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Chapter 1366 A salute to the birth of a new Demon Sage This voice rang directly in Song Shuhang’s ear.Song Shuhang: “…”

Am I really in the Demon Sage Show? Or am I playing in a game and registering an account?

Be a little more serious! This is a grand occasion!

Senior White Two said, “Pick another daoist name. Your ‘Scholar Mountain of Books’ is too old. It has long been taken by another Eighth Stage Demon of the Netherworld on some previous ‘Demon Sage Show’.”

Song Shuhang was responsible for putting on a big show during the Demon Sage Show so as to promote the Demonic Tribulation Realm of the ‘Netherworld Realm’ to the universe. In return, Senior White Two would help Song Shuhang pick out his daoist name.

Song Shuhang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Scholar Mountain of Books is a daoist name from the scholarly faction’s system. Why would big shots of the Netherworld take such a name?”

“Because it is relatively cool,” Senior White Two said. “There are always people who would feel that taking such a daoist name would be… what word was it… Ah, right, ‘trendy’. And so, there’s actually a good number of demons with such a daoist name.”

Song Shuhang said, “Are they not afraid of being shunned by the ruler of the Netherworld, and then losing all their luck?” He remembered that the liquid metal ball hated the scholarly faction. According to that, taking a scholarly name would simply be seeking death, wouldn’t it?

Senior White Two laughed, and said, “Unlikely. With that fat ball’s character, it would never take a liking to disgusting creatures with names related to the scholarly faction.”

Song Shuhang felt his heart become stifled.

Song Shuhang then said, “What about ‘Path-seeking Scholar’?”

[Hello, the daoist name you picked has already been taken. Please pick another daoist name.] This voice rang in Song Shuhang’s mind once again.

Even Path-seeking Scholar has been taken?

Netherworld demons, there’s something wrong with your heads!

After a period of time, they would go and attack the scholarly faction, leaving them no room for survival in the main world. The scholars had to keep a low profile, and finally move to the world of the golden lotus and developed it.

Despite such a premise, the Netherworld demons still took scholarly faction daoist names—there was simply no way of understanding their way of thinking.

Senior White Two said, “Stop trying to get scholarly daoist names. No matter how big your imagination is, it can’t compare to so many Netherworld demons. All the scholarly faction daoist names that you can think of should already be taken. Try changing the faction.”

Song Shuhang looked at the ‘Demon Seal’ that had condensed in front of him, and his heart was so stifled that he couldn’t breathe.

At the same time, all the practitioners in the universe and the Netherworld Realm silently watched Profound Sage Tyrannical Song in his ‘Demon Sage Show’.

The Demon Seal had been around Profound Sage Tyrannical Song for a long time.

Similar to the Sage Seal, it was reasonable to assume that the Demon Seal would also have a part where the ‘daoist name’ was determined.

But now, the Demon Seal had been stuck in this phase for a long time, and Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s ‘demon name’ had yet to appear. What was going on?

“As expected of the first Sage in a thousand years, he’s a big shot who has shown himself to the entirety of both the Netherworld and the main world.”

