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Chapter 1395 Experience the cruelty of death, youngster!

Through the dreamland, Song Shuhang was able to experience and memorize the steps that the Heavenly Emperor took to form his Golden Core Composition.

If Song Shuhang wanted, he could draw a similar (Heavenly City Composition] on his golden core when he returned to the main world.

After all, he had experienced the entire process of the Heavenly Emperor’s cultivation from the First Stage to the Fifth Stage, as well as the knowledge that the Heavenly Emperor acquired and the practice he went through.

If he wanted to imitate the Heavenly Emperor, after he rid himself of the interference of his own experience and desire, he could guarantee that he could achieve an imitation at least 70% similar.

In addition, because of his rich experience, the hundreds of years of will tempering, and the precious encounters with death, his Heavenly City Composition would be even more gorgeous and complex. Imitations could indeed be better than the original. The only question was if he would dare to do it or not.

At this time, the Heavenly Emperor had already done his best to complete 99% of the composition on his Golden Core. A majestic ‘Heavenly City’ had appeared on his golden core; the composition now only missed the final stroke.

It could take Fifth Stage practitioners tens, several hundred, or even over 1000 years to complete their Golden Core Composition.

There was no room for regret in the process of creating one’s Golden Core Composition. Moreover, one’s will could be continuously strengthened through practice, and the changes in a Fifth Stage practitioner’s will would bring about changes to the details of the final Golden Core Composition.

It sounded cool to complete one’s Golden Core Composition in one go, but the best choice of action was to complete the Golden Core Composition in several stages as one waited for their willpower to reach an optimal state.

Taking a step back, it was also true that most practitioner’s spiritual power was not enough to allow them to complete their Golden Core Composition in a single try. This operation was simply too extravagant.

After the Heavenly Emperor completed 99% of the Golden Core Composition, he stopped meditating.

“Now, the last step,” the young Heavenly Emperor said softly-because he had been practicing since he was six, his physical growth had been greatly stalled. At this time, the Fifth Stage Heavenly Emperor only had the appearance of a child that was 12-13 years old.

For the final stroke of his Golden Core Composition, even if he possessed the divine ghost fragment inheritance, he had no way of doing it in one breath.

The final stroke required not only talent, but also fate and comprehension, and these could not be accomplished by simply being in a meditative state.

The only exception was this person that did not have any dragon patterns on their golden core…

Due to them being too embarrassed to show around their golden core that had no dragon patterns on it, they entered a state of seclusion and went from the Fifth Stage to the Sixth Stage during that single session. However, such an occurrence was one of a kind across the entire universe.

The young Heavenly Emperor said, “Speaking of enlightenment, there is nothing that can stimulate a person’s potential better than facing death. I need to look for trials and look for opportunities to face death.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

This sounded very reasonable. However, there was an underlying meaning to this statement

—there was nothing better at stimulating one’s potential than seeking death.

Senior Thrice Reckless was considered to be a member with great potential in the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Could he have been seeking death to stimulate his potential?

The Heavenly Emperor said, “However, where am I supposed to find these opportunities?”

Because the strange man with the double pupils had already left the young Heavenly Emperor, the Heavenly Emperor no longer had anyone to act as a guide or a master for him. As such, he now had to rely on himself for everything

The young Heavenly Emperor’s eyes lit up, and he said, “Right, at a time like this, I could pray to God!”

Were such thoughts instilled in the young Heavenly Emperor’s mind before he reached the age of six?

He’s already become a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor, yet he’s praying to God… His brain works in a strange way. Song Shuhang had skipped everything that had happened before the Heavenly Emperor reached the age of six.

The young Heavenly Emperor put his palms together and began to pray.

He said, “God- Please tell me how to find opportunities to face death!”

However, no one responded to the young Heavenly Emperor’s prayer. In this world, there was indeed an existence like the Wielder of the Heaven’s Will, who was comparable to God. Moreover, there were also Immortals and Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders that could be compared to gods to some extent.

But currently, there wasn’t any big shot that was bored enough to respond to the young Heavenly Emperor.

The young Heavenly Emperor thought to himself, Eh? Was my prayer not sincere enough?

After pondering for a while, the young Heavenly Emperor’s eyes suddenly shone. “Right, sacrifices are required! To pray to God, one needs to prepare sacrifices first. After that, one needs to build an altar to have a dialogue with God.”

