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Chapter 1526: The style of this saber is completely wrong

“???” Song Shuhang.

What is going on? Who would try to brainwash me in my sleep?

Although I might not have any affinity with the sword, and I am, instead, talented with the saber, deep in my heart, I still long to be proficient in sword techniques.

Moreover, the saber is my lover? The saber is my wife?

What kind of damn beast is the other party? Are they trying to make me stay single for my entire life?

If the saber were your wife, would it be able to give birth to a child for you?

I will never accept such evil thoughts!

While thinking this, Song Shuhang’s eyes became clear.

To be specific, this was a scene that unfolded in his dream.

In front of Song Shuhang stood a majestic man who wore white clothes… but these clothes were filled with what seemed like circles.

On the man’s back was a huge, two-meter-long saber.

The brainwashing words just now came from this majestic man.

However, who was he?

Song Shuhang did not recognize him at all.

While in thought, Song Shuhang took the initiative, and spoke, “But, Ancestor Juhao, how can a saber become your lover?”

The voice that came out of his mouth was that of a cute boy.

His actions weren’t under his control.

Song Shuhang understood immediately.

Have I entered a dreamland?

I haven’t entered a dreamland for some time now, so I wasn’t able to react right away.

The dreamland was an uncontrollable ability of his; nobody knew when it would activate, and even the protagonist of the dreamland wasn’t subjected to his control.

Anyway, who was the subject of the dreamland this time?

Was it a continuation of the Heavenly Emperor’s dreamland? The Heavenly Emperor’s dreamland had not ended yet. The last time he had entered the dreamland, after the Heavenly Emperor was incited by Song Shuhang, he had done a leap of faith off of a cliff. The dreamland had been temporarily interrupted at that point.

However, this scene did not seem to fit that plot.

After recalling the people he had recently come into contact with, the subject of this dreamland was most likely the blood demon that had led to his fifth core…

But this cute boy’s voice was obviously not that of a blood demon, and this Ancestor Juhao was obviously a human.

He clearly did not bear the style of those giant demons.

It wasn’t the blood demon, nor was it the Heavenly Emperor, so whose dreamland had he entered?

Ancestor Juhao said, “You must cherish your saber and pay attention to maintaining her.” As he said this, he removed the huge blade on his back and looked at his treasured saber with affectionate eyes. While doing so, he continued, “You should think of her as an essential part of your life and an indispensable part of yourself. You should regard her as the most beautiful woman in the world. You have to fall in love with her. It is only in this way that she can reciprocate your feelings.”

While speaking, Ancestor Juhao stretched out his hand, and gently stroked the giant blade. “It is only in this way that you can further progress in the path of the saber!”

“Regard the saber as the most beautiful fairy maiden in the world?” the boy’s voice asked in confusion.

Afterward, the boy took off the saber on his back.

It was also a huge treasured saber. He followed his master’s actions, and he stretched out his hand to gently stroke his treasured saber.

Song Shuhang said in his mind, This is too cruel. He’s actually instilling such terrible views into a youth. With this brainwashing, this youth’s life is over.

He could already imagine that under the guidance of this Ancestor Juhao, this young man would become a pervert who loved only sabers, holding nothing but a saber all day, and not having any interest in the opposite sex at all.

This youth was done for.

“The most beautiful woman in my mind…” the boy murmured as if trying to hypnotize himself.

“Yes, that’s it.” Ancestor Juhao displayed a satisfied expression on his face, and said, “Let out your feelings, treat her as if she were the most beautiful lover. With a saber, you won’t need anything else. The saber is your lover, and the saber is your wife. This is the only way that you can reach the pinnacle of the saber path.”

At this time, the boy raised his head, and seriously said, “But Ancestor, if the saber is the most beautiful woman in the world, I can’t fall in love with her.”

“???” Ancestor Juhao.

“In my opinion, the most beautiful woman in the world is my fifth aunt. She is so beautiful, more beautiful than any other woman I have ever seen. I can’t imagine anything or anyone more beautiful than her in the world. However, she is my fifth aunt, so I can’t fall in love with her,” the boy said in a serious tone.

“…” Ancestor Juhao.

[Good job, young man!] Song Shuhang found himself taking a liking to the boy!

Ancestor Juhao took a step back and chose to go with another option. “Then let’s change it up. Regard the blade as the person you like the most. Use your personal idea of ‘perfection’ to conceive her image. As long as you believe that she is the perfect other half in your heart, then the objective has been achieved.”

“So that’s what you meant.” The boy nodded despite not completely understanding. He closed his eyes again and stroked the treasured saber in his hand, and began to conceive what he believed to be the perfect image in his mind.

“I seem to have found the feeling,” the boy said. After he said that, he stroked the cold treasured saber affectionately, and his movements became gentler.

He had entered the state.

Song Shuhang was also ‘forced’ into the state.

The dreamland made Song Shuhang experience a strange feeling. He felt the saber become more intimate to him, and he stroked it as if he were stroking someone.

This boy is completely done for…

“By the way, Ancestor, I suddenly thought of another problem.” The boy raised his head and looked at Ancestor Juhao. “If the saber is our lover, and our wife… Then can she give us children?”

[Good job, boy! This is a fatal blow!] Song Shuhang praised this boy in his mind again.

