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Chapter 1442 Use the Cross of Resurrection? [Y/N]

Some time ago, the fat ball had plotted against White Two, enticing him to go to the world of the black lotus so that it could use its exceptional sealing techniques to seal him inside-sealing techniques had always been its strong point, and also the skill it was most proud of.

After getting sealed, Senior White Two had not gone to the Netherworld again to fight the fat ball… part of why this happened was that he found some fun things to do in the main world.

Today, it was mainly because Song Shuhang had appeared in the Netherworld Realm while using his exoskeleton armor, which he had been able to sense, that he became curious and decided to leave the world of the black lotus.

The liquid metal ball had designed its lair to have an airtight defense, so even someone like White Two would have a very difficult time getting in.

But for some reason, when White Two rushed into the liquid metal ball’s lair, he found that most of the defensive formations, sealing formations, and protective runes had been destroyed.

As such, White Two was able to enter the lair without expending much effort.

When he got in, he wasn’t too sure on whose lair this place really was, but when he saw the style of this lair, he knew that it was a creation of the fat ball.

As long as it was a treasure of the fat ball, even if it were merely an ordinary piece of rock, White Two would not let it go. Moreover, the layout of this lair was quite good. If he moved it back to the world of the black lotus, he could use it as a place to grow special Netherworld Realm plants.

White Two shouted, “All right, up you go!”

The entire lair of the fat ball, as well as the ground below, was lifted up.

While carrying the gigantic lair, Senior White Two opened a spatial gate and entered it. Senior White Two muttered, “If I weren’t the ruler of the Netherworld, it would be quite difficult for me to bring such a humongous thing through a gate.”

After returning in front of the world of the black lotus, Senior White Two stretched out his hand, and pointed at the fat ball’s seal.

The intricate seal was undone, causing a small door to open.

White Two propped up the lair, used a secret technique, and entered the small door. After he entered, the small door closed behind him, and the seal that the fat ball had placed was left completely undamaged.

“Today I got a great harvest.” White Two was satisfied.

Soon after White Two moved the lair…

The liquid metal ball grasped the two strange black clumps of smoke, and opened a spatial gate back to the location of its lair.

The liquid metal ball said, “Although Tyrannical Song managed to get away, I still benefited from that overall. As long as I’m able to figure out the structure of these two clumps of smoke, I’ll be a step closer to understanding the secrets of ‘eternity’, allowing me to take control of the bone of eternity in Skylark’s body and maybe even make it mine.”

If it could take that bone of eternity and make it its own, it would have no need to be afraid even if its counterpart died. With the special nature of the bone of eternity, it could forever occupy the position of ‘ruler of the Netherworld’ just like White.

When the next ruler of the Netherworld was born, they would have to face two senior rulers of the Netherworld, itself and White.

The liquid metal ball said, “[Smirk). Let’s begin the experiments.”

Stepping out of the spatial gate, it arrived at the location of its lair.

In its lair, there were many research-specific magical treasures that it had built itself. With the help of these magical instruments, it would be able to crack the secrets of the indestructible smoke very soon. But when it stepped out of the spatial gate, the liquid metal ball froze in shock. “Why is there a huge hole here?” Where was its lair?

Where did the lair that it had spent 10,000 years setting up go?

It was gone!

The liquid metal ball guessed, “Could it have been destroyed by that human called White?”

After the time-reversal, that human White had entered an exceedingly strange state, so was he the one that destroyed its lair?

The liquid metal ball said, “However, even if he did destroy my lair, wouldn’t there at least be some remnants or ruins left behind?”

What was the deal with this huge hole, then?

It was like its lair had been pulled straight out of the ground and taken away.

After about ten breaths of silence…

Sure enough, the lair was really pulled out from the ground and taken away.

The fat ball frantically screamed, “White!!! White!!! I’m going to kill you! I’m definitely going to kill you!”

The ruler of the Netherworld was enraged, so the entire Netherworld Realm shook. The ground of the Netherworld trembled, the sky turned dark, and the stars fell down.

The liquid metal ball instantly shuttled its way through space to the entrance of the world of the black lotus.

The fat ball angrily said, “White, you bastard, get out here!”

To it, everything was White’s fault. As long as it couldn’t find the perpetrator of something horrible that had happened to it, it was definitely White’s doing.

White Two yawned and stuffed his latest, self-made earplugs into his ears-he specifically made it so that it would be able to filter noise, automatically doing away with any sound that came from the fat ball.

After putting them on, White Two opened the giant cocoon, dove into it, and fell sound asleep.

In the depths of the world of the black lotus, there were tens of White Two clones busily studying two treasures.

These clones did not have his combat power, and only possessed White Two’s vast expanse of knowledge. They were special clones that White Two had created in order to study interesting things for him.

