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Chapter 1455 Resurrection Gold Coin

He just got it… after killing a few monsters?

Since when can the ice crystals of the Frost World be obtained so easily?!

I really want to scream right now!

Fairy Almighty Seller felt very tired, but she still had to maintain her smile.

To continue smiling was a requirement for this profession.

However, she could not bear to continue with this business. It was too heart-rending!

Right, what is this guy’s name?

Since he’s still under the (nobody under the heavens doesn’t know of me) effect, he must be a newly ascended Profound Sage.

Oh, his Sage Name is Tyrannical Song.

This Sage Name sounds quite familiar…

If I remember correctly, isn’t this the first Sage in 1,000 years, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song?

I heard that he later went to the Netherworld Realm to transcend the demonic tribulation and held a second speech. However, I haven’t had the time to see that second speech yet.

Anyway, I should blacklist him and avoid doing any business with him in the future.

Several thoughts flashed in Fairy Almighty Seller’s mind.

Song Shuhang thickened his face, and asked, “Umh, Fairy Almighty Seller… Can you tell me how to use this ice crystal? Do I just throw it into the secret realm?”

It was so embarrassing to ask about how to use something you hadn’t even bought.

It would be great if Senior White was here; with spirit stones, anything could be solved easily.

“…” Fairy Almighty Seller.

After struggling for a long time, she let out a sigh.

He was the first Sage in 1,000 years, Tyrannical Song She had to at least give him some face due to his title. Since he was the ‘first in 1,000 years’, he had to be someone with great fortune.

This guy is very lucky. He might be a good customer in the future, so I should strive to have a good relationship with him in advance.

“Seeing as you’ve got the title of ‘first Sage in 1,000 years’, I’ll give you this information free of charge,” Fairy Almighty Seller said. “I’ve already done the calculations for you. If you want to restore this secret realm, you won’t need to use such a large ice crystal-using three-fifths of its total size will be enough. As for how to use it, this is also very simple. You merely need to pour your spiritual energy into the ice crystal. Remember, it must be pure spiritual energy, or ice/water-type energy. Once it’s full of energy, the crystal will release a cold mist. When this mist is poured into the secret realm, it will solidify the broken space at the fastest speed. Then, as for how to restore the secret realm, that will be all up to your will.”

Song Shuhang gratefully said, “Thank you very much, Fairy!”

Fairy Almighty Seller said, “You’re welcome. Just remember to show consideration for my business in the future.”

Song Shuhang thought for a while, and asked, “Fairy Almighty Seller, do you have any resurrection magical treasures for sale?”

Fairy Almighty Seller said, “Are you talking about unrestricted resurrection magical treasures? Those kinds of things all have relatively low levels, and are only suitable for practitioners at the Sixth Stage or below. Someone like you, who is an Eighth Stage Profound Sage, will need a custom-made resurrection magical treasure.”

“I’m fine with those that can only be used by people at the Sixth Stage or below,” Song Shuhang said. “Do you have any in stock?”

“You aren’t going to use it for yourself? Speaking of such goods, I remember that I have a few.” Fairy Almighty Seller began to search through her products. After a while, she said, “Here it is. The Resurrection Gold Coin is suitable for practitioners at the Sixth Stage or below, and it will not work for those above the Sixth Stage. It is a special resurrection magical treasure. Once the holder dies, the Resurrection Gold Coin will be activated. After the activation, the gold coin will be tossed. If the result is heads, the user will resurrect in 10 months; if it is tails, the user will resurrect in 10 years. In addition, if the user is lucky enough that the coin lands on its edge, they will be resurrected within 10 minutes. The resurrection time might be a little long, but the good thing is that the treasure does not have any huge side effects. Apart from a short period of weakness, there aren’t any huge aftereffects such as a regression of strength.” Song Shuhang asked, “Do you not have a Cross of Resurrection?”

The Cross of Resurrection that he previously bought from the Almighty Merchant was superb. It resurrected him right on the spot, and he didn’t feel any weakening or strength regression.

“That’s a quality product, and it isn’t suitable for wholesale. If you want one, I will have to ask my master about it. That thing isn’t economical, and after having used one, the user won’t be able to use a second one for several hundred years. Its inability to be used successively doesn’t go along with the style of my business. If you buy 10 Resurrection Gold Coins, you’ll have a 10% discount. This item is most suited for customers like you who want resurrection magical treasures for their juniors. The Resurrection Gold Coin isn’t as expensive as the Cross of Resurrection, and the user can use them once every 10 days. This is the wonder of wholesale!” Fairy Almighty Seller strongly recommended this item.

However, depending on one’s luck, it could take a long time to resurrect, possibly even 10 years. As such, its price couldn’t be set too high.

Song Shuhang was moved.

He had just used a Cross of Resurrection, and since he couldn’t use a second one for several hundred years, then wouldn’t he simply be leaving it to be covered in dust if he were to purchase another one anytime soon?

On the other hand, the Resurrection Gold Coins could be used once every 10 days.

Recently, he had used a lot of resurrection magical treasures. If he could carry a few Resurrection Gold Coins on his person, he would feel much safer.

Song Shuhang said, “Alright! Fairy Almighty Seller, how much are you selling these Resurrection Gold Coins for? If the price is affordable, I would like to buy 10 of them.”

The smile on Fairy Almighty Seller’s face immediately became gentler.

