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Chapter 1611: Ascension? (2 in 1)

“Thank you, Senior White,” Song Shuhang said.

…At the same time, he felt slightly worried.

This was already the second time that Senior White’s clone highlighted the issue of [if there’s a lack of magical power flow, I will go and kill some ‘zombies’ to get you black dragon spirit stones].

This matter… won’t turn into reality, will it?

Senior White’s clone said, “You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to your last golden core.”

Song Shuhang nodded slightly.

He was also very curious. If he gathered the last ‘golden core’, what would happen to him?

Just as Senior White had speculated, since Song Shuhang’s mental energy was already at the Sixth Stage, he was equivalent to a practitioner of the sixth-level area of the ‘Dragon Network’. Therefore, as long as his ‘magical power flow’ could keep up, the access port that represented ‘Tyrannical Dragon’ would keep rushing forth wildly.

In the end, the [Tyrannical Dragon] port rushed into the fourth-level area.

Above Song Shuhang’s head, the tribulation of the fourth level formed.

It was still the same light mirror, and it was still the unique ‘tribulation world’ of the Black Dragon World.

Before the fifth level, the Black Dragon World’s tribulation wouldn’t change much. At best, there would be an increase in its intensity.

However, the fourth level was the level right before the transformation, and the power of the ‘tribulation’ thus also reached the extreme of the current level.

When Song Shuhang’s consciousness was drawn into the ‘tribulation world’, a warm feeling emerged under his feet, as if he was stepping in hot water to wash his feet… It was just that the temperature of the water was a little bit too hot, and his feet weren’t too comfortable.

Song Shuhang lowered his head, and found himself stepping in boiling magma.

With his feet at the center, a magma lake quickly formed and spread out, forming the environment at the mouth of a volcano… A great amount of magma began to erupt.

The magma was boiling, and his entire field of vision was covered in red.

“Magma? The heat is only at this level?” Song Shuhang scratched his head.

The virtuous lamia appeared again, and she looked in boredom at the ‘tribulation world’ in front of her. She weakly placed her head on Song Shuhang’s shoulder, and watched from behind him.

Normally… the practitioners of the Black Dragon World would be plunged directly into the ‘volcanic magma’ when they appeared. This was the appetizer for this tribulation.

It was also the first wave of this ‘tribulation’.

The practitioners of the Black Dragon World needed to use various spells to drag themselves out of the volcanic magma.

However, Song Shuhang wasn’t sinking.

A Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor possessed the ability to tread on air. In this ‘tribulation world’, although this ability was weakened, it was still easy for Song Shuhang to step on the magma and not sink.

Moreover, even if his ability to ‘tread the air’ was lost, Song Shuhang still had the ‘black lotus’ talent.

Song Shuhang curiously said, “The black dragons aren’t going to appear this time?”

As soon as his voice fell, two black dragons flew by above the crater.

The two black dragons were entwined together, and they let out dragon cries with different volumes.

In the next moment, a black pillar of flames descended from their bodies.

It seemed they had changed their tactic this time.

The flaming pillar had a powerful lock-on function. In the narrow volcanic world, no matter how much he tried to dodge, he couldn’t escape the onslaught of the pillar of dragon flames.

For the practitioners of the Black Dragon World… they had no choice but to resist this wave of attacks.

This point was somewhat similar to the cultivators’ ‘heavenly tribulation’.

The heavenly tribulation was similarly almost unavoidable, and in most cases, one could only resist.

Song Shuhang didn’t even think about avoiding it.

The two flaming pillars only had power at the level of the Fourth Stage, not even properly reaching the Fourth Stage.

An attack of this level would be utterly unable to break through his defenses.

There was no need to avoid it at all.

He could get through this even while lying down.

At this time, the virtuous lamia who was behind Song Shuhang was bored.

Stealing lines—no chance.

Playing dead—no chance.

She looked up at the pillar of flames descending from the sky, and her eyes lit up—she could steal Song Shuhang’s tribulation.

As a result, the lamia rushed to face the pillar of flames in the air.