No matter how beautiful and perfect you make out the saber to be in your brain, and no matter how much affection you show it…

Can the saber really fall in love with you?

Can the saber give you a child?

“That is a good question!” Ancestor Juhao smiled calmly, and then he lightly patted his giant blade. “Rui’er, show yourself.”

Soon, the giant blade in the hands of Ancestor Juhao exuded a dazzling light.

After the light dimmed, the huge blade had turned into a woman with short black hair.

The woman was wearing a tight black leather jacket which was what the scabbard of the giant blade had transformed into.

The short-haired woman had an elegant smile on her face. However, no matter how gentle her smile was, it was difficult to conceal the sharp saber intent on her body.

This was because she was a saber!

“!!!” Song Shuhang.

F*ck, what was this operation?

Saber woman?

How did she transform?

What ability would allow a saber to transform into a beautiful lady?

One had to know that even a divine weapon like Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword did not have the ability to transform into a human being.

Actually, not even the primordial weapon Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber had this ability.

Although he didn’t know Ancestor Juhao’s realm, he couldn’t possibly be more exceptional than the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will, right?

How did this saber woman appear?

The style of this saber was completely wrong.

“As long as there is love, everything is possible.” Ancestor Juhao gently hugged the saber woman, and said, “I’m still in the middle of researching as to whether it’s possible to have a child with her. However, this problem will be solved one day.”

The boy stared at the saber woman with his eyes and mouth open wide, unable to say anything for a period of time.

At this time, he was just as shocked as Song Shuhang.

The boy seriously asked, “Ancestor, have you ever tried to have a child with your saber?”

In other words, has Ancestor had sexual intercourse with the saber?

The boy’s thoughts were also fed back to Song Shuhang.

“…” Song Shuhang.

“Rui’er, that’s enough.” The corners of Ancestor Juhao’s mouth rose slightly.

The woman with short black hair smiled at the boy, and then she changed and returned to having the appearance of a giant blade.

“So, did you see it? As long as you have feelings for the saber, the saber will reciprocate your feelings. This kind of thing isn’t something that can be achieved by a sword. It is only the saber that is special in this way. Those that use swords are all scum!” Ancestor Juhao said in a serious tone.

The boy instinctively nodded in response.

Today, his worldview had received a great impact.

“Moreover, other things in this world might leave you. No matter whether it’s your relatives or lovers, they cannot stay by your side forever. However, the saber is different! The saber will protect you forever and never leave you.” Ancestor Juhao began brainwashing the young man.

The boy was like a nodding machine, or like a chicken pecking rice, only nodding constantly.

“Su Xian, you’re the disciple with the greatest talent in the saber path that I’ve ever seen. In the future, your achievements in the saber path will surely surpass mine,” Ancestor Juhao seriously said. “Now, let’s proceed with saber meditation. Calm your mind and communicate with your saber.”

The boy, Su Xian, sat down with his legs crossed, and began to enter the state of saber meditation.

Ancestor Juhao nodded with satisfaction.

The young man was brainwashed successfully. If there were no accidents, he would live a similar life as he did, with the saber as his companion, and eventually reaching the pinnacle of the saber path, possibly even surpassing him.

This boy’s life is over, Song Shuhang silently said in his mind.

But who is Su Xian?

Why would I enter a dreamland of his life?

Song Shuhang had also done some research on this ability of his.

Before entering a dreamland, he first had to have made ‘contact’ with the person who would be the subject of his dreamland.

There were many ways for this ‘contact’ to be achieved.

In the beginning, back when he entered the dreamland of altar master, it had been due to him using his soul to cast a curse on him. This then resulted in a connection between their souls.

As for Daoist Priest Li Tiansu’s dreamland, that had been due to his first ghost spirit absorbing Li Tiansu’s soul fragments, and thus forming a connection between their souls. Then, when it came to Chu Chu’s dreamland, that was because Chu Chu had used Song Shuhang’s blood to heal her injuries. Then, when it came to Lady Onion, it was because he had accidentally swallowed some of Lady Onion’s onion sprouts. And most recently, he had entered the Heavenly Emperor’s dreamland because of that ‘Imperial Pearl’.

However, Song Shuhang had no impression of this boy named Su Xian.

Among the people he knew, there was nobody named Su Xian either.


Su Xian should be the boy’s actual name, and he should still have his own daoist name.

In regards to the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group that Song Shuhang had made contact with, as well as other people of the world of cultivation, he all knew them by their daoist names.

Su Xian… His last name is Su?

Song Shuhang immediately thought of someone he knew.

Senior Su Clan’s Seven.

If he thought about it carefully, Song Shuhang and Seven also had met the conditions for Seven’s dreamland to ensue.

When he blew himself up, it was Senior Seven and Senior Yellow Mountain who had sent him back to his room. Back then, he had covered them with his blood.

Perhaps it was at that time that the conditions for the dreamland were met.

If this young Su Xian really is Senior Seven… Then if this dreamland were to continue, will I have the opportunity to come into contact with powerful saber techniques? Song Shuhang’s heart thumped.

He remembered Senior Seven’s move, the ‘Heavenly Saber Burying the Starry Sea’.

One person, one saber, one move to decimate the Moon Saber Sect!

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