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Chapter 1586: Song Shuhang finds the key point

Song Shuhang recalled what he’d experienced in Senior White’s illusory reality.

The young man in green robes riding the white horse would look for the mysterious ‘Little White’ to guide the latter’s practice every day. His life’s joy seemed to be Little White.

However, the ‘Little White’ in that plot appeared rather unfortunate. He would be forced to practice by the other party every time…

One day, the young man in green robes could no longer bear it and spoke his mind, saying the cursed ‘Little White, when your hair reaches your waist—’ line.

In addition, in Senior White’s illusory reality, the young man in green robes somewhat resembled the current Senior White.

Because of this, up until now, Song Shuhang had been unable to determine whether Senior White was Little White or the young man in green robes.

Song Shuhang was very curious about this, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask Senior White the question directly.

Every time he brought up the topic with Senior White, he would be sent flying in all kinds of different poses… Well, it could also be that he raised the topic in the wrong way by starting with the cursed line.

Anyway, Song Shuhang felt that Senior White and Senior White Two were rather similar and possibly had the same origin.

As such, with one thinking that he was Little White, and the other thinking that he was the young man in green robes, was there a need to say any more? It was clearly them being two different parts of the same individual!

But at this time, Song Shuhang tightly controlled his mouth.

Being frank was a problem of his that needed to be corrected.

There were some things that were best kept in one’s mind, and never to be spoken aloud.

Once they were spoken aloud, it was over for the speaker.

Being able to hold back meant that one had made progress and could still be saved.

Song ‘I Feel that I Can Still Be Saved’ Shuhang.

At this moment, Senior White Two suddenly stood up and raised his head to look at the sky. “Give me a moment. That guy in the sky is having too many internal dramas and monologues. I’m going to send him flying first.”

“???” Song Shuhang pointed to himself. “Senior White, are you talking about me?”

Senior White Two said, “How do you want to be sent flying?”

Song Shuhang burst into tears.

The mind-reading technique really wasn’t his friend.

I was just thinking about it in my mind, forcibly keeping myself from saying it aloud, yet I still fell to Senior White Two’s mind-reading technique.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior White, can I fly away by myself?”

Senior White Two said calmly, “I’m giving you ten seconds. Choose the posture in which you want to be sent flying.”

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky.

It seems that being sent away flying was inevitable.

Since that was the case, he should at least speak his mind first.

“Senior White, I feel that there is only one truth! You must both be parts of the same individual! Therefore, when you say that you’re the young man in green robes or Little White, in actuality, you’re both at the same time.” Song Shuhang gave a thumbs up. “I’m done speaking… I choose to fly in a spiraling pattern. If possible, can the speed be taken down a notch?”

The demonic hamster looked at him with admiration in its eyes—Song Shuhang really was different from others.

As far as it could remember, it had never seen anyone who dared to joke with its master like that!

As the ruler of the Netherworld, Senior White Two’s presence alone would make people feel the oppression of a mountain of corpses and seas of blood.

Even his beloved pets would feel a similar sense of oppression when faced with him.

Under such a premise, even if one were his pet, they would not dare make excessive jokes.

Even if they knew that Senior White Two would not get angry, they did not dare.

The demonic hamster really wanted to know how Song Shuhang could joke around in such a manner when faced with the terrifying oppression of its master. Just how tough were his nerves?

“It’s good that you’re done talking. Now that you’ve said that much, I won’t just be sending you flying.” Senior White Two smiled slightly and said, “Now, choose a way to die. How do you want to die?”

Song Shuhang: “!!!”

Senior White Two continued, “I’m giving you ten seconds. Choose how you want to die.”

Song Shuhang said gingerly, “A… refreshing death maybe?”

Senior White Two: “…”

At this moment, he really wanted to kill Song Shuhang, leaving the other party no chance to resurrect.

Seeing Senior White Two’s face change drastically, Song Shuhang knew that he had to save himself. Otherwise, the ‘Rebirth Pill’ he had just eaten might have to be used in advance.

“Wait, Senior White. I’ll redeem myself.” Song Shuhang suddenly had an idea, and said, “Bystanders are able to see the overall situation clearly, while those involved tend to be unable to do so. Senior Whites, you should continue to chat. I’ll stay by the side and listen quietly. Who knows? As the ‘bystander’, I might be able to point some things out in your conversation that you did not take notice of.”

“For example?” Senior White Two’s eyes narrowed.

Song Shuhang said seriously, “For example, after comparing the content of your conversation, a question has emerged in my mind—the young man in green robes, what was his name?”

In Senior White’s illusory reality, the young man in green robes appeared many times, but his name was never mentioned.

