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Chapter 1610: The last chance

Song ‘Not Hurt at All’ Shuhang.

He didn’t even have to activate the ‘saber intent armor’, the variant ❮Steel Hands Technique❯, or his two top-tier body-tempering techniques.

Even the virtuous lamia behind him was just getting ready to snatch his lines and let out the well-known four-toned scream when the tribulation ended.

Song Shuhang glanced at the ferocious-looking black dragon, and thought, Despite being so big, this guy is useless.

He then said, “Still, I think it’s normal. This is only the tribulation for advancing from the first to the second level. If this were converted into our cultivation system, it should be equivalent to a cultivator ascending from the First to the Second Stage. At least, the Black Dragon World has a ‘tribulation’ for this phase. We cultivators don’t even have one.”

When a cultivator advanced to the Second Stage from the First Stage, jumping through the dragon gate was the barrier. The heavenly tribulations only started when advancing to the Third Stage.

In the void, the ferocious-looking black dragon exited the field handsomely—it never realized that it had been disdained from beginning to end.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness withdrew from the ‘tribulation’.

His divine sense had grown slightly, and it seemed that some optimizations took place—Song Shuhang felt that he could control his divine sense better now, making it more convenient to use than before.

For example, when he used the ❮Celestial Radar Technique❯ before, his divine sense dividing into strands required his careful control. Now, he felt that with just a single thought, his divine sense could be split into any form he wanted.

Senior White’s clone asked, “Was that the ‘heavenly tribulation’ just now?”

Song Shuhang nodded. “It should be the Black Dragon World’s ‘tribulation’. But as it was only a second level tribulation, its power was very weak. It’s a pity, I wanted to see what exactly the difference between the Black Dragon World’s tribulation and our main world’s heavenly tribulation was.”

While he was speaking, Song Shuhang sensed that his [Tyrannical Dragon] access port had begun rushing off again in the Dragon Network.

It moved faster and faster, and in just a few breaths, it entered the third-level area.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Ten meters above his head, the light mirror that had just dispersed condensed again, and shone towards Song Shuhang.

“Good luck.” Senior White’s clone smiled. He took Li Yinzhu back to the side, and admired Song Shuhang’s tribulation. “I have a hunch that things have only begun.”

With Song Shuhang being at the Fifth Stage with five golden cores, his ‘divine sense’ had already reached the level of someone at the Sixth Stage.

If the ‘magical power flow’ provided by the black dragon spirit stone was enough, theoretically speaking, it was possible for Song Shuhang to break into the sixth level area of the Dragon Network.

Senior White’s clone continued, “There’s no need to worry about the black dragon spirit stone aspect as I can just head outside the Black Dragon World to kill some ‘zombies’.”

Song Shuhang’s consciousness was drawn into the ‘tribulation space’ of the Black Dragon World again.

This time, five black dragons that were larger than the previous one appeared. They formed a circle and surrounded Song Shuhang.

The five black dragons opened their mouths at the same time.

This time, it was not the dragon’s breath that was spat out, but a black-colored light cannon attack. The power of each of these attacks was more than 10 times that of the dragon’s breath.

The five black-colored lights bombarded Song Shuhang. The pain this time was more intense.

“Come!” Song Shuhang laughed. “Saber intent ar—”

He didn’t even get to finish saying ‘armor’ when the five black dragons stopped their attacks.

“???” Song Shuhang.

Earlier, the dragon’s breath lasted for 10 breaths, so it doesn’t make sense for the duration of the tribulation of the third level to be this short, right?

While he was in thought, the five black dragons raised their heads again, and five light cannons were shot at Song Shuhang again.

Although the duration was lower than that of the dragon’s breath, the light cannon was much more explosive and destructive!

Under normal circumstances, if one were a Black Dragon World practitioner advancing to the third level—even if they had a magical shield activated—a single shot of the ‘black dragon light cannon’ would be enough to break their shield, and the other four light cannons would teach the practitioner how to behave.

The damage brought about by the four light cannons would be enough to make the practitioners cry.

“…” Song Shuhang.

He gave up on condensing the ‘saber intent armor’.

The damage caused by the black dragon light cannon bombardment wasn’t actually enough to make him feel much pain. For this level of damage, he might’ve cried if it were a few months ago, but it was simply too weak for him now.

The price he had to pay to appraise a Seventh Stage item was more painful than the five shots of black dragon light cannons.

The virtuous lamia appeared bored, and placed her chin on Song Shuhang’s shoulder. She didn’t even have the chance to scream.

The five black dragons in the tribulation released a total of 15 waves of black dragon light cannons before stopping.

Then, they slowly left. The tribulation of the third level ended.

Song Shuhang stretched his body. After the 15 waves of ‘black dragon light cannons’, not only did he not feel any ‘pain’, but he felt as if he had gone to a sauna, and his body was comfortable.

Song ‘Starting to Enjoy Pain’ Shuhang.

Song Shuhang said, “Next should be the one of the fourth level, right? A tribulation of this level should be a bit more interesting.”

Behind him, the virtuous lamia nodded.

Song Shuhang remembered his heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage; it had been magnificent.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness once again withdrew from the ‘tribulation world’.

“How do you feel?” Senior White’s Clone sat cross-legged under a tree, his right hand resting on his knee as he looked at Song Shuhang.

Li Yinzhu and the woman from the Black Dragon World were also placed under the tree.

Song Shuhang thought for a long time, and concluded, “It was pretty refreshing!”

“Mm-hm, then continue,” Senior White’s clone said. “As long as your mental energy is strong enough to meet the criteria for a level up, and the ‘magical power flow’ in your account is enough, you can continue to advance. With the current strength of your mental energy, it should be safe to rush to the fifth level area, and the sixth level area should also be attainable.”

Song Shuhang said, “If I reach the fifth level in this place, will there be a change? For example, will I end up condensing a core or something?”

At the Fifth Stage, a cultivator would condense a golden core, which would determine their path.

Similarly, monster cultivators had their monster cores; demonic cultivators also had their own variant, the ‘demonic core’.

Other systems, such as the Holy Knight System, Wizard System, Beast Cultivator System, would likewise condense something similar to a core at the Fifth Stage Realm.

The core was a symbol of those at the Fifth Stage.

Creatures like Celestials, who had no way of condensing a core at the Fifth Stage, were actually rather rare in the universe. This was why they longed so much for cultivators’ golden cores—they didn’t have any themselves!

“I’ve been thinking the same thing. Perhaps your last small core will appear this way,” Senior White’s clone said. “Just continue to level up. If your magical power flow is insufficient, I’ll go and kill some zombies to get black dragon spirit stones for you.”

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