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Chapter 148- Looking forward to it!

Great Pressure of Mt.Books: "True Monarch, how many meanings does 'all kinds' have?"

After a long while, True Monarch Mt.Huang sent two words. "Work hard!"

Great Pressure of Mt.Books: "…"

After a while, Madsabre Threewaves made his appearance. He changed the subject. "Northriver are you here yet? I have a premonition that we can find the Mysterious Island in these few days!"

"I'll reach soon. To deal with the amnesia, I prepared some magical treasures and modern day products. So I spent some time." Loose Cultivator Northriver replied .

Medicine Master: "Actually, I think that you all should wait a few more days. It would be better for you all to wait for me to analyse why the four fellow Daoists lost their memories before you go in."

With such a fast typing speed, it was definitely Jiang Ziyan doing it for him.

Loose Cultivator Northriver: "Medicine Master quickly find out the reason behind the memory loss of the fellow Daoists. After all when Mysterious Island appears, there aren't any rules behind its disappearance. If we come across it, we can't miss the chance."

Medicine Master: "I'll try my best."

The chat topic continued to develop, centered on the 'Mysterious Island' and 'amnesia'.

Song Shuhang looked the chat news jumping about in a daze. Without knowing when, he entered dreamland.

Late at night.

The three roommates had also fallen asleep.

At this time, a spiritual body black in colour appeared at the position of Song Shuhang's head,

"I hate, I hate so much!" That spiritual body let out a ferocious shout, gradually becoming bigger.

The sleeping Song Shuhang involuntarily contracted his body.

"Che, it came again?" The demon dog Dou Dou opened it's eyes. Then it skillfully opened it's mouth and swallowed this black spiritual body. Seeing how proficiently it did so and it's tone, it didn't seem to be the first time it swallowed this spiritual body?

Today, June 19. It was overcast and there was sometimes a shower of rain.

Today the instructor had arranged for Song Shuhang and Tubo to go onto the road. Then, they would go to the grounds for the road test for a few rounds, to familiarise themselves with the grounds, to be prepared just in case.

Song Shuhang had long since cultivated a few rounds of the foundational fist technique. When it had reached the appointed time, he slowly ran to the east school gate.

Tubo had already long since waiting at the east school gate.

"The instructor still hasn't come?" Song Shuhang waved, asking.

"I heard the instructor say there was a girl who was going to familiarise the road test grounds together with us. So, that girl is driving a round first." Tubo answered.

As they spoke, a car was driving towards them.

The instructor was a thirty plus years old man who had shaved a crew cut. Beside him was a pony tailed girl, with an anxious expression.

Song Shuhang's hearing was acute, and he heard the conversation between the instructor and girl from afar.

The crew cut instructor pointed at a pedestrian not far ahead in front of the car. "See that person in front? Charge forward, and run him over to death!"

"Ah? Why do we need to run him over to death?" That ponytailed girl had a look of astonishment. She said softly, "I don't dare to run someone over."

"Don't dare? Then why aren't you loosening up on the accelerator?" The crew cut coach roared in a low voice.

The ponytailed girl immediately burst into a fluster.

"Alright stop first. Do you remember the steps to stopping the car? Turn towards the lamp, then observe the pedestrians. Then slowly keep close to the side. Stop beside those two men." The coach gave instructions step by step.

Recently he had Song Shuhang and Tubo, two students who could master it as soon as they were taught, as the standard. When he turned again to look at his other students, he kept wanting to do a lion's roar at them.

When the coach's car stopped, Tubo opened the car door and made his way inside.

"Come, Shuhang, it's your turn to drive a bit." The crew cut coach called out.

The ponytailed girl was as if she had been relieved of a huge burden, and quickly made her way to the backseat.

"Alright." Song Shuhang calmly and collectedly put on his seatbelt, and adjusted his seatbelt and rearview mirror.

The car stably began to set out. He familiarly changed the gear, and stably began to accelerate.

