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Chapter 1517 After the Holy City fell…

The walls of the four kings expanded, and with the support of the vast amount of spiritual energy from the four golden cores Song Shuhang had in his body, he was able to unlock the Sixth Stage seal on his life-bound magical treasure, allowing it to exhibit a size at the True Monarch-level.

The size of the Holy City skyrocketed, reaching a height of over 100 meters.

A pagoda, war drum, bugle, zither, and war flag appeared. The Impregnable Holy City came out with its own background music.

Although only the Sixth Stage seal had been unlocked, Song Shuhang’s Combined Magical Treasure was still mainly composed of Eighth Stage materials, so it still possessed strength at the Eighth Stage.

Unlike before, Song Shuhang’s main body did not appear in front of the Holy City. This time, the Holy City had come out to protect Island Master Tian Tiankong.

Shuhang’s body was similarly fully armed, but at this moment, he was still on the ground of Heavenly Field Island, having yet to rise up into the air.

This was the first time that Song Shuhang found himself standing behind the Impregnable Holy City.


The meteor hit the Holy City. Compared to the meteor, the Holy City, which was over 100 meters tall, was about the same size.

The Impregnable Holy City shook violently.

The spiritual energy of Song Shuhang’s four golden cores was quickly consumed. Song Shuhang said, “Holy City, send it back!” The Impregnable Holy City slightly tilted, and simultaneously exerted a rebounding force. With that, the huge meteor was sent flying all the way into the sea near Heavenly Field Island, setting off a huge wave.

The defensive prowess of the Holy City was much stronger compared to the three Tian Clan Defensive Techniques that were successively cast by Island Master Tian Tiankong.

Perhaps what I need to do is not to learn all kinds of defensive magical techniques… and instead focus on refining some really powerful defensive magical treasures? This strange thought emerged in Song Shuhang’s mind at this moment.

However, he immediately threw this idea away.

Magical treasures were magical treasures, and magical techniques were magical techniques.

The two were completely different. Moreover… magical techniques could be used together with other magical treasures, resulting in an effect greater than a simple sum.

After the meteor was sent flying, Song Shuhang’s Impregnable Holy City covered the gap in Heavenly Field Island’s island-guarding formation.

Heavenly Field Island’s island-guarding formation was an assembled type, so even if a part of it was destroyed, it wouldn’t affect the rest of the formation.

In the air, pillars of lightning, heavenly flames, and icebergs continued to fall. Despite this, the Impregnable Holy City remained completely motionless, just like a rock in a vast sea.

The fully armed Song Shuhang, who was riding on the Divine Lobster’s Chariot, raised his head and looked at the Holy City.

In his mind, he couldn’t help but think of his second golden core’s Golden Core Composition.

The second golden core’s Golden Core Composition-[The Forever Impregnable Holy City]—was somewhat similar to the calamity Song Shuhang was currently experiencing.

That picture was also filled with all kinds of endless disasters.

However, in the Golden Core Composition, the scene was even more terrifying and direr.

In the air, all the remnant souls of Island Master Tian Tiankong gathered once again.

As a result, a projection of Island Master Tian Tiankong appeared in the sky.

He glanced at Song Shuhang gratefully, and said, “Apologies, little friend Shuhang. You ended up getting involved in this calamity related to Heavenly Field Island.”

After saying that, he immediately went back to resisting the disasters.

Unlike Vice- Island Master Tian Tianwei’s projection, which was only a part of her soul, Island Master Tian Tiankong’s soul was now all here. With the last piece that was brought by Song Shuhang, his memory was now complete, and he knew who Song Shuhang was.

Island Master Tian Tiankong called out, “Tian Tianwei, initiate the air defense system, and blow up all of the meteors and icebergs.”

Vice-Island Master Tian Tianwei replied, “Stupid Brother, I’ve long since prepared it.” In the next moment, something completely unrelated to cultivation emerged in every corner of Heavenly Field Island.

A large number of ground-to-air missiles and AA guns emerged.

Under the control of Vice-Island Master Tian Tianwei, the missiles and guns were fired frantically.


The sound produced was deafening.

Song Shuhang murmured, “This is indeed the style of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.”

One should not regard the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group as people who would always maintain the grand style of cultivators.

Most of the members of the group were pragmatic.

A long time ago, Song Shuhang learned from Soft Feather that there were a large number of high-tech weapons hidden near Spirit Butterfly Island. Venerable Spirit Butterfly seemed to have a hobby of collecting weapons with great firepower, and he had built a strong air defense system near Spirit Butterfly Island.

Heavenly Field Island was no exception to this behavior.

There were various projectiles and missiles sent into the sky, targeting objects such as meteors and icebergs.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

Up in the sky, the ringing of explosions resounded unceasingly.

In this world, there is nothing that can’t be solved with an explosion- If there is, then simply use a bigger explosion~ Song Shuhang’s mind once again thought about the truth of explosions.

At the same time, the practitioners on Heavenly Field Island also launched their attacks.

The projection of Island Master Tian Tiankong made his move again, continuously using his Tian Clan Defensive Technique wherever it was needed. He hurriedly rushed around filling up the holes in the defense.

Song Shuhang only felt the Impregnable Holy City being slightly pressured.

Great, if things continue like this, we should be able to hold off this wave, he thought to himself.

A few hours later…

The disasters in the sky finally stopped coming.

“It’s finally over.” Song Shuhang took out a pill to replenish his spiritual energy from his magical bracelet—the pill he had taken out was the ‘Purple Master Pill’ produced by Medicine Master.

The spiritual energy replenishment of this pill was top of the line; the only problem was that one would feel extremely full after swallowing


Island Master Tian Tiankong’s projection descended to Song Shuhang’s side. “Little friend Shuhang, I really have to thank you this time. If not for you… my Heavenly Field Island would have probably been destroyed.”

Song Shuhang asked, “If the projections of those residents of the island die, do their souls collapse?”

Island Master Tian Tiankong nodded.

Song Shuhang then asked, “How did you all get here?”

“One second we weren’t, and in the next, we were here.” Island Master Tian Tiankong smiled bitterly, and said, “In the beginning, Heavenly Field Island was dealing with two passages between the universe and the main world. Since people on the other side of the spatial passage didn’t seem to have any good intentions, we activated the island-guarding formation. However, our two parties had not even gotten the chance to make contact with one another when our Heavenly Field Island was suddenly covered by some strange power. In the blink of an eye, we found ourselves here. However, other than Tian Tianwei and I, all the other residents of the island had turned gray.” Song Shuhang asked, “Senior, what’s the matter with your current state?”

Tian Tiankong’s soul had been broken into dozens of pieces.

“Ever since I was drawn into this weird space, more than 20 waves of this kind of calamity have occurred. I lost my physical body ever since I was first drawn into here. Afterward, every time a calamity ended, a portion of my soul would be split off… I had no idea how much longer I could hold on.” There was a tinge of despair in Island Master Tian Tiankong’s voice.

He couldn’t find a way to break out of this space. Only a part of his younger sister Tian Tianwei’s soul had entered this space, and he had no idea where the rest of her remnant souls were.

After each calamity ended, his soul would be forcibly split apart, getting scattered around Heavenly Field Island. Every time, he could only wait for the next wave of calamity to descend before he could recover for a brief period of time.

Even the method of resurrection that he had prepared long ago wasn’t working.

“This weird space is like a cruel game space. After each calamity, Heavenly Field Island will be restored to its original state… Other than me, everyone’s memories on the island would be reverted to their state from before the calamity-even the memories of Tian Tianwei are no exception. From beginning to end, only I have been able to keep my memories. As for the residents who died accidentally in the previous calamities, they vanished forever, never to reappear again.” Island Master Tian Tiankong spoke to this point, and then suddenly jumped up.

“Damn it, my body hasn’t broken up yet this time… so the calamity hasn’t ended?!” He raised his head and stared at the sky. Previously, his body would split apart and be scattered around Heavenly Field Island after every calamity ended.

Did it mean that the disaster hadn’t ended yet?

Or… was this the end of the game? Island Master Tian Tiankong hoped that it was the latter.

Unfortunately, the pillars of lightning and heavenly fire that suddenly emerged in the sky shattered his hopes.

“Sure enough, it hasn’t ended yet.” Island Master Tian Tiankong rose into the sky.

There were still many questions that Song Shuhang had in mind… but he decided to hold off the calamity first.

In the sky, the Impregnable Holy City had not returned yet.

Another wave of heavenly fire and lightning descended on the Impregnable Holy City.

However, these were just appetizers.

After a while, missiles and cannons appeared in the sky, and they locked onto the Impregnable Holy City.

Did the calamity rise in level?

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

Missiles, artillery shells, armor-piercing shells, and all kinds of projectiles that Song Shuhang didn’t recognize began pouring down wildly towards the Holy City. Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, and said, “This guy, is he the f*cking little brother of the heavenly tribulation or something?” The heavenly tribulation in the main world had modernized, and now even the calamity in this sealed space had modernized.

The sound of explosions rang out endlessly. The power of the weapons was also constantly improving. The scene now was about 70% similar to the scene in (The Forever Impregnable Holy City).

Flames, bolts of lightning, ice tribulations, and all kinds of elemental attacks.

Afterward, the bombardment of various modern weapons came.

In the sealed space, the weapons that appeared were originally copies of the ones found on Heavenly Field Island. However, they seemed to have their own computing system as they kept improving The weapons were getting more advanced, and the power of the explosions was getting bigger and bigger.

Song Shuhang’s heart became uneasy.

If this continued… would a nuclear bomb eventually appear?

He had just thought of this when a nuclear bomb really emerged in the sky.

A nuclear bomb, really?

“I can’t let that fall to the ground.” Song Shuhang urged the Impregnable Holy City, commanding the Dolphin’s Giant Sound Cannon and the Colorful Stone Marten’s Pagoda on it to furiously assault the nuclear bomb.


A familiar and spectacular mushroom cloud exploded in the sky.

Then, the Impregnable Holy City… fell apart. The magical treasures weren’t damaged as they were mainly made from materials of the Eighth Stage. It was just that they could no longer maintain the form of the Holy City, and they scattered into the separate magical treasures that returned to Song Shuhang.

At the same time that the Holy City fell apart, Song Shuhang’s second golden core’s Golden Core Composition also changed.

The Holy City in his second golden core’s Golden Core Composition also fell apart.

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