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Chapter 1597: Black Pupil XIII

No, absolutely not!

If Shuhang were to turn around and head back home, he would be heading west. Then, wouldn’t he be following Senior Copper Trigrams’ “great benefits await him to the west” divination?

At that time, he would definitely die without anything left of his body.

Still, if he continued to follow Senior White in exploring this secret realm… According to the ‘danger going hand-in-hand with wealth’ rule, with the massive amount of wealth they had just acquired, it was quite likely that the ‘danger’ would be especially intense.

When following Senior White, the danger and wealth would always strike a balance.

Although this ‘danger’ might come late, it would absolutely not fail to come.

Song Shuhang silently thought to himself, Could it be that I misunderstood Senior Copper Trigram’s divination? Could it be that ‘great benefits to the west’ only meant that there was danger to the west, and not that there were benefits to the east? Maybe I should’ve just stayed at home today and not moved at all.

Even if the phrase were to be split apart and then reversed, it would still end up as ‘calamities, east’.

Perhaps both heading east and west would lead him to calamities.

Song “I’m Very Worried” Shuhang.

Sometimes, things like divinations were just too difficult to understand. This was especially so for Senior Copper Trigram’s shady divinations: when looking at his divinations in reverse, it would be difficult to ascertain which meaning held the correct divination.

At this moment, Senior White was standing in front of the ruin’s immortal cave, deep in thought.

He did not immediately enter the immortal cave.

After a while, he took out a talisman from his arms, turned around, and threw it to Song Shuhang. “Shuhang, here, take this.”

Song Shuhang took the talisman, and asked, “What is it?”

Senior White said, “It’s a defensive talisman. You can activate it to use an Eighth Stage defensive magical technique. There’s something off about my luck today, so you need to be careful.”

Not good, even Senior White himself feels that his luck today is abnormal.

Even Senior White, whose luck was generally heaven-defying, had not experienced such exaggerated luck in the past.

“Don’t be too nervous. Perhaps things will go in reverse today, and our luck will increase even further, and we won’t encounter any calamity at all,” Senior White said. “Let’s go. Follow me, and don’t fall behind.”

Senior White stretched out his hand, and opened the barrier of the immortal cave—this barrier had been hijacked by Senior White’s clone once before, making things go smoother this time.

Senior White stepped into the ruins of the immortal cave, and Song Shuhang followed.

After entering the ruins, they first went through an excessively long tunnel that seemed like a mine shaft.

At set intervals, luminous pearls could be found hanging on the tunnel walls, illuminating the path.

These luminous pearls had been hanging there for an unknown length of time, but they still continued to exude a soft light.

Song Shuhang had the urge to take them with him, thinking that he might be able to exchange them for some spirit stones.

When people were at a certain level of poverty, they would find themselves with such impulses.

At this time, Song Shuhang wondered when he would get the second batch of spirit stones from the Cultivator Alliance.

The puppet maiden was currently at home, waiting to receive this second batch.

After I return home from exploring these ruins with Senior White, I have to contact Fairy Little Ke again, and get her to arrange some people to receive the Sixth Stage Celestial.

From their previous encounter, it appeared that ‘Daoist Priest Eternal River’ had some fate with him, and it was thanks to him and his party that the puppet maiden had gotten back home. At that time, he would request Fairy Little Ke to arrange for Daoist Priest Eternal River to be the one to receive the goods.

It was rare to have such a good fate with a fellow daoist, so there was no need to change them for another group.

In addition… Song Shuhang was currently in the middle of considering whether or not to summon his clone.

The clone was still in the restaurant on Western Orchid Island with Chu Chu.

Right now, Senior White’s luck was popping off more and more. If he were to summon his clone, it should be able to defend against a few waves of ‘danger’, right?

Just as Song Shuhang was occupied with his thoughts, Senior White came to a stop in front of him.

“Did something happen?” Song Shuhang instantly entered combat mode. The Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades appeared in his hands as he waited for action.

At the same time, the clone on ‘Western Orchid Island’ was cancelled and then re-summoned to the side of the main body.

The clone summoned the ‘Black Panther Commander’s Flag’, using it as a spear and wielding it coolly.

“There is a corpse in front of us. When my clone had explored these ruins, it hadn’t seen this corpse,” Senior White said. “Wait for me here, I will go ahead and take a look.”

Senior White took a few steps toward the corpse lying on the ground in front of them.

It was a humanoid creature with black scales all over its body. It looked like it had been in a lot of pain when it died.

Still, there didn’t seem to be any wounds on it.

Its eyes were wide open even in death, and its right hand seemed to be trying to grab at something before it died.

“This guy’s dead, and the body wasn’t poisoned or cursed. Shuhang, you can come over,” Senior White said. At the same time, he stretched out his hand and placed it on the body of the black-scaled creature, his consciousness sweeping on it to detect the cause of its death.

Soon after, Senior White found out the cause of death.

