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Chapter 1596: The most blissful trouble

“This is the tree of the ‘chaotic age fruit’?” Song Shuhang raised his head and looked at this strange plant. On this huge plant, there were fruits growing here and there.

The chaotic age fruit was a treasure that could randomly change a person’s age once eaten. It could cause one to enter a state anywhere from when they were just an embryo up to when they would soon die of old age, and this was decided completely at random.

However, it did not affect one’s lifespan, and only changed the outer appearance of one’s body.

If one did not have good luck, it would be better to avoid trying it out. Otherwise, they could end up in a state where they were an old grandpa or grandma, causing their heart to be stifled.

Having said that, for cultivators, their appearance was merely an outer shell, and it didn’t really affect their strength.

Senior White transmitted his voice, and said, “My clone also found such a tree the last time, and grabbed two of these strange chaotic age fruit. They taste quite good.”

Afterward, he put down Song Shuhang, Lady Onion, and Li Yinzhu before leaping gently toward the chaotic age tree. He then reached out to pluck all of the strange ‘chaotic age fruits’ on the tree.

Natural treasures generally had things like unusual beasts, spirit beasts, or monster beasts protecting them.

And the strange chaotic age fruit was no exception.

When Senior White was plucking the fruits, a strange snake-like fish leaped out of the bushes, and opened its mouth to bite him.

However, when the strange fish was halfway through its actions, it suddenly slammed on the brakes.

It stared at Senior White for a while, and then carefully retreated back into the bushes. Before it went back, it even used its head to smooth out the leaves that it had ended up messing up while leaping out.

“…” Song Shuhang.

This felt just like a cute little child stepping out, and shouting, “Don’t move!”

But in the next moment, it discovered that it had run into a group of big shots.

And so, the cute little child hurriedly retreated and left, and it even silently closed the door in an orderly manner while leaving.

Senior White didn’t make things hard for the strange fish.

He simply plucked off a few mature ‘chaotic age fruits’ and jumped off the tree.

Afterward, he gave Song Shuhang, Li Yinzhu, and Lady Onion two fruits each. This was Senior White’s old rule—always share the benefits.

The size of the chaotic age fruit wasn’t big, only about the size of a green jujube.

Then, Senior White took out a ‘water-repelling bead’ and hung it around his neck, creating a safe space.

“This fruit tastes pretty good. You can try it.” Senior White wiped the chaotic age fruit, and then took a bite.

Subsequently, Senior White’s age experienced a slight change.

His appearance seemed to have grown older, but the change was really small.

Senior White’s luck today was as strong and reliable as always.

Lady Onion caressed the two fruits in her hands, and asked, “Eating it will change my appearance?”

Song Shuhang said, “Yes. After eating it, your ‘age’ will change randomly, and so will your appearance.”

Li Yinzhu tilted her head and thought for a moment. “I don’t have any use for this, so I’ll give it to you, A’Song.”

She could change her appearance at will, and go from being a one-year-old child to a young woman by controlling the cold in her body.

Because of that, the chaotic age fruit was not attractive to her.

“I’ll keep it for you then.” Song Shuhang took the fruits, and put them in his magical bracelet.

“I want to try one out,” Lady Onion said while holding a ‘chaotic age fruit’.

Song Shuhang curiously asked, “Are you not satisfied with how you look at your current age?”

Lady Onion’s current human form was that of a young woman. Wasn’t this the most suitable appearance for her?

The corner of Lady Onion’s mouth rose upward. “I want to look more mature. That way, I will look more powerful!”

After saying that, she held the chaotic age fruit and bit down on it.

Song Shuhang asked, “Aren’t you going to change to your human form before eating it?”

After being drawn to the bottom of the chaotic sea, Lady Onion had transformed into her green onion form, becoming a small green onion growing on the enlightenment stone.

Song Shuhang felt strange when he saw a green onion stretch out its small hand to hold a green jujube-sized ‘chaotic age fruit’ and gnaw at it.

Lady Onion replied, “In my human form, all kinds of natural treasures would only take a few bites to eat. But because of my relatively small size in my green onion form, I can enjoy it for much longer.”

She had a point.

In the meantime, the strange chaotic age fruit was quickly eaten.

Lady Onion happily asked, “Have I changed?”

Song Shuhang responded, “I’m not a botanist and you’re a green onion, so I can’t tell how much you’ve changed. If you change to your human form, I might be able to tell.”

As he was speaking, Lady Onion’s body suddenly began withering.

Within a short period of time, she withered and became deformed, with her leaves turning yellow.

Obviously, Lady Onion belonged to the type with insufficient luck.

“…You don’t need to change forms anymore. I can see the changes that have happened to you with my naked eye. You’ve withered. If you change to a human form, I’m afraid that you will look extremely old,” Song Shuhang said.

“Extremely old? Then I’ll try eating another one.” Lady Onion picked up another chaotic age fruit.

Song Shuhang said, “Don’t waste it. You should save it in case you really need it in the future. After all, it is a natural treasure, and it wouldn’t be good to be too wasteful with it.”

Lady Onion wondered, “Then how do I change back?”

“I’ll help you.” Song Shuhang reached out, and pinched her green onion body.


