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Chapter 1394 The golden core composition, constructing the Heavenly City

In addition, this was the work of the Third Wielder of the Will. Even if it had repeatedly analyzed, dissected, and studied it for many years, there was no guarantee that there wasn’t anything hidden left behind. In a sense, inventors could be equated with lunatics; their lunacy wasn’t something to be looked lightly upon. “If I really want to make this fragment the executor of the Heavenly City Project, I will also have to give it a protagonist’s consciousness.” On the Liquid Metal Ball, a pair of arms stretched out and pressed on the instrument where the ‘divine ghost fragment’ was located.

The instrument’s cover was removed, and the fragment which Song Shuhang was attached to was grabbed. (Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball] depressedly said, “If this had been before I had become the Wielder of the Will, I would have just cut a part of myself, merged it with this fragment, and let it take control of this fragment. However, having become the Wielder of the Will, my body has become eternal, and there is no longer any way to cut it.”

Obviously, with it having a liquefied body, separating itself into parts was one of its innate abilities. However, after becoming the Wielder of the Will, because of the Wielder of the Will’s eternal body, its liquefied body became undamageable. Its body could no longer be cut into parts, and there was no way for it to separate itself.

In this way, the innate talent which it was proudest of was rendered useless.

“And so, I guess this is the only thing I can do.” (Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball] grabbed the divine ghost fragment and had something akin to a mouth emerge from its body.

A bad feeling rose in Song Shuhang’s heart.

In the next moment, the Liquid Metal Ball swallowed the ‘divine ghost fragment’ in a single bite.

Hey! Weren’t you giving the divine ghost fragment a consciousness? What are you trying to do by directly swallowing it whole? Are you planning on shietting it out after a while?

Fortunately, the Liquid Metal Ball didn’t have such a habit… Or it could be that it might not have this function at all.

After it swallowed the fragment, the fragment was modified by the power of the law belonging to (Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball).

Although it was the creation of the Third Wielder of the Will’, the divine ghost fragment had already been broken down, and it was forcibly modified by the current Wielder of the Heaven’s Will.

The divine ghost fragment did not have any power to resist, so it was subject to whatever changes and modifications the Wielder of the Will desired.

This procedure took a considerable amount of time.

After all, it was a creation of another Wielder of the Will. It was something that was created by a senior of the same level, so it made sense that it took some time to modify it.

Song Shuhang did not know how much time passed during this entire process.

Anyway, this was not a good memory; it was rather uncomfortable to be swallowed whole into the abdomen of a giant beast.

Finally, a day came when the ‘divine ghost fragment’ was vomited out by the Liquid Metal Ball.

It was originally just a small group of ghostly mass, but after being spat out, it rapidly changed.

In an instant, it became a tall man.

The man was handsome and had an appearance that inspired faith in others.

The man looked just like a natural leader.

The Liquid Metal Ball thought to itself, The ghost fragments originally came from a ‘female’. However, after receiving my modifications, I changed the setting and turned into a male. “From this day onward, you will be the leader of my ‘Heavenly City Project’… Since it is a Heavenly City, you shall be known as the emperor. Mm, the Heavenly Emperor. Henceforth, you will be the Heavenly Emperor,” it said solemnly to the man who had transformed from the divine ghost fragment afterward. The Heavenly Emperor? Song Shuhang’s mind fell into turmoil.

Wasn’t the Heavenly Emperor female?

Why does this one have a male appearance?

Or perhaps this male Heavenly Emperor right here isn’t the same as the one that I know?

The Liquid Metal Ball smiled slightly. “Are you shocked? You are worthy of being a creation of the Third Wielder of the Will. Even a single fragment actually had the ability to evolve into an independent consciousness. However, from now on, you will become a part of me.”

While it spoke, Song Shuhang sensed the divine ghost fragment vibrate.

The fragment stood upright, standing respectfully beside the liquid metal ball.

A brand-new will was produced in its body, a will dominated by the Liquid Metal Ball.

Just like the previous time with the guy that had jet-black arms covered in eyes, a spatial gate was opened. Afterward, the divine ghost fragment which Song Shuhang had taken possession of was thrown into the spatial gate by the Liquid Metal Ball so that it could enter the reincarnation process.

The ‘reincarnation’ here was different from the ‘six paths of reincarnation’ in the myths.

This was the Wielder of the Will’s using his own qualifications to allow the ‘divine ghost fragment’ to mix into the main world. It was equivalent to placing a legal stamp on something being smuggled in.

Song Shuhang was very interested in the process of reincarnation.