He said, “It died while crossing through space. It received some internal injuries from the spatial turbulence. On the surface, it doesn’t look like there are any injuries, but its insides were torn into a mess by spatial energy.”

However, the origins of this black-scaled creature were still unknown.

With the great changes happening to the ‘Wielder of the Heaven’s Will’, there had been an increase in the number of passages between the universe, making it difficult to determine from which world it had come from.

Song Shuhang said, “Should I try appraising it?”

Senior White nodded. “Go ahead.”

Song Shuhang willed it, and his body became smoke. He came to the side of the black-scaled creature, and placed his fingers on it.

The secret appraisal technique was activated, and the price was paid.

The price paid for this appraisal wasn’t much. Only over a dozen superficial wounds appeared on his arm, which weren’t even enough to cause Song Shuhang pain.

This small bit of pain wasn’t even enough to tickle him.

Immediately afterward, the secret appraisal technique transmitted back the information on the other party.

[Name: Black Pupil XIII, the strongest fighter of the young generation of the ‘Dragon Blood Clan’ of the Black Dragon World, a Fifth Level Magic Warrior. In order to get past the Fifth Level Realm, he passed through an ancient teleportation formation to forcefully break through the boundaries of the Black Dragon World and force his way into the main world. However, when he broke into the main world, he lost his ‘magical power top-up device’, and without the device’s recovery abilities, he died.]

“…” Song Shuhang.

Pain, brother.

Senior White asked, “What useful information did you get?”

Song Shuhang nodded. “It’s quite the coincidence, but this guy is the owner of the ‘magical power top-up device’ that we have, and his name is Black Pupil XIII. He passed through an ‘ancient teleportation formation’, arriving in the main world from the Black Dragon World. But because he lost his ‘magical power top-up device’ while being teleported here, he was unable to heal his injuries and died. I didn’t expect to find him here.”

In other words, it was better not to randomly try out teleportation formations. It was a very dangerous matter.

Senior White had entered the ruins of the immortal cave to look for clues on the ‘magical power top-up device’, and he found them immediately.

“…” Lady Onion.

Senior White responded, “So that’s the case. No wonder I felt the aura on his body to be somewhat familiar… It turns out that he’s the original owner of the magical power top-up device. Did you get any information regarding the ‘black dragon spirit stones’?”

Song Shuhang shook his head.

Senior White regretfully said, “It’s a pity that he isn’t carrying any on him. It’s possible that they were lost to spatial turbulence while he was crossing space. If there was a black dragon spirit stone, I would at least be able to know what it looks like, and maybe even find a substitute for it.”

While saying that, Senior White stretched out his hand again, and pressed it against the air.

After a while, he showed a disappointed expression. “I found no traces of a spatial channel. This Black Pupil XIII should have been dead for several days already. He probably failed to head back to the Black Dragon World through the spatial channel that brought him here.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Then, should we continue onward and explore the ruins?”

Senior White replied, “We’re already here, so of course we should continue to explore.”

He stretched out his hand, took out a cosmos bag, and poured its contents into the magical bracelet. Then, he stored ‘Black Pupil XIII’ in the cosmos bag.

If he further studied this visitor from the Black Dragon World, he might be able to find more clues.

If he couldn’t get anything useful out of the visitor, then he’d just look for a place to bury him.

After collecting Black Pupil XIII, Senior White continued to lead Song Shuhang into the depths of the passage.

Along the way, they came across a lot of mechanisms that had been set off.

These were the mechanisms that Senior White’s clone had destroyed when he had broken into this secret realm.

As the traps had been cleared, Song Shuhang and the others were very relaxed, and they didn’t encounter any disasters.

After an unknown amount of time, their party finally arrived at the end of the ruins.

What appeared in front of them was a barren yellow land on top of which stood beautifully shaped stone pillars.

Each stone pillar had a different style.

Senior White said, “Eh? When my clone entered this place the last time… It had seen a strange jungle.”

Yet, this time it was barren yellow land plus some stone pillars.

Song Shuhang asked, “Could it be a spatial gate that makes it such that every time you pass through the tunnel, the place would be different?”

Senior White shook his head, and said, “I didn’t sense any spatial fluctuations, but we can test it.”

He stretched out his hand, and said to Song Shuhang, “Hold my hand.”

Song Shuhang hugged Li Yinzhu tightly with one hand, and grabbed Senior White’s hand with the other.

The two then took a few steps back, and returned to the tunnel.

Then, they went forward again, and exited the tunnel.


The barren yellow land and stone pillars in front of them really did begin to change.

It was as if an elevator was rising.

The scene with the barren yellow land and stone pillars descended and disappeared. What appeared in front of them now was a lake.

There was an altar in the middle of this lake, and a giant, two-meter-long sword was inserted into the said altar.

At the side of the altar, there was a stone stele on which the words of the ancient language were carved.

Senior White translated, “Anyone who can pull this sword from the altar will become the Lord of Destiny of the Four Seas and will inherit my, the Lord of the Four Seas’, legacy.”

Why not a saber? Song Shuhang subconsciously thought.

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