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Chapter 1518: Be brave and jump out!

The scene on the Golden Core Composition had actually experienced a change; the Impregnable Holy City on it had begun to collapse…

If Song Shuhang were to speak of this, all of the practitioners in the universe would definitely spit in his face—after all, all Fifth Stage practitioners knew that Golden Core Compositions could not be changed!

Whatever it was that you drew on it, it would always remain the same. There hadn’t ever been anyone who was able to modify their composition, and it was even more unlikely for any changes to occur on its own. This was a very serious matter!

Emphasis on very serious!

If a Golden Core Composition could be changed, then would it still be a “Golden Core without regrets”? Of course not! It would be a Golden Core where it was fine to casually regret!

For a moment, Song Shuhang himself was very surprised. After he ascended to the Fifth Stage, he was naturally provided with knowledge related to Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors, and he also knew of the saying, “A Golden Core without regrets.”

However, he quickly recovered his calm.

Hehe, my fourth core’s Golden Core Composition is actually animated. Compared to that, the change in this other Golden Core Composition isn’t anything much at all.

If you want to collapse, go ahead and do it. As long as you’re happy, I’m fine with it!

Song Shuhang felt that his heart had become especially accommodating. No matter what his Golden Core Composition turned into, he wouldn’t be too surprised.

In the sky, the Combined Magical Treasure had fallen apart, and Heavenly Field Island’s island-guarding formation was now lacking an entire portion.

The nuclear weapon was detonated in mid-air by Song Shuhang, and the power of the resulting explosion was blocked by the Holy City. However, the aftermath of the explosion, the heavenly fire, and the lightning bolts rushed toward the area where the Holy City was no longer at.

Song Shuhang said solemnly, “Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword.”

The virtuous lamia appeared. She opened her mouth to spit out Scarlet Heaven Sword, giving it to Song Shuhang. Then, she quickly went to guard her master.

Scarlet Heaven Sword murmured, “Why do you always think of me at the end? Can’t you let me come out earlier?”

“Because Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword is my trump card. How can I have you come out as soon as I make a move?” After Song Shuhang said that, he spun his right wrist—he was getting ready to use the Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique.

“What you said makes sense. After all, my power is so great.” Scarlet Heaven Sword was very satisfied with Song Shuhang’s answer. “I’m ready. What level of power do you need?”

Song Shuhang said, “The Eighth Stage should be fine. If we unleash power at the Ninth Stage, we’ll only be able to let out a single slash. That would simply be too wasteful.”

He had maintained the Sixth Stage state of the Impregnable Holy City the entire time to resist the natural disaster. Were it not for him having four golden cores, he would have long been unable to sustain the consumption.

In addition, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword had yet to recover its spiritual energy—if Scarlet Heaven Sword was full of energy, without even the need for Song Shuhang’s help, it could slash out Immortal-level saber intent.

Scarlet Heaven Sword was a magical treasure. Compared to practitioners, it recovered spiritual energy at a slower pace.

For the current situation, an Eighth Stage-level slash should be good enough.

“Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique!” Song Shuhang waved Scarlet Heaven Sword.

A blazing flame emerged from the sword.

In an instant, a lot of mist appeared around Song Shuhang—this was due to the surrounding water vapor instantly evaporating.

The flowers, grass, and trees near Song Shuhang withered at a speed visible to the naked eye, while the ground below him quickly dried up.

The saber intent emanating from Scarlet Heaven Sword was both powerful and domineering. It felt as if it could burn the heavens.

This slash had exactly the right attitude for the situation.

Today, this slash was truly going to be burning the heavens.

In the distance, Vice-Island Master Tian Tianwei looked toward Song Shuhang with surprise.

Song Shuhang’s sword sent heaven burning flames rolling upward, which rose straight to the sky.

These flames that could burn anything and everything easily covered for the Holy City. Anything that entered the zone of the heaven burning flame was quickly obliterated.

Whether it was lightning, heavenly fire, ice, meteorites, tentacles, or mysterious water, as soon as it touched the flames, they turned into ashes, becoming additional fuel for the flames.

Song Shuhang took Scarlet Heaven Sword back and gasped slightly. “This is quite taxing with only four golden cores; it would be so much better if I had more.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Do you seriously want a belly full of golden cores?”

“It doesn’t have to be a belly full, a string of them would already be fine,” joked Song Shuhang. His eyes were fixed on the sky—the calamity did not seem to be over yet.

If this were to continue, even with Scarlet Heaven Sword, he wouldn’t be able to solve the situation.

What was even more frustrating was that… Heavenly Field Island’s great island-guarding formation was likely to be the first to give in.

“Crack, crack, crack~”

And just as he thought of this…

In the sky, seven more areas of the island-guarding formation shattered, each piece being the size of the Holy City.

Song Shuhang said, “It’s over.”

With seven portions of their defense rendered inoperative in a single breath, they would no longer be able to resist.

If this sealed space really was some sinister game like Island Master Tian Tiankong had said, then their gaming experience could only be described as horrible.

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “With so many holes, even I won’t be able to handle it. Unless you have a way to let me recover to my best state immediately, there really is nothing I can do here.”

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly, and said, “If I had such means, I would have used them long ago.”

Even the projection of Island Master Tian Tiankong’s soul could only remain frozen in midair. Heavenly Field Island’s great island-guarding formation had already been activated, and even the backup formation was activated, which had patched up the various holes. At this moment, he really had no other tricks left.

