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Chapter 1549: Feel the pain, endure the pain, get used to the pain

“???” The golden core loose cultivator.

The reinforcements that they were heading toward consisted of a person that both himself and the dog fellow daoist knew?

I’ve only just met this dog fellow daoist, right? Does that mean that the one we’re meeting up with is someone well-known in the world of cultivation?

However… Why would I be afraid of the other party and end up calling them daddy?

I don’t have the hobby of calling others daddy.

Even if a senior were to come to their aid, and that senior was very strong, he would absolutely not be shameless enough to call them daddy.

The golden core loose cultivator was thinking this in his mind.

“Aaaah, I got hit again… It hurts~ These guys really have good accuracy. Had it not been for this dog’s high defense, I would have long been put on a skewer.” Doudou’s figure jumped up and down in the air. His tail was clamped, defending his butt, but he didn’t expect that his butt would still get shot. Fortunately, the defensive effect that appeared after the collar was activated was still present, and the tip of the arrow got stopped by the fur. In the end, his body didn’t receive any injuries at all, but it did hurt a bit.

“…” The golden core loose cultivator.

Was it just him seeing things?

He and this dog fellow daoist were being chased and hunted down by Celestials, and they were in danger the entire time, possibly about to get shot down and killed at any moment. However, this dog fellow daoist looked very happy… even a bit too happy?

Doudou seemed to understand the expression of the loose cultivator. He really had become ‘understanding’ recently, increasingly better at guessing what the other party was thinking just based on things like their expression, micromovements, heartbeat, and breathing.

However, even though he had become ‘understanding’, that did not mean that he would act according to the other party’s wishes.

“Haha, you guessed it. I’m very happy right now… I like the excitement of being chased down. A world where your life is in danger is the greatest.” Doudou’s figure was like a small plane flying around while dodging bullets in old games as it dodged the rain of arrows.

“…” The golden core loose cultivator.

Sure enough, man and dog had completely different thought processes.

Doudou suddenly called out, “Be careful, the other party has brought out other magical treasures.”

The Celestials who had been chasing them had brought out a brand-new weapon. The three Fourth Stage Celestials, who were flying relatively slower, brought out a large drum-like thing, and began beating it.


With hearing the beating of the drum, Doudou and the loose cultivator felt a violent shock reverberate across their bodies. The sound waves filled their brains, making their bodies numb as if they had gotten electrocuted.

Doudou gritted his teeth as he said, “A sound-type magical treasure, they actually still had such a thing.”

His hearing was much stronger than that of human cultivators of the same realm. Therefore, the effect of sound-type magical treasures were amplified on him.

This information… I must relay it to Stupid Yellow Mountain when the time comes.

“Boom, boom, boom~” The drum continued to beat.

This resulted in Doudou and the loose cultivator being disturbed, causing their flying speeds to slow down.

As soon as their speed slowed down, the two were immediately bombarded by arrows and spears.

Doudou activated the flaming wheels, flames surging out from within them and surrounding Doudou’s body. The flames seemed to have their own mind, and they continuously compressed and erupted with a kind of ‘volcanic force’, pushing away the arrows and spears.

The Fifth Stage loose cultivator brought out a robe, and waved it about to block the rain of arrows.

For most loose cultivators, it didn’t matter which system the magical treasure they got belonged to.

As long as they could use it, regardless of whether it was from the buddhist system, daoist system, scholarly system, or demonic system, they would keep it for times when they could come in handy.

“We can’t go on like this.” Doudou quickly took out his phone, hung it around his neck, and then called Song Shuhang once again.

On the other side, Song Shuhang quickly connected. “I’m rushing towards your location.”

Doudou said, “Shuhang, hurry up. The firepower of these Celestials is stronger than I expected. I feel like I won’t be able to hold on for much longer.”

Song Shuhang replied, “Grit your teeth and endure, I’ll be there soon.”

Doudou responded, “Hurry. Don’t turn off the phone, let’s keep talking.”

Song Shuhang replied, “Okay.”


Song Shuhang changed his posture for flying.

He leaped slightly, and the Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades flew into his hands.

He placed a hand on each of the twin blades, and he then performed the fastest flying secret technique he currently knew—the Bride Dragging Technique.

No, it’s the ❮Blade Dragging Technique❯, Blade Dragging!

Song Shuhang had never used two blades together for the ❮Blade Dragging Technique❯, but now that he got to try it out, the speed really astounded him.

With a whoosh, the two blades dragged Song Shuhang wildly through the air.

Moreover, holding the twin blades with his hands had an advantage… they wouldn’t split apart like how they had back when he’d used his feet to stand on the two blades.

With the continuous acceleration of the Blade Dragging Technique, a sonic boom echoed behind Song Shuhang after 15 breaths as he rushed into a supersonic state.

Scarlet Heaven Sword remarked, “Oh, it’s rare to see you take the initiative to enter supersonic flight. Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, what are your thoughts on the matter?”

Scarlet Heaven Sword was lying on Song Shuhang’s back, feeling like it was riding Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang said, “There’s one thing I can say for sure: the next time I use the Blade Dragging Technique, I have to change my posture. I should lie on my back so that I don’t see the ground.”

When the Blade Dragging Technique was deployed, the blade light would take on the shape of a ‘pointed shuttle’, enveloping the treasured saber, on which there were active five formation effects to protect against wind, water, fire, earth, and lightning.

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword didn’t reply right away. “A Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor who is still afraid of heights. You really are a rare one in the world of cultivation.”

“Actually, ever since I gained the ability to tread on air, my fear of heights has almost completely disappeared. The only thing is that there are times when I’m flying really high in the sky and at great speeds, which causes me to be affected by both my fear of heights and fear of high speeds at the same time.” Song Shuhang sighed, and said, “In the future, as long as I have the time, I will try to fly around on my saber for some time every day. I feel that my fear of heights and high speeds should be dealt with in at most one month.”

“I almost forgot that you’re afraid of high speeds. Now I feel like I might have called upon the wrong reinforcements.” At this time, Doudou’s voice came from the phone. “I keep on getting the feeling that when you, a guy who’s afraid of heights and high speeds, gets here, I will have already gone cold.”

Similar to Doudou, Song Shuhang also hung his mobile phone around his neck as he used the ‘Blade Dragging Technique’.

Song Shuhang said, “That makes sense, so I’ll head back now. Even if I rush over, your body would have gone cold by then, right?”

Doudou responded, “Brother~ Do you really want me to die? Oh my Yellow Mountain, an arrow struck my butt again. I’m not joking, Shuhang, hurry. If you’re too late, you’ll end up seeing nothing but a cold Doudou, would you be able to bear that?”

Song Shuhang said, “Grit your teeth and endure, and when you get used to this kind of pain, you will find… that in actuality, the pain is just like a drizzle.”

Doudou said, “It’s me who’s getting shot here, so of course you can say things like that.”

“No, I’m talking from experience. Feel the pain, endure the pain, and get used to it. In the end, you will feel that the pain is nothing more than that, habit is a terrifying thing,” Song Shuhang calmly said—one should not forget that Song Shuhang had an unbelievably high pain tolerance after everything he had gone through.

Now, even when he ended up spewing out blood because of the secret appraisal technique, he wouldn’t find it that painful. In addition, when it came to the heavenly tribulation’s lightning strikes, as long as it was not of an extremely high level, it was just some slight numbness to him.

All of these were the result of the power of habit.

Doudou fell into thought—after feeling the pain, enduring it, and getting used to it, was there still the realm of ‘enjoying the pain’?

When Song Shuhang finally got to the battlefield using the ‘Blade Dragging Technique’, he saw Doudou, who was in a horrible state, as well as a Fifth Stage loose cultivator.

Doudou and the Fifth Stage loose cultivator could no longer fly, and they had been forced to land on a cliff, holding up their defenses as they resisted the attacks.

The Fifth Stage loose cultivator looked like he was already exhausted…

Doudou could break through and escape at any time with the magical treasures given to him by Yellow Mountain. However, he did not leave, and instead assisted the Fifth Stage loose cultivator in defending.

Doudou asked, “Shuhang, have you arrived?”

If Shuhang hadn’t arrived yet, he would have had to escape first. At that point, he could only bring over some people later to avenge the kind-hearted Fifth Stage loose cultivator.

“I’m here. I see you guys.” Song Shuhang’s voice came from the phone.

His words were like raindrops after a long drought.

Doudou and the Fifth Stage loose cultivator raised their heads at the same time, and looked into the air.

“Boom, boom, boom~”

There was a deafening noise—it was the noise from Song Shuhang descending using the Blade Dragging Technique.

Song Shuhang held the twin blades with both hands, and directly slammed into the three Fourth Stage Celestials who were beating the large drum.

At the time of the impact, a layer of pitch-black metal emerged on Song Shuhang’s body. In addition, 21 Holy Apes Projections appeared behind him, and in each of their hands was a Scholarly Scripture.

His three body-tempering techniques were now in full use.

The Celestials that were attacking Doudou and the Fifth Stage loose cultivator frantically turned their heads back, looking behind them when they heard the loud booms.

However, when they turned their heads, Song Shuhang had already gotten to the large drum.

The three Fourth Stage Celestials carrying the large drum were knocked out, their limbs twisted as if they had been crushed by a tank. They fell from the air, and it was unknown whether they were still alive or not.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand to fish out and put away the large drum—even if he had no use for it, he could still use it as a gift for his disciples in the future.

“!!!” The seven Fifth Stage Celestials stared at Song Shuhang and let out all kinds of strange noises.

There was surprise in their calls, and the surprise could not be concealed.

It was that guy, the mutant human cultivator with four golden cores hidden in his stomach.

If they were to hunt him, they would gain supreme glory.

Song Shuhang stopped, holding the Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades in his hand while standing in mid-air.

Two black lotus flowers bloomed under his feet, supporting his figure.

The eyes of the Celestials lit up as if they had seen a rare treasure. The seven Fifth Stage Celestials carefully surrounded him.

Song Shuhang softly said, “Living Celestials are worth more than dead ones.”

As his thoughts reached this point, he brought out his ‘Sage Seal’ and ‘Demonic Seal’.

Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, Demonic Sage Tyrannical Scholar.

The two seals came out together and floated behind Song Shuhang, placing heavy pressure on the Celestials in an instant.

On the cliff.

The Fifth Stage loose cultivator exclaimed, “T-Tyrannical (Daddy)[1] Song!”

Doudou glanced at him disdainfully.

[1] Tyrannical sounds like ‘Daddy’ in Chinese if you’re stuttering.

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