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Chapter 1525: Looking forward to the future, Inner World Operation Network System

This might have happened because Senior Yellow Mountain and the others had not expected Song Shuhang to be unsatisfied with four cores, and still get a fifth core. Or perhaps they did not expect that Song Shuhang’s strength would undergo a qualitative change after he got the fifth core.

It appeared that according to the speculation of the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, as long as Song Shuhang reached the Sixth Stage, the danger of him self-destructing due to his cultivation technique would disappear.

They had set it such that the safety seal which they placed would break after he reached the Sixth Stage.

However, none of them thought that while Song Shuhang was still at the Fifth Stage—after he condensed a fifth core—he would attain a qualitative change to his spiritual energy and divine sense that rivaled that of those in the Sixth Stage Realm.

In addition, Song Shuhang’s physique was already stronger than ordinary Sixth Stage cultivators because of the two top-tier body-tempering techniques he practiced.

And currently, in terms of the purity of his spiritual energy, although Song Shuhang was still at the Fifth Stage, his was already better than ordinary Sixth Stage cultivators.

The seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had gone through great efforts to place the anti-self-destruction safety seal on Song Shuhang. But now, it was gone.

Song Shuhang burst into tears.

He was still at the Fifth Stage Realm, so did that mean he was in danger now that he no longer had the safety seal?

In theory, as long as he was careful, there shouldn’t be any risk when it came to his current modified version of the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯.

However, this was, of course, only in theory.

In actuality, nobody could say for sure whether or not he would blow up.

Song Shuhang said softly, “Senior White still isn’t here, so I’m unable to have him take a look at my current state. That makes things slightly troublesome.”

Nobody knew if there were any hidden bugs in his cultivation technique, which was why, Senior Yellow Mountain had suggested that Song Shuhang always kept a senior by his side. If there was any risk of self-destruction, that senior could help him deal with it.

Unfortunately, the product of Senior Yellow Mountain’s care was now gone.

Song Shuhang thought to himself, Calculating the time, I had blown myself up and died on October 13th, using a Resurrection Gold Coin right after. The next day, Senior White took me to Western Orchid Island. Then on the 15th, Senior Seven Lives Talisman brought me to Heavenly Field Island. And after that, I entered this sealed space.

After entering the sealed space, he was isolated from the outside world, and because of that, Song Shuhang did not know how long he had stayed there.

By his calculations, around two days should have passed.

That being said, the current time in the outside world should be around the 16th and close to the 17th.

Even if it was the 17th…

Only four days had passed since the 13th.

There were still six days before the Resurrection Gold Coin came off its cooldown.

Song Shuhang said, “In other words, I must be extra careful during these six days. I can’t go around seeking death, and I must be attentive when practicing in order to avoid self-destructing.”

It was easy to adjust from frugality to luxury, but it was difficult to do the same when one went from luxury to frugality.

In the past, when he had no resurrection magical treasures, the days would still go by and he had no need to think or worry about resurrecting.

But once he got used to having a means of resurrection, without it, his heart could not be at ease.

Song Shuhang concluded, “This is a sickness that needs to be treated.”

His consciousness withdrew from his original dantian.

Anyway, he simply had to pay a little more attention when practicing in the coming times… he could first focus on ‘meditating’ and wait for Senior White before proceeding to the next step of his practice.

He should take advantage of this time to learn the ❮Heavenly Master’s Technique—Lightning Chapter❯ and the ❮Fundamentals of Sealing Techniques❯.

There was also the language of the ancient era that he needed to catch up on.

…There was still a long way to go before he could become a reliable senior in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

At this time, the beam of light in the distance finally dissipated.

The puppet maiden carried Chu Chu and returned to Song Shuhang’s side. After that, she put Chu Chu on Song Shuhang’s Divine Lobster’s Chariot.

The puppet maiden seemed to have become more slender. It appeared that she had adjusted the position of some of her internal parts according to the insights she gained from the beam of light, achieving more optimal results.

Of course, she had definitely comprehended more than just that; otherwise, she would not have stayed in the beam of light for such a long time.

As soon as Chu Chu got on the chariot, she sat cross-legged, closed her eyes, and entered a state of meditation.

The puppet maiden said, “Your disciple is lucky.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Is Chu Chu about to advance?”

She was a genius disciple of the Chu family, and even without an abundance of cultivation resources, she still managed to reach the Second Stage Realm at a young age.

After becoming Song Shuhang’s disciple, she got to participate in all kinds of events, Immortal Feast included. If we counted her own accumulation of experience, it was normal that she was advancing.

“Ascending to a new realm isn’t like eating or drinking. How could it possibly be so easy? She gained a lot of insights from that beam of light. I saw that she was able to combine the ‘Immortal Chef Secret Technique’ with her own cultivation technique. Those volumes of ❮Immortal Chef Secret Technique❯ really seemed to be tailor-made for her. If you train her well, then when the time comes…” the puppet maiden said while sitting opposite Song Shuhang.

At this time, her hands were clasped, with her chin resting on them. Under her mask, her eyes glowed with an orange light. “When the time comes, my restaurant will not have to worry about chefs.”

The puppet maiden seemed to have fallen in love with the pose that Song Shuhang assumed while being her restaurant’s manager.

This posture could cause strong psychological pressure on the person opposite one—which for her current case, was Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Fairy maiden, if we really do train Chu Chu into an immortal chef, are we seriously going to throw her into a restaurant and make her a chef? Isn’t that too wasteful?

Song Shuhang said, “Since that’s the case, I’ll proceed with the Inner World’s transformation plan.”

He shouldn’t waste Chu Chu’s talent in becoming an immortal chef, and he also shouldn’t waste his Inner World.

After leaving this ‘sealed space’, he would try to find a way to place a batch of edible spirit beasts and monster beasts into the Inner World.

After that, he planned on planting the medicinal herbs that he got from the Immortal Farming Sect, as well as any other edible natural treasure plants he got his hands on.

Moreover, there were several water sources in his Inner World, which he could use to raise aquatic products.

Song Shuhang said, “My second disciple, Chu Chu, has the talent to become an immortal chef. I wonder if my first disciple, Little Cai, has any talent in beast-taming… After all, she was a monster beast, so should she have a natural affinity with spirit beasts and monster beasts, right?”

When the opportunity presented itself, he planned on having Little Cai try to learn the ❮Encyclopedia of Animal Taming❯ and develop her talent in beast-taming. For those who practiced the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯, beast-taming was also a part of their skill set.

In the era of the Ancient Heavenly City, the disciples of the Divine Beast Department would collect some spiritual energy from the spirit beasts they trained. The effect this had was equivalent to having a simplified version of the ‘ghost spirit cheat’.

Little Cai, who was currently in a ‘cultivation frenzy mode’, should find this way of practicing to her liking. It just so happens that this might be able to cure her cultivation frenzy sickness.

“Then as for spirit plants, I wonder who has talent in this area?” Song Shuhang thought about the members of his Inner World.

It was clearly not Little Yinzhu as her disposition was naturally cold. In addition, because of having experienced Daoist priest Li Tiansu’s life, Song Shuhang treated Yinzhu as if she were his own daughter… For him, she only needed to be cute every day, and that was it.

Senior Turtle was a guest.

Then… What about Lady Onion? No matter what, she was a plant that had gained intelligence; perhaps she had some affinity with spirit plants.

Lady Onion practiced the ❮Tome of Never-Ending Tears❯, and she would occasionally cry for a while when she had nothing to do. Could Lady Onion’s tears nourish spirit plants? Song Shuhang decided on testing out the next time he got the chance to do so.

As he thought of nourishment… he suddenly thought of the luxurious [Thirty-three Divine Beast Department Toilet] in his Inner World.

When the time came for the ‘spirit beasts’ to be added to the Inner World, this structure could also come in handy.

Along with that, the fertilizer problem for the spirit plants could also be solved.

“Inner World Operation Network System.” Song Shuhang nodded with satisfaction.

The future looked bright.

Song Shuhang said, “People need to think more about beautiful things while they are still alive… One shouldn’t always think about self-destruction and death. It’s best to think of happy things.”

The puppet maiden propped her chin on her hands, and stared at Song Shuhang.

In the eyes of the fairy maiden, Song Shuhang was like an old general with his back filled with flags.

The puppet maiden asked, “What shall we do next?”

At this time, Heavenly Field Island had already disappeared, and below them was a gray sea.

They couldn’t just sit here in a daze forever, right?

Song Shuhang said, “Let’s rest for a while, and then try to contact Senior White.”

The puppet maiden said, “I’m a puppet. I don’t need to rest.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

The puppet maiden maintained that oppressive posture and stared at Song Shuhang. “Since I’ve got nothing to do at the moment, let me borrow your chariot. I’ll use it to take a stroll around the gray sea and see if I can encounter anything.”

“Alright, as long as you’re happy.” Song Shuhang gave control of the Divine Lobster’s Chariot to the puppet maiden.

At the same time, he thought of another thing. “Right, fairy maiden, what about those mechanically modified people who worked in the restaurant for a while? Senior White brought you and Chu Chu to this island, but what about those people?”

He was talking about the few researchers who had been wearing invisibility suits and went into the restaurant to fight with him.

The puppet maiden replied, “They were sent to Mars by Sage White with a disposable flying sword.”

Song Shuhang said, “Huh?”

Why were they sent to Mars? Was it to have them cultivate the wasteland on Mars?

Or is it like what Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue does, and they were sent there to mine?

The puppet maiden said, “Sage White has an immortal cave on Mars. He used a disposable flying sword to send them into his immortal cave and keep them inside for the time being. He’s planning on studying them when he has the time. Sage White seems to be very interested in mechanically modified people. After all, this is a new research topic that’s similar to puppet creation but different at the same time. Perhaps Sage White’s clone is already studying mechanical modifications as we speak.”

After saying that, she got up and sat in the driver’s seat of the Divine Lobster’s Chariot and controlled the chariot to wander around the gray sea.

This sealed space was full of new areas that hadn’t been explored yet. Although there were dangers everywhere, that meant it was just as likely for there to be opportunities everywhere.

While the Divine Lobster’s Chariot was strolling around the gray sea, Chu Chu continued to meditate with her eyes closed.

As for Song Shuhang, he lay on the chariot with his eyes closed.

As he felt drowsy, he eventually fell asleep.

“Remember, the saber is your lover and your wife.” A serious voice sounded right by Song Shuhang’s ear.

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