“I guarantee that the price is very affordable. Every Resurrection Gold Coin is priced according to Eighth Stage spirit stones. 8 Eighth Stage spirit stones can buy you one Resurrection Gold Coin. Buying 10 coins will grant you a 10% discount, so you will only need to pay 72 Eighth Stage spirit stones for them!” Fairy Almighty Seller quickly calculated the price.

Song Shuhang transferred his consciousness to the Inner World and consulted Scarlet Heaven Sword. “Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, do you think that the price of 8 Eighth Stage spirit stones for one Resurrection Gold Coin is about right?”

He himself didn’t know anything about the price of resurrection magical treasures.

Also, he had acquired the Cross of Resurrection by trading the silver glove with the Almighty Merchant, and he didn’t use any spirit stones at that time.

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “A resurrection magical treasure, huh? Who can use it?”

Song Shuhang said, “It can be used by any practitioner at the Sixth Stage or below.”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword replied, “The price seems fine… Actually, there isn’t a fixed price for resurrection items. After all, it is something that can save one’s life. At times, a resurrection magic treasure that can save someone at the Fifth Stage can be priced at several Ninth Stage spirit stones. But at other times, their price could be so low that you could buy one using only Seventh Stage spirit stones. In general, the price you got is a reasonable one for resurrection magical treasures that can be used by those at the Fifth Stage.” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword was currently taking a walk in Song Shuhang’s Inner World. It was rare for the virtuous lamia not to have swallowed it back immediately. So, it seized the opportunity to stroll around the Inner World to see what had changed.

Song Shuhang said, “Alright, so I can continue with the transaction.”

Whether it was the life talisman, the Cross of Resurrection, or the Resurrection Gold Coins, they could not resurrect cultivators beyond a certain realm. In terms of value, they weren’t comparable to the ‘bamboo leaf’ that Shuhang had once received.

After his consciousness returned to the main world, Song Shuhang nodded. “Fairy Almighty Seller, I’ll buy a set of gold coins. But, can you wait for a minute? I have to wait for my senior to come back so that I can borrow some spirit stones from him. I don’t have any spirit stones on me right now.”

“…” Fairy Almighty Seller.

She suddenly thought, Isn’t this ‘first Sage in 1,000 years’ a bit unreliable? Fairy Almighty Seller asked, “How long is it going to take?”

Song Shuhang replied, “It shouldn’t take too long. He only went to pick someone up.”

I must have met a fake first Sage in 1,000 years. Fairy Almighty Seller sighed. “If you really don’t have spirit stones, you can choose to pay with something of equivalent value. In addition to spirit stones, there are many things that can be considered currency. For example, high-quality pills or similar things.”

Song Shuhang thought for a while, and then said, “Can I use this ice crystal? You said that it would only take three-fifths of the crystal to restore the secret realm. How much can I exchange for with the remaining two-fifths of the ice crystal?”

Three-fifths of the large ice crystal was almost equivalent to 300 fist-sized ice crystals. As such, the remaining two-fifths should be equal to about 200 ice crystals.

One ice crystal was equal to nine Seventh Stage spirit stones, and the discounted price was about 7.2 Seventh Stage spirit stones. When the entire two-fifths of the large ice crystal was put into perspective, they should be worth about 144 Eighth Stage spirit stones.

Of course, this price was Fairy Almighty Seller’s selling price… Her purchasing price was definitely lower.

“…” Fairy Almighty Seller.

After a while, she raised two fingers. “I will add two more Resurrection Gold Coins on top of the original 10—resulting in a total of 12 gold coins-and exchange them for two-fifths of your large ice crystal.” “Okay, deal,” Song Shuhang said. It might be because it wasn’t difficult to obtain the ice crystal, but Song Shuhang did not have a clear price for it. Therefore, he agreed very readily.

Moreover, Senior White had left his disposable flying sword on that ice planet. If he wanted more ice crystals, he could simply go over, use the Scholarly Sage’s eye on some ice monsters, and harvest the ice crystals.

The difficulty of harvesting the ice crystals was relatively low.

Yet, the ice crystals that could freeze space and the Resurrection Gold Coins were both treasures of the same value.

The transaction was completed.

Fairy Almighty Seller reached out and grabbed a scimitar, slashing it down on Song Shuhang’s large ice crystal. The indestructible ice crystal was cut open like tofu, getting separated according to a 3:2 ratio. Then, Fairy Almighty Seller stretched out her hand and took out 12 gold coins, handing them to Song Shuhang.

“With this, the transaction is complete. It was a pleasure to do business with you.” Fairy Almighty Seller smiled. She believed that she had made a profit since the manufacturing cost of these Resurrection Gold Coins wasn’t that high.

There was, of course, no problem with the quality of the product. She had a reputation to uphold, so she wouldn’t do anything that would compromise that.

The main thing here was that the manufacturer of the Resurrection Gold Coins was none other than her.

This was why she recommended this resurrection product so much.

Exchanging her self-made Resurrection Gold Coins for a large piece of ice crystal felt just right.

After the transaction was completed, both parties were satisfied.

Fairy Almighty Seller handed a piece of paper to Song Shuhang. “This is a transaction voucher. If you want to trade with me again, you can activate this coupon. Remember, it’s a single-use item.”

It was similar to what Senior White once got from the Almighty Merchant.

“Okay.” Song Shuhang put away the transaction voucher.

Fairy Almighty Seller left in satisfaction.

Song Shuhang grasped the remaining portion of the ice crystal, and looked towards the broken secret realm in the distance.

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