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Chapter 1663: Dead

When Sage Monarch Melon Eater entered the ‘Heavenly Tribulation Realm’, several big shots in the main world sensed it.

[A fellow daoist is ascending to the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm?]

[Someone is actually ascending to the Ninth Stage. Hmm, this isn’t the best timing. The current ‘Wielder of the Will’ is about to be replaced. For them to choose to ascend to the Ninth Stage during a period where neither Immortals nor Tribulation Transcenders dare to roam the world, how is it any different from volunteering to die?]

[Which Profound Sage is ascending to the Ninth Stage? This year truly is a heyday for the world of cultivation. In the past months, Profound Sages were born one after the other, delivering speeches to the entire universe. Now, a Profound Sage has taken the last step, charging into the Tribulation Transcender Realm. With the general trend of the events this year, perhaps this fellow daoist truly will succeed in ascending!]

[Which cultivation system’s Profound Sage is ascending?]

In the main world, several big shots pondered.

Afterward, they began to pay attention to the location where ‘Sage Monarch Melon Eater’ was transcending the tribulation… looking forward to finding out the results as soon as possible.

Inside the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s figure appeared.

It first raised its head and looked around, and then took a look at the ‘Heavenly Tribulation Realm’.

This was the heavenly tribulation of the Ninth Stage that it had long been looking forward to. It could absolutely not fail.

It had done its best in making preparations before the tribulation came. When it came to transcending the tribulation, the area where one went through with it could affect them. When transcending the tribulation, whether or not you could take advantage of the location was very important.

Looking around, Sage Monarch Melon Eater found itself on a deserted planet, surrounded by an extreme amount of spiritual energy.

Standing here, it felt as if its body was bathed in a ‘spiritual river’; it felt indescribably comfortable. If this weren’t a tribulation-transcension space, it would have definitely been a holy land for cultivation.

Above its head, tribulation clouds condensed and enveloped the sky.

The sky, which had been originally clear, became veiled by dark clouds in an instant. Lightning and flames wandered in the clouds as if the end of the world was coming.

Immediately afterward, the first tribulation of the heavenly tribulation of the Ninth Stage descended.

“Come!” Sage Monarch Melon Eater felt its blood boil.

It had been waiting for this day for thousands of years!

In the past, it had dreamt of its heavenly tribulation of the Ninth Stage countless times.

Perhaps some cultivators would be afraid of the heavenly tribulation… but when it came to Sage Monarch Melon Eater, it yearned for it.


A bolt of lightning landed—this was a greeting and a reminder from the heavenly tribulation. The power of the bolt was not strong, and even a cultivator who had just ascended to the Eighth Stage would have been able to receive it.

So far, there had never been any news of a cultivator dying during the first wave of a heavenly tribulation.

When the tribulation lightning struck Sage Monarch Melon Eater, a dragon-scale shield appeared on its body, easily blocking the attack.

The peak Eighth Stage Dragon Scale Shield was made up of 188 dragon scales, and its defensive prowess was amazing.

And Sage Monarch Melon Eater still had 11 of these shields that were equally amazing as this Dragon Scale Shield!

This Dragon Scale Shield was made by Sage Monarch Melon Eater using its own scales when it was idle in the past. Although it looked like a fat whale, it had the blood of a dragon, even possessing dragon claws and dragon scales.

…Profound Sages of the divine beast bloodline had an advantage when it came to this aspect.

While human Profound Sages would have to search far and wide for materials in order to forge an ‘Eighth Stage magical treasure’, Profound Sages of the divine beast bloodline could easily forge a magical treasure that completely suited them simply by making use of some of their body parts.

Scales, claws, horns, and hair were all great materials for forging magical treasures. And for those with particularly powerful regenerative abilities, it wouldn’t be a problem to use their eyes for the forging.

After blocking the first wave, Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s entire body trembled in excitement.

It could feel the tribulation lightning’s power through the Dragon Scale Shield.

This time, I’m not dreaming!

I’m really transcending the Ninth Stage heavenly tribulation!

At this time, I really want to share my joy with others, Sage Monarch Melon Eater said in its mind.

Then, he immediately thought of two people.

One was the Western Paladin System’s Winter Melon, with whom it had great fate, while the other one was Song Shuhang.

Originally, its relationship with Song Shuhang had been rather ordinary. At most, Song Shuhang had eaten part of its body. But later, due to the Virtuous Network, their relationship had improved greatly.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater smiled, and said, “This joy… As soon as I ascend to the Ninth Stage, I’ll share it with them.”

The heavenly tribulation was about to officially begin.

Black Dragon World, Dadamar Forest.

Dragon Blood Tribe’s dining area.

Song Shuhang hugged Li Yinzhu, drinking one cup after the other until he unknowingly fell asleep.

The virtuous lamia supported his body, laid him flat on a seat, and placed Li Yinzhu next to him.

Song Shuhang squinted his eyes, and said, “Thank you, Fairy.”

Fairy @#%× smiled slightly. This time, she didn’t recite any messy lines—with Song Shuhang so drunk like this, there was no sense of accomplishment in snatching his lines.

Meanwhile, Lady Kunna had returned to her original state. She lay down on the table with a ‘thud’ and fell asleep.

Fairy Creation blinked. She then reached out and took all the ‘white lotuses’ on the table in front of her. Everyone was drunk, so no one would compete with her for these lotus flowers.

Half asleep and half awake, Song Shuhang suddenly felt that his Resurrection Gold Coins were finally off cooldown.

