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1390 Because Song Two sounds very silly This statement was stifling and even more so an insult to one’s intelligence.

The Heavenly Emperor said, “Do you think that I’m an idiot?”

Did you mistake me for a monkey or something?

The Golden Scholar smiled slightly, and said, “I know you might not believe my words, but that is the harsh truth. I am you, and you are me. We are one.”

“…” The Heavenly Emperor.

The Golden Scholar said, “I even have proof. Come, let me show you the proof of us being one and the same.”

Then, he stretched out his hand and assumed a pose that made him look as if he was picking a flower.

The Golden Scholar solemnly said, “Imperial Pearl, appear!”

In the next moment, the ‘Imperial Pearl’ appeared between his fingers, shining brightly and exuding a strong aura of life.

“The pearl lives as the emperor lives, and the pearl dies as the emperor dies,” the Golden Scholar said majestically. “The pearl lives as I live, and the pearl dies as I die.”

The Imperial Pearl was the symbol of the ruler of the Ancient Heavenly City—the Heavenly Emperor. It was a treasure that the Heavenly Emperor had created by relying on her ‘path’.

As long as the Imperial Pearl existed, the Heavenly Emperor was alive. Even if the Ancient Heavenly City was destroyed, the Heavenly Emperor could still one day come back and recreate her heavenly palace.

There were still a great number of survivors that remained in the universe. Even until now, some of them were waiting for the return of the Heavenly Emperor and the reconstruction of the Ancient Heavenly City.

The Golden Scholar grabbed the Heavenly Emperor’s shoulder with one hand, clenched his other fist, and passionately said, “Now, history has already opened a new chapter. So many years after the collapse of Ancient Heavenly City, you and I finally meet. It is time for the two of us to merge into one and proclaim the Heavenly Emperor’s return to the universe and announce the reconstruction of the Ancient Heavenly City to the survivors.”

The Heavenly Emperor said, “You want to fuse with me?”

The Golden Scholar said, “It isn’t a matter of fusing, but of merging into one. This is because we were originally one.”

After that, he spread his arms. “Rejoice and relax your mind. You will feel that you and I mutually attract one another as we are both fragments. And today, we can finally return to one.”

Then, the Golden Scholar and the Heavenly Emperor started to resonate with one another.

The two actually had the same origin.

“What a joke!” At this moment, hundreds of ‘Imperial Runes’ appeared on the Heavenly Emperor’s body. The runes were like sabers and cut off the resonance.

The Golden Scholar murmured, “Tsk, this really is troublesome. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy.”

The Heavenly Emperor solemnly said, “Who are you?”

“Who am I? Great question.” The Golden Scholar grabbed the Heavenly Emperor’s shoulders with both his hands to prevent her from escaping. Then, he whispered into the Heavenly Emperor’s ear, “You’re the only one I’ll be telling this. Make sure not to tell others. In fact… I am Song One.”

“Death-Seeking Song?” The Heavenly Emperor frowned and stared at the Golden Scholar.

She had tried to guess the identity of the Golden Scholar before her, and had even thought up many possibilities of who he might be. However, she completely did not expect him to be that death-seeking Slow-Witted Song from the Ancient Heavenly City.

Slow-Witted Song smiled. “I’m glad that you still remember me. It seems that even after returning to life, you’ve still retained a decent portion of your memory.”

The Heavenly Emperor frowned… Once she thought about it carefully, she realized that she had lost a great portion of her memories, and there seemed to be some that were very important among these lost memories.

The Heavenly Emperor stared at the Golden Scholar in front of her. “What do you want? Or more specifically, what do you want from me?”

The Golden Scholar calmly said, “I already told you. I want to be one with you.”

“Do you want to be in my harem too?” The Heavenly Emperor smiled.

The Golden Scholar said, “You’re too naive, Heavenly Emperor. Allow me to open your eyes to an entirely new world today.”

After saying that, he stretched out his hand and let go of the Heavenly Emperor’s shoulder.

The Heavenly Emperor retreated again and again, distancing herself from the Golden Scholar. However, after she retreated about ten meters back, she felt like she hit an invisible barrier.

“It’s useless for you to try to escape. When I appeared, there was already a sealing formation placed around this place, and this formation was made specifically for you. Now, watch my technique.” The Golden Scholar stretched out his hands, put his hands on his chest, and made a gesture of affection. “I love you, Heavenly Emperor.”

“…” The Heavenly Emperor.

Just now, she subconsciously tried to condense the Imperial Rune Defense, but nothing happened.

What exactly had Slow-Witted Song been up to after the Ancient Heavenly City was destroyed? Her memory was fuzzy, and it appeared that she had forgotten many things.

Nevertheless, she continued to hear alarm bells ringing in her mind due to the guy in front of her.

After a long while…

The Golden Scholar still maintained the affectionate gesture. “Eh? No response?”

“…” The Heavenly Emperor.

What reaction did you think I was going to have?

“Apologies, the signal must not have been that good just now. After all, my state right now is very special. There are times when I forcefully enter the main world that the signal is relatively weak,” said the Golden Scholar. After that, he once again made an affectionate gesture, and said, “I love you, Heavenly Emperor.”

This time, something happened to the Heavenly Emperor’s body.

Her heartbeat began to accelerate, and her body unceasingly resonated with the Golden Scholar’s body.

This time, even the Imperial Rune could not isolate the resonance between the two. She now had no way of blocking the Golden Scholar.

