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Chapter 1588: Song ‘I Survived Another Day’ Shuhang

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Judging by the second part of the information from the appraisal, Senior White’s memories were the correct ones.

He lived as his friend, the young man in green robes, for 70 years, taking care of the other party’s younger brother before traveling throughout the universe.

Then… Since Senior White’s memories were correct, was there something wrong with Senior White Two’s memories?

The possibility was quite great!

This was because Senior White Two’s memories had very likely been tampered with by Wielder of the Will White. After all, Wielder of the Will White had even managed to quietly cut off his leg, which increased the likelihood of his memory having been tampered with as well.

Wait, I should put this topic aside first; I can’t continue this thought process lest I bring about my own death.

There was a particularly sinister bug-like skill that existed in this world, the mind-reading technique.

At the side, Senior White Two’s face became slightly stiff.

Going back to the main topic, the last line of the appraisal piqued Song Shuhang’s interest.

[Arrived in the present world].

What was the word ‘world’ referring to in this line?

Was it referring to ‘Earth’ or one of the many other worlds in the universe?

Was Senior White an alien? Perhaps someone from another world or realm?

Moreover, if we were to consider the broader meaning of the word ‘world’, did it mean that Senior White did not belong to this world?

Song Shuhang pinched his chin and fell into thought.

There was one more point for consideration—when did the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure become a life-bound magical treasure of Senior White? Hadn’t Senior White’s life-bound magical treasure always been Meteor Sword?

And, didn’t the Combined Magical Treasure need to be forged before one reached the Fifth Stage Realm? So when did Senior White forge it?

Could he have gotten it when he was in the sealed space?

Senior White asked, “What was the result?”

At this time, the smoke that had burst away from Song Shuhang’s body began to return, recondensing a complete Song Shuhang.

Song ‘With the Smoke Mode, I Can Use the Secret Appraisal Technique Whenever I Want’ Shuhang.

However, it was only the physical damage that would be negated; the same did not apply to the mental damage. The price he had to pay was akin to having all the blood violently drained from his body, which brought him tremendous pain. It was as if he was cut apart millions of times, and only his skeleton had remained. And one had to remember that since he was in this smoky mode, he had to take additional damage to his mind to compensate.

Song Shuhang couldn’t speak due to the pain. His entire body trembled as he fell to the ground and curled up into a ball.

Senior White stretched out his hand, and placed it on Song Shuhang, casting several healing techniques and mind-soothing techniques.

Song Shuhang tremblingly said, “There were no problems with the results… of the appraisal… The results were essentially… as Senior White said.”

However, the results of the appraisal technique were still coming.

The extended period it had taken to conduct the appraisal had resulted in the acquisition of more information. These messages slowly appeared in Song Shuhang’s mind.

[A unique existence. In this world— Please select a number. Do you have a resurrection magical treasure? If yes, please select 1; if not, please select 2.]

“???” Song Shuhang.

Wait, these options are quite disturbing.

The secret appraisal technique wasn’t going by its standard routine today.

It was almost as if Slow-Witted Song’s secret appraisal technique had a ‘screening’ function.

For example, when he used the technique in the past, there was some information related to Slow-Witted Song himself that would be blocked when it was obtained through the ‘secret appraisal technique’.

Now, the options presented reminded Song Shuhang that the following information would be very costly.

There was a possibility that he would die.

Song Shuhang fell into thought. His resurrection magical treasure was still on cooldown, but he had a ‘Rebirth Pill’. So, should he choose 1?


Even if I’m carrying a resurrection magical treasure and have this pill, I shouldn’t waste them.

I’d only choose 1 if there was something wrong with my brain.

As such, I should definitely choose 2.

Although I’m very curious about Senior White’s past, the things that need to be appraised have been appraised—the results of the appraisal have already confirmed that there is no problem with Senior White’s memories.

Therefore, there was no need for him to lose his life to obtain additional information.

But at this moment, another wave of violent pain suddenly assaulted him.

It seemed to be the price of the ‘secret appraisal technique’. Song Shuhang convulsed in pain once again, curling up into a fetal position.

At the same time, a new message emerged in his mind.

[Confirmed selection ‘1’ — In this world, White is a very special existence. He is unique, and the origin of his existence is different from the masses.]

Hey, listen to me, I choose 2!

Oh, no. I’m done for.

There’s a high chance of death by choosing 1.

Song Shuhang was in great pain and on the verge of losing consciousness.

[Comprehensive analysis: you can try to find White’s hometown to get more information.]

That was it.

“…” Song Shuhang.

That’s it?

Senior White is a very special and unique existence…? No shiet. As long as they aren’t blind, who in the entire universe can’t see how heaven-defying his luck is?!

You want to have my body explode into smithereens for such a meager amount of information? You even want to cheat me of my resurrection magical treasure?

Don’t even think about it!

Senior White asked, “What’s the matter? Why is your expression so sour? What new information did you get?”

