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Chapter 1622: Rescue the Dragon Blood Clan

№ Hamster suddenly finished practicing, and said, “She’s coming.”

Downstairs, Lady Kunna was pushing the dining cart over. She looked completely sober, and moved at a steady pace.

She pushed the dining cart into the dining room downstairs.

“In that case, let’s go down and eat first,” Song Shuhang said.

…He should also look for an opportunity to use the secret appraisal technique on Lady Kunna.

Shuhang took Yinzhu and the demonic hamster out of the room.

Lady Kunna smiled at them when she saw them coming downstairs.

She began to serve everyone. “Apologies, since the tavern hasn’t officially opened, the chef hasn’t been invited yet. As such, I cooked some small dishes for everyone by myself. I hope that they’re to your liking.”

Having said that, her cooking skills were actually at the level of an immortal chef in the world of cultivators, and each dish was full of color, fragrance, and nourishment.

Murmuring, Lady Kunna brought the last dish to Song Shuhang.

There was a hesitant expression on her face.

Song Shuhang turned his head, and curiously asked, “What’s the matter, Lady Kunna?”

Lady Kunna nodded.

She wanted to tell Song Shuhang about the memories she had of that ‘dango’, and also learn a little about it from Shuhang because from those memories, she knew that the dango and the incomparably handsome man were acquainted with Mr. Shuhang.

However, when she wanted to voice it out… A thought suddenly sprouted in her mind.

She hoped to observe Song Shuhang some more and understand who he was first. After all, the two parties had just met. She didn’t understand Song Shuhang’s character, nor did she know him as a person.

“If Lady Kunna has something to say, it won’t hurt to speak of it,” Song Shuhang said.

Kunna squeezed her chin and thought for a while. After a while, she smiled. “I feel there isn’t a need to hurry this matter. I want to observe Mr. Shuhang for a while, and then make a decision after getting to know you better.”

A woman’s heart was truly unpredictable.

Song Shuhang nodded. “That makes sense. After all, you and I just met today. Right, Lady Kunna, there’s this one thing I want to consult you about.”

Lady Kunna said, “Please speak.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Do you know of any place suitable for us to go hunting for ‘zombies’? I want to get some ‘black dragon spirit stones’.”

Song Shuhang was planning to store more black dragon spirit stones in case the need arose.

In addition to Li Yinzhu, his other two disciples and Lady Onion would also transcend their tribulations in the future. He hoped they could also use the ‘magical power top-up device’ at that time.

Lady Kunna replied, “If you want to hunt ‘zombies’, you can go to the local temple. There, you only need to pay a small amount of ‘magical power flow’ to get the latest information on them. The cost is not high, and it’s very much worth the price. At that time, you can also choose to accept some missions at the temple for hunting zombies, allowing you to reap even greater rewards.”

“Thank you for your guidance, Lady Kunna.” Song Shuhang stood up, and stretched out his hand to Lady Kunna.

Lady Kunna smiled slightly, and stretched out her hand as well.

However, she hadn’t stretched out her hand for a handshake, and had instead stretched out her arm as if for a kiss.

Song Shuhang grabbed Lady Kunna’s small hand, and shook it firmly. “It is my fortune to have been able to meet Lady Kunna today.”

While he was speaking, the ‘Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove’ on his right hand receded from his fingertips, and his fingers touched Kunna’s hand.

And so, the secret appraisal technique was quietly activated.

Lady Kunna blinked. She thought that Song Shuhang had wanted to give her a hand-kiss… What the hell was this handshake?

Song Shuhang then retracted his hand.

Under his robe, there were seven minor wounds on his arm. Just as blood was about to flow out, the wounds had already healed.

This price was neither high nor low. It was the standard price for appraising things of the Fourth or Fifth Stage.

At the same time, the information from the secret appraisal technique appeared in Song Shuhang’s mind.

[Lady Kunna, Fourth Level Dragon Network mage and hostess of the top-tier Sky Hot Springs Tavern. Her three sizes are 84/58/82. Although her figure looks frail due to her thin waist, her overall measures are quite good.]

“…” Song Shuhang.

WTF is this?! I paid with my blood, yet I get this? This isn’t what I wanted.

[She’s very knowledgeable, having mastered a large number of magical technique casting theories from level 1.0 to 8.9. She is also a perfect theoretical magical technique instructor. Hobbies: drinking, cooking.]