Song Shuhang said, “At this time… we can only pray.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked suspiciously, “Are you religious?”

Song Shuhang said, “Senior White or Senior White Two, at this time, no matter who it is, please come and help.”


The lightning was the fastest, striking down straight through the holes in the island-guarding formation.

As the pillars of lightning struck down, they dispersed and turned into snakes of lightning, coursing through all the members of Heavenly Field Island.

The virtuous lamia took out the flat imperial hat and put it on her head.

The power of virtue in the flat imperial hat had only recovered a little, and this amount was barely enough to protect Song Shuhang.

As for the other members on Heavenly Field Island, they were not within the responsibilities of the virtuous lamia.

Song Shuhang mobilized the strength in his dantian, opened his mouth, and used the Lion’s Roar Technique. “Senior White, we’re done for, please help!”

The Lion’s Roar Technique was one of the spoils of war that Song Shuhang acquired from Lady Onion.

Song Shuhang’s roar resounded throughout the island.

He could only hope that Senior White Two could hear his cry for help.

Island Master Tian Tiankong asked, “Is Senior White nearby?”


Lightning flashed.

At this moment, a figure crossed space and appeared in the sky.

As soon as this figure appeared, she looked up towards the lightning snakes that filled the sky.

Then, her entire body trembled.

Facing the lightning snakes that filled the sky, she immediately cowered.

Under everyone’s watchful gazes, this figure quickly squatted down, raised her hands, then hugged her head.

This was how the second, third, and fourth Sages had transcended their tribulation: crouching down while holding their head—daddy, please be gentle!

The lightning snakes continuously charged and slammed themselves at that figure, but they could not hurt her at all.

Not only that, there were many energy lines difficult to see with the naked eye that spread out from her… These energy lines enveloped all of the members of Heavenly Field Island.

All of Heavenly Field Island’s members, including Island Master Tian Tiankong and Vice-Island Master Tian Tianwei, squatted down slowly involuntarily, their hands trembling as they placed them on top of their heads.

All the members of Heavenly Field Island were now using the first method to resist the heavenly tribulation.

Under the roars of thunder and flashes of lightning, all the people on Heavenly Field Island and the fairy maiden in the sky swayed rhythmically.

Song Shuhang said in surprise, “The puppet maiden!”

The one who had traversed space to come here was the puppet maiden that had abruptly disappeared earlier.

She was also in this ‘sealed space’.

Does that mean that Senior White is also here?

Is Chu Chu here too?

As the puppet maiden in the sky crouched down and held her head to defend herself, her orange eyes glanced at Song Shuhang. Immediately after, she turned her head back and continued to sway rhythmically under the onslaught of the pillars of lightning.

Lightning plus some guy surnamed Song always reminded her of some dark memories.

With the assistance of the puppet maiden, the heavenly fire, ice crystals, meteorites, tentacles, and mysterious water that came pouring down were unable to break through the defenses of those using the ‘crouching down while holding one’s head’ defensive technique.

The energy lines that spread out from the puppet maiden wrapped up everybody in the network. This not only protected everyone, but also gathered all of their energy together, strengthening the defensive power of the technique.

With the puppet maiden there, they were now able to steadily resist the calamity!

[I can’t hold out for long.] The puppet maiden saw Song Shuhang’s expression, and she could guess what he was thinking. [Don’t forget, my current body is just a jumble of materials. If this calamity takes much longer, and you can’t think of a way to resist it… then you’ll still be done for.]

Song Shuhang hurriedly asked, “Where’s Senior White?”

The puppet maiden replied, [He is caught up in some important matters that he cannot take himself away from.]

Song Shuhang: “…”

He looked at the Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove on his right fist.

Should I try out those explosive skills?

On the Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove, there was an ability that could be used at the Fifth Stage.

The [Defiant Whale Golden Body] explosive secret technique.

In addition, every piece of the Combined Magical Treasure had a similar explosive secret technique.

For example, there was the [Immortal Turtle Golden Body] that came with the Tyrant King Expert’s Shield, and the [Golden Lion Golden Body] that came with the Golden Lion King’s Wall…

After reaching the Fifth Stage, these explosive secret techniques could be activated at the cost of a period of weakness, as well as the magical treasure exhausting all of its spiritual energy and becoming unusable for some time.

What would happen if I used all the 33 explosive secret techniques at the same time? Song Shuhang had a curious idea.

Of course, he also guessed that using 33 explosive secret techniques at the same time was no different from seeking death.

“Defiant Whale Golden Body.” Song Shuhang activated one first.

After feeling that his body could bear it, he activated another one. “Immortal Turtle Golden Body.”

“Ox King Golden Body”

“Giant Crab Golden Body”

“Divine Dog Golden Body”

“Black Sheep Golden Body”

“Divine Horse Golden Body”

“Jade Rabbit Golden Body”

“Pangolin Guardian Golden Body”

After activating ten kinds of explosive secret techniques in one breath, Song Shuhang felt that his body had almost reached its limit.

His energy was constantly pouring out.

In this state, perhaps I can undo the Seventh Stage seal on the Combined Magical Treasure as well?

While he thought this, something happened to Song Shuhang’s second golden core’s Golden Core Composition, the one with the fallen Holy City.

In front of the Holy City, a change occurred to the armored man.

He took a pose where he looked up towards the sky and let out a roar.

Afterward… he jumped out of the Golden Core Composition.

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