She flicked her tail.


The two flaming pillars broke apart.

“Call me daddy!” the virtuous lamia yelled out before directly rushing towards the two black dragons in the air.

She didn’t use any magical techniques or skills.

She simply waved his fists and beat up the two black dragons in the sky.

After two breaths’ time.

The black dragons in the sky were blown up.

The ‘tribulation world’ disappeared.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness returned to the real world.

“…” He looked up at the sky with a conflicted expression.

Behind him, the virtuous lamia emerged and posed as a ‘bodybuilder’. “The strongest defense is offense.”

This line was said in the voice of Sage Monarch Winter Melon. This line was what he had said when he showed his divinity and delivered a Profound Sage Speech… However, when taken out of context, the original meaning of the words was not carried over at all.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon was the ‘king of defense’.

“How do you feel this time?” Senior White’s clone asked while holding a bamboo cup in his hand and taking a sip of immortal tea.

Song Shuhang. “I don’t know how to describe it. Anyway, the next one! The next one should be more interesting!”

Whether he could condense a core or not depended on this tribulation of the fifth level.

In addition, Song Shuhang was also paying attention to another matter.

When he had been in Black Pupil XIII’s dreamland, the old expert mentioned something about ‘changing professions’.

However, Song Shuhang found that he had not received an option for this at all.

Perhaps he would be able to get a core when he got to the fifth level, and made contact with this changing professions feature.

Song Shuhang softly said, “Alright! I’m ready.”

The virtuous lamia repeated, “Alright, I’m ready!”

Inside the Dragon Network.

The ‘Tyrannical Dragon’ access port rushed straight to the fifth level area.

After a few breaths, it forcefully squeezed into fifth level.

At the same time, the data representing ‘magical power flow’ was reduced to nearly 400,000 in one go.

From the first to the fourth level, each promotion only consumed a small amount of ‘magical power flow’, and it did not exceed 10,000 at most.

But when going from the fourth to the fifth, he lost 400,000 in one breath.

Song Shuhang thought to himself, If it wasn’t for the ‘black dragon spirit stone’ that Senior White gave me being large enough, providing me with millions of units of magical power flow in one go, I wouldn’t be able to get to this level.

Immediately afterward, Song Shuhang’s body soared into the sky.

The speed at which he rose was very fast.

At the same time, a white cloud appeared under his feet, supporting his body in the air.

Hmm… there wasn’t a sonic boom.

It should be a phenomenon of heaven and earth formed by the ‘Laws of the Black Dragon World’.

Could this be the legendary ‘ascending to the sun’?

However, why did going from the fourth to the fifth level let one ascend to the sun? In the world of cultivation, there was no such thing.

Below, Senior White silently put his teacup down, watching the ascending Song Shuhang. He calmly said, “He flew up? Where is he flying to?”

In the Black Dragon World, the movement of cultivators as they ascended was very loud.

It was especially so for a small ‘dragon scale world’. When there was someone ascending, many powerhouses would stick their heads out of their own homes, and by relying on super strong eyesight or magical techniques, they would take a look at who was ascending.

“Who in our city has entered the fifth-level area recently?”

“I don’t have any records. If anyone is about to level up, reasonably speaking, they will make a record in the temple. After they reach the fifth level, they will immediately be arranged a ‘profession advancement’ ceremony.”

…In the Black Dragon World, profession change was a second level matter. When ascending to the fifth level, it was no longer a profession change, but a profession advancement.

“The location of ascension is outside the city, in the suburbs. There will often be ‘black people’ breaking through the blockade in the sky and descending in our small world. It seems that he is someone strong from the suburbs who has slain many, gained enlightenment through battle, and reached the fifth level.”

“Why is this guy’s skin so white? Is he sick?”

“This guy’s the one who’s ascending to the fifth level? Why have I never seen him before?”

“He looks a little weird, he looks like a human cultivator, but there are subtle differences in the facial features.”

“Could it be a precious mixed-blood?”