Magical technique casting theories from level 1.0 to 8.9? In other words, when converted into a ‘cultivator’, she knows of the principles behind magical techniques from the First to Eighth Stage?

This was quite incredible.

She was a true textbook in human form. If she were placed in the world of cultivators, she would definitely be someone who would be fought over by various forces.

Perhaps, before Senior White and Senior White Two come back, I can ask Lady Kunna about the Black Dragon World ‘casting theories’, and learn some magical technique to defend myself?

[Wine is a good thing, it can bring out a person’s potential.]

“???” Song Shuhang.

After that, no more information came from the secret appraisal technique.

Wine is a good thing? Song Shuhang looked at Lady Kunna.

The last line of information from the secret appraisal technique wasn’t referring to Lady Kunna’s drunken state, was it?

Bring out one’s potential…

Could it be possible that after Lady Kunna drank too much, she could enter a boosted state, and suddenly burst out with a higher level of combat power?

China had the drunken fist. Was there a similar kind of drunken technique in the Black Dragon World?

Lady Kunna shuddered, and she involuntarily took a step back, looking at Song Shuhang cautiously—for a moment, she felt as if she had been completely seen through.

It seemed that she no longer held any secrets in front of Song Shuhang.

Could it be that… Mr. Shuhang already knows about my memory of that ‘dango’? Lady Kunna silently thought to herself.

Recalling Song Shuhang’s magical technique that made Jiou pregnant, she felt that he was quite mysterious.

So, should she confess everything now?

If she told the truth now, she’d be able to get a lighter sentence.

Or… should she find a suitable opportunity, and ask Mr. Shuhang for an explanation on her memory of that ‘dango’?

In the early morning of the next day, the sky was rather bright.

Song Shuhang concluded his all-night practice and opened his eyes.

Nothing happened throughout the night.

Li Yinzhu slept in the bed next to him. Being influenced by the cold, she fell into a state similar to ‘hibernation’ for most of the day.

Scarlet Heaven Sword was holding Song Shuhang’s phone, watching a movie—after entering the Black Dragon World, the phone was no longer connected to the Internet. The movies that could be watched were those that had been saved using the offline function when Lady Onion used Song Shuhang’s mobile phone.

But Song Shuhang had always been curious, which part of Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s body was its eyes?

After breakfast, Lady Kunna took Song Shuhang to the temple.

Along the way, Song Shuhang felt that Lady Kunna’s gaze would turn to look at him from time to time. She seemed to be constantly ‘observing’ his character.

After seeing the figures of Song Shuhang and the others, the staff of the temple greeted them with a smile.

After all, he was a precious ‘hybrid’, and his appearance was quite distinct. Coupled with the fact that Song Shuhang purchased a large amount of ‘amulets’ all by himself yesterday, they could be said to be a group of distinguished guests.

When the staff saw him, their smiles were naturally much sweeter.

The staff asked, “Mr. Tyrannical Dragon, is there anything up for you to come here today?”

Song Shuhang held the sleeping Li Yinzhu in his arms, and said, “I want to ask, where has a large number of zombies gathered recently? I want to hunt a group of zombies and harvest some black dragon spirit stones.”

Lady Kunna asked, “In addition, are there any suitable zombie hunting missions nearby?”

“The temple releases zombie hunting missions every day, please follow me.” The staff brought Song Shuhang to the temple’s mission hall.

There were various missions there.

There were active missions, hunting missions, and formation maintenance missions directly released from the ‘Dragon Network’.

There were also rescue missions issued by the residents of the Black Dragon World, missions for rebuilding homes, and missions to search for medicinal materials.

There were many types of missions.

The staff explained, “Mr. Tyrannical Dragon, you have Fifth Level permissions, so you can accept any mission from the First to Fifth Level. As long as you fancy the mission, simply scan it with your ‘magical power top-up device’, and you’ll be able to accept it. After completing it, you can come to us to receive your reward. If it is a mission from the ‘Dragon Network System’, the Dragon Network will directly send the ‘magical power flow’ as a reward.”

“Thank you,” Song Shuhang replied.

I’m increasingly feeling like the Black Dragon World is similar to a game… And it also has the flavor of a plot from ‘Western fantasy novels’.

Lady Kunna asked, “Does Mr. Shuhang have any requirements for the difficulty of the task?”

