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Chapter 1589: Wonderful!

Song Shuhang had a dream.

With the improvement of his realm, he no longer needed to sleep under normal circumstances. And when he did fall asleep, it would usually be due to excessive fatigue, and he usually wouldn’t dream during such times.

Unless… it was a dreamland.

Therefore, after feeling that he was dreaming, Song Shuhang’s heart thumped.

Was he going to enter a dreamland again?

But, whose dreamland was he going to enter this time?

Was it the unfinished dreamland of the Heavenly Emperor?

Was it the unfinished dreamland of Su Xian?

Or, was it a dreamland related to Senior White and Senior White Two, who he had made contact with today?

Whichever it was, it would undoubtedly be greatly beneficial to him.

As he thought about it, he grew slightly excited.

In short… As long as it wasn’t the kind of dreamland like Lady Onion’s, where he would be planted on the peak of a mountain and forced to spend hundreds of years there, Song Shuhang had nothing to fear.

The dream unfolded.

The first thing that appeared in front of Song Shuhang was a phone screen.

It was a very familiar phone model…

Wait, isn’t this my phone?

At this moment, the ‘him’ in his dream was holding his new phone and playing games on it happily. He was playing a pvp game… This game was downloaded by Lady Onion, and Song Shuhang had hardly played it himself.

F*ck, this isn’t good.

This time, he seemed to have hit the dreamland lottery and entered Lady Onion’s dreamland again.

It’s over.

What was he going to experience next? Was he going to experience how it felt to have one’s onion sprouts pinched?

The plot of the dreamland advanced peacefully and steadily.

‘Lady Onion’ played happily, performing all kinds of tricks and moves; she played in a very skilled manner.

It seems that the dreamland this time is to simply watch this silly onion play a game…

Song Shuhang let out a sigh in his mind.

It seemed this dreamland was going to be a waste of his time.

Anyway, I can’t let this silly onion keep wasting her cultivation talent.

When I wake up, I will immediately urge Lady Onion to practice and make full use of her talent. I’ll strive to make her a powerful pet!

While thinking about it, Song Shuhang suddenly realized something was wrong.

The hands that were playing on the phone… weren’t Lady Onion’s little hands; they weren’t those of a female at all.


At this moment, the scene in the dreamland trembled.

Then, the car flipped over.

Was the subject of the dreamland inside a car?

Fairy Dongfang Six’s voice sounded, “Ah, not good. There was a car accident… This time, it really wasn’t my fault. I was following the traffic regulations when the other party came at us head-on! It was too late for me to avoid them!”

Not good, he was actually in a car that Fairy Dongfang Six was driving!

Heaven’s, I’m done for.

Still, the subject of the dreamland should not be Lady Onion.

The person who was recently riding in Fairy Dongfang Six’s car was Dharma King Creation, right?

But why is Dharma King Creation holding my phone?

Many doubts surfaced in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Fairy Dongfang Six said anxiously, “No, our car is going to be flattened!”

At the side, a huge truck came over, and went over Fairy Dongfang Six’s car, directly squashing it.

The subject of Song Shuhang’s ‘dreamland’ was also squashed by the truck.

The feeling of being crushed was transmitted back to Song Shuhang, causing his entire body to be in pain.

The sharp pain assaulted his nerves.

Anyway, it looked like he wasn’t Senior Creation this time.

If it were Dharma King Creation, with his powerful body, it was absolutely impossible for him to be crushed by a mere truck.

So, who was the subject of the dreamland this time?

Song Shuhang became increasingly curious.

At this time, something even stranger happened. The subject of the dreamland had clearly had their body crushed, but they were still holding the phone and fiddling with it.

Even death couldn’t stop them from playing games!

“Brother, why were you motionless just now? I nearly died there.” The voice of one of his allies sounded from the phone.

“It’s nothing… It was just a car accident, and I’m already dead. However, don’t worry, death can’t stop me from playing. We’ll definitely win this match. Even if my body breaks apart, it won’t affect my play.”

“Good luck then?”

Then, the subject of the dreamland continued to perform wild moves on the phone.

What kind of mess was this?

Even if it was a dreamland, this plot was excessively weird.

Am I really in a dreamland this time? Such a thought emerged in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Maybe, it’s just an ordinary dream?

Or maybe I’m having a nightmare…

While he was in thought, more changes happened in the messy dream.

The car in the accident suddenly deformed and turned into Song Shuhang’s mecha immortal boat.

At this point, Song Shuhang could finally be certain that it wasn’t a dreamland.

It should just be an ordinary nightmare.

“Help me get up, I can still be saved,” Song Shuhang said tremblingly.

In the next moment, he opened his eyes and woke up.

Right in front of his face, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword was using its hilt to hit his head.

“Stop, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword. You are an Immortal-level divine weapon, you hitting my face feels really painful,” Song Shuhang said. He then reached out to stop Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword from slapping his face.