Then, the young Heavenly Emperor ran out happily to look for sacrifices.

Song Shuhang. Other than knowledge that pertained to cultivation, it appeared that the strange man with double pupils had not taught the young Heavenly Emperor anything else.

Perhaps he would inherit a wealth of knowledge from the divine ghost fragment and the protagonist consciousness of (Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball] as the seal in his body was released bit by bit, but he was completely clueless for now.

The young Heavenly Emperor ran out, moving around in the mountains and forests.

He managed to pick up some precious natural treasures, which were rather common during the ancient era. While he was picking up natural treasures, he also managed to take down some guardian beasts.

Although he had never practiced magical techniques, him being at the Fifth Stage Realm and having the basic body tempering fist technique was enough to bully these guardian beasts which were only at the Third Stage.

After returning to where he had initially closed up, the young Heavenly Emperor piled up some stones to make an altar, and threw the natural treasures and guardian beasts onto it.

The young Heavenly Emperor solemnly said, “God, I am here to pray to you. Please guide me to the next step. I would like to go through near-death experiences. It would be best if this opportunity was close to me because I might lose my way if it is too far away.”

This scene was definitely part of the dark and shameful past of the future Heavenly Emperor.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any Tribulation Transcenders or Immortals passing by.

It was unknown why, but (Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball) did not respond to the prayers of the young Heavenly Emperor. It was reasonable to assume that the Heavenly City Project was very important to it, and so it should have always been paying some attention to the young Heavenly Emperor.

However, it did not respond this time.

In this way, the young Heavenly Emperor performed the ritual, which he believed to be very ‘sincere’, three times and still got nothing

The young Heavenly Emperor sat cross-legged, wondering, and said, “Strange, what did go wrong?”

Song Shuhang inwardly ranted, (It’s because you have no talent when it comes to seeking death. How can you just ask others to help you with something like seeking death? This kind of thing should come from within one’s heart. For example, Senior Thrice Reckless is a natural when it comes to seeking death; it comes from the bottom of his heart. It is the highest level of death-seeking.)

When he finished ranting, the young Heavenly Emperor suddenly got up from the ground and jumped up. “God, is that you? Did you hear my prayer?”.

“???” Song Shuhang.

Was there really a Tribulation Transcender or Immortal passing by? Or was it the Wielder of the Will replying to the young Heavenly Emperor? The young Heavenly Emperor asked, “But, God… What is the talent for seeking death? Where do I get it?”

“…” Song Shuhang.

The young Heavenly Emperor then asked, “God, can you please explain what it means to seek death?”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Could the Heavenly Emperor have sensed his existence just like how Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven and the Scholarly Sage had? Was he communicating with him?

At this point in time, the Heavenly Emperor only has strength at the Fifth Stage… How can he sense my existence? Should I test it?

Song Shuhang said, (To seek death is a sickness, which is also known as the Thrice Reckless Disease. It is terribly contagious. If you really want to try seeking death, go to the highest mountain peak, seal your spiritual power, then leap off the peak. During this leap of faith, you will experience what it is to be near death.]

The Heavenly Emperor said, “I understand.”

And so, the young Heavenly Emperor got up and ran to the highest mountain peak in his vicinity.

It was a steep cliff, the kind that would definitely break one’s body if they jumped off of it.

The Heavenly Emperor took a deep breath and began to seal his spiritual power.

While sealing his spiritual power, he mused, “Wait, why do I know how to seal my spiritual power? I don’t think I’ve studied the method before.”

It was as if he always knew it. Just as he wanted to seal his spiritual power, the method to seal spiritual power appeared in his mind.

The young Heavenly Emperor roared and leaped off the cliff. “It doesn’t matter. Let’s


On the way down, the young Heavenly Emperor felt death take him into its arms.

He lightly said, “Is this the feeling of death? I seem to have awakened something within my body.”

He felt that he seemed to have grasped the last smidge of comprehension and enlightenment he needed to complete the last stroke for his Golden Core Composition!

All right, I can stop now.


He didn’t know how to stop. He didn’t even know how to ride a flying sword. Actually, he hadn’t even refined his life-bound magical treasure yet!


The young Heavenly Emperor came crashing down to the ground, creating a huge hole.

Since all of his spiritual power had been sealed, he had completely relied on his Fifth Stage body to resist the impact of the fall.