His intuition told him that the mysteries of resurrection techniques could be found within. If he could understand the process of resurrection in detail, he might be able to develop his own ‘resurrection technique’ in the future, allowing the safety of his life to improve by several levels.

Unfortunately… during the whole process of reincarnation, he could only see darkness.

After finally recovering from the ‘dark screen’ interface, the plot had already undergone a large jump.

The Heavenly Emperor had already grown into a six-year-old boy.

It was the long-lost dreamland time jump.

If this time jump had occurred while he was being studied and dissected, how good would that have been?

Besides that, is the subject of my dreamland this time not Fairy Cheng Lin, but the Heavenly Emperor? Song Shuhang said in his mind.

If the person of the dreamland this time was the Heavenly Emperor, then was the trigger the Imperial Pearl?

When the Heavenly Emperor was six years old, a strange man with two pupils in each eye came before him, took him away, made him his disciple, and then guided him on the path of cultivation.

Song Shuhang felt happy. Every time he entered a dreamland, the biggest gain he would get was the cultivation experience.

The dreamland wasn’t reality, so only ‘experiences’ and ‘knowledge’ could be brought back.

The improvements to his will and the cultivation experiences were the biggest treasures of every dreamland.

The cultivation experience of the Heavenly Emperor was simply a huge gold mine.

The strange man with ‘double pupils’ began to teach the Heavenly Emperor a set of body-tempering techniques.

Across the universe, no matter which system it was, no matter which path it was, the First Stage Realm was always mostly similar.

It was the process of opening the apertures of one’s body, tempering one’s body, and then activating the energy, such as true energy, holy light, magical power, demonic power, beast qi, and so on, within one’s body.

What the strange man taught the Heavenly Emperor was a body-tempering technique of the cultivation system. Due to (Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball]’s ‘Heavenly City Project’ being based on the cultivation system, the foundation of the Heavenly Emperor was naturally that of the cultivation system. In addition, the ghost fragment was also a product of the cultivation system.

The body-tempering technique practiced by the Heavenly Emperor was a technique tailor-made for him.

Song Shuhang relied on his dreamland state to thoroughly master this set of body-tempering techniques. However, after a careful look, he found that the value of this ‘body-tempering technique’ was not as high as of the (Basic Buddhist Fist Technique).

The (Basic Buddhist Fist Technique) was a well-known body tempering technique in the world of cultivation, and it had a wide range of applicability.

However, the Heavenly Emperor’s body-tempering technique was limited to his own use; if it were passed on to others, its effect would be greatly reduced. Unless one could find someone with the same physique as the Heavenly Emperor, there wasn’t much point to practicing it. It took about 20 days for the young Heavenly Emperor to temper his body, open his apertures, and break through to the Second Stage Realm.

Song Shuhang thought to himself, Awesome, this achievement is second only to the Scholarly Sage.

It took the Scholarly Sage 15 days to break through from the First Stage to the Second Stage. In comparison, the Heavenly Emperor took five more days to do the same.

After breaking through to the Second Stage, the Heavenly Emperor practiced the following cultivation technique provided by the strange man.

This technique was another one that was tailor-made for the Heavenly Emperor. It did not have a name, and did not seem to have any special attributes. Its benefits lay in the huge amounts of true qi it provided… Two years later, the Heavenly Emperor steadily grew and broke through to the Third Stage Realm while being eight years old.

Hmm, his talent isn’t as good as the Scholarly Sage’s. The Sage only took a single year to complete this step. Song Shuhang subconsciously compared the Heavenly Emperor with the Scholarly Sage.

This was because according to the historical records of the cultivation world, the Heavenly Emperor had reached a realm that was comparable to that of the Scholarly Sage.

However, the Heavenly Emperor did not beat up all of the Immortals of the universe like the Scholarly Sage. Because of this, in people’s minds, he was considered to be slightly weaker than the Scholarly Sage, but the two were undoubtedly existences at the same level.

He did not compare the Heavenly Emperor with himself, because his experience was simply a marvel, and nothing could be compared to it. After ascending to the Second Stage, the Heavenly Emperor began the next round of boring practice.

Practicing day and night. Taking some medicinal pills. Then practicing day and night.

After another four years, he ascended to the Fourth Stage.

Then, it took him another five years to successfully condense a Golden Core with nine dragon patterns and become a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor.

Before becoming a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor, he had not practiced even a single magical technique, and other than the basic body-tempering fist routines, he had not practiced a single martial skill.

Song Shuhang, who was in a dreamland state, sighed.

He had firmly remembered the cultivation techniques of the Heavenly Emperor, but the value of these techniques wasn’t that high. It could be said that they were exclusive to the Heavenly Emperor.