Song Shuhang said, “In terms of difficulty, the higher the better. Also, the closer it is, the better. It’s best if it’s a Fifth Level mission so that the grade of the black dragon spirit stones that can be harvested is higher.”

His eyes swept across the mission list.

A cultivator’s powerful vision and memory allowed Song Shuhang to engrave all the missions on the list into his mind, and screen them with just one glance.

“Hmm?” Song Shuhang suddenly found an interesting task.

[Rescue the Dragon Blood Clan in the Dadamar Forest.]

About ‘second step bones’ ago—which was equivalent to about three hours ago in Earth’s measurement of time—a Dragon Blood Clan in this ‘small dragon scale world’ was attacked by a large number of zombies and evil beasts, and issued a distress signal.

The rescue mission was released at the fastest speed in the temple.

The strength threshold for this mission was set at about the Fifth Level, and it was a group task. As long as a Black Dragon World mage reached the Fifth Level in strength, they could accept this mission, and head out to complete it.

“Dragon Blood Clan?” Song Shuhang pinched his chin and thought.

If he remembered correctly… Black Pupil XIII was a member of the ‘Dragon Blood Clan’, and he was also the strongest among the younger generation in the clan.

Of course, the ‘small dragon scale world’ that Black Pupil XIII lived in was not necessarily the small world they were in.

The ‘Dragon Blood Clan’ here was merely a sub-tribe, which might be different from the one in Black Pupil XIII’s memories.

Song Shuhang said, “This task.”

Given the ‘fate’ he had with Black Pupil XIII, he wanted to meet the other members of the ‘Dragon Blood Clan’, and get in touch with them.

Lady Kunna voiced out, “Dadamar Forest? That’s a relatively dangerous place. It has a danger level of 5. And it is quite far away. When we rush there, this task might have already been completed. Are you sure? How about you pick another mission?”

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “It’s fine. If the mission has been completed by someone else, we can simply come back to pick another mission. At that time, we’d have gotten some morning exercise. Having morning exercise is very important.”

He took out his ‘magical power top-up device’, swiped it gently over the mission, and accepted it.

Lady Kunna smiled when Song Shuhang said this. “Then I’ll wait here—”

She hadn’t even finished her words when she saw Song Shuhang flick his fingers, and a noble golden chariot appeared in front of everyone.


The heavy chariot fell on the ground of the temple, exuding golden light.

Gorgeous, noble, and dazzling.

“Please get in the chariot, Lady Kunna.” Song Shuhang made a ‘please’ gesture.

The Divine Lobster’s Chariot, apart from its name which made people think of a chariot dragged by lobsters, had nothing wrong with it. Moreover, as long as Song Shuhang did not take the initiative to say the word ‘lobster’, nobody would associate the chariot’s dragon shrimps with the word.

After all, the appearance of these ‘dragon shrimps’ was that of a mighty draconic beast!

The entire chariot was golden, and exuded a sense of majesty—it was a genuine Eighth Stage magical treasure made from the body parts of an Eighth Stage beast.

Lady Kunna dumbly climbed onto the chariot.

She was obviously only at the Fourth Level, and she wouldn’t even think about participating in dangerous things like Fifth Level missions in the past.

But when she saw this noble chariot, she couldn’t control herself, and followed her instinct to climb onto it.

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “Please hold tight. We’re going to set off.”

In the next moment, the Divine Lobster’s Chariot moved forward, turning into golden light as it rushed towards the sky.

“What magical technique is this?” The temple staff at the mission hall were dumbfounded.

As staff of the temple, they could be considered to be well-informed, but they had never seen such a magical technique.

“Perhaps it is some kind of magical item, something like a ‘magical car’, used for transportation?” a mage said while pinching his chin.

Another mage frowned, and said, “But, I didn’t sense any magical power coming from it.”

There wasn’t any magical power that could be sensed from it, but there was a force as powerful as ‘magical power’ that filled and surrounded that chariot.

What was the origin of that power?

For the mages of the Black Dragon World, the chariot appearing out of nowhere wasn’t important.

What was important was this new ‘power’, which aroused their curiosity.

The Divine Lobster’s Chariot whizzed forward in the air.

Its speed was several times faster than the Fifth Level flying technique that Lady Kunna knew of.


This chariot doesn’t use magical power. She frowned, and the memory of the ‘dango’ appeared in her mind.

Spiritual power?

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