The young Heavenly Emperor vomited blood, and his right hand trembled as he grabbed the ground in front of him, trying to get out of the hole.

He did everything he could to take two steps. After that, his head tilted, and he fainted.

Song Shuhang’s vision also went black.

If you don’t seek death, then you won’t die. Why did he not understand such a simple truth?

He had taken possession of the Heavenly Emperor, so he would naturally feel everything that the Heavenly Emperor experienced.

He felt the weakness that the Heavenly Emperor felt when he sealed his own spiritual power, and he felt his determination as he jumped off the cliff.

There was also the bungee jumping experience that could make others feel despair.

Finally, when the Heavenly Emperor’s body hit the ground, Song Shuhang also felt the force of the impact himself.

I’m dying…

Song Shuhang’s mind similarly went blank.

When Song Shuhang opened his eyes again, he found that he had temporarily left the dreamland.

For some reason, he had a sense of foreboding in his heart that the dreamland might not have ended yet.

I hope it’s just me thinking too much.

He really didn’t want to get too tied up with the Heavenly Emperor. If I have the chance, I should tell Senior White Two about the Liquid Metal Ball’s (Heavenly City Project). I’m getting a feeling that the Heavenly City Project isn’t over yet, especially with the Heavenly Emperor having been reborn in a female form.

However, since the Ancient Heavenly City was destroyed, the (Heavenly City Project] couldn’t possibly continue any further, right?

The White Dragon’s gentle voice sounded. “You’re awake?”

Song Shuhang turned his head slightly and saw Su Clan’s Sixteen’s figure wrapped within the White Dragon. Sixteen was still in an evolutionary coma. As for him, he was being protected by the virtuous lamia.

“How long was I asleep?” Song Shuhang rubbed his temples.

This time, the dreamland had exhausted him physically and mentally, and the experience of being researched for hundreds of years was still vivid in his mind. This time was even worse than the time he had been Lady Onion.

The White Dragon gently said, “It’s almost been an entire day. According to the time outside, today is October 5th.” Song Shuhang asked, “October 5th already? Fairy Biexue’s Immortal Feast is on the 7th. I’ve been looking forward to it for over half a year. I really don’t want to miss it. Have we not found the exit yet?”

“I have found it just now.” Sister White Dragon smiled. After saying that, the White Dragon lowered her head slightly before using her dragon horn to open a spatial gate.

In the next moment, she took Song Shuhang and Su Clan’s Sixteen back to the space of the trial grounds.

The aftermath of the battle was still there, and the surrounding spiritual power was in a chaotic state. The place might require a long period of time to recover.

Soft Feather had curled up into a ball, and her long black hair covered her body. She was sleeping soundly.

Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief after seeing that Soft Feather was safe.

He descended to the ground, brought out the Divine Lobster’s Chariot, picked up Soft Feather, and put her in the chariot. After that, he took Sixteen and placed her next to Soft Feather.

Song Shuhang said, “Now, it’s time to leave this secret realm.”

At this moment, the White Dragon suddenly said, “The grassland outside this secret realm should be a fragment of the Ancient Heavenly City.”

Song Shuhang squeezed his chin, and said, “A fragment of the Ancient Heavenly City? So that’s the case.”

It was no wonder that he got a familiar feeling after he had left the trial grounds.

Song Shuhang asked, “Sister White Dragon, can you shrink down the Ancient Heavenly City fragment and take it away?” The White Dragon shook her head, and said, “If my main body was here, something of such a level could be achieved easily, but now I am merely a materialization of virtue. “However, I can leave the coordinates of this place to you. If your strength reaches a high enough level in the future, you can directly come here and take away this fragment.”

Song Shuhang said, “Thank you.” The White Dragon smiled slightly. “Don’t thank me so quickly. The Heavenly Emperor has revived… She might take away the Ancient Heavenly City fragment before anyone else can.”

Song Shuhang nodded, and said, “Then, when we return to the main world, I will look for someone to help me collect the Ancient Heavenly City fragment.”

Under the guidance of the White Dragon, Song Shuhang walked to the end of the grassland.

When he stretched out his hand to press on the barrier, he found himself passing through space.

In the next moment, he was back in the main world.

Baijing Street, Wenzhou City, China.

“I’m back. This is the smell of home.” Song Shuhang stretched his body happily.

Now, should I go back home and have a look?

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