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Chapter 1662: Shocked sober

Wait, there’s something wrong with those eyes.

Although Song Shuhang was rather drunk, which caused his thinking to be a lot jumpier than usual, he could still clearly remember that Lady Kunna’s eyes looked like ordinary human eyes. The previous times she drank, her mental energy flowed out and her eyes turned red.

However, what was going on now? How had her eyes directly become scarlet golden? Did her genes change?

Was Lady Kunna like him, able to switch out eyes at any time? But she didn’t have either the virtuous lamia or Fairy Creation…

Or was it… well, what could it be in that case?

Song Shuhang knocked his head. His brain was about to crash.

He felt like he had seen Lady Kunna in this scarlet golden vertical pupil form, but he suddenly couldn’t remember the exact details.

While he was in thought, he heard the sound of chewing at the side… It was like the crunching sound of a silkworm eating mulberry leaves.

Song Shuhang turned his head.

Then, he saw Fairy Creation half-prone on the table, holding a ‘White Lotus’ in one hand, and sneakily taking small bites from it.

When she saw Song Shuhang’s gaze, she blinked her eyes, revealing a gentle and refined smile.

Fairy Creation had not gotten drunk; she had only been pretending to be drunk.

“Crunch~ crunch~” Song Shuhang heard the same sound behind him again. As soon as he turned his head, he saw the virtuous lamia nibbling on a white lotus like it was a marshmallow.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Well, as long as the two fairies are happy I guess.

He turned to look at Lady Kunna once more.

Lady Kunna was carefully peeling off all the lotus leaves, and then gathered them together before eating them all in one bite.

Then, she raised her head and stared at Song Shuhang.

Her golden pupils gleamed as if she were staring at something delicious.

Song Shuhang quickly urged his [Lotus Blossoming Tongue] talent, and lotus blossoms quickly condensed and landed on the dining table.

Lady Kunna got up. Then, without any idea as to how she did it, Song Shuhang found her figure right beside him.

Afterward, she reached out to Song Shuhang and opened her palms.

Song Shuhang looked at her with confusion.

What did she want?

Song Shuhang tentatively took out the ‘magical power top-up device’, and placed it in Lady Kunna’s hands.

Lady Kunna froze. She held the magical power top-up device, and then lightly put her finger on it. A complicated rune merged into Song Shuhang’s ‘magical power top-up device’.

Then, she returned the magical power top-up device to Song Shuhang, and went back to spreading her palms.

Not the magical power top-up device? What does she want then? Song Shuhang circulated his cultivation technique, trying to sober up his mind.

After thinking for a long time, Song Shuhang’s heart suddenly thumped.

He opened his magical bracelet, and took out a seed from it.

This was the seed he got after using the Impregnating Gaze + Embryonic Gaze combo on the ‘zombie woman’.

By using the appraisal technique, he discovered that inside this seed was a strand of the [Ancient Nether Chaos Will].

Inside the seed was a miniature version of the zombie woman from back then. Song Shuhang once wondered if it was possible for him to harvest multiple zombie women in autumn after planting it.

After receiving the ‘seed’, the golden-eyed Lady Kunna nodded in satisfaction.

She carefully stored the seed away, and then reached out and lifted Song Shuhang’s clothes.

Song Shuhang was wearing ordinary clothes and not magical robes. As such, when Lady Kunna lifted his whole outfit, it ended up getting torn.

“!!!” Song Shuhang.

In the next moment, the golden-eyed Lady Kunna squatted down. She stretched out her hand to take a bottle of wine, and poured it on Song Shuhang’s waist.

“Sizzle~” When the wine touched the wound, it made a sound similar to when cold water was poured on a boiling oil pan, and a white mist emerged—this injury was the result of having been pierced by the spear of the Ancient Nether Chaos Will, and it brought Song Shuhang bouts of pain.

Song Shuhang almost fainted after Lady Kunna poured the wine on his wound.

But in the next moment, along with an incantation from Lady Kunna, the unhealable wound slowly healed.

The pain faded.

My waist is healed!

Soon after, Lady Kunna used the same method to heal the wound on Song Shuhang’s back.

The wound healed, and Song Shuhang’s mind became clearer.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said before that there were powerful laws contained within this wound, and only an existence of the same level could heal Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang had been waiting for the two Senior Whites to return from the ‘Ancient Nether’ to see whether or not they could heal his wound.

If Scarlet Heaven Sword’s speculation was true…

Lady Kunna should be an existence at the same level as the ‘Ancient Nether Chaos Will’.

Song Shuhang looked at the golden-eyed Lady Kunna in front of him, and said in a low voice, “Is this the Dragon Network… or rather, the will of the Black Dragon World?”

Back when he first used the secret appraisal technique on Lady Kunna, the results he got back were very strange.

It vaguely prompted him that Lady Kunna would change when she was in a drunken state.

From what happened just now, it seemed that when Lady Kunna was drunk, it was likely that the will of the ‘Dragon Network’ or the ‘Black Dragon World’ would descend on her…

Then, her golden vertical pupils… were they dragon pupils?

Lady Kunna calmly said, “No, it’s me, fat ball.”

“!!!” Song Shuhang.

Suddenly, he completely sobered up.

Song Shuhang abruptly sat up, all his drunkenness gone. He looked at Lady Kunna vigilantly and reached out to lift Little Yinzhu up, bringing her to his embrace.

“Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword!” Song Shuhang yelled softly… However, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword was not present, and it was not known where it had gone.

Opposite him, Lady Kunna remained expressionless.

Her golden pupils looked at Song Shuhang calmly. “I don’t want to hurt you, we are… allies.”

“!!!” Song Shuhang.

Lady Kunna swayed and appeared next to Song Shuhang again. She stretched out her hand and placed it on Song Shuhang’s hand. “I will give you something.”

Song Shuhang only felt the palm of his hand heat up.

He looked down at his palm and found that a drop-shaped mark had appeared.

It was a miniature picture of the fat ball!

It was just like the mini fat ball that was in the ‘seed’ he had back then.

Lady Kunna whispered, “I hope you like this gift.”

Song Shuhang kept his head lowered, looking at the ‘fat ball pattern’ on his hand. This was the big shot that he least wanted to meet right now.

Lady Kunna returned to her seat.

She held the lotus again and ate it.

After having two mouthfuls of it, the gold in her eyes faded, and turned red again, while her vertical pupils returned to those of an ordinary human.

“A~ Song~” At this moment, Li Yinzhu, who was held by Song Shuhang, raised her head. “I want to ascend, I want to become a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor. I want to be like… daddy, I want to become a golden core cultivator.”

Her cheeks were rosy, and when she spoke, a faint aroma of alcohol would waft out.

Song Shuhang slightly paused, picked her up, and then patted her gently. “Of course, Little Yinzhu will definitely be able to ascend to the Fifth Stage. I promise.”

The father Li Yinzhu was referring to was probably… Daoist Priest Li Tiansu.

Song Shuhang softly said, “You won’t stop at becoming a Spiritual Emperor, either. In the future, you will become a True Monarch, a Venerable, and even a Profound Sage and a Tribulation Transcender.”

Daoist Priest Li Tiansu had eagerly searched for a way to cure Li Yinzhu’s cold disease. Now, a cure had already been found for her disease, and Daoist Priest Li Tiansu’s wish was fulfilled.

But this was not the end, but merely the beginning.

The Fifth Stage was just the beginning. The road ahead was still very long, and Li Yinzhu’s journey was still long.

“Mm-hm,” Li Yinzhu replied softly. Leaning on Song Shuhang’s shoulder, she fell asleep.

Ascending to the Fifth Stage and condensing a Golden Core with more than seven dragon patterns became Li Yinzhu’s last thoughts before falling asleep.

Song Shuhang hugged Li Yinzhu and found a place to sit down.

As he got back to drinking, he looked at the ‘fat ball’ mark on his hand and fell into a daze.

Meanwhile, outside the atmosphere of the Black Dragon World.

The demonic hamster was flying on its sword.

In front of it was a huge evil beast.

“Secret Sword—Otherworldly Flying Demon!” The demonic hamster unleashed a cool sword technique.

From the small toothpick sword, a devastating sword intent slashed out, one that even carried the pressure of a ‘greater demon of the Netherworld’.

As a pet of the ruler of the Netherworld, the demonic hamster had a very high status in the ‘Netherworld Realm’.

This kind of pressure had an additional effect when dealing with these ‘evil beasts’.

With the sword cutting down, the evil beast was split into fragments before dissipating, and dropping a ‘black dragon spirit stone’.

The demonic hamster grabbed this black dragon spirit stone, stretched out its hand, and transformed it into ‘magical power flow’.

The demonic hamster murmured, “Why isn’t my master back yet?”

It felt rather pressured because of its current cultivation realm.

The evil energy of the Netherworld in its body seemed ready to burst at any time, wanting to push it to the Fifth Stage Realm.

The demonic hamster whispered, “Endure, I need to endure for a while longer.”

The only way it could cope was to convert this urge to raise its realm into an urge to battle, unceasingly slaughtering these evil demons, and collecting some ‘magical power flow’ along the way to pay off its debt to Tyrannical Song.

In the main world.

As Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s body withdrew from the Virtuous Network, it transformed into its human form and adjusted its state.

After that, it began to set up pieces of magical treasure, talismans, formation plates, medicines, spirit stones, and a virtuous furnace.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater smiled, and said, “That should be enough. I gathered and prepared these things over a span of several thousand years. I didn’t think they would actually end up being useful at this time.”

In the past, it was stuck in the Eighth Stage Realm and couldn’t ascend… but it had never stopped preparing magical treasures, talismans, tribulation-transcending formation plates, and other things like that in case they might come useful when it had to ascend to the Ninth Stage.

Now, it was finally time for them to be used.

“Alright, come at me, heavenly tribulation.” Sage Monarch Melon Eater began to circulate the ❮Dual System Virtue Technique❯, drawing over the heavenly tribulation.

When ascending to the Eighth Stage from the Seventh Stage, cultivators would be transferred to the ‘Heavenly Tribulation Realm’. This was because the power of the heavenly tribulation was too great, and it would cause irreparable damage to the main world.

As for ascending to the Ninth Stage from the Eighth Stage, it would naturally not be an exception to this.


In the void, a tribulation cloud emerged.

However, there was no lightning that fell; instead, a space was created, and Sage Monarch Melon Eater was directly brought in.

The heavenly tribulation of the Ninth Stage… began!

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