Even if Song Shuhang obtained the techniques, he would not be able to impart them to his disciples—imparting these techniques exclusive to the Heavenly Emperor would not be as effective as imparting the (Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique) that he had.

Therefore, apart from experiencing the process of the Heavenly Emperor’s cultivation from the First Stage to the Fifth Stage, and the various experiences he went through, he had not gained much.

Song Shuhang thought, Actually, the process of the Heavenly Emperor’s cultivation from the First Stage to the Fifth Stage is somewhat valuable to me.

It had only taken him five months to go from the First Stage to his current realm, the Fifth Stage. There was no problem with his will, physique, and cultivation techniques, but he had ascended too quickly, and this always made it hard for him to have a peace of mind.

Five months ago, he was just an ordinary college student.

Yet now, he was already a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor. If he joined a huge sect like the Limitless Demon Sect, he could become a peak master.

And sect masters of small sects like the Moon Saber Sect were only at the Fourth Stage Realm. If he were to now meet the Moon Saber Sect’s sect master, the original owner of the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, Song Shuhang could defeat him with one hand.

Now, with the help of the Heavenly Emperor’s over 10 years of cultivation experience, that troubling feeling he had in his mind disappeared.

If he were to be compared to a treasured saber, the over 10 years of experience he got during this process made him much sharper.

After the Fifth Stage Realm, the strange man with the ‘double pupils’ left the ‘Heavenly Emperor’. This strange man was originally a failed experiment of (Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball), and his main task was to guide the Heavenly Emperor to the Fifth Stage. After the Fifth Stage, the hidden power in the Heavenly Emperor’s body would begin to awaken. These powers had been sealed when he went through the reincarnation process.

The power that was sealed had two parts, one of which was the power of the ‘divine ghost fragment’, while the other was the power of the ‘protagonist consciousness’ branded by (Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball]. These two powers became one, and began to impart the inheritance to the Heavenly Emperor and guide him on his mission.

After being promoted to the Fifth Stage, the Heavenly Emperor began to come into contact with the hidden power in his body while practicing.

The young Heavenly Emperor was taken into the depths of his consciousness space.

In his consciousness space, a voice began to teach him.

The Fifth Stage Realm was a very important realm.

After condensing the golden core, the number of dragon patterns on the core was related to the future achievements of a cultivator.

And the next step, the ‘Golden Core Composition’, was also related to the strength of the cultivator.

The first phase of the Golden Core was the (Solid Golden Core). After condensing the golden core, the practitioner would have a composition form on their golden core according to their ‘desire’. Every practitioner had different desires. Even for those who cultivated the same technique, the composition they had would be completely different, and the strength of their golden core would vary in the future.

Because it was related to one’s willpower, practitioners at the Golden Core Realm valued it greatly. Before constructing one’s Golden Core Composition, they would do everything possible to find opportunities to hone their will.

Every stroke in the Golden Core Composition should be without regrets as there was no opportunity to change it later.

Although there was no basis for this belief, most practitioners believed that the more complicated a composition was, the stronger they would be!

When the Golden Core Composition was completed, the ‘Solid Golden Core’ of a Fifth Stage practitioner would become rounder and firmer. Then, the golden core would acquire a purple and gold color. This was the second phase of the golden core, the (Purple Golden Core).

The last stroke of the Golden Core Composition was particularly important. This was the finishing touch before the composition was completed, and it had the effect of activating the whole Golden Core Composition.

More than half of the Fifth Stage practitioners were unable to advance because they were stuck at the final stroke of their Golden Core Composition. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to do the last stroke, but that they didn’t know how to. They lacked a final smidge of understanding…

Song Shuhang was now at this stagealthough he had only ascended, and he had yet to figure out how to construct his own Golden Core Composition.

He wasn’t in a hurry, though. Originally, he planned to spend a few months to stabilize his realm and will before trying to compose his Golden Core Composition.

But now, as he was possessing the body of the young Heavenly Emperor, he had the chance to personally experience the process of creating one’s Golden Core Composition.

In the consciousness space, the voice guided the young Heavenly Emperor to draw the strokes on his golden core.

At the center of the composition was a majestic palace.

It was the core palace of the Heavenly City. Taking this palace as a starting point and extending in all directions, different palaces appeared on the young Heavenly Emperor’s golden core.

His Golden Core Composition was the Heavenly City. From the Heavenly Emperor’s First Stage to the Fifth Stage, the biggest feature of his cultivation techniques was the vast amount of energy. With that, he had enough spiritual power to support the creation of the vast composition on the golden core.

Song Shuhang thought to himself, This is so cool.

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