pants?”

“…” Doudou.

Why would a dog wear pants! What would a dog need pants for?

Seeing Doudou’s resentful face, Song Shuhang happily recorded the scene. Then, with an urge of his will, the wheel stopped spinning.

When the door of the wheel opened, Doudou jumped out, revealing his great monster dog form, and then bit at Song Shuhang’s head.

“❮Variant Steel Hands Technique❯, Head Section!” Song Shuhang did not avoid the bite.

He simply circulated the Variant Steel Hands Technique.

In the next moment, his head assumed a dark steel color, and exuded a metallic luster.

When Doudou bit his head, he got a toothache.

“Wuuu~ Woof! Ugh!” Doudou was furious.

“Hahaha, can’t do anything, huh?” Song Shuhang put away his phone. “I’m quite proud of my steel head.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword remarked, “Song Shuhang in this state is beyond saving.”

Soft Feather said, “But he’s very fun when he’s like this.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword turned its hilt, and ‘looked’ towards Soft Feather—this girl was also beyond saving.

Song Shuhang said, “If you have a toothache, you should come down. You can’t bite through my head, so don’t bother.”

“Uuuuh.” Doudou’s teeth gripped tightly onto Song Shuhang’s head. He’d decided to just not let go, remaining stubborn to the very end.

On the opposite side, Soft Feather took out her phone, adjusted the angle, took a few photos of Song Shuhang, and recorded a short video.

Song Shuhang was very cooperative with Soft Feather, even taking various poses for the shots—it was as if Doudou, who was hanging from his head, had become a hat.

“I keep finding this scene familiar,” Soft Feather said. However, she couldn’t remember where she had seen this scene in the past.

Song Shuhang smiled, and turned to look at the old tribal chief. “Tribal chief, how is Little Yinzhu?”

“Miss Yinzhu is still asleep, and it doesn’t look like there are any problems with her. But she hasn’t woken up for a few days now, is she really fine?” the old tribal chief asked with a tinge of worry.

That little girl was clearly not in a state of ‘seclusion’. Despite that, she hadn’t eaten anything all this time. Was that why she was so thin and small?

Song Shuhang said, “She’s fine. Given the time, she should wake up soon.”

After saying that, he looked at the Dragon Network Assistant again.

It was time to talk about remuneration.

“Administrator Tyrannical Dragon, is there anything you need?” the Dragon Network Assistant asked—with the Demon Emperor’s Dragon Network Node having been dealt with, the Dragon Network’s Will was in a very good mood, so the Dragon Network Assistant was also very generous.

“I do happen to need something,” Song Shuhang said. “I’m taking a trip back to the main world to have a feast with my seniors. I’m in need of some wine.”

Lady Kunna had a batch of fine wines which were more delicious than even Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s immortal wine, and this wine was fairly strong. Moreover, Lady Kunna’s batch of wine had a very good effect on one’s mental energy, so it was very fitting to be brought to a feast.

The Dragon Network Assistant replied, “No problem, I can transfer a batch of fine wine to you.”

Song Shuhang said, “In addition, can you issue a Dragon Network mission for me, and request for a famous mage chef to prepare a big feast for me?”

In the Dragon Network World, there were also existences similar to ‘immortal chefs’. Back then, Lady Kunna had personally made some specialties of the Black Dragon World for Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang thought that since the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were getting together, it would be best to bring some specialties. A Black Dragon World’s feast would be just right to let the seniors in the group have a taste of something new.

“No problem, missions like this can be generated at any time,” the Dragon Network Assistant replied. “In addition, Lady Fat Ball prepared a gift for you.”

“I’m actually a little sensitive to the words ‘fat ball’,” Song Shuhang said. “What kind of gift is it?”

The Dragon Network Assistant said, “The Dragon Eye Gem, a specialty produced at the Black Dragon’s eye area, with a batch only being produced every 1,000 years. Please follow me.”

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