Wait, where’s my hand?

Song Shuhang looked down and saw a terrifying scene that immediately gave him a huge scare.

His body had turned into a pool of blood, and only his head was left.

At this time, his body was slowly gathering and regrouping.

This was the Rebirth Pill at work.

Song Shuhang shouted, “F*ck, my blood is all over the floor!”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword: “…”

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly, and said, “What happened? I just went to sleep.”

“Like hell anybody knows. Not too long after you went to sleep, your body suddenly melted,” Scarlet Heaven Sword said. “If it weren’t for Fellow Daoist Chu mobilizing a large amount of ‘living spring water’ to maintain your head, even your head would be gone.”

Pavilion Master Chu was in the living spring, blowing bubbles silently.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Could it be that the price of appraising Senior White Two had yet to be paid?

Or, could it be that bug from his ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯ that caused him to explode?

“Fortunately, I bought the Rebirth Pill today. Otherwise, with my Resurrection Gold Coins still on cooldown, I would have truly died,” Song Shuhang said with fear lingering in his heart.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword: “…”

Isn’t it because you bought the Rebirth Pill that you died today? Think about it, the past few days, while your Resurrection Gold Coins were on cooldown and you had no other resurrection items, weren’t you living just fine every day?

Song Shuhang asked with a wry smile, “When will I recover?”

“Perhaps in an hour?” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword estimated.

Song Shuhang sighed.

At this time, on an asteroid in the Milky Way.

The Almighty Merchant was giving supplies to his disciple, Fairy Almighty Seller.

Suddenly, the Almighty Merchant raised his head and looked at the distant solar system.

Fairy Almighty Seller asked curiously, “What happened, Teacher?”

“Wonderful!” The Almighty Merchant showed a huge smile, and he tightened the sheet around his body.

Fairy Almighty Seller: “???”

The Almighty Merchant said with a smile, “I’m in a great mood today. We’ll be giving customers a 20% discount.”

Fairy Almighty Seller looked at her teacher in horror.

Did she hear that right?

Her teacher was actually going to be offering customers a 20% discount? Did he take the wrong medicine today?

At this time, the corners of the Almighty Merchant’s mouth rose, his expression clearly full of joy.

That was because he sensed that the ‘Rebirth Pill’ he sold to Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song had been used!

What did this mean?

It meant that Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song had died!


To be honest, he himself did not expect that this Rebirth Pill would be used so soon.

The Rebirth Pill that he sold was absolutely genuine, and its quality was guaranteed. After all, he never sold fakes as it was related to his reputation.

However, he added a small sensing technique on that ‘Rebirth Pill’.

Once the pill was ‘activated’, he would be able to sense it.

He had sold the pill to Tyrannical Song just a few moments ago, but Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song had ended up using it right away. The frequency of his death was truly jaw-dropping and admirable.

The Almighty Merchant said in his mind, It looks like I’ll have to remove Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song from the blacklist.

Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song was similar to a jinx for him, and meeting him usually meant nothing good.

However, he was someone who had a large demand for ‘resurrection magical treasures’.

In all his years, he had never seen anyone like Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, who was so diligent and dedicated when it came to dying.

As the strength of Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song increased, the level of the resurrection magical treasures he’d need would also rise, and the price would increase as well.

He was a potentially huge customer.

The Almighty Merchant murmured, “I’ll observe for a while before contacting him in secret.”

Fairy Almighty Seller looked at her teacher’s ever-changing expressions as a multitude of dramas seemed to be playing in his mind.

She quietly stored away her goods, opened a spatial gate, and left.

Her teacher had fallen ill, so it was best to get away in order to avoid contracting the same illness.

In the Inner World.

Song Shuhang’s body slowly condensed back to an embryonic form.

“I feel that my body has changed… Was something added to my body?” Song Shuhang turned his head and looked at Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword and Pavilion Master Chu.

“You’ve finally sensed it, huh?” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said. “Previously, there was a drop of ‘ancient divine witch blood’ floating beside this small tree. I put it in your body. Ancient divine witch blood has the ability to strengthen a body’s ability to heal. Your body collapsed into a pool of blood, so I had the witch blood fuse with it in order to increase your recovery speed.”

“Thank you, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword,” Song Shuhang said—but his heart was actually in some pain.

That crystallized ‘ancient divine witch blood’ had merged with 55 Celestials, so one would be able to guess how precious it was. If it were used to forge a magical treasure, the resulting item would be top-notch. It was only in such a way that its effectiveness could be fully drawn out.

Directly consuming it like what had happened just now was definitely the most inefficient way of using it.

What a pity.

“There’s also your steel manifestation,” Pavilion Master Chu said. “After you turned into a pool of blood, your half-bodied steel manifestation ran to your side. Then, it stepped into your pool of blood and melted down.”

Song Shuhang: “!!!”

It melted?

What was with my pool of blood that it could even melt the steel manifestation?

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