In the Black Dragon World, interracial hybrids could also produce offspring, but the probability of them being born was very low… However, as long as they were born, the cultivation talent of that mixed-blood was likely to be very strong.

Therefore, mixed-race cultivators were very precious in the Black Dragon World.

“Can he successfully advance to the fifth level?”

“Not good, he looks uneasy. It looks like he isn’t ready to level up!”

“I also saw the fear in his eyes, he was scared. This is bad, he probably got the chance to advance suddenly while not being ready to do so. He was too careless!”

“Hurry up and notify the priests in the temple, and tell them to prepare treatment. Perhaps we can still save him when the time comes. The vitality of mixed-bloods is relatively strong.”

Because of Song Shuhang’s ascension, many people in this small dragon scale world became busy.

In the sky, Song Shuhang’s expression of despair continued to become graver and graver.

He discovered something that stifled his heart… His fear of heights and high speeds seemed not to have been cured yet. When the speed and altitude of the ascent reached a certain level, and exceeded his critical point, his old problems would arise.

Song ‘Without Guardrails, I feel Uneasy’ Shuhang.

He wasn’t so scared in his heart.

After all, at this height, even if he were to directly fall to the ground, he wouldn’t be seriously injured with his current physique.

It was just that in his heart, there was a lack of stability.

Just a bit.

Song Shuhang murmured, “I haven’t tempered myself enough yet. I have to go bungee jumping when I have the time.”

While in thought, his body was sent into the atmosphere of the ‘Black Dragon World’—the layer in the sky made up of ‘evil energy of the Netherworld’.

Then, the rise finally came to a stop.

It was the familiar yet unfamiliar evil energy of the Netherworld.

What he was familiar with was the aura of being the source of all evil and scourge to the world.

What he was unfamiliar with were the other inexplicable things mixed in it.

Unfortunately, his Inner World had hidden itself away. Otherwise, it could have a full meal today.

The virtuous lamia floated behind Song Shuhang, turning her head and looking around.

However, she couldn’t find the aura of the tribulation anywhere.

The virtuous lamia provocatively said, “I’m Tyrannical Song, 18 years old, please advise me. If I have offended you, will you come and hit me?”

It was the tribulation of the fifth level, and they had even directly soared to the evil energy of the Netherworld layer in the sky. It was impossible for there to be no reaction, right?

Song Shuhang sighed quietly.

From the provocative and aggressive words at the beginning to the lines of the battle, the screams, and the claims of victory, the virtuous lamia was all alone.

Song Shuhang was now in a state of having nothing to say.

The virtuous lamia’s voice fell.

The evil energy of the Netherworld not too far away from them began gathering, and as if there was a funnel, it rolled up into a ball.

Song Shuhang, who was holding the ‘magical power top-up device’ in his hand, could see that the ‘evil energy of the Netherworld’ was transformed under the control of the Dragon Network.

He guessed that most of the 400,000 ‘magical power flow’ was consumed here.

The virtuous lamia’s eyes lit up, and her figure jumped up sharply and slammed into the compressed ‘evil energy of the Netherworld’. She waved her fists and slammed them into the evil energy.

As a manifestation of ‘light of virtue’, the virtuous lamia naturally restrained the evil energy of the Netherworld.

However, when she went and sent a punch, she ‘pierced’ the highly compressed mass of evil energy of the Netherworld, and failed to touch the other party. It was as if they were in two separate dimensions.

The virtuous lamia tilted her head to think for a moment, and then returned to hanging around behind Song Shuhang, waiting for opportunities.

After a long while.

That ball of highly compressed evil energy of the Netherworld finally finished transforming.

A dark ‘Song Shuhang’ appeared in front of them.

Song Shuhang ranted, “Isn’t this how I looked like after I ate Senior White Two’s candy pill last time?”

The blackness was thorough, and it wasn’t just the metallic black of the ‘steel hand’ state, but pure black.

The virtuous lamia’s figure swelled in size as she went to protect Song Shuhang’s body.