If he didn't know this was Song Shuhang had gone on the road, the crew cut instructor would have thought that he was an old hand at driving.

This was the kind of template of students he wanted. The instructor had a face of satisfaction. If each student could be just as worry-free like this, the job of instructing wouldn't need him roaring like a lion everyday.

"Very good. Shuhang, change lane, then change back. Switch to Tubo for a while. With your standards, you can apply for the road test in one week!" The crew cut coach smiled."Then what about me?" The ponytailed girl moved her head closer.

"Mm, if it's you… let's wait for the day where you don't get on the car and keep wanting to die together with me. I'll let you apply for the road test." The crew cut instructor said seriously.

"…" The ponytailed girl laughed dryly twice, then shrunk back.

After it was switched to Tubo, Song Shuhang made his way to the backseat, and opened the NIne Provinces Number One Group. He prevented the ponytailed girl was being able to move her head closer and see the contents of his phone.

Now, the group was being noisy.

"Found that Mysterious Island's an interesting place. Just like the information from Medicine Master, nearby there's the power of a flight restricting formation. However, the thick fog next to the Mysterious Island I can already smell the fragrance of medicinal herbs." Madsabre Threewaves sent the news.

True Monarch Oldlake View: "Threewaves send the coordinates. Northriver and I will rush over immediately."

Loose Cultivator Northriver: "At that time you all should take along the magical treasures I prepared. There's also the pinhole cameras, one for each person. If we really lose our memories, we'll still have a chance to solve the mystery of the amnesia if these magical treasures and pinhole cameras aren't damaged.

Medicine Master: "Be careful about everything. The island had ferocious demon beasts, and even two Gold Core Spirit Emperor acting couldn't block them. Don't be greedy, with safety being your utmost priority."

True Monarch Mt.Huang spoke out to remind them. "Take note to use spiritual energy protection magical arts, so as to not be disturbed."

About five minutes later, the three of them, Madsabre Threewaves, Loose Cultivator Northriver as well True Monarch Oldlake View, entered the Mysterious Island.

True Monarch Oldlake View power's were profound. Threewaves and Loose Cultivator Northriver were also powerful members in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Madsabre Threewaves had unparalleled sabre arts, and Loose Cultivator Northriver was a powerhouse nearing the Rank 6 True Monarch realm. If these three were to return in low spirits following a failure, this Mysterious Island would have to be marked as a highly dangerous mysterious territory.

Today, Su Clan's Ah Qi and Ah Shiliu hadn't appeared as usual.

Soft Feathers was also struggling to synchronise with the spirit ghost.

"Hopefully the seniors that entered the mysterious territory are safe. I hope Ah Shiliu can also pass this tribulation." Song Shuhang prayed in his heart.

Eight days later, June 27. A Thursday.

Song Shuhang and Tubo passed the road test and the Subject Four Theory Test. They successfully got their licenses. The two invited their roommates to properly give it a good rub and roll between their hands.

It had been eight days since Madsabre Threewaves, Loose Cultivator Northriver as well True Monarch Oldlake View had entered the Mysterious Island. The three seniors hadn't appeared from the Mysterious Island yet, and no one knew their harvests.

June 29, Saturday. A large downpour.

In Medicine Master's five floors apartment.

Song Shuhang was refining Body Tempering Liquid right now.

He lifted the hot pot lid and switched on the kitchen exhaust hood. He switched on the fan power to maximum. The acute stench was mostly sucked away. But the whole room continued to have an acute stench fill the air as always.

Song Shuhang had already moved the Body Tempering Liquid ingredients that Soft Feathers had given him to Medicine Master's place in batches.

The Blood and Qi Pills had long since been used finished. The Simplified Body Tempering Liquid could still be used.

Along with the strengthening of Song Shuhang, the amount of Body Tempering Liquid used had also been increasing. Now, the amount of Body Tempering Liquid refined each time was only enough for him to use one time.

Also, the Body Tempering Liquid was having less and less of an effect. When the Body Tempering Liquid was completely ineffective, then it would be time to stop using it.