Lady Onion exclaimed, “Aaaaah, my green onion sprouts!”

Song Shuhang put away the old green onion sprouts, and kept the enlightenment stone and the chaotic age fruit together in his coat pocket. “When a green onion sprout grows old, you can simply pinch it off and have it regrow. Just keep the other chaotic age fruit for now, and don’t waste it.”

“What if an old sprout grows out?” Lady Onion asked with some uneasiness.

Song Shuhang replied, “Don’t you still have another chaotic age fruit? You can try your luck if it happens. However, do remember that you have only one chaotic age fruit left.”

“…” Lady Onion.

“Shuhang, are you not going to try one?” Senior White got another ‘chaotic age fruit’ and took a bite.

Song Shuhang said, “I’m fine with how I look. If I become old like Lady Onion, I can’t simply cut off my head and have it regrow. It would be better for me to keep the fruit in case I need it in the future.”

Senior White nodded. “Mm-hm, that’s true. I feel that this chaotic age fruit will be of great use to you when you’re at the Seventh Stage and about to ascend to the Eighth Stage.”

“???” Song Shuhang.

“Everybody in the universe knows your name and what you look like. If there comes a day that you show your divinity again and deliver a speech, you will scare everyone as soon as the live broadcast starts. At that time, you probably won’t be able to get sufficient virtue from your Profound Sage Speech, and your Eighth Stage inner demon tribulation will then prove to be very troublesome,” Senior White explained. “As such, before you begin your Profound Sage Speech, you could choose to eat a chaotic age fruit to change your appearance. If you become a white-bearded grandpa, even better. When you start the speech, as long as you don’t mention your identity, nobody will know that you’re Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, and you will be able to receive the virtue from the Profound Sage Speech without a hitch.”

During the Profound Sage Speech, the true appearance of a cultivator would be shown to everyone in the universe.

For this reason, there were a lot of fellow daoists in the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ that were looking forward to seeing Immortal Master Copper Trigram reach the Eighth Stage and show his divinity.

It was only at that time that everyone would have a chance to see Copper Trigram’s true appearance.

Song Shuhang mused, “Senior White’s words make a lot of sense.”

There was no refuting it.

His current appearance was already well-known in the world of cultivation. If he were to deliver another Profound Sage Speech one day, a large portion of the people in the world of cultivation would recognize his face, and it could be expected that they would all give him a bad rating.

Even if his speech were akin to flowers drifting down from the sky with heaven and earth manifestations appearing en masse, it would still be difficult to change the opinions of the masses.

Without the virtue from the Profound Sage Speech to offset the Eighth Stage inner demon tribulation, things would indeed become very troublesome for him.

Furthermore, he had already delivered a Profound Sage Speech twice. If the time came for him to do it again, he himself would feel quite embarrassed if his appearance had remained unchanged through three consecutive Profound Sage Speeches.

He definitely had to store these chaotic age fruit well as they could be of great use in the future.

Looking at Senior Copper Trigram’s divinations in reverse was really accurate!

After he and Senior White reversed the divination and headed east, they really did come across great benefits.

The chaotic age fruit was a good start.

At 7 o’clock in the morning.

Senior White led the way, and Song Shuhang followed behind him with Lady Onion in his pocket and Li Yinzhu on his shoulders.

The group had spent three hours in the chaotic sea before finally arriving at the immortal cave that Senior White’s clone had broken into.

The journey was not that long, actually. The reason it had taken them three hours was that Senior White’s luck was going ham today.

They had found some natural treasures almost at every step.

Those treasures prolonged one’s lifespan, strengthened one’s physique, strengthened one’s mental energy, strengthened one’s recovery ability, and transformed the quality of the spiritual energy in one’s body…

Every step of the way, they were raking in benefits.

After the three-hour journey, Song Shuhang’s physical strength had already experienced a slight increase, and he now had a total of 25 Holy Apes.

This change was enough to match the increase in strength that an ordinary Beast Realm cultivator would experience after several years of bitter practice of the ❮Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique❯.

As for Lady Onion’s share, Song Shuhang kept it in his magical bracelet, and left it there for her to take when she had regrown her body.

Li Yinzhu, who was sitting on his shoulders, was holding onto several strange fruits and gnawing at them. She couldn’t even finish them that Senior White had already found some other natural treasures.

“A’Song, I can’t eat anymore.” Li Yinzhu touched her little belly. “I feel both happy and troubled.”

Becoming so full from eating natural treasures that one felt like vomiting was truly the most blissful trouble for cultivators.

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “You don’t need to finish all of them at once. I can keep them for you to eat at a later date if you can’t finish them now.”

“Mm-hm, I’ll give them to you for safekeeping.” Li Yinzhu handed the remaining natural treasures and fruits to Song Shuhang.

She was at the Fourth Stage Realm, and she had already reached the limit of what she could eat. She needed some time to digest everything.

Song Shuhang looked at Senior White, who was in front of him, and gulped. With Senior White’s luck having gone crazy, what would be the ‘misfortune’ that awaited them?

Wealth and danger went hand-in-hand. With the amount of wealth having already skyrocketed, what about the danger?

Should I turn around and go home now?

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