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Chapter 1389 Fool, I am you~ “She’s in an extremely weakened state, so don’t be frightened by her aura. Remain calm, Song Shuhang!” Cheng Lin said in Song Shuhang’s mind.Cheng Lin was one of the perpetrators of the destruction of the Heavenly City. She knew many secrets about it that even a great number of big shots living in the Heavenly City didn’t. Most importantly, she and the Heavenly Emperor were sworn enemies.

The Heavenly Emperor had yet to notice Cheng Lin, who was residing within Song Shuhang’s body; otherwise, she would have definitely tried to kill Song Shuhang first.

[The only thing here that’s relatively troublesome here is that she is residing within Soft Feather’s body…] Song Shuhang said. [Moreover, I might not be able to defeat her. No matter how weak she might be, she’s still the Heavenly Emperor.]

Although he said that, he still quickly made his move.

The ‘Impregnable Holy City’ appeared behind him. The Tyrant Wild Boar’s Ram was in front, while the Divine Lobster’s Chariot appeared beneath his feet once more.

Everything was ready.

“You will first have to make her pregnant and let her have a taste of the terrifying means of the Scholarly Sage. Since she’s possessing Soft Feather’s body, which is only at the Fourth Stage, she will inevitably be hit and affected by the Impregnating Gaze. Then, it’ll be time to run her over. You have no choice but to send the Heavenly Emperor back into the trial grounds if you want to save Soft Feather!” Cheng Lin continued to encourage Song Shuhang.

While Cheng Lin was speaking, Song Shuhang had already controlled the ‘Impregnable Holy City’ to run over [Soft Feather.]

Fairy Cheng Lin was right. To save Soft Feather, he had to ram the Heavenly Emperor back into the trial lands. At this time, there was no room for hesitation.


The Tyrant Wild Boar’s Ram slammed into the Heavenly Emperor-possessed Soft Feather, and the Divine Lobster’s Chariot followed right behind it.

Then, the huge holy city was next up behind the chariot.

The three were in a line, rushing forward with great speed.

Impregnable Holy City—Rush!

Behind Song Shuhang, the 11 Ancient Holy Apes opened their scholarly scriptures and chanted in order to raise their master’s momentum.

“You have quite the temper, I like it. I… have decided. When I recreate my palace in the future, I shall name you ‘Tyrannical Concubine’.” Soft Feather stretched out her hand and used her white palm to block the Tyrant Wild Boar’s Ram.

The ram made contact, but it was unable to force Soft Feather back even half a step.

What is with that name Tyrannical Concubine?! That name sounds horrible.

“It’s not over yet.” Song Shuhang gritted his teeth as he brought out his Sage Seal, ready to lift the seals on the ‘Impregnable Holy City’ in one breath. Once he did so, the Eighth Stage-level ‘Holy City’ would crash into the Heavenly Emperor, and that should at least force her back even the smallest bit.

“Stop dreaming. Do you really think that I’ve never seen the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure before?” The Heavenly Emperor smiled, and calmly stretched out her hand in front of her.

A majestic rune appeared in front of her.

The White Dragon’s voice sounded in Song Shuhang’s ears. [That’s the ‘Imperial Rune’ that belongs to the Heavenly Emperor, be careful.]

Song Shuhang boldly said, “No matter what rune it might be, after the holy city starts moving, there is no stopping it.”

He could see that this ‘Imperial Rune’ contained the power of the law, and was at the same level as the Sage’s ‘Scholarly Rune’.

However, after the ‘Impregnable Holy City’ initiated a charge, there was no way to brake.

The Heavenly Emperor looked at Song Shuhang with a smile, with her hands behind her back. The temperament of a great expert who could suppress the entire world radiated from her body.

This was the self-confidence and temperament of the strong.


The Divine Lobster’s Chariot crashed into the defense formed by the ‘Imperial Rune’.

Despite the dragon and shrimp at the front of the divine chariot nearly collapsing, the defenses raised by the Imperial Rune barely budged.

Song Shuhang felt his chest tighten.

The backlash of the attack nearly caused him to fall apart in exhaustion.

Behind him, the seals on the Impregnable Holy City began to disappear.

The Sixth Stage seal was undone…

After that, it was the turn of the Seventh Stage seal.

The ‘spiritual energy’ in Song Shuhang’s body was quickly consumed.

The Heavenly Emperor said with her hands behind her back, “Even if you lift those seals, it’s useless— Aaahhh~”

Suddenly, something came out of thin air and slammed into the Heavenly Emperor’s body.

She was completely caught off guard.

When that thing appeared, it appeared quietly without causing any spatial fluctuations. It was as if it had always been there.

After the Heavenly Emperor was hit by that thing, she retreated again and again.

“What is that thing?!” The Heavenly Emperor’s dark eyes flickered. She grabbed the object with her slender hand and finally stopped it.

“Hahaha, fool.” The corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth rose. “This is the hand-guided tractor assault!”

“Huh?” The Heavenly Emperor hurled away the hand-guided tractor in her hand, and the treasures in the carriage fell to the ground.

These treasures were exactly the ones that Song Shuhang, Su Clan’s Sixteen, Soft Feather, and Senior White’s clone had collected when they were in the Wielder’s small black room.

Two days ago, Senior White’s clone used the [small black room-breaking disposable flying sword version 001] to send the trio + the Almighty Merchant out of the small black room, and then used another flying sword to send the hand-guided tractor out.

However, for some reason, the hand-guided tractor had been stuck in the spatial channel all this while, and was only able to come out at this moment.

Due to the items within the tractor belonging to Su Clan’s Sixteen and Soft Feather, when Senior White’s clone had sent this tractor out, he made it so that it locked onto Soft Feather and Sixteen and used them as coordinates.