It seemed that the Black Dragon World’s tribulation of the fifth level was a fight with oneself.

On the opposite side, the black version of Song Shuhang raised its head and revealed a strange smile. “Come, let’s fight to the death. Between you and I, only one can survive. The one who lives becomes the king, and the one who fails becomes nourishment.”

“Its aura is close to the Fifth Stage Realm, but it hasn’t reached the Fifth Stage yet. Despite that, its mouth is so loud.” A sound came from the virtuous lamia’s stomach. Then, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said in the virtuous lamia’s place, “Shuhang, give him one Impregnating Gaze. Teach him how to be a man!”

After all, it was just a tribulation of the fifth level. Generally speaking, the first few waves would be at the peak strength of the Fourth Stage. It was only at the last wave where the ‘tribulation’ would first enter the Fifth Stage.

“I can’t do that. This guy looks just like me. If I use the Impregnating Gaze on him, it would be just like using it on myself. That would traumatize me, and cause me to have nightmares tonight,” Song Shuhang said.

While he was talking, the black version of Song Shuhang had already jumped over, and he also held a ‘magical power top-up device’ in his hand which he then swiped lightly.

Several acceleration magical techniques were used on his body, and a sword light condensed at his right hand at the same time. The sword light was five meters long, and it was used to stab at Song Shuhang’s waist.

“…” Song Shuhang.

It’s actually sword light!

In other words, if I learn how to use the ‘magical power top-up device’, I can also use sword light, right?

The virtuous lamia grinned. She stretched out her hand to grab the sword directly.


The virtuous lamia exerted a slight force, and the sword light was crushed.

“The human-saber fusion is the strongest!” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said in the lamia’s place.

The virtuous lamia used a saber, and her saber intent was dignified and imposing.

Song Shuhang remarked, “Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, you should pay attention to your moral integrity. You are a sword.”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword calmly said, “I am only speaking on behalf of Fairy @#%×. The previous statement does not represent my personal opinion. I am only a conscientious translator.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior Scarlet Heaven would cry if he heard this.

Although the sword light was crushed, the black version of Song Shuhang was not intimidated. His body shone with various magic lights, and he continued to rush towards Song Shuhang frantically. At the same time, a shorter sword light appeared in his other hand.

This sword light could recover quickly even if it was crushed.

Holding the sword light in his hand, he bent slightly, and the sword light stuck to Song Shuhang’s waist persistently… as if it was a seductive location with a taunting halo that made the other party involuntarily target this position.

After he approached, the virtuous lamia made her move again, pinching the sword light, and crushing it with a ‘pop’.

At the same time, Song Shuhang waved his fist.

❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique❯—Two, meteor fist!

This fist was like a meteor, and with its speed that exceeded the speed of sound, the black version of Song Shuhang’s face was messed up quite badly.

Do you really think that just because you have my appearance, I can’t beat you up?

Do you know the phrase ‘strictly discipline yourself’?

“Boom, boom, boom~”

The face of the black version of Song Shuhang was beaten up really badly.

It was truly crushed, and the body that was completely transformed from ‘evil energy of the Netherworld’ scattered.

And with the protection of the virtuous lamia, this scattered evil energy of the Netherworld had no way of invading Song Shuhang in the slightest.

“Is it over?” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said calmly. “This time, I’m asking on my behalf.”

Song Shuhang said, “According to what I know of tribulations of this level, it shouldn’t end just like that. The tribulation should have at least a dozen different means in its arsenal. Even if what follows is 100 black Song Shuhangs that form a large formation, I won’t be surprised.”

This kind of ‘close to the Fifth Stage’ Song Shuhang was something that he could deal with even if there were 100 of them.

Chichichichi~ Song Shuhang’s consciousness suddenly heard a strange laugh.

This laugh sounded similar to the cry from an old hen that would make people feel that there was something wrong with their ears.

Then, in Song Shuhang’s sea of consciousness, the black Song Shuhang appeared.

The sea of consciousness turned into a black river.

The black Song Shuhang stood on the river.

