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Chapter 1765 Senior White Two“s speculationsInside the world of the black lotus…Little Sun ‘You’re Busy T233’ floated in the sky, exuding a warm light.

Below, № Buddhist Holy Ape carried around the demonic god pillars, inserting them into the ground of the world of the black lotus.

Meanwhile, № Hamster held up a blueprint, and directed it around.

Soon after, the demonic god pillars which Song Shuhang had transferred to the world of the black lotus were all arranged into a formation. When looked at from above, the pillars now looked like a plum blossom.

“Mm-hm, good job.” A clone of Senior White Two nodded in satisfaction. “With these decorative items, the world of the black lotus has become more beautiful.”

The world of the black lotus was still simply too desolate. Even after the fat ball’s lair had been brought in, it still felt like there was too much free space. Therefore, he had to look for a way to fill up the area with more things.

The demonic hamster remarked, “What a pity, № Tyrannical Song has actually transformed into a child. His appearance now is not even close to being comparable to how he looked as an uncle.”

“Huh? № Hamster, you prefer the uncle type?” Senior White Two’s clone said with surprise apparent in his voice.

The demonic hamster shook its head quickly. “No, I just feel that the uncle-looking № Tyrannical Song was a lot more pleasing to the eye. Now that he’s taken on the appearance of a child, I don’t find him as pleasant-looking as before.”

Senior White’s clone smiled slightly, his eyes peering through the ‘world of the black lotus’ and looking at Song Shuhang, who was in the Inner World.

“How long did it take for № Tyrannical Song to rise to the Sixth Stage?” Senior White Two said.

№ Hamster replied, “About six months.”

Its entire body was riddled with discomfort as soon as this thought came to mind.

When they first met, № Tyrannical Song was still at the Third Stage, while the demonic hamster was at the Fourth Stage. One month later, № Tyrannical Song caught up with it, and reached the Fourth Stage. After another month, № Tyrannical Song surpassed it, and reached the Fifth Stage. Then, on the same day that it finally ascended to the Fifth Stage, № Tyrannical Song ascended to the Sixth Stage, completely surpassing it.

“Reaching the Sixth Stage in six months?” The Buddhist Holy Ape’s eyes went wide open in incredulity. That little guy called Song Shuhang is that astounding? Even the Scholarly Sage, who suppressed the entire universe back then, wasn’t this cool. Just what cheats did this little guy get that he could accomplish such feats?

Senior White Two’s clone softly said, “Too fast.”

Little Sun T233 said, “Yet, № Tyrannical Song’s will is very stable, and there basically aren’t any problems there. Moreover, because of his personality, even with the rapid increase in his strength over a short period of time, he doesn’t get overconfident nor complacent.”

№ Hamster said, “I feel that due to him frequently encountering big shots who are exceedingly stronger than he is, he always has the misconception of ‘I’m still very weak’ in his mind. If it weren’t for some of those big shots beating him down every now and then, he would probably have long since gone on to grow overconfident. In fact, after he ascended to the Fifth Stage, he’s been quite the showoff to me.”

For example, one of the previous times it met № Tyrannical Song, Song Shuhang showed off his 8-Star 8-Diamond 8-Cores and rent its heart. Was that not someone who was a showoff?

You’re Busy T233 smiled at № Hamster, and then said, “I feel like № Tyrannical Song’s attitude towards you has not changed ever since he first met you.”

“…” The demonic hamster.

Senior White’s clone stretched out his hand, tapped lightly on a demonic god pillar, and then suddenly said, “Say, do you think that № Tyrannical Song could be my brother?”

Back when he came in contact with [Wielder of the Will White], who was ‘gazing into the future’, he told the other party that he wanted a little sister. But with that odd personality of Wielder of the Will White, who was to say that he hadn’t given him a little brother instead?

Song Shuhang was not the reincarnation of anyone, nor a reincarnated powerful entity. And even if his ancestry was traced back several generations, they were all ordinary people.

Senior White Two had repeatedly verified this point.

But this was exactly why it was so strange. How could someone who was so clearly ordinary be able to ascend six stages in a mere six months…

So, could he actually be a ‘little brother’ whom Wielder of the Will White had secretly prepared for him?

№ Hamster shook its head repeatedly, and said, “Impossible. Master’s charm is so great, while № Tyrannical Song has such a delicate face without any charm. How could he be related to Master?”

“However, № Tyrannical Song has great talent indeed,” said Little Sun T233. It had barely come into contact with № Tyrannical Song, and the times that it did, it only did so because its master had ordered it thus. But despite them only meeting several times, it found № Tyrannical Song to be rather likable.

Senior White Two’s clone smiled, and said, “I’m just talking about it being a possibility.”

He also had several other speculations in his mind on who could be his possible ‘little sister’ or ‘little brother’.

The first was naturally the ‘Senior White’ in the main world.

He had the same looks, the same charm, and the same luck as himself.

The first time he made contact with Song Shuhang, it was mainly to get more information about this main world’s White. But in the end, the relationship between him and Song Shuhang had unknowingly gotten deeper than the relationship between him and this other White.

Every time Song Shuhang yelled ‘Senior White Two, save me!’ when he was in a crisis, he felt a sense of satisfaction.