What they were studying was the ‘small black room-breaking disposable flying sword’, as well as the Space-Time Traversal ability of the giant turtle of disasters that came with it.

In addition to that, they were also studying the ‘heart’ of the big-eyed planet and the energy core technology that originated from the Second Wielder of the Will. This heart could enable the big-eyed planet to make such huge movements. As long as this technology was mastered, White Two’s Pet No. 1, Little Sun You’re Busy T233, would truly be able to become his ultimate weapon.

“Another quiet and peaceful day.” After filtering the enraged roars of the fat ball, White Two fell asleep.

At the entrance of the world of the black lotus, the fat ball calmed down.

The liquid metal ball fiercely said, “If you want, you can keep on hiding. However, you became the ruler of this place earlier than me, so while you were in the Netherworld, you definitely had a lair of your own. Don’t blame me for digging out your home!”

While all this was happening, White rested cozily inside the world of the black lotus.

After saying that, the liquid metal ball left. It wouldn’t be difficult for it to find White’s lair. As the ruler of the Netherworld, it could see every corner of the Netherworld.

If there was an area that was a blind spot, then it definitely had to be an area with a level of protection of the same level that it was. It simply needed to look for these blind spots, and it should be able to very quickly find White’s old base.

After the liquid metal ball left, an ugly white tiger hurriedly ran to the depths of the world of the black lotus.

The ugly tiger shouted, “Master, Master, this is not good. That fat ball is going to dig out your lair.”

White Two took off his earplugs. “Dig out my lair?”

The ugly tiger replied, “Yes, Master. I was guarding the gate just now, and heard it say that.”

White Two rubbed his temples.

In fact, his old lair was long gone.

Too much time had passed… He remembered that there had been one time when he woke up and accidentally tripped, destroying his lair.

However, he did build a new lair later.

Before he had gotten the world of the black lotus, he had made use of that new lair. Later, after having acquired the world of the black lotus, which was much better, he abandoned that lair.

White Two pinched his chin and fell into thought.

Even if his newer lair were to be dug out and taken away by the fat ball, it was fine since he didn’t really want it anyway.

However… it was best to make use of everything

Before that lair of his was dug out, how could he make use of it? White Two pondered.


Senior White took Song Shuhang and teleported to a location in the main world using his spatial abilities.

“Where is this place?” Song Shuhang looked around.

They were surrounded by ice as far as the eye could see.

Senior White said, “It’s somewhere in the main world. Just now, I consumed a lot of energy, so I could only move us to random coordinates in the main world.” He still looked to be around two years old; he had yet to recover.

Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone and waved it around.

There wasn’t any signal.

Song Shuhang said, “This isn’t Earth. We’re possibly somewhere very far from Earth.”

Although they had no problems breathing, they would still have to be careful of any kinds of poison that might be present in the air.

Senior White said, “I’m going to rest for a while. Before my energy recovers, pay attention to your safety.”

“Senior White, rest assured. We still have the Inner World,” Song Shuhang said. He could sense that his connection with the Inner World was working just fine this time. “Should we return to the Inner World to rest first?”


Senior White nodded, and said, “Transfer me to a quiet place where I can be alone so that I can recover as soon as possible.”

Song Shuhang opened the Inner World and transferred Senior White to the Virtuous Palace.

As for him, he went to the Palace of Winter.

“Senior Song, you are finally back.” Soft Feather, Sixteen, and the others had been waiting for Song Shuhang at the Palace of Winter.

Su Clan’s Sixteen said, “Not long ago, both your clone and Senior White’s clone suddenly disappeared, leaving everyone worried.” Then, she stared at Song Shuhang’s body.

At this time, Shuhang was still made of smoke and only had a rough human form, and his waist was glowing colorfully.

“What’s with this state of yours?” Su Clan’s Sixteen reached out and poked Song Shuhang.

Her finger went through Song Shuhang’s body. Song Shuhang said, “How do I explain this… Well, my body’s in a special state right now. It’s similar to Senior Phoenix Slayer’s talent, but this time I’m in a gaseous state rather than a liquid state. Don’t worry. I feel that I won’t stay in this state for much longer, and will return to my past self rather soon.”

“…” Young Master Phoenix Slayer. Fairy Lychee curiously asked, “Where is Senior White?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Senior White has consumed a lot of energy, and needs a quiet place to recover.”

Then, Song Shuhang said, “Senior Turtle, when Senior White and I escaped back to the main world, we ended up on some planet that we couldn’t recognize. Could you take a look and figure out our current coordinates, and then judge whether or not we’ll be able to use spatial abilities to return to Earth?”

While talking, Song Shuhang suddenly felt a connection form with one of the treasures in his Inner World.

(Use the Cross of Resurrection? Y/N]

“…” Song Shuhang.

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