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Chapter 1486 Song Shuhang decides to recite a few lines

He wasn’t sure why, but when Song Shuhang heard the words ‘that ancient demon core is something that only I deserve to have,’ he found it very funny. This sentence accidentally made him let out a smile.

Tyrannical Song wanted to smile, but in order to maintain his image as a shop owner, he did his best to put on a calm face.

He kept his hands clasped and watched silently.

Chu Chu came quietly behind Song Shuhang. The puppet maiden continued to pretend to be an inanimate object, and remained motionless.

Slightly exasperated, Chu Chu sent a secret sound transmission. “Is it another dispute over a treasure? The world of cultivation is as cruel as ever.”

She said this as her Chu family’s powerful sword art had once aroused the greed of the Illusory Sword School.

After that, in order to ensure the victory at the Grievance Settling Platform, the Illusory Sword School had sent killers to get rid of her.

Thanks to the Illusory Sword School, her chest still hadn’t returned to its peak-perhaps it wouldn’t return to its glory for the rest of her


It was good that the Illusory Sword School had fallen!

“Where there are people, there will be competition. This is unavoidable.” Song Shuhang had experienced Chu Chu’s life in a ‘fast-forward’ manner, so he could empathize with her.

Using secret sound transmission, Chu Chu asked, “Teacher, should we make a move? This guy seems to be around the Second Stage Realm, I should be able to stop him.”

Song Shuhang replied, “You’re mistaken. This is a practitioner at the Fourth Stage Realm, and he’s hiding a strange power in his body. You are not his opponent.”

Under the cashier counter, the little blonde girl raised her head to look at Song Shuhang, the puppet maiden, and Chu Chu. Then, she cautiously moved to the gap by the counter to observe what was going on in the restaurant. The patterned man came to the burly man, and asked in a deep voice, “Speak, where is the treasure?”

The burly man weakly replied, “I don’t have it with me.”

The patterned man said, “I know, which is why I asked you where it is.”

The burly man smiled bitterly, and said, “I can give you the treasure. After all, for people like me, being alive is most important… When one dies, nothing is left.” He was the kind of person who would adapt to the circumstance.



The patterned man was obviously also very satisfied with the burly man’s answer. “Very well, I am very—”

“Die, die, die- All those who are unfaithful will… Die, die, die! All those who are unfilial will… Die, die, die!” At this time, the (Seven Deaths Song) suddenly rang out. When he heard this familiar and terrifying melody, Song Shuhang’s heart skipped half a beat.

Heavens, why is my ringtone the Seven Deaths Song?

Fortunately, it wasn’t Dharma King Creation’s voice, and was a woman’s crisp and sweet voice instead. The sudden outburst of the ‘Seven Deaths Song’ destroyed the atmosphere between the patterned man and the burly man. Song Shuhang calmly said, “Sorry, I have to take this call.”

He looked down and found that the caller was Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman.

“Wait, when did my ringtone become the female cover of the Seven Deaths Song? I don’t remember setting it as my ringtone.” Song Shuhang was puzzled.

Who changed his phone’s ringtone?

Recently, he had been in a coma, and had later exploded before getting resurrected. Perhaps someone had pranked him and changed the ringtone of his phone during this time.

Was it Doudou? Senior Thrice Reckless? Senior Copper Trigram?

Later, he would have to reprimand the fellow daoists of Nine Provinces Number One Group that came up with this nasty prank.

Then, he calmly answered the call.

The burly man and the patterned man looked directly at Song Shuhang.

It was especially so for the patterned man—the black fog on his body was surging, and his killing intent was ready to erupt.

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman’s voice came from the phone. “Hey, little friend Shuhang, are you on Western Orchid Island?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Yes, I also bought a restaurant here. Senior, would you like to come here as a customer?”


At the side, the puppet maiden’s fingers that were right below her chin slightly moved. She had cast a soundproofing magical technique on Song Shuhang, isolating his call with Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman from the rest of the restaurant.

There were ordinary people present, and there was that blonde girl under the cash register.

The conversation between Song Shuhang and Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman was not suitable for them to hear.

On the other end of the phone, Senior Seven Lives Talisman smiled, and said, “I will go to Heavenly Field Island in a few days. If your restaurant is still open by then, I can come by.”

Song Shuhang said, “I will give you a discount if you come. Right, Senior, why did you call


Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman quickly said, “I received a message that an evil cultivator that I had noted down on my black notebook arrived on Western Orchid Island today. If you see him, can you help me subdue him? You can wait for me to get to Heavenly Field Island in a few days, and hand him over to me at that time. The other party’s strength should only be at the Third Stage, and relying on some evil technique, he can attain combat power at the Fourth Stage. However, you have your light of virtue, so you should be able to restrain him and deal with him rather easily.”

Song Shuhang asked, “What does he look like? If I meet him, I’ll subdue him for you, Senior.”

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman replied, “It’s really great that little friend Shuhang is willing to help. I will send you the information and photos in a while. Anyway, this is another vow from my younger days. Back then, I vowed to capture this evil cultivator and take him to Canine Tooth Mountain to pay tribute to the innocent mountain people he had tortured and killed, but it was only recently that he was found.”

