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Chapter 1623: Anti-magic domain

The Divine Lobster’s Chariot flew faster and faster.

Lady Kunna was about to speak but hesitated.

She seemed to be the type that was prone to hesitating, and she would always have this expression of wanting to say something, but not knowing if she should say it or not.

Song Shuhang asked, “Lady Kunna, what’s the matter?”

Lady Kunna said, “Well, I’ve got something on my mind, but I don’t know if I should talk about it.”

Song Shuhang responded, “Please…”

The virtuous lamia suddenly sprang out, and said in an electronic voice, “Improper to speak, untimely to speak, are you going to speak or not!”

At this time, she was in a miniature form about the size of a small snake as she emerged from Song Shuhang’s chest.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Song ‘Right to Speak Always Snatched’ Shuhang.

“???” Lady Kunna.

The language that the virtuous lamia had spoken in was Chinese, and Lady Kunna didn’t understand a single thing she said. There wasn’t a similar language in the round ball’s memory.

“Damn it, there is no language pack in this new update!” the virtuous lamia whispered—this was a deep male voice, and seemed to be the voice of a game anchor.

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky. The language library of the virtuous lamia was so big already, and he had no idea where she even got these ‘language packs’.

“Please speak, Lady Kunna. Don’t pay her any mind.” Song Shuhang reached out, grabbed the tail of the virtuous lamia, and pulled her back into his body.

The virtuous lamia struggled, but her struggle was in vain, and her body was eventually stuffed back in by Song Shuhang little by little.

“Aaah~ Aah~” The virtuous lamia let out the Tyrannical Song’s four-toned scream. After she let out this final scream, Song Shuhang used his finger to push her back into his body.

“I’ll be back!” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword suddenly said. It hung behind Little Yinzhu, and explained, “These aren’t my words by the way. Fairy @#%× made me repeat them. Yes, I’m just the one responsible for relaying the message.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, what about your dignity as an Immortal’s divine weapon? Your master, Senior Scarlet Heaven, would cry if he saw you like this.

At the side, Lady Kunna’s eyes were fixed on Song Shuhang’s chest.

She asked, “Soul pet?”

The mages of the Black Dragon World also had familiars and summoned beasts.

A soul pet was a special kind of ghost-like pet.

“No, this is the product of my virtues and good deeds,” Song Shuhang said seriously—there was nothing wrong with what he said, as light of virtue was indeed the product of his virtues and good deeds.

“???” Lady Kunna.

Even if I’m not too knowledgeable, don’t lie to me. Doing good and accumulating virtue can allow you to form such a beautiful soul pet? If this were the case, there would be no single men in the Black Dragon World!

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “Lady Kunna, what did you want to say?”

Lady Kunna replied, “That’s right… I wanted to say that we aren’t heading in the right direction. This isn’t the way to Dadamar Forest.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

He slammed the brakes, and the Divine Lobster’s Chariot stopped steadily, floating in the air.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Song Shuhang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“It’s because I was surprised by this ‘magical tool’ that you summoned all of a sudden. It was my first time seeing such a unique magical tool. Then, when I wanted to say it, I was interrupted, and our topic changed several times during our conversation.” Lady Kunna spread her hands.

In other words, don’t blame her~

Song Shuhang rubbed his eyebrows—the topic jumping too quickly was the Nine Provinces Number One Group’s tradition. After mixing in with the group for a long time, his thought process had become the same as that of the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

In this world, if you couldn’t keep up, you would be eliminated~

Song Shuhang asked, “Then, which way should we move towards?”

Lady Kunna took out the ‘magical power top-up device’, and said, “Mr. Shuhang, you can simply open the mission interface. There, you should be able to find the coordinates for the mission. You just need to follow the coordinates, and you can directly reach the ‘Dadamar Forest’. This function is for the many mages who ended their seclusion after a long time, and became unfamiliar with the outside world. It prevents them from being unable to find their destination; it’s a very convenient function.”

“Mm-hm, it’s indeed a very convenient function.” Song Shuhang pulled out his magical power top-up device… He didn’t think this thing would even have a ‘navigation function’.

The technology tree in this magic world was quite amazing.

After determining the coordinates of the Dadamar Forest through the ‘magical power top-up device’, Song Shuhang turned the Divine Lobster’s Chariot.

“Come on, baby, let’s go!” Song Shuhang waved his hand vigorously.

The Divine Lobster’s Chariot raced forward.

“???” Lady Kunna.

Mr. Shuhang always felt weird to her, and there would always be some messy language coming from his mouth.

At this time, in Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

Lady Onion appeared as a lovely young girl with green hair. She was holding a big kettle, drawing water from the small pond under the ‘living spring’ and also from the fragment of the ‘Heavenly City spring water’. She was mixing the living spring and the Heavenly City spring water at a ratio of 1:9.

She then came to the side of the monster tree Miruru, and began to water her.

She also watered the ‘Seven Colors Wonder Fruit’ tree nearby.

