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Chapter 1454 Fairy Almighty Seller

The Southern Eternal Sword Sect’s elder happily jumped in front of Song Shuhang.

In the secret realm, the guests of the Immortal Feast, as well as Immortal Fairy Bie Xue, had all disappeared. This caused the elders to feel like they were all in boiling water, their hearts extremely anxious.

Now, they suddenly found that two Sage Monarchs were still safe and sound. This brought their spirits up with hope finally in sight.

Seeing the elder jump so happily, the Sage’s eye in Shuhang’s right eye socket heated up.

Previously, the two fleas similarly jumped around in the wave of frost… An elder from the Eternal Sword Sect quickly asked, “Sage White, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, do you two know what happened in the secret realm? Where are all the fellow daoists who were in the secret realm?”

What they were worried about the most was that the guests in the secret realm had been dragged into the chaotic space of the broken secret realm, getting twisted into pieces.

They hoped that the Sage White could bring them some good news.

“What happened in the secret realm is very troublesome to explain,” the little Senior White said. “I’m going to fetch Immortal Fairy Bie Xue first, and bring her over here. As for the rest, you can ask little friend Tyrannical Song about it.”

After saying that, the little Senior White patted Song Shuhang’s shoulder. “I will be back.”

Several traumatic experiences surfaced in Song Shuhang’s mind. “Senior White, if you leave, there won’t be another accident, right?”

The little Senior White said, “Relax, your glabella is bright right now, so there shouldn’t be any misfortune gracing you for a while. I will bring Bie Xue back first as we can’t have the Immortal Feast end halfway. I’ve been waiting for the Immortal Feast for so long, and I must let it end perfectly.”

After saying that, he used his spatial abilities to directly go to Immortal Fairy Bie Xue.

I wonder what Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s reaction will be when she sees Senior White, who looks like he’s reverted to his two-year-old self…

Senior White disappeared, bringing away the frost dragon with him.

The elders of the Southern Eternal Sword Sect and the reporters immediately stared at Song Shuhang, hoping to hear about the collapse of the secret realm from him.

Song Shuhang rubbed his eyebrows.

Senior White ‘wished’ for the Immortal Feast to continue.

However, the Southern Eternal Sword Sect’s secret realm had already been destroyed. Could the Immortal Feast still continue given the circumstances? Wouldn’t all of Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s ingredients have been destroyed alongside the secret realm?

When an elder from the Southern Eternal Sword Sect saw Song Shuhang rubbing his eyebrows in distress, his heart sank. “Senior Tyrannical Song, are the other guests of the Immortal Feast also safe?”

They were preparing themselves inwardly to hear the bad news.

Song Shuhang raised his head, and replied, “Ah, the other guests? Don’t worry… Everyone is safe. It’s just that they’re unconscious. Senior White and I took them to a safe place.”

“Safe? They’re really safe?” The hearts of the elders of the Southern Eternal Sword Sect had gone from hell straight to heaven.

“They’re all fine. I’ll move everyone back in a while,” Song Shuhang replied. It was quite unfortunate, but he only managed to take a picture with Sage Monarch Winter Melon. He didn’t have enough time to take photos with the other Profound Sages.

Just now, before Senior White brought them back to Earth, he should’ve first looked for places to take photos with the rest of the Profound Sages.

When the elders of the Southern Eternal Sword Sect heard Song Shuhang’s answer, they all let out a breath of relief.

At the same time, one of the elders curiously asked, “Then, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, why do you still look distressed?”

Song Shuhang waved his hand, and said, “Ah, it’s nothing.”

He was just thinking about how the Immortal Feast was supposed to continue.

Moreover, he was the one who had the greatest share of responsibility when it came to the destruction of the secret realm. It would be great if he could find a way to restore the place.

He had the Inner World, a mystical small world. If he borrowed the power of the Inner World, would he be able to piece the broken secret realm back together?

After all, what had happened was mostly his fault. If he could help the Southern Eternal Sword Sect restore their secret realm, Song Shuhang would definitely try his best.

At this time, it would be nice to run into the ‘Almighty Merchant’. Beneath his mysterious sheet, he might just have the treasure that could come in handy in such a situation. This thought emerged in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Just when he was thinking this, a spatial gate opened in front of him.

Then, a familiar sheet appeared before his eyes.

“Senior Almighty Merchant?” Song Shuhang said with joy.

Did the Almighty Merchant still have this kind of takeout service?

“Hello, Fellow Daoist.” A figure whose entire body was wrapped in a sheet appeared before Song Shuhang However, it wasn’t the Almighty Merchant, because this voice was the voice of a woman.

Just like the Almighty Merchant, this fairy was wrapped in a sheet with only her head exposed.

She had pink-dyed hair that was tied into twin tails.