And he noticed that even Senior White Two, who claimed to be the young man in green robes, never mentioned any name.

“Name?” Senior White frowned and fell into thought.

Senior White Two whispered, “He no longer had one as I gave up my old name. From that day onward, I became ‘White’, and my old name was no more.”

Song Shuhang was taken aback. Why does this sound so much like the numerical daoist name system of the Spirit River Su Clan?

“No, there was a name.” Senior White whispered, “His name was also ‘White’, just like me. That is why, in my memory, I was always called ‘Little White’.”

When Song Shuhang heard the word ‘Little White’, his heart thumped, and he nearly said the cursed line.

Fortunately, he managed to hold himself back.

Song ‘I’m Still Young and Don’t Want to Die’ Shuhang.

With his strong willpower, he forcibly cut off the thought that had emerged in his mind.

In the end, he was still a cultivator. He could definitely achieve this as long as he made use of his iron-like will, restricting himself from indulging in his own thoughts.

However, both of them were ‘White’, and they should still have been the result of splitting up…

Restraint, restraint!

“I’ve got another question.” Song Shuhang sorted out his thoughts and said, “Netherworld’s Senior White, since you’re the young man in green robes, then why did you abandon your old name, and take on the name ‘White’?”

What exactly had taken place back then?

Senior White Two glanced at the other White, and said softly, “In my memory, one day, Little White began to disappear.”

“Began to disappear? Did he get injured by someone?” Song Shuhang asked. “Senior White was so adorable when he was a child. Who could bear to kill him?”

Senior White glanced at Song Shuhang silently, then took out a small notebook and noted down something on it.

“No, he wasn’t killed. In fact, I later found out that… Little White was not a human being. He was a special body born from the desert, an existence similar to a living magical treasure. One day, the desert changed, and because of those huge changes, Little White—who relied on the existence of the desert—could no longer sustain himself, causing his body to suddenly begin collapsing,” Senior White Two slowly said. “As such, I chose to refine that desert. From that day onward, I became ‘White’.”

“Senior White was the desert?” Song Shuhang looked dumbfounded.

But after a while, he fell into thought once more.

Mm-hm, in this world where banknotes and stones could gain intelligence and cultivate, there was nothing wrong with a desert assuming a human form!

While in thought, Song Shuhang looked at Senior White again. “Senior White, do you have similar memories? For example, do you have memories of ‘disappearing’ or memories of being refined?”

Senior White said calmly, “Hmm, the problem indeed lies here. In fact, I also have memories of this part. However, my memories are different from Fellow Daoist White Rabbit (Two).”

Senior White Two turned his head and glared at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang: “???”

I didn’t think of anything dangerous in my head. Why is Senior White Two mad again?

He’s truly worthy of being a ruler of the Netherworld. His mood sure can change at random… Wait, hold it, hold it. I can still save myself!

Senior White said calmly, “In my memory, I indeed lived in the desert for a while. Then, I met ‘Big White’, who was dressed in green robes and rode a white horse. From what I can remember, he guided me in laying the foundation, resulting in me making contact with the world of cultivation.”

There was no problem with this plot so far.

Senior White said, “Then one day… ‘Big White’ died.”

Senior White Two: “!!!”

“How did he die?” Song Shuhang asked—this time, he wasn’t thinking about the different plots.

Senior White continued, “Hmm, it was the heavenly tribulation. He failed to transcend his tribulation. I was meditating when I suddenly started to feel anxious. As I left my seclusion, his body was already burnt by the tribulation fire, and he could barely breathe. I didn’t even have the time to look for treasures to heal his wounds.”

Song Shuhang asked, “What happened afterwards?”

Senior White continued, “Before Big White died, he wished that I could take care of his family on his behalf. He was the disciple of a cultivation family, and he had an excellent aptitude for cultivation. However, he had a younger brother who did not have a great aptitude. He hoped that I could help him take care of his younger brother so that his brother could live his life peacefully.”

Senior White said calmly, “Afterward… I should have used an innate skill or something of the sort. I don’t remember exactly what that skill was, but I assumed the appearance of ‘Big White’, returned to his family, and lived as him for over 70 years. During that time, I took care of his brother until he died a peaceful death. After that, I left Big White’s family and started to venture outside alone.”

“What about the desert? Did you refine it?” Song Shuhang asked as the desert seemed to be an important factor.

Senior White recalled with difficulty, and said, “When I used that ‘special skill’, the price seemed to be having to swallow most of the desert.”

Two Senior Whites, two different experiences.

Moreover, no matter which White it was, they both experienced a scenario where the other White died.

“So, the only thing that didn’t die was the white horse!” Song Shuhang found the key point.

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