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Chapter 1548: Just remember that when you see him, don’t call him daddy

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“…” Song Shuhang.

After seeing the coordinates sent by Doudou, he immediately understood. It looked like Doudou had left Senior Yellow Mountain’s immortal cave earlier in the day, and headed to Jiangnan University Town.

I can’t believe that I fell for Doudou’s words when he told me that he would come in five days. Song Shuhang looked up at the sky.

Stupid Song Shuhang, how could Doudou possibly be so behaved!

If he really had become so well-behaved, the world would have had to be ending.

Song Shuhang tremblingly stood up from the edge of the bookshelf, and put a women’s comic back on the shelf.

Fortunately, the ancient language learning session had already come to an end in his ‘Learning God Space’. Otherwise, if he had to endure the powerful currents of electricity while rushing to save Doudou, he would probably die.

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “Are you heading out?”

Song Shuhang nodded, and replied, “I have to go and look for Doudou. I can’t let anything happen to him.”

Doudou was a member of the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ that Song Shuhang had known ever since he entered the world of cultivation. Moreover, in the beginning, Doudou had been one of Song Shuhang’s ‘powerful cheats’… although it had been very unreliable at times.

As such, Song Shuhang could not let any accidents happen to Doudou.

Moreover, he felt quite good about being asked for help by Doudou.

After saying that, Song Shuhang picked a book from the shelf, and went to the counter.

He handed over the book. “Miss, I’ll be renting one today.”

The beautiful lady boss put down the book in her hand, and reached out to stroke the hair around her ears. She raised her head, glanced at Song Shuhang, and softly said, “You haven’t been here for a while.”

“Ah, I’ve been a bit busy these days.” Song Shuhang scratched his head—the lady boss had actually been thinking about him?

Could I have really gotten more handsome?

“You still haven’t returned the books you rented the last time, the time before that, and the time even further back,” the lady boss said calmly. “You have been renting those books for a long time. When are you going to return them?”

“…” Song Shuhang smiled dryly. “I will remember it next time!”

“Mm-hm.” The lady boss took Song Shuhang’s deposit, stamped it, and handed the book to Song Shuhang.

Afterward, she lowered her head again, picked up her book, and continued reading.

Song Shuhang put away the rented book, and ran off quickly.

He flexibly went through the crowd, and went into an empty alley in a few steps.

Immediately afterward, he set up an ‘invisibility’ illusion technique on his body.

As for the book he had just rented, he stored it in his magical bracelet.

Tomorrow, I must remember to return all the books to the lady boss.

Because he was in a hurry, he directly took out his Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades, raised his leg, got on the two blades, and flew straight toward the coordinates that Doudou had sent him.

As they were part of his Combined Magical Treasure, the Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades could reach the speed of a Sixth Stage magical treasure after their seals were undone.

It had no guardrails, so when one flew too fast, their heart would feel anxious.


Doudou put away its phone, and activated its new collar.

This new collar was a magical treasure that Yellow Mountain had created for it after ascending to the Venerable Realm. Once it was activated, a defensive layer would be placed on Doudou’s fur. This layer had power at around the peak of the Fifth Stage, which was the most Doudou’s body could handle right now.

After it was activated, Doudou’s fur took on a golden color, and each hair looked like it had been cast in metal.

Immediately after, Doudou rolled its tongue, and a rune appeared under it. It was the ❮Profound Yellow Sword Talisman❯, an attack rune that contained a Sixth Stage attack of Yellow Mountain. If Doudou could get close to the Celestials’ aircraft, it would be able to send them a nice present.

It would be best if he could destroy the aircraft… After all, the aircraft was pretty much their only way of escape should things go south for them.

When he was ready, Doudou laughed, not retreating but advancing, and facing the Celestial aircraft head-on. “Fellow Daoist, I’ve come to help you!”

“…” The golden core loose cultivator.

Although he felt very moved, this was truly not the result that he wanted.

The Celestials’ target was him.

Generally speaking, Celestials were not interested in Fourth Stage monsters. It was only when they encountered them while hunting someone like him that they would kill the Fourth Stage monster as well.

Therefore, as long as this Fourth Stage monster dog had run away, it would not have been involved in his troubles.

He hoped that he had called for some reinforcements instead… Cultivation wasn’t easy, and this was especially so for loose cultivators, with their path being filled with even more hardships.

He had finally managed to reach the Fifth Stage Realm, and he didn’t want to die so soon. Furthermore, he did not want the golden core which he condensed after so many hardships to be claimed as a trophy by Celestials.

If this monster dog could escape and find someone who could save him, that would give him a glimmer of hope for survival.

Still, he didn’t expect this monster dog to be so reckless, directly heading over to join the fray.

“It’s over… Not only am I done for, but this dog fellow daoist is done for as well.” The golden core loose cultivator felt bitterness swell in his heart.

Had he known earlier that this monster dog was so stubborn, he wouldn’t have bothered asking for help. He would have turned around and changed the direction of his escape.

“Stupid Celestials, take this,” Doudou said and laughed. The flame wheels supported it, allowing it to move swiftly and get close to the Celestial aircraft in just a few breaths.

The target of the Celestials was the golden core loose cultivator. After seeing Doudou proactively pounce on them, a Fifth Stage Celestial redirected the aim of their bow and shot at Doudou.

In the eyes of the Celestial, this arrow was enough to kill a Fourth Stage monster like Doudou.