At the side, the giant demon dog Dou Dou was boredly rolling all over the floor. "Didn't you say Medicine Master would be back soon? Why isn't he back yet?"

The amnesia Medicine Master is dealing with is more troublesome. The time to return has been dragged out." Song Shuhang held his nose, and when the Body Tempering Liquid had cooled down, he drank it all in one shot.

"Everytime I see you drink the Body Tempering Liquid, I sympathise with your stomach. To think you can drink something so smelly." The demon dog Dou Dou climbed up from the ground.

"Actually apart from being a bit smelly, the taste is still not bad. Do you want some?" Song Shuhang asked.

"I don't want it even if it's free. I prefer Medicine Master's little pills. Beef flavoured dog food also tastes better than that. I'm so borrreeeeddd. I can't get through these days. Give me something to play." It began to roll all over the floor again.

"You're not returning to True Monarch Mt.Huang's?" Song Shuhang asked doubtfully.

"I'm waiting for him to come find me. Woof~How little face will I have if I just go back myself?" The Pekingese Dou Dou said coldly. Then it suddenly seemed to think of something, and ran over to Song Shuhang's computer. To facilitate Dou Dou's gaming, Song Shuhang could only bring the computer over to Medicine Master's apartment.

"Quickly come Shuhang, log into your chat account!" Dou Dou jumped about saying.

He hadn't taken assaulted True Monarch Mt.Huang with insults yet today. He would make insults for several sentences everyday, before being banned by True Monarch Mt.Huang. This had already become an indispensible part of Dou Dou's daily life.

Song Shuhang casually logged into the account.

Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Great Pressure of Mt.Books: "@True Monarch Mt.Huang, Mt.Huang. I've come yet again! When are you going to catch me and bring me back? I'm so bored!"

"Not free, come back yourself!" True Monarch Mt.Huang replied.

Great Pressure of Mt.Books: "Big Idiot Mt.Huang. If I go back myself wouldn't I have no face left? Come and catch me back, quickly come and catch me back!"

"Not free." True Monarch Mt.Huang still had these two words. Then, he banned Song Shuhang's account at the same time.

"Ahahah, will you die if you chat with me a few more sentences!" Dou Dou began to roll around on the ground again.

After about three minutes, True Monarch Mt.Huang sent a message. "Little Dou Dou, call little friend Shuhang over. I have something to look for him for!"

"Shuhang, Big Idiot Mt.Huang is calling you over for something." Dou Dou called out excitedly.

IIs True Monarch White about to come out of secluded meditation?" Song Shuhang came to beside the computer, and clicked open the private chat window for True Monarch Mt.Huang, sending a question mark over.

Calculating the time, it was about time for True Monarch White to come out of seclusion.

Dou Dou was looking from the side, and it's eyes flashed. "I actually forgot about the private chat function! Woof woof, let's see how Mt.Huang still bans me then!"

"Little friend Shuhang, I received True Monarch White's Thousand Miles Sound Transmission before. His seclusion ends tomorrow night. In a while I'll send the address to you. Go and receive him." True Monarch Mt.Huang said.

It really was True Monarch White. Song Shuhang smiled. "Good. Would True Monarch send me the address? I'll receive him tomorrow."

"The rough position is Linyao Village of Nanhua Lake City. Today I'll give you a Thousand Miles Sound Transmission. When you reach the place tomorrow night, you can use the magical treasure to contact True Monarch White and find his seclusion grounds."

"Alright!" Song Shuhang replied.

He felt slightly nervous. He could see True Monarch White's seclusion grounds tomorrow already.

How was True Monarch White's seclusion grounds like? It should be some secret place right? The seclusion grounds should have several hundred protective formations right?

There was that Xiangong Resident in the chat space who hadn't been blown apart from even nuclear weapons, who had constructed over a hundred kinds of defensive formations.

It really made one look forward to it!

1: Previously know as Charitable Resident Scholar, he appeared in

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