The Golden Scholar strode towards the Heavenly Emperor.

He stretched out his hand and pressed it on the Imperial Rune. Like an obedient sheep, the rune moved to his side without any resistance.

The Heavenly Emperor’s eyes blurred, and her consciousness began to fade.

The Golden Scholar laughed, and said, “I told you. We are one.”

“What did you do to me?” The Heavenly Emperor’s breathing quickened.

“Before the Ancient Heavenly City fell, you and I merged together. That’s right, I’m talking about the ‘you’ before your revival.” The Golden Scholar smiled slightly.

The Heavenly Emperor solemnly said, “Depending on your skills?”

“It really is unbelievable, right? But that’s the truth. I have been waiting for your ‘resurrected body’ to appear. As long as we merge together, we can become truly complete. The Heavenly Emperor and Song One will both become history.” The Golden Scholar stretched out his hand.

Then, a figure was forcibly summoned from Soft Feather’s body.

The Golden Scholar smiled, and said, “From today onward, we are ‘Divine Ghost Song Three’.”

“Why Song Three?” Soft Feather asked loudly in a daze.

The Heavenly Emperor’s consciousness was stripped away from the possessed body and started to recover. While recovering, she heard the name ‘Divine Ghost Song Three’, and asked this question subconsciously.

The Golden Scholar replied, “Because Song Two sounds very silly.”

He reached out and tapped Soft Feather gently in the middle of her brows. Subsequently, her eyes shut, and she fell back into a deep sleep.

As the Heavenly Emperor was merged with the Golden Scholar’s body, his body grew a bit larger and reached four meters in height.

He softly said, “October 4th is indeed my lucky day. The plan has been a success, and the next step is the final step.”

He stretched out his hand and waved it. Then, a red-golden space appeared behind him.

That patch of space stretched out unendingly, with its depth beyond what the eye could see. It was as if a huge gate to an entirely new world had opened up.

Within the gate, tens of thousands of golden armored fighters were lined up. These golden armored soldiers didn’t say a word, but their auras were rising, shaking the world.

At the front of the golden armored soldiers, there were seven strong existences standing side by side.

These seven had wheels of light floating by their heads, concealing their countenances.

These seven were all Immortals.

On the far left was the Great Northern Emperor.

The Great Northern Emperor still looked the same. As he wasn’t smiling, he looked particularly cold. Cool as ice and very handsome.

The third one from the left was the Great Western Emperor. He was wearing a scarlet robe, and his cuffs seemed to hide two suns.

The Great Western Emperor took a step forward, and said, “Your Majesty, did you succeed?”

“I’ve succeeded.” The Golden Scholar smiled slightly. “After waiting for so many years, ‘she’ has finally come out. Time is limited, we must enter the final stage. Get ready, I want to complete your ‘paths’.”

Except for the Great Northern Emperor, the other six Immortals all stepped forward, waiting for the Golden Scholar to make a move.

The Great Northern Emperor softly said, “I shall protect everyone.”

He was a special existence.

With the ‘resurrection formation’ activated by Song Shuhang, there was now a Great Northern Emperor in the main world. He had already freed himself from the path of the Heavenly Emperor.

The Golden Scholar used his fingers as a pen to quickly draw an Imperial Rune in the air.

Whether it was the Imperial Pearl or the Imperial Rune, he had long mastered how to create them.

This Imperial Rune was very complex, consisting of nearly 10,000 different runes.

When the Golden Scholar finished writing, the golden color on his body dimmed significantly. It was clear that he had expended a lot of energy in doing the previous action.

The Golden Scholar said, “Sign it.”

The second Immortal came forward and stretched out his hand, which had two gold chains tied around the wrist.

After taking a step forward, at the lower portion of the Imperial Rune contract, he signed with his daoist name—Great Soul-Seizing Emperor.

Then, the Great Western Emperor stepped forward, stretched his arms out of the burning cuffs, and signed with his daoist name—Great Western Emperor”.

After they signed their daoist names, the bright moons above the heads of the two Immortals became more complete. It was as if the flaws in their bodies were fixed.

Their ‘path’ became perfect.

After the Great Western Emperor, the fourth Immortal took a deep breath and moved forward, stretching out her finger from her robe. “We have waited for this day for too long.”

“It hasn’t been that long. For us Immortals, what does time even mean?” The Golden Scholar smiled slightly. “Quickly, sign it and sell your soul to me.”

“If you want me to sell you my soul, you should first fix your other relationships.” The fourth Immortal wrote her daoist name on the contract—Daoist Priestess Flat Peach.

When the daoist name was signed, the moon-like wheel behind her became complete.

The Fourth Immortal said, “When you finish sorting out your relationships with Pavilion Master Chu, Big Sister Golden Dragon, Fairy Cheng Lin, Little Sister White Bone, and so on, that’s when you can come back for my soul.”

Her voice was low and gentle. It was a fairy maiden.

“…” The Golden Scholar.

“Haha.” Daoist Priestess Flat Peach stepped back after signing her name.

The fifth Immortal came forward, stretched out his finger, and got ready to sign his daoist name.

As the fifth Immortal started writing his daoist name, a majestic voice came from within the Golden Scholar’s body.

[The path of time. As the Emperor, I order the wheel of light to reverse.]

In the next moment, the space around the Golden Scholar began to twist and turn.

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