The second person he suspected was Song Shuhang himself.

Whether it was him or that other White, they both had a good relationship with Song Shuhang. Perhaps it was because Shuhang’s nerves were dead, making him one among the few existences in the universe who could withstand his charms and pressure.

Therefore, whether it was the main world’s White or himself, they naturally felt the need to take special care of him. Moreover, the part where Song Shuhang was able to reach the Sixth Stage in six months was already very much worthy of suspicion.

The third person he suspected… was someone he’d discovered not too long ago.

Senior White Two’s gaze passed through the Inner World, settling on Soft Feather.

He didn’t think much of this long-legged girl until he saw the Star Road on Song Shuhang’s life-bound whale core.

On the Star Road, Soft Feather was at the beginning and the end. She alone occupied two spots, and there was none for the main world’s White.

But when Senior White Two looked at the scene, the one who opened the door at the end of the star road was not Soft Feather, but rather the main world’s White.

This was interesting.

From his point of view, it was the main world’s White opening the door, while from Song Shuhang’s point of view, it was another Soft Feather.

All of this together caused ‘Soft Feather’ to be added to his suspects.

Moreover, Soft Feather had many karmic ties.

There was a part of her karma that linked her to the ‘Heavenly Emperor’, thereby linking her to the ‘Fat Ball’ through the Heavenly Emperor.

Therefore, Senior White Two could not be certain if this girl was the younger sister secretly arranged for him by Wielder of the Will White, or if it was the Fat Ball making trouble.

In addition to the above three suspects, there was another even less conspicuous existence.

The founder of the Nine Provinces Number One Group which Song Shuhang had joined—True Monarch Yellow Mountain, now Venerable Yellow Mountain.

After Song Shuhang got his Inner World, Senior White Two was able to project part of his power into the main world through it. He then went around the main world, and followed Song Shuhang’s interpersonal relationships.

By that point, he’d secretly come into contact with most of the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, wanting to know if Song Shuhang’s friends were as fun as Shuhang himself.

From this, he labeled Venerable Yellow Mountain as a key suspect.

Senior White Two had observed him from a distance, discovering that Yellow Mountain was very similar to his young self. To be precise, Venerable Yellow Mountain reminded Senior White Two of his ‘young man in green robes riding a white horse’ phase.

Back then, he wholeheartedly took care of Little White in the desert.

The same was true for Venerable Yellow Mountain. Those guys were clearly just ‘group members’, and when talking about relationships, this could not even be considered a close one. However, Yellow Mountain would trouble and worry himself over the group members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group time and again.

Venerable Yellow Mountain was like him when he was the ‘young man in green robes’.

Meanwhile, the main world’s White was more like ‘Little White’ in the desert rather than him.

At this time, № Hamster asked cautiously, “By the way, Master, wasn’t the demonic god pillar you sent over just now the one with the Demon Emperor’s inheritance? Is it really okay to throw it to № Tyrannical Song?”

Although Song Shuhang’s path was already messy—with him having touched upon buddhist, daoist, and scholarly techniques—demonic cultivation techniques were vastly different from the previous three. If he were to freely practice them, wouldn’t problems arise?

Senior White smiled, and said, “Are you worried about him?”

“How could that be? I was just thinking that if disaster were to befall him after getting his hands on the Demon Emperor’s inheritance, I wouldn’t be able to defeat him righteously in the future. That would be a pity.” The demonic hamster raised its head, and then coolly lifted its swordsman robe.

“Don’t worry,” Senior White Two said. “Although it’s the Demon Emperor’s inheritance, it isn’t the kind of inheritance that everyone imagines it to be.”

Demon Emperor Hezhi was a very self-confident person; he was good at planning and scheming.

With his character… Unless he was in a truly despairing situation, he wouldn’t leave behind his real inheritance. Although the inheritance inside the demonic god pillar was indeed Demon Emperor Hezhi’s inheritance, it wasn’t a demonic technique.

Song Shuhang willed it, and the demonic god pillar which had its restrictions erased was transferred out of the Inner World.

Soft Feather asked curiously, “Eh? Senior Song, is there no way to store this demonic god pillar in the Inner World?”

Song Shuhang shook his head, and said, “Any restrictions and marks on this demonic god pillar have been erased. Now, it’s ours!”

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked curiously, “Does this mean that you can decipher the Demon Emperor’s inheritance inside?”

Song Shuhang nodded. “Yes.”

He carried the demonic god pillar, feeling that it was still a bit too big.

Could this thing be shrunk like the Ruyi Jingu Bang?

No matter what, it was still a magical treasure of the Demon Emperor, so it should at least have a basic function like changing size, right?

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and placed it on the demonic god pillar. “Shrink, shrink, shrink!”

After a long while.

Soft Feather remarked, “Senior Song, it hasn’t changed.”

Song Shuhang said calmly, “Mm-hm, I can see that.”

Negative review, the magical treasure of the dignified Demon Emperor can’t even shrink!

Song Shuhang said, “However, I have decoded part of the information about the Demon Emperor’s inheritance.”

He was now looking forward to the moment when Young Master Hai also decoded the Demon Emperor’s inheritance!

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