Logically speaking, the Resurrection Gold Coins should have still been on cooldown for another two to three days.

But it seems that their cooldown had ended early.

Is it because of Lady Kunna? Song Shuhang wondered in a daze—among the people he came in contact with today, it should only be the golden-eyed Lady Kunna who had the means to do something like that.

But regardless, with his resurrection CD gone, Song ‘Feels at Ease Again’ Shuhang was back.

Anyway, where did Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword go, and why is it still not back? Song Shuhang thought in a daze.

I felt some heat in my stomach just now. Is it because I drank too much?

Eh, that doesn’t look right. Why are my sixth and seventh small golden cores flashing brightly?

The Virtuous Network and the QR code Golden Core Compositions flashed one after another, sending a message to Song Shuhang.

[Sage Monarch Melon Eater is trying to share his joy with you. Would you like to accept? Yes/No.]

Song Shuhang secretly said in his mind, I’m so drunk, there’s no point in sharing anything right now.

And so, he didn’t choose anything.

Yes or no, he chose to let it be.

After 20 seconds.

[An option has not been chosen for a long time, so the default choice ‘Yes’ has been selected. Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s joys will now be shared with you.]

In the next moment…

Song Shuhang and Li Yinzhu disappeared.

The virtuous lamia was taken aback. Her body quickly turned into particles, and she also disappeared into the void.

“!!!” Fairy Creation.

Why was she suddenly left all alone?


Loud booming thunder sounded, causing Song Shuhang’s eyes to open. “Who would be so cruel to let the sound of thunder play at this time? Can’t they just let people sleep.”

Then, he saw a face with an utterly shocked expression in the distance—about 500-600 meters away, the human form of Sage Monarch Melon Eater was staring at Song Shuhang with its eyes wide open, just as if it had seen a ghost.

In addition, 20 meters away from his other side, Little Yinzhu was curled up into a ball, sleeping soundly.

Song Shuhang’s mind hadn’t even gotten to process much when suddenly…


From the sky, two bolts of tribulation lightning descended, rushing towards his location.

This tribulation lightning possessed a might equivalent to the Eighth Stage; it was a greeting from the heavenly tribulation.

However, this one was stronger than the one Sage Monarch Melon Eater had to face as the strength of the heavenly tribulation had increased.

…In the tribulation space, two more characters who were on the verge of ‘transcending their tribulation’ had appeared: Song Shuhang and Little Yinzhu.

Tribulation lightning!

Suddenly, Song Shuhang had sobered up once again.

He was extremely familiar with Old Man Heavenly Tribulation, whom he would see once a month on average. His body had already developed an instinctive reaction to the heavenly tribulation.

Two bolts of tribulation lightning.

One locked onto Song Shuhang, while the other locked onto Li Yinzhu.

If Li Yinzhu were struck by the Eighth Stage tribulation lightning, she would die without a complete corpse.

Song Shuhang shouted, “Fairy Waiting for a Promise!”

At the same time, he summoned his Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure at the fastest speed and threw it out in front of Li Yinzhu.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater, 600 meters away, also threw two shields over!

Almost at the same time, the virtuous lamia turned into light particles and recondensed.

As she recondensed, she received a compulsory instruction from Song Shuhang. Her body rushed to Li Yinzhu’s side, hugging her in her arms, and protecting her.


The tribulation lightning fell.

Li Yinzhu frowned and rolled over.

The greetings from the tribulation were completely blocked by the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure and the virtuous lamia, and Li Yinzhu was unscathed.

Meanwhile, Song Shuhang was struck by the tribulation lightning.

Senior Melon Eater’s shield was less than five meters away from him, but these five meters were like an abyss, causing it to be unable to help Song Shuhang at all.

The saber intent armor automatically emerged to protect its master, and the spiritual energy in the eight golden cores burst out to form a protective barrier of spiritual energy. The ghost spirit fairy maiden also released all her stored spiritual energy, condensing it into a turquoise blue shield.

The 33 Ancient Holy Apes held their Scholarly Scriptures with solemn faces.

Song Shuhang operated the ❮Variant Steel Hands Technique❯, turning his whole body into a pitch-black color.

He thought, This is the first wave of the tribulation, so it should just be the greeting type. Perhaps I can resist it?

In the next moment, the tribulation lightning struck him.

The tribulation lightning of power equal to the Eighth Stage exploded.

The power of this lightning was equivalent to a ‘Heavenly Tribulation Nuclear Bomb’, and it detonated right beside him.

The saber intent armor, the blue shield, the protective spiritual energy, and the body tempering technique all possessed the ‘Sixth Stage Realm’ defense, but the gap between the Sixth Stage and the Eighth Stage was simply too vast.

Song Shuhang’s eyes went dark, and he fell to the ground.

Too hasty!

Song ‘Suffering From Lack of Preparation’ Shuhang.

In the next moment, in his sea consciousness, a gold coin was slowly spinning.

The Resurrection Gold Coin was activated.

“…” Song Shuhang

F*ck you, my resurrection CD had just ended, you bastard!

At the same time, several of the big shots in the main world, who were paying attention to the situation, sensed something in their hearts.

[It’s over, that guy’s dead.]

[Wasn’t that bit too fast? Judging from the duration, it should still be the first wave of the heavenly tribulation, right?]

[This Fellow Daoist wasn’t even able to handle the greetings from the heavenly tribulation? What gave them the confidence to transcend a Tribulation Transcender-level heavenly tribulation…?]

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