Faced with the arrow, Doudou tried to avoid it to the best of his ability.

However, the speed of the arrow was too high, and it still hit its body.


The arrow of the Fifth Stage Celestial scraped Doudou’s golden fur, causing sparks to fly.

In the end, the arrow fell, yet Doudou hadn’t even lost a single strand of hair.

“It’s time.” Doudou spat out his tongue, and the ❮Profound Yellow Sword Talisman❯ that it had prepared earlier was activated.

The projection of a majestic man appeared, and the projection held up a huge sword with both hands, slashing it heavily towards the Celestial aircraft.

This was a Sixth Stage attack!

“!!!” In the aircraft, the Celestials shouted anxiously.

The aircraft accelerated violently, avoiding the slash.

At the same time, 10 layers of defensive formations of different colors emerged, enveloping the vehicle.


The ❮Profound Yellow Sword Talisman❯ chopped at the tail end of the aircraft.

The power of the sword talisman collided with the defensive formations, causing a burst of explosions.

Not far away, that Fifth Stage loose cultivator was stunned.

This Fourth Stage dog was actually this fierce?

On the Celestial aircraft, those 10 layers of defensive formations were unceasingly shredded.

In a single breath’s time, the defense was completely torn apart.

The ❮Profound Yellow Sword Talisman❯ struck the aircraft, but with the energy of the sword talisman being nearly exhausted, only a small breach appeared in the outer shell of the aircraft. It seemed that the talisman had failed in completely destroying the aircraft.

Doudou softly said, “I thought that the aircraft would have at least become scrap. I underestimated it. The plan failed.”

It was a pity that it only had a single ❮Profound Yellow Sword Talisman❯. If it had another, it could send another strike at this aircraft, and perhaps destroy it.

Doudou’s original plan was to destroy the aircraft, and have the Celestials chase him and the golden core loose cultivator solely relying on their strength. Without the aircraft, the speed of the Celestials would drop by more than a half, and it would be easier for them to escape with their lives.

Since it had failed, then it could not waste any more time; escaping was now the top priority.

After thinking about it, it transformed into a human form.

“A human form? A Fifth Stage monster?” The eyes of the golden core loose cultivator lit up.

The fluctuations of monster energy on the other party’s body were clearly only at the Fourth Stage, but he didn’t expect for it to actually be a Fifth Stage monster in disguise.

No wonder it was so reckless.

If I were to work together with him, perhaps there is a chance for us to get out of here alive, the Fifth Stage loose cultivator thought to himself.

Doudou laughed, and said, “Come on, come and fight me.”

He taunted the people on the aircraft, stepping on the flaming wheels again.

While fleeing, Doudou sent a sound transmission to the golden core loose cultivator. “Follow me!”

Then, he quickly flew toward Jiangnan University Town.

The loose cultivator had just prepared himself to join forces with Doudou to fight the Celestials.

However, Doudou had suddenly turned around and begun fleeing.

This dog fellow daoist is completely irrational in playing his cards!

If this dog fellow daoist wants to escape, then… I will continue to attract the attention of these Celestials so that he can escape successfully. Suddenly, such a thought emerged in the mind of the golden core loose cultivator.

This loose cultivator had a strong sense of self-sacrifice; it was simply a miracle that he had managed to reach the Fifth Stage. This meant that he had quite the considerable luck.

“Hurry and keep up with me. We will join up with the reinforcements,” Doudou sent another sound transmission.

There are reinforcements?

The golden core loose cultivator no longer hesitated, and quickly followed Doudou in fleeing toward Jiangnan University Town.

Behind him, the Celestial aircraft stabilized itself, and roared as it chased after Doudou and the loose cultivator.

Boom, boom, boom~

After the aircraft had chased them for a certain distance, it started to emit black smoke.

Then, the door of the aircraft opened, and a total of 10 Celestials squeezed out of it.

Seven of the 10 Celestials were at the Fifth Stage, and the remaining three were the Fourth Stage.

After they squeezed out of the aircraft, they screamed in frustration. Then, they brought out various tools and continued to chase after Doudou and the loose cultivator.

“Hahaha, their aircraft broke. It really was not a waste to use that sword talisman.” Doudou laughed loudly.

It had thought that its attack had failed, but it did not expect that the aircraft would ultimately break down after flying for a while.

Doudou said, “Now, the Celestials will have to rely on their own strength as they chase after us. This is beneficial to us.”

The golden core loose cultivator asked, “Fellow Daoist, where are we heading?”

Doudou smiled, and said, “Jiangnan University Town, I have a friend over there. With his strength, he can definitely deal with these Celestials.”

It then reverted to its dog form, stepped on the flaming wheels, and activated its highest speed.

The reason it had taken on a human form before was to facilitate the use of an escape talisman that Yellow Mountain had given to it for critical times.

Now that the Celestial aircraft had collapsed, the flaming wheels would be enough for him to escape.

Behind him, the arrows and spears of the Celestials kept coming.

Doudou happily said, “Woof~ The feeling of running for one’s life is very exciting!”

The Fifth Stage loose cultivator curiously asked, “Fellow Daoist, who is this expert that we will be meeting with?”

Doudou said, “You know that person too.”

“I know them too?” The golden core daoist became especially confused.

Doudou continued, “Woof~ Just remember that when you see him, don’t be afraid, and don’t end up calling him daddy.”

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