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman had made a lot of vows when he was younger. As a result, his thick notebook was now filled to the brim.

These vows were both big and small, and it wasn’t known whether Senior Seven Lives Talisman would be able to fulfill them during this life.

Now, Senior Seven Lives Talisman’s biggest wish was to find a temporal channel and travel to the past, find his younger self, and give him a big slap in the face so that he would stop making bothersome vows.

Song Shuhang ended the conversation with Senior Seven Lives Talisman.

The burly man looked at Song Shuhang in confusion.

The patterned man frowned. He kept on getting the feeling that Song Shuhang looked somewhat familiar. However, his memory was a bit foggy, and he couldn’t remember anything about Song Shuhang. “Ding, dong-” Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman sent Song Shuhang some information related to the evil cultivator.

In the message, it was stated that the evil cultivator was a muscular man with weird patterns all over his body. The man was also covered with strange piercings and rings. There was another piece of information about the evil cultivator below this.

It was intel about his cultivation technique, its special features, weaknesses, and so on.

Holy light, the scholarly faction’s righteous qi, light of virtue, and Buddhist magical techniques were super effective against this evil cultivator.

After reading the information, Song Shuhang raised his head and looked at the patterned man who had broken into his restaurant and sealed the doors and windows.

Aside from the lack of those ‘piercings’, this guy was exactly the same as the evil cultivator that Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman had described.

The world seemed very big at times, but it was actually rather small.

Coincidence? Fate? Accident?


There were no accidents in this world; some things were simply inevitable. “In this world, no need to have only one lover

– Wait, wrong idiom.” Song Shuhang shook his head, and then continued, “One searches with great effort, yet it yields no result. However, as they rest and take a break, they somehow stumble upon what they were searching for. There is a path to heaven, yet you don’t choose to go. There is no path to hell, yet you find it without fail!”

However, due to the soundproofing magical technique cast by the puppet maiden, no one in the room could hear his voice. Chu Chu curiously said, “Teacher, what are you talking about?”

She saw Song Shuhang talking to the strange man, but there was no sound.

“…” Song Shuhang.

At the side, the puppet maiden secretly waved her finger, releasing the soundproofing magical technique she had cast on Song Shuhang

“Thank you, Fairy.” Song Shuhang turned his head, crossed his arms, and looked at the patterned man with a serious gaze.

Song Shuhang suggested, “Chu Chu, do you want to sit beside me? If the three of us were to sit together, he would look more imposing.”

Chu Chu immediately refused. “No.”

“What, you aren’t going to cooperate? As your teacher, I feel that your dedication is lacking.” Then, Song Shuhang raised his head, looked at the patterned man, and said, “One searches with great effort, yet it yields no result…”

The virtuous lamia suddenly emerged from behind Song Shuhang, and said using Song Shuhang’s voice, “One searches with great effort, yet it yields no result. However, as they rest and take a break, they somehow stumble upon what they were searching for. There is a path to heaven, yet you don’t choose to go. There is no path to hell, yet you find it without fail!”

She had recorded Song Shuhang’s voice and snatched his lines along with his own voice.

After stealing the lines, Fairy @#%x was satisfied.

It was so refreshing to steal other people’s lines.

“…” Chu Chu.

“…” The puppet maiden.

“…” Song Shuhang.

“Who are you?” The patterned man looked at Song Shuhang warily.

Light of virtue was super effective against him, and that body of materialized light of virtue, which was standing motionless behind Song Shuhang, made him feel great pressure. Song Shuhang asked, “You don’t recognize me?”

Right… Due to the Time City, the (nobody under the heavens doesn’t know of me) effect seems to have been weakened.

Sometimes, even the (nobody under the heavens doesn’t know of me) effect was quite useful.

Since this was the case, Song Shuhang decided to recite three lines.

“What is filial piety?

“What is love?

“Do you know the greatness of maternal love?”

He then released his Sage Seal.

“T-Tyrannical Song!” The patterned man finally matched the ‘kind’ man in front of him with the image in his memory. It was him, the most terrifying Profound Sage in the past thousand years, an existence that had shown his divinity to the universe twice

He was someone with two Sage names.

When it came to practitioners, there was nobody who did not know of the prestige of Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.

He was so caught up with the ‘treasure’ just now that he didn’t even notice that the one in front of him was Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.

Behind Song Shuhang… The virtuous lamia silently recorded his three lines.

The next time that Song Shuhang got ready to say those lines, she would cut in and steal the show.

At this time.

Song Shuhang’s gaze became solemn. “Are you going to surrender on your own, or do you want me to make a move?” The patterned man asked, “Senior Tyrannical Song, have I offended you in the past?”

This should be the first time I’ve ever come in contact with him!

Song Shuhang stood up, and calmly said, “Do you remember the mountain people you killed on Canine Tooth Mountain?”

A terrifying pressure suddenly descended on the patterned man.

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