And unless she was using some magical treasure to move around, she was likely to be a Tribulation Transcender Realm expert. Song Shuhang replied, “Hello, fairy maiden.” At the same time, he noticed that out of everyone present, it was only him who could see the fairy. Nobody else could see her.

Is the sheet that she’s wearing similar to that of the Almighty Merchant?

“You know my master, right? I just heard you call out his nickname. Also… I can sense my master’s aura on your body. You’ve been in contact with him recently and bought something from him, right?” The pink-haired fairy revealed a smile.

Song Shuhang nodded.

“Then, do you know where my master is now? I haven’t been able to contact him for a few days. I was going to him to restock on some goods as some customers have been eager for more,” the pink-haired fairy said in distress.

Song Shuhang pondered for a while, and thought of a possibility.

The Almighty Merchant should be playing hide and seek with Senior White Two.

Perhaps this was why he was in hiding, and had severed any contact with the outside world.

Song Shuhang said, “I don’t know where the Almighty Merchant has gone. In fact, I’m also looking for him.”

Upon hearing this, the pink-haired fairy’s smile changed from a cute one to a professional one. “Fellow Daoist, is there something that you want to buy from my master? You can also choose to buy from me. If you buy from me, you can get a discount.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Fairy, do you also sell all kinds of items?”

Fairy Almighty Seller smiled, and said, “I have most of the things in the universe, and if I run out of stock, I can go to my master to replenish the goods! You can call me ‘Almighty Seller’. If the quantity of the goods you purchase is relatively large, you can get a discount.”

Song Shuhang nodded, seemingly having understood.

The Almighty Merchant, who seemingly possessed every item in the universe, had chosen the quality route.

Fairy Almighty Seller, who was his disciple, had taken the wholesale route, and specialized in selling in large quantities. Although she would often run out of stock, it didn’t matter, since she had the greatest supplier in the universe. Her master could replenish her goods regardless of what they were.

“Fairy Almighty Seller, actually, I wanted to ask if you’ve got anything that can repair shattered space.” Song Shuhang pointed to the collapsed secret realm.

Did Fairy Almighty Seller appear because Senior White wished for the Immortal Feast to continue? Then, maybe I can purchase something that could help me restore the secret realm from her, Song Shuhang thought

But now, there was another problem.

He didn’t have that many spirit stones on him.

He might have to wait for Senior White to return with Immortal Fairy Bie Xue before proceeding with the payment.

“Treasures that can restore shattered space? You’re in luck as I have such an item with me.” Fairy Almighty Seller laughed. After a while, Fairy Almighty Seller’s small hand came out of her sheet while holding a bitingly cold ice crystal.

“This is a special ice crystal from the Frost World. When a practitioner below the Fifth Stage touches it, even his soul will be frozen. In addition to being extremely cold, it has the incredible ability to freeze space.” Fairy Almighty Seller continued, “As long as you have this item, shattered space can be frozen and reorganized. After a little work, a brand-new ice-type secret realm can be constructed. This thing is very difficult to obtain, so it isn’t cheap.”

Song Shuhang: 0


Why is the product that Fairy Almighty Seller is introducing so familiar?

And the origin of this ice crystal gave Song Shuhang an even greater feeling of familiarity.

Fairy Almighty Seller said, “Do you want it? If you’re interested, I can give you a preferential price. The broken secret realm behind you is quite big, so if you want to repair it quickly, you will need a great number of ice crystals. If we go by fist-sized ice crystals, you will need at least several hundred. If you buy more than 300 pieces at a time, I can give you a 20% discount.”

Song Shuhang fell silent.

Fairy Almighty Seller continued, “As for the price, how about we use Seventh Stage spirit stones? 9 Seventh Stage spirit stones for one ice crystal is a very good price. However… I don’t have that many pieces of this article with me right now, and might need to go to my master to replenish my stock, so you will have to wait a bit.”

Song Shuhang continued to remain silent.

Fairy Almighty Seller said, “Do you think that the price is too expensive, Fellow Daoist? Actually, this price is really low, and I can’t reduce the price anymore. If I price it any cheaper, I will be losing money.”

Afterward, she saw Song Shuhang pull out a huge ice crystal the size of a table from his spatial equipment.

Under the refraction of the sun’s rays, the ice crystal exuded colorful light.

The biting chill it brought along could freeze one’s soul.

And there was also that coldness that could freeze space.

Sure enough, it was the same as the ice crystal in Fairy Almighty Seller’s hand.

“…” Fairy Almighty Seller.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Fairy Almighty Seller tightly gripped the sheets around her body.

She suddenly felt a stifling feeling overcome her heart.

Indeed, master’s words couldn’t be any more correct. In this era when emotions had become cold, only the sheet on her body could bring her a trace of warmth. Fairy Almighty Seller’s lips slightly parted. “Your ice crystal…”

Song Shuhang said, “I just got it in a wave of frost, after killing a few monsters.”

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