There were also the large patches of spiritual plants, immortal dish ingredients, and medicinal materials planted by Song Shuhang.

After watering and fertilizing them, she went to the oasis to feed the batch of invisible sword insects, the saber insect, and the various spirit beasts. It was a ‘spiritual pet food’ prepared by Senior White a long time ago.

It was originally prepared for the invisible sword insects, but now that the other spirit beasts didn’t have suitable rations, they were first taking a portion of the invisible sword insects’ food.

After watering, fertilizing, and feeding the spirit beasts, Lady Onion returned to the edge of the living spring with the Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber on her back.

There, Senior Turtle was chatting with Pavilion Master Chu. The content of the conversation between the two was too profound, and Lady Onion was struggling to understand anything.

Seeing Lady Onion return, Senior Turtle smiled, and said, “Is everything done?”

Lady Onion nodded silently.

Pavilion Master Chu also asked, “Is there nothing else left to do?”

Lady Onion continued nodding.

After seeing Lady Onion’s dazed expression, Senior Turtle sighed, and said, “Is there something you want? Lady Onion?”

Lady Onion immediately raised her head, expectation flashing in her eyes. “I… want WiFi.”

“This… there’s nothing I can do about it,” Senior Turtle said with a stifled heart. “The Inner World has lost contact with the outside world again. It might be because it’s upgrading. It might also be because Song Shuhang has entered a place that could block the Inner World’s connection with the outside world.”

Lady Onion softly asked, “When can I reconnect to WiFi?”

Senior Turtle replied, “…Nobody can provide an answer with certainty.”

Lady Onion looked up at the sky with a look of sadness.

“Little Lady Onion… Why don’t you take this opportunity to practice for a while?” Pavilion Master Chu suggested. “It’s not like you’ve anything else to do. Moreover, your cultivation talent is rather good.”

As Lady Onion mainly practiced the ❮Tome of Never-Ending Tears❯ of her Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, she could give her some pointers.

Senior Turtle nodded, and said, “Since you’re talented in the water and ice systems, I can also offer you a pointer or two in these aspects.”

Pavilion Master Chu blew bubbles for a while, and then added, “When you are practicing, you’ll feel that time passes very quickly. Once you close your eyes, several days, or even months or years, might have passed when you open them again. In this way, even if there is no WiFi, it should be easier to pass the time.”

Lady Onion thought for a while, and then her eyes shone.

Without WiFi, her green onion life didn’t feel interesting anymore, and every second felt like a year.

However, if practicing could really make time pass faster, it could reduce her suffering.

As she had nothing to do, why not practice?

And so, Lady Onion vigorously nodded her head.

“Senior Turtle and Pavilion Master Chu, please give this little monster some pointers in her practice,” Lady Onion said sincerely. “I want to learn a cultivation technique that can make time during seclusion pass faster.”

Senior Turtle smiled slightly. “This kind of cultivation technique is everywhere.”

Pavilion Master Chu added, “Accurately speaking, all cultivation techniques are like this at later stages. Starting from the Fourth Stage, cultivators’ seclusions usually last months. Once they reach the Fifth Stage, they usually last years.”

Hmm, Song Shuhang, who had not even closed up for a single month ever since he started cultivating, was an exception. But there was no point using him as reference.

“I will work hard and practice diligently.” Lady Onion clenched her fists.

In the bottom of her heart, the idea of [one day surpassing Song Shuhang, the pet becoming the master, and Song Shuhang becoming her human pet] surfaced.

The Dadamar Forest was a forest at the edge of this ‘small dragon scale world’.

In accordance with the style of the Black Dragon World, the forest was full of towering, giant black trees. Occasionally, a handful of green plants could be seen, but these were very few and rare.

The Dadamar Forest was a dangerous place, with a danger level of 5.

Inside, there were deadly poisonous miasma, poisonous insects, and evil beasts.

In some parts of the forest, there would even be fountains of poisonous blood that would spew out.

What made the residents of the Black Dragon World hate these poisonous blood fountains was the fact that they couldn’t do much against them. As long as the blood struck them, no matter how strong their magical shield was, it would shatter. The patch of skin struck with this poisonous blood would rot and be poisoned instantly.

This poison was not fatal, though. At most, it would cause them disfigurement and weakness for several years.

In the Dadamar Forest, where danger was everywhere, being weak was very dangerous in itself. If you didn’t have a reliable companion when you encountered these ‘poisonous blood fountains’, whether you could survive or not was a gamble.

The sub-tribe of the ‘Dragon Blood Clan’ was located in this Dadamar Forest.

The youth of the Dragon Blood Clan lived alongside the dangerous forest since they were young, and they were born to be powerful melee mages.

But at this time, most of the Dadamar Forest had been destroyed.

The enemy was a team composed of zombies and evil beasts.

Among them was a pitch-black, ten-armed golem that was reaching out to the sky and propping up a domain of electric light.

In this area of electric and optical flicker, the Dragon Network was disturbed, and magical power could not condense.

It was equivalent to an ‘anti-magic’ area.

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