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Chapter 1585: Old Pal, long time no see!

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“?” Senior White.

Senior White Two said, “So, you should also pay attention to the female characters around you. The real backup might be hidden among them. If it were according to my cautious character, I might have created even more than one backup.”

When he had that time-traversing conversation with ‘Wielder of the Will White’, he had jokingly mentioned wanting a little sister. Perhaps Wielder of the Will White’s brain really did go haywire, and he actually gave him a little sister?

At this time, Song Shuhang was slowly flying back from a distance.

He deliberately flew slowly, giving Senior White and Senior White Two more time to communicate with one another. After all, it was sometimes difficult to talk about some relatively private topics when there was a third party present.

“Song Shuhang?” At this moment, a voice sounded from not too far away.

Song Shuhang turned his head, and saw a familiar figure.

It was the demonic hamster with its signature toothpick sword. It was wearing a handsome white chivalrous robe, looking at Song Shuhang in surprise—how had this guy got to the world of the black lotus?

“Oh, Old Pal, long time no see!” Song Shuhang waved at the demonic hamster, and casually checked out its realm at the same time—long ago, the demonic hamster had said that it would ascend to the Fifth Stage and beat him up. If he were to consider the time, it should have ascended a long time ago, right?


However, the demonic hamster’s realm was strangely still stuck at the Fourth Stage.

The demonic hamster gritted its teeth, and said, “Ptui, who is your Old Pal?”

Song Shuhang smiled slightly. “Why is your realm still at the Fourth Stage?”

“Why do you care?!” The demonic hamster snarled. It then jumped onto a flying sword, showing an expression that it was about to hit Song Shuhang on the knee.

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “You yourself said that you wanted to ascend to the Fifth Stage, and then come to beat me up. I’ve been waiting for you to reach the Fifth Stage.”

“…” The demonic hamster.

Song Shuhang asked, “Did you fail to transcend your tribulation?”

However, this was the Netherworld Realm, and the demonic hamster was Senior White Two’s pet. So it wouldn’t make sense for it to fail in transcending its tribulation, right?

The demonic hamster coldly said, “I’m currently preparing to soar into the sky in one fell swoop.”

“Then I’ll be waiting.” Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “By the way, wanna know my realm? I’m already at the Fifth Stage Realm.”

“I knew it a long time ago.” The demonic hamster grimaced. When it thought about Song Shuhang ascending to the Fifth Stage a step ahead of it, its stomach began hurting.

“Then, do you know that I’ve got five cores, and have five times the strength?” Song Shuhang continued. “That being said, I’ll be cheering for you.”


“…” The demonic hamster.

I can’t talk to this guy at all. I only said a few lines, yet I’ve already been jabbed to death.


Song Shuhang smiled and looked at the demonic hamster, which had an upset face. The little hamster was very cute, and its expressions were very human-like, so he had a sense of accomplishment whenever he got to tease it. No wonder Senior White Two accepted this Fourth Stage evil monster as a pet.

Song Shuhang and the demonic hamster continued to fly side by side to the entrance of the world of the black lotus.

“Why are you flying so slowly?” the demonic hamster asked in suspicion.

Song Shuhang wasn’t flying on his saber at this time. He was merely relying on Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors’ ability to tread the air. He floated in the air, and slowly advanced while looking like he was swimming.

Song Shuhang said, “I’m giving Senior White and the other Senior White some more personal time. They’re talking about very important matters, and we shouldn’t disturb them. That’s why it’s better to fly slowly.”

The demonic hamster glanced at Song Shuhang in surprise—this guy could be sensible at times?


“In addition, I quite like this feeling of swimming through the air,” Song Shuhang said. “I haven’t tried this out before. When I return, I will suggest adding an ‘Air Swimming Race’ in the Cultivator Olympics to Senior White.”

“Right, you should try it out. The feeling of swimming in the air is amazing. Oh, I forgot, you are only at the Fourth Stage, and you don’t have the ability to tread the air,” Song Shuhang said, rending the heart of the demonic hamster once again.


“…” The demonic hamster.

F*ck you! After I master my divine skill, I will definitely f*ck you up!


While Song Shuhang and the demonic hamster were slowly flying toward the entrance of the world of the black lotus, they saw the two Senior Whites sitting face-to-face.

The two had stopped talking, and seemed to be deep in thought.

Song Shuhang said, “It looks like the exchange between the two Senior Whites is over. Let’s head down.”

“You go down.” The demonic hamster smiled, and said, “I’ll just be staying in the air. Hurry up and go down, I’ll be waiting for you here.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Your expression shows that you’re obviously trying to trick me.

The demonic hamster saw that Song Shuhang was no longer going down, so it slowly said, “My master is very dangerous when he is deep in thought or in a daze.”

Mm-hm, Senior White was indeed very dangerous when he was in a daze; he was basically a map-wiping bomb.

As a result, the demonic hamster stayed on its sword in the air, while Song Shuhang swam around it in circles, waiting for the two Senior Whites below to recover from their daze.


At this moment, Senior White Two suddenly said, “Do you remember anything from your childhood?”

Senior White softly replied, “It’s very vague, and I can’t remember much. It was too long ago.”

Senior White Two asked, “Yeah, it’s been quite a long time… Anyway, when did you have that memory of being in the desert with the young man in green robes riding a white horse and Little White?”

Senior White thought back. “It was a memory from my childhood. I was still very young back then.”

Senior White Two seriously said, “When we talked about this before, the topic has been interrupted by Death-Seeking Song, so we haven’t gotten to continue our discussion of it. But now, I suddenly want to confirm something.”

Senior White nodded slightly. “Speak as you wish, no need to hold back.”

“…” Song Shuhang. What the hell is Death-Seeking Song? I don’t remember having such a nickname.


“In that memory, who are you?” Senior White Two stared at Senior White.

Senior White paused, and said, “Of course, I’m White. Isn’t that our identity?”

“No!” At this time, Senior White Two suddenly stood up, posing as a golden rooster standing on one leg with bright white crane wings spread out. “I am the white horse!”


“???” Senior White.

“???” Song Shuhang.

“Ugh, I got carried away.” Senior White Two shook his hands vigorously, and said, “No, in that memory, I am the young man. Sure enough, this is where the problem lies.”

Senior White Two stared at Senior White carefully. In his distant memory, he was the young man in green robes who liked leading a white horse along and looking for Little White to practice every day.

And the present ‘White’ in front of him, should be the ‘Little White’ from back then.

In the air, Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up.

He could smell some juicy gossip.


They were clearly both Senior Whites, so why was one Little White and the other was the young man in green robes riding a white horse?

There was only one truth.

Senior White split into two, right?


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