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Chapter 1487 You’re Busy T233, hurry over!

The patterned man had long forgotten about Canine Tooth Mountain. As an evil cultivator, he often required living sacrifices to improve. The people that had died by his hands were too many to count, so how was he supposed to remember what or where Canine Tooth Mountain was?

However, this was not the point. The point was that Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, who was in front of him, knew of Canine Tooth Mountain.

He also knew that he had killed the people on Canine Tooth Mountain.

He was now faced with a rather severe problem.

The heavy pressure made it difficult for the patterned man to breathe.

He was faced with the first Sage in a thousand years, who had held two divinity shows in two months. Just the Sage Names ‘Tyrannical Song’ and ‘Tyrannical Scholar’ were enough to place him under tremendous psychological pressure. But now, the two Sage Seals were also looming behind Song Shuhang, causing the patterned man to feel even greater pressure.

The patterned man felt his body incredibly heavy, and he could barely move a finger.

What do I do?

It was definitely impossible for him to fight. After all, the other party was a Profound Sage.

Escaping was also impossible. When had there ever been a practitioner that had just entered the Fourth Stage who was able to escape from the hands of a Profound Sage? The only exceptions were those that had a big shot behind them, or were pure cheats.

F*ck, I only broke into a restaurant in order to steal an ancient demon core. Why did I end up meeting a big shot like Profound Sage Tyrannical Song?

Why did Tyrannical Song even open a restaurant here?

After thinking about it, there seemed to only be one ending for him.

And that was death!

As an evil cultivator, he would never have a sense of security without power that could defy the heavens. Therefore, he had long arranged for a way to be reborn.

The cost was great, but as long as one could save their life, any price was worth it.

In addition, to properly ‘die’ in front of a Profound Sage needed a lot of skill. What if the other party discovered that he had made preparations for rebirth, and followed the clues to cut off his path to resurrection?

The patterned man’s mind was filled with thoughts.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

In the next moment, he viciously pounced toward the burly man beside him, his two hands becoming claws. It seemed that he wanted to take this burly man as a hostage. The little blonde girl, who was hiding under the table and peeking into the restaurant, called out, “Careful!”

Her mechanical eye had captured the movements of the patterned man.

As soon as she said that, she discovered that a figure had suddenly appeared in front of the burly man. The figure stretched out his hand to block the sharp claws of the patterned man.


The patterned man’s claws were as sharp as a knife, with his attack being as fast as lightning. Yet, the claws were firmly blocked.

Is that the shop owner?! The blonde girl’s eyes widened.

He looked like an ordinary shopkeeper, but with a speed that she couldn’t see clearly with her mechanical right eye, he had instantly moved in front of the burly man, keeping off the attack of the patterned man.

The speed he needed to do such a thing definitely exceeded the speed of sound. However, if it was a supersonic movement, why was there no sonic boom?

Moreover, the shopkeeper only used a single finger when he blocked the patterned man’s attack.

At this time, Song Shuhang’s right index finger was pressed right against the center of the patterned man’s palm.

He did not use any cultivation techniques, but relied on the ‘Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove’ on his right hand, which was a super magical treasure. After all, it was a magical treasure that Song Shuhang had made using his ‘life’.

It came with curse damage, poison damage, fire damage, and holy light damage, as well as illusion effects and inner demon-triggering effects.

In other words, even if Song Shuhang used a normal attack, it would still come with various additional attribute damages.

“Ah!” the patterned man screamed, and was sent flying back.

His palm was hurt by the holy light and the flames, causing it to be charred. It was just that the effects of the holy light and the flames could not be seen by ordinary people. While he was in midair, the patterned man accidentally smashed another table in the restaurant.

“Two tables,” the puppet maiden suddenly said. One should not forget that although the restaurant was under Song Shuhang’s name, she’d exchanged for the restaurant, and everything in it belonged to her. It was just that she didn’t have an identity document and other things, so she had to put it under Song Shuhang’s name.

Anyway, she was being serious. The restaurant belonged to her, and everything in it also belonged to her, including the two tables that were just smashed.

The blonde girl, who was under the counter, was surprised.

This beautiful big sister can talk?

She always thought she was a large-scale doll because under the observation of her mechanical eyes, this seemingly beautiful woman was just a large puppet.

The blonde girl thought that it was a personal hobby of the shop owner-having a realistic doll to attract customers.

Unexpectedly, the doll suddenly made a sound.

What kind of technological means were needed to achieve such a thing?

Was it an electronic recording? Or was it artificial intelligence?

The blonde girl’s heart was greatly moved; she wanted to study the structure of the puppet maiden.

“Dark Arts’ Supreme Spell: Gate of Evil Energy, Path of Extreme Evil, Destruction!” the patterned man quickly chanted as he threw a rune out with his other hand.

This was the evil technique that he cultivated – it was quite rare in the cultivation world as it was a spell fueled by the evil energy of the Netherworld.