Song Shuhang twitched, and said in a trembling voice, “I got some fundamentally useless information… Ouch, ouch, ouch. Right, Senior White, do you still remember your hometown?”

“My hometown?” Senior White squeezed his chin and fell into thought. “…It should be possible for me to find it, I think? Is there any problem?”

“Yeah. Based on the information I got, I have a bold conjecture.” Song Shuhang tremblingly said, “Senior White, actually~ you are a reincarnator! Your hometown is probably not in this ‘world’ nor the Netherworld.”

“…” Senior White.

“…” Senior White Two.

“Anyway, there is nothing wrong with Senior White’s memory. However, we need to find Senior White’s hometown before we can solve more of the puzzle.” Song Shuhang climbed up from the ground with difficulty.

Pain tolerance value +10.

He maintained his smoky state as he did not dare to go back to his physical state for the time being.

After all, the prompt from the secret appraisal technique left him greatly unsettled.

Senior White sat next to Song Shuhang, resting his cheek in one hand, deep into thought.

His hometown, huh?

He seemed to have some distant memory of it… But what was strange was that he couldn’t remember the coordinates for his ‘hometown’, or where exactly it was.

“Sure enough, I shouldn’t go into seclusion for now,” Senior White said gently. “I’m going to spend the following month searching for my hometown. It wouldn’t be too late to close up after finishing up with this matter.”

“Now, Senior White Two, it’s your turn,” Song Shuhang said after sitting upright.

Senior White Two asked, “Are you not going to rest for a while?”

Song Shuhang firmly said, “No, painful matters should be taken care of at once. I’ll just grit my teeth as I bear with it. Extended pain is worse than a short burst of pain!”

“Then, you can go ahead and try.” Senior White Two stretched out his arm and handed it to Song Shuhang. “I will fully cooperate with your secret appraisal technique.”

Since the memory of the main world White was the correct one…

Then, could his memory really have been tampered with by Wielder of the Will White?

The likelihood of Song Shuhang’s previous guess being correct was very high. Wielder of the Will White had even quietly cut off his leg, so it wouldn’t be strange for his memory to have been tampered with.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and placed it on Senior White Two’s wrist. It was cold, just as if the other party had no body heat.

The secret appraisal technique went to work once more.

After a while, the result of the appraisal was sent to Song Shuhang’s mind.

[White Two: The ruler of the Netherworld.]


Song Shuhang exploded.

His entire body of smoke exploded, drifting around everywhere, and it felt like it couldn’t recondense at all.

“???” Senior White Two.

Why did he explode? It was so sudden.

Senior White asked, “Could the price have been too great for his body to bear?”

Senior White Two replied, “But didn’t he say that he could control his secret appraisal technique, and that once the price was too high, he could stop?”

“…” Senior White.

The two Senior Whites got busy as they manually gathered Song Shuhang’s scattered body of smoke, and put it back together.

“Can he recover?” Scarlet Heaven Sword asked—his body was so broken apart that it felt like he couldn’t be saved.

Senior White said, “His life force is still there, so he should be able to recover.”

Song Shuhang’s smoky body began to recover, actively fusing together.

After a long time, his body returned to its original state.

“I felt like I was going to die,” Song Shuhang said with lingering fear in his voice.

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “Why did you suddenly explode?”

Song Shuhang smiled wryly, and said, “I don’t know. The secret appraisal technique had clearly yet to reach a critical point, so I’m not clear on why I suddenly exploded.”

Had it not been for the ‘smoky mode’, he would have had to waste a resurrection magical treasure.

Senior White Two asked, “Did you get any information?”

“I only managed to discover that you, Senior White, are the ruler of the Netherworld. Then I exploded,” Song Shuhang replied honestly. “I can only say that you’re indeed the ruler of the Netherworld?”

While speaking, Song Shuhang’s body had already gone back to being flesh and blood.

His smoky mode had a time limit, and the explosion this time had broken him up way too much, causing him to consume a great amount of spiritual energy to regather and recondense.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Whites, you can keep talking amongst yourselves.”

“?” Senior White Two.

“I suddenly feel quite tired. I will go back to the Inner World and take a break first,” Song Shuhang said. “If something happens, you can call me. Anyway, the passage is still there.”

After saying that, he waved his hand, stepped out of the world of the black lotus, and returned to his Inner World.

He willed it, and his figure appeared on the edge of the living spring, where the monster tree Miruru was planted.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “Are you okay?”

Song Shuhang curled up on the ground, smiled bitterly, and said, “This pain makes me feel like I’m going to die.”

The pain from having his body explode assaulted his senses.

The cost of appraising Senior White Two had been too great.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, I have to rest for a while. Call me if anything comes up.”

Then, the intense pain made him lose his consciousness.

Scarlet Heaven Sword fell beside Song Shuhang.

It thought that with Song Shuhang’s recklessness today, he would have been done in several times over. It really didn’t think that he would get to live and return to the Inner World.

Song ‘I Survived Another Day’ Shuhang.

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