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Chapter 149-A series of events that hurts the eyes!

Today was June 30, Sunday.

At 5.30, Song Shuhang rose from bed, practiced twenty rounds of [Vajra Foundational Fist Technique], and condensed the collected Qi and Blood energy into the Second Acupoint, the Eye Acupoint.

Without Qi and Blood Pills, he even more couldn't waste any chances to cultivate!

At 6.40, as he was enjoying his breakfast, Song Shuhang received the call of a delivery.

"Hello, is this this Song Shuhang, of the 19th cohort, 43rd class of the Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Faculty? There's an emergency delivery for you, could you sign for it?" This time was a rare time where it wasn't Sima Jiang sending the delivery.

After all, Feng Shou Courier hadn't reached the level of monopolising all the deliveries in the whole country.

"Alright, I'll immediately come down to sign it." Song Shuhang replied.

It should be the magical treasure that could do a 'Thousand Miles Sound Transmission with True Monarch White' that True Monarch Mt.Huang mentioned yesterday right?

Frankly speaking… were all the seniors in the Nine Provinces Number One Group all so relaxed about sending things? Whether it was flying swords, treasure refining materials, magical treasures or even people, they were all so relaxed about giving it to couriers to send.

Whatever. They weren't afraid of it being lost in delivery, so of course they were relaxed.

Song Shuhang tore open the small package. Inside was a jade green small bamboo flute, that was palm sized. Its body was ice cold, and although it was obviously bamboo, it had the texture of jade.

The delivery also had a instruction manual. The method of usage was very simple. As long as one blew the small bamboo flute within a set distance, the person could contact True Monarch White and communicate with him.

The stronger the spiritual energy of the flute player, the greater the distance at which they could contact True Monarch White. True Monarch White and True Monarch Mt.Huang could communicate across the entire China Mainland. But if it was Song Shuhang, it would be considered good if he could communicate within the area of a small village.

So that was why True Monarch Mt.Huang let Song Shuhang make a trip to Linyao Village in Nanhua Lake City first before using the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission to contact True Monarch White. He would then confirm True Monarch White's location before receiving him from seclusion.

The instruction manual had some words at the end as well. "Little friend Shuhang, I prepared various models for you. There are thirty six in total. I'm already handling the procedures and license plates. Afterwards, I'll send them bit by bit to an underground car park in Jiangnan University City. At that time I'll notify you to sign off for that batch of cars. PS: This trip to Nanhua Lake City would be about 500 kilometres or more in total. If you don't mind you can use Little Dou Dou as much as you want. Don't let it commit crimes out of having too much free time. Finally, I wish you… success and safety on the battlefield."

Thirty six new cars of various models? Did they need so many new cars for True Monarch White to take apart?

True Monarch, did you buy life insurance for me?

After sighing, Song Shuhang returned to the dormitory.

The roommates were all only partially resident students. On Sundays, they would all return to their own homes.

Thus, the Pekingese Dou Dou was unrestrained.

It was munching on beef flavoured dog food, and was playing a game Song Shuhang had never seen before. Most likely it was something it downloaded in the past few days.

The game had been minimised into a small window, and the computer also had a small chat window. Inside was a seventeen or eighteen years old beautiful girl doing a video chat with Dou Dou!

"Hubby, you're just too awesome! Our guild normally needs a team of seven elites to pass the BOSS for this instance dungeon. And that's at 'Normal' difficulty! Now, the two of us easily passed the 'Difficult' difficulty!" That beautiful girl said excitedly. Her voice was very soft and pleasing to the ear.

The Pekingese Dou Dou munched on some dog food. With the face of a lonely expert, he typed into the chat box, "No big deal. This can't trouble your hubby. I, your hubby, am an expert!"

"Definitely a super duper expert! I like hub~by the most! Muah muah!" The beautiful young girl said sweetly, and even made a kissing expression.

The Pekingese Dou Dou made a pleased laugh. He tapped on the keyboard, "Your mouth is the sweetest. Come, let's open the BOSS treasure chest, and see what we can take out. Wait for I, your hubby, to reach level 80, and collect the Five Stars War God set. After that, we'll go and abuse those bastards who dared camp my wife's corpse. Watch me send them back to the beginner's village!"

"Hub~by is too overbearing!" The young girl's eyes turned into little stars, and she asked a question. "Hubby, when will your camera be fixed! I want to see how you look, and hear your voice!"

"Don't be impatient. I'll buy the camera tomorrow. Let me tell you this. I, your hubby, am very handsome." The Pekingese Dou Dou typed. At the same time, it flipped through Song Shuhang's computer, and found an old photo of Song Shuhang.

This was a picture of Song Shuhang from high school, and was from the time he regularly exercised. Brimming with youthfulness, it could be counted as a teen idol.

"Come, I'll let you see a picture of I, your hubby! But this photo was taken long ago. I'm more mature and more handsome now!" Then, it sent Song Shuhang's photo to that girl.

After the girl received the photo, she saw the man in the photo had some handsomeness.

In truth she could accept it in her heart as long as this 'husband' in the game wasn't too ugly. This photo was much better than what she had imagined. So, she very happy, and sweetly called out, "Hubby is the best~ I like you the most!"

"Wahaha, I like that sweet little mouth of yours the most! Use a coquettish voice to call me darling, and I'll bring you through the 'Nightmare' instance dungeon again!" Dou Dou wagged its tongue and panted. Seducing a human girl seemed to make it very excited.