Runes burned in the air, guiding the rich evil energy of the Netherworld to blast towards Song Shuhang’s position.

Even an Eighth Stage Profound Sage had to be vigilant when faced with the evil energy of the Netherworld as it would be very troublesome if one were accidentally infected by it.

The patterned man didn’t bother looking at the result; he was using the Dark Arts’ Supreme Spell to buy some time to cast his next spell.

His next spell had a terrifying background.

It was said that it could draw the power of the pet of a big shot in the Netherworld Realm.

One should not underestimate the power of such creatures. After all, the watchdogs of those big shots could be at the Eighth Stage or even at the Ninth Stage Realm. If he could successfully cast this spell, then even if his opponent was Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, he would have to struggle quite a bit!

The cost of casting such a spell was extremely high, and it went as far as consuming a lot of the user’s vitality. However, nothing mattered anymore to the patterned man, who was at a dead end.

The energy of the Dark Arts’ Supreme Spell turned into a dense mass of evil energy of the Netherworld. This time, even the ordinary people like the burly man and the blonde girl could see it.

This powerful, oil-like mass of energy gave off a feeling of destruction, death, and corruption. Just seeing it would make one’s scalp go numb and their body go soft.

“What is this? A spell?” The burly man’s eyes widened.

He seemed to know some things about the patterned man.

For example, he was aware that the other party was very dangerous.

As such, after learning that the patterned man was looking for him, he immediately chose to avoid him.

According to the information he got, the patterned man was a superb killer, one who was good at using poison and killing people without leaving traces. There were countless people that had died in his hands. Moreover, he seemed to possess some supernatural abilities, like the ability to cast curses and the likes.

However, as for what those curses and other abilities looked like, the large man had no idea.

Now that he was witnessing this power first-hand, he felt terrified.

I’m going to die. I’m really going to die this time!

The burly man shouted, “Shop owner, don’t worry about me! Run!”

After all, this was not a power that humans could resist.

“…” Song Shuhang.

This big brother looks really fierce, but he’s actually quite kind.

Before, he had also reminded Song Shuhang to change the restaurant’s sign to avoid unnecessary trouble. The blonde girl also hurriedly shouted, “Shop owner, there is a lot of energy in this oily thing. Quickly get away from it!”

Song Shuhang softly said, “Don’t be afraid.”

On his chest, a transparent lotus flower emerged. This lotus was as exquisite as a work of art.

In the next moment, the roots of the lotus flower stretched out and plunged into the evil energy of the Netherworld, wiping it clean all at once.

The terrifying, oil-like energy disappeared.

The shop owner is so powerful? The burly man’s mouth was agape.

The blonde girl under the cash register felt that her worldview had been greatly impacted.

Whether it was the runes and evil energy released by the patterned man, or the lotus on the chest of the shopkeeper, they were beyond her cognition.

This kind of unscientific power was completely different from the power that she had studied and mastered.

Was it some kind of superpower?

This kind of ability which, despite having many people researching it, has never been proven to be real actually exists?

Meanwhile, the patterned man had bitten his tongue resolutely, spewing out a mouthful of blood.

His spell was complete!

The patterned man shouted, “Evil energy passage opened… guiding the flow… filling it to the top… Life Spell: You’re Busy T233, I command you to hurry over!”

The energy on his body gathered madly into the blood that he had spewed out from his mouth.

At the same time, his vitality was quickly consumed.

Song Shuhang’s brows raised slightly. If he had heard correctly, the patterned man had just shouted the name ‘You’re Busy T233’.

This weird name couldn’t refer to the same existence that he knew, right?

Sure enough, a familiar consciousness descended along with the energy from the spell.

It was the consciousness of You’re Busy T233.

This spell had been specially developed and spread by Senior White Two a long time ago in order to collect energy for T233.

After all, You’re Busy T233’s size was simply too big, and it took a long time to recharge every time. When people used this spell, they would be using their lives to recharge T233.

And if T233 was in a good mood, it would come over, separate a strand of its consciousness, and respond to the call of the user.

Today, You’re Busy T233 seemed to have some free time.

Song Shuhang said, “Yo.”

You’re Busy T233 sensed Song Shuhang and immediately understood.

Had this person called it over to deal with Tyrannical Song?

“Hello, No. Tyrannical Song. Goodbye, No. Tyrannical Song,” Little Sun said before disappearing Its time was precious.

Recently, it was cooperating with its master to integrate itself with the core of the ‘big-eyed planet’. As long as that core was installed in its body, it would no longer have to worry about energy consumption. Of course, since it had come, it sent a message to the person who cast the spell before returning

As such, before leaving, it had politely left a message to the patterned man who cast the spell. “Hello, No. T233 suddenly found out that there was an important matter to take care of at home, so I’m heading back. You’re Busy T233 is now offline.”

Patterned man: O_o

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