In the end… the hand-guided tractor suddenly burst out and hit Soft Feather’s body.

The Space-Time Traversal ability of the giant turtles of disaster was truly strange. Even the Heavenly Emperor had not been able to sense it coming.

The Heavenly Emperor calmly said, “I have to admit that the timing of the appearance of this hand-guided tractor is very strange. However… that still won’t work.”

While speaking, she shifted her position.

Before, her location was in a straight line with the trial grounds, and a strong impact would have been able to knock her back to the road of the trial.

After being hit by the hand-guided tractor, she no longer dared to handle things in such a way. After all, she had yet to recover and regain her status as the invincible Heavenly Emperor.

Therefore, she changed her position to avoid possibly being hit and getting sent straight back into the trial grounds.

“Impregnating Gaze.” At this moment, Song Shuhang’s left eye lit up.

He did not borrow the power of the Scholarly Sage’s eye this time as he had directly inherited the technique from the Scholarly Sage while he was in Fairy Creation’s dreamland.

A strange light shot out.

The Heavenly Emperor laughed, and said, “The Scholarly Sage’s Impregnating Gaze… You sure can do a lot of things.”

After Impregnating Gaze hit the Imperial Rune, it couldn’t penetrate it at all.

The strange light quickly disappeared.

The Heavenly Emperor calmly said, “I advise you to stop. If the seals on the magical treasure behind you are undone, you will be sucked dry of your spiritual energy.”

While she was talking… Song Shuhang vanished from where he stood.

He vanished without causing any spatial fluctuations.

The Heavenly Emperor frowned; she spread her spiritual consciousness and searched around.

At this moment, Song Shuhang suddenly appeared right in front of her.

Since the Divine Lobster’s Chariot was already damaged, Song Shuhang wore a full set of armor and slammed into the Heavenly Emperor with his body instead.

Under his feet was a virtuous flying sword. It was the disposable flying sword that he requested from Senior White for Senior White Two. He invoked the power of this disposable flying sword, used a short-distance Space-Time Traversal to ignore the Imperial Rune, and appeared in front of the Heavenly Emperor.

“Interesting, you’ve still got a trick like this.” The Heavenly Emperor didn’t avoid it. Instead, she opened her arms and hugged Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang slammed into Soft Feather’s chest, but it was as if he had hit an iron pillar, and the force from the impact made him vomit blood.

Behind him, the Impregnable Holy City also violently rushed forward.

At this time, the Seventh Stage seal of the Holy City was already undone.

Without the assistance of miniature Skylark, Song Shuhang did not dare to undo any more seals. If he did so, he really would be drained to death.


The Impregnable Holy City crashed, creating a bottomless pit, and causing smoke and dust to fill the air.

In the distance, the White Dragon rolled Sixteen up while staring at the place where the holy city fell.

After a while, the Impregnable Holy City disappeared. Due to Song Shuhang’s energy being exhausted, the holy city dissipated and returned to his body.

Inside the pit.

[Heavenly Emperor Version] Soft Feather gently hugged the unconscious Song Shuhang.

The White Dragon’s voice sounded. [Put him down.]

“Are you ordering me?” Soft Feather ‘Heavenly Emperor Version’ raised her head, and her dark eyes stared at the White Dragon.

The White Dragon stared back at the Heavenly Emperor while its figure swelled.

The Heavenly Emperor calmly said, “You care about him? But he isn’t Slow-Witted Song.”

The White Dragon did not make a sound, simply making a faint golden luster appear on her white body.

“Alright, since you want me to put him down, then so be it.” The Heavenly Emperor slowly released him.

The moment she let go, a spatial gate appeared under Song Shuhang, directly swallowing him up.

The Heavenly Emperor smiled slightly, and said, “If you can’t catch him, don’t blame me.”

The White Dragon rolled Sixteen up. Then, her figure flashed, and she followed Song Shuhang into the spatial gate.

“It appears you’ve got another weakness, Fellow Daoist Golden Dragon.” The Heavenly Emperor closed the spatial gate with satisfaction.

“It’s time to leave.” The Heavenly Emperor stretched out her hand, and opened another spatial gate, ready to leave.

However, when she opened the spatial gate, a loud voice rang in the void.

“Pervading Heaven and Earth is a righteous spirit— Mixed and manifold, it assumes various forms.”

At the same time, a huge golden hand squeezed out of the space.

“Below, it makes rivers and mountains; above, it makes the sun and stars.”

Another huge golden hand appeared.

“In the world of man, it is what Mencius called ‘flood-like,’ surging forth to fill all that lies beneath the blue sky.”

These huge golden hands suddenly grabbed Soft Feather’s shoulders.

“When the Great Way is tranquil and peaceful, it inspires the bright court with harmony. ”

A huge man that was three meters tall appeared.

He did not come out through a spatial gate, but forcefully exited space in a violent way.

There was a distinct face print left on the space.

With how violently space was treated, if space had had intelligence, it would have long cried in pain.

This brawny man was wearing a scholarly robe and a scholarly cap on his head.

“Who are you?” [Heavenly Emperor Version] Soft Feather frowned. She tried to struggle free, but couldn’t remove the huge hands that were on her shoulders.

“Have you forgotten me? You really are forgetful, oh Ancient Heavenly Emperor.” The golden scholar smiled while showing his white teeth.

“Cheng… Lin!” The Heavenly Emperor squeezed out these two words through her teeth.

“Wrong, wrong~ I am not Cheng Lin.” The Golden Scholar looked at the Heavenly Emperor profoundly, and said, “Fool, I am you.”

“…” The Heavenly Emperor.

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