"Dar~ling~, wuuuu, it's so embarrassing!" The girl stuck out her tongue.

"Woof woooooof, my bones are already soft, come come come, let's go for the Nightmare instance dungeon again! Watch hubby show off his skills, and flatten it!" Dou Dou began to excitedly jump about on the computer table.

This Pekingese demon dog was beyond saving!

Song Shuhang was standing behind the Pekingese Dou Dou, looking on helplessly at this extraordinary thing that hurt his dog eyes. He felt that his feelings now, could only be described by the phrase 'a dogshit day'.

It was nothing much if the Pekingese Dou Dou wanted to game or chat, but it actually was online picking up girls!

What hurt his eyes even more, was that he had even picked up a girl that wasn't bad!

How will all the single males in China endure this?

And this cute young girl, if she was to discover one day that the one she kept calling 'hubby' and 'darling" was a Pekingese dog. I can't do it. This picture is simply too beautiful that I don't dare think about it!

Song Shuhang collapsed.

"Eh, little friend Shuhang you're back!" The Pekingese Dou Dou unperturbed greeted. It was as if the one who had just sent Song Shuhang's photo anyhow simply wasn't him.

Song Shuhang sighed. "You just sent my photo to that girl anyhow. Is there really no problem?"

"Of course there's no problem. I'm also preparing for you two to have a video chat tomorrow noon. No need to be too long. Just chat with her a few sentences, and show a few smiles. With your pretty boy look, just a slight smile of yours will cause the fall of a city! You can definitely charm her to death and back!" Dou Dou said.

"I reject. Lying to others is wrong." Song Shuhang said.

"Haha, then I'll send your class, school index number to this girl. I'll let her come to Jiangnan University City to look for you." Dou Dou laughed triumphantly.

"…" Song Shuhang's mind was immediately filled with the menu for dog meat hotpot and dog chop braised with soy sauce.

"Relax. I won't make you help for free. I'll also help you do some things as payback. I' Dou Dou, don't like to owe people favours!" Dou Dou said. "Also, don't you feel it's cruel if you let this young girl know that the one she admires is a Pekingese dog? At this time, spread a beautiful lie and let her stay in a beautiful dream. She and I would be a  loving ingame husband and wife. Wouldn't that be collecting merit and virtue?"

So it turns out you actually knew yourself that you were a Pekingese dog, Song Shuhang ridiculed.

"Hehe, I won't chat with you any longer. Watch how I clear this Nightmare instance dungeon!" The Pekingese Dou Dou's paws quickly tapped on the keyboard. The character in the game brought the girl to destroy soldiers and pass generals, and couldn't be obstructed!

Song Shuhang sighed hiddenly. "That's right. Dou Dou accompany me to Linyao Village in Nanhua Lake City this afternoon.

"Oh? You're picking up True Monarch White? However, I'm not free. I need to clear this instance dungeon with my wife." Dou Dou unhesitatingly rejected it.

"Mm. I think you shouldn't reject me. Or else…Haha." Song Shuhang laughed calmly.

"Woof, you're threatening me?" Dou Dou turned his head over and said unsatisfactorily.

"Mm, I am. I'm threatening you." Song Shuhang nodded his head and said truthfully.

"Detestable. Wait for me to finish this and tell my wife before I accompany you to Nanhua Lake City." Dou Dou sighed. "I'll bring you to Nanhua Lake City's Linyao Village. Tomorrow you'll show your face to this girl, and chat with her for a bit."

"Alright." Song Shuhang said.

Two hours later.

Dou Dou had finally finished explaining to his ingame wife. It then came to the balcony, and shaking its body, transformed into the form of a five metre large Pekingese dog.

"Come. Come up and I'll bring you there. That'll be faster." Dou Dou said unsatisfied.

"Mm." Song Shuhang climbed onto Dou Dou's back. "Do you know the location?"

"I've already taken a stroll around the whole China several times. There's no place I don't know." Dou Dou gave a low whistle. His body emitted a fog, which enveloped Song Shuhang inside. As a demon beast, it wouldn't be seen by ordinary people. But Song Shuhang had a human body. If they didn't conceal his body, Song Shuhang would be on the newspaper headlines tomorrow.

Also, this fog also protected Song Shuhang from the effect of wind pressure and cold winds at high altitudes.

"Sit tight." Dou Dou jumped lightly, and soared into the sky. It began to run in the sky, and its speed wasn't much slower than Su Clan's Ah Qi's sword flight by much.

After running for a while, those four Wind Fire Wheels appeared beneath Dou Dou's feet. The speed of flight rose by more than double.

Before even half an hour passed, Dou Dou had already finished running the five hundred kilometres and landed at the Linyao Village in the Nanhua Lake City.

"Do you know where True Monarch White is undergoing seclusion?" Dou Dou recovered to his small Pekingese form and asked.

Song Shuhang took out that green coloured small flute. "True Monarch Mt.Huang gave me this. As long I blow it, I can contact True Monarch White."

He put the green coloured small flute in his mouth, and used strength to blow.

"Huuuuummmm~~" A sound was transmitted from the green coloured small flute. However, this sound wasn't a sound wave human ears could hear.

The sound wave spread far and wide, and quickly reached a corner of Linyao Village.

After a moment, a same sound wave was spread from somewhere in Linyao Village, and connected to the small flute in Song Shuhang's hands.

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