“In the first round, you failed as you were touched by me. During this second round… If you fail again, you will be mine. Chichichichi.” The black Song Shuhang continued to let out that old hen-like laugh. “Come, kill me again in this spiritual world. This time, it is my home court!”

Song Shuhang pinched his chin slightly. “So that’s the case. If you carelessly get touched by the tribulation, it will be able to break into your spiritual world. Is this how it plans on snatching my body from me?”

The black version of Song Shuhang continued to yell, “Come and fight me fairly.”

At this moment, he suddenly discovered that light exploded in the black consciousness space.

The first to appear was the virtuous lamia.

As Song Shuhang’s ‘light of virtue’, she was Song Shuhang’s first layer of defense when it came to his mind and spirit.

In the consciousness space, the virtuous lamia appeared in her complete form.

She transformed into an upright form, her huge tail almost bursting the entire black river apart.

Then… Fairy Creation appeared elegantly with her long skirt.

In the previous ‘tribulations’ where Song Shuhang’s consciousness was drawn into the ‘tribulation world’, she couldn’t intervene. But this time, it was the black version of Song Shuhang that was made by the tribulation who broke into Song Shuhang’s world of consciousness.

She finally got the opportunity to appear.

“Yalasuo~ Idiot~” Fairy Creation sang happily. She did not show an exaggerated figure like the virtuous lamia, but her singing reverberated in the entire space for a long time, filling the entire space

Immediately afterward, another figure appeared.

It was Song Shuhang’s ‘ghost spirit’.

It was a ghost spirit with strength at the Sixth Stage. Her face was hazy, and it seemed that she hadn’t changed her appearance yet. However, her figure had already taken shape, showing her figure to clearly be that of a fairy.

The ghost spirit floated quietly in the air, without speaking or moving. But from her body, a terrifying pressure was being exuded.

This pressure wasn’t at the Sixth Stage at all… It was utterly past that.

The three fairies with different temperaments stared at the black version of Song Shuhang calmly.

However, it wasn’t over just yet!

Song Shuhang’s ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure’ also manifested in this space.

The life-bound magical treasure and master were one.

When it appeared, it was in the [Forever Impregnable Holy City] state.

Unscalable walls, impenetrable defenses, and dazzling holy light, along with the sound of war drums, pianos, and horns.

In front of the city gate, Song Shuhang was wearing a full set of Eighth Stage equipment, holding the Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades with both hands, and stepped onto the Divine Lobster’s Chariot.

“…” The black version of Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang chuckled, and said, “Come, let’s fight to the death!”

The virtuous lamia giggled, and said, “Come, let’s fight to the death!”

Fairy Creation echoed, “Idiot~ Let’s fight to the death!”

The black version of Song Shuhang stood calmly on the surface of the black river.

Was he moved?

Maybe, but he didn’t dare to move!

Where was the ‘tribulation of the fifth level’ in this battle at all?

This was a lineup for transcending the tribulation of the eighth level, right?

“It’s going to be boring like this.” Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and gently threw the blade in his right hand.

The right blade of the Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades was sent flying out, shooting towards the black version Song Shuhang.

The right blade turned into soft moonlight, quietly slashing on the black version of Song Shuhang.

❮Moonlight Saber Control❯.

This was the saber controlling technique that Su Clan’s Seven had made on his own, and Sixteen had taught him.

With this blade, the black version of Song Shuhang was beheaded.

At the moment when he was killed, he remained silent.

This seemed to be his silent protest.

After the black version of Song Shuhang was beheaded, his figure began to gather.

In the end, it turned into a fist-sized lump of mist.

After that, the consciousness space collapsed.

This fist-sized lump of mist appeared in Song Shuhang’s original dantian.

Sure enough, after the tribulation of the fifth level, the practitioners of the Black Dragon World would also acquire a core similar to the golden core.

I wonder what type of core this is?

Inside the original dantian.

The whale core, whose belly was round as a ball, saw the black mist. Then, it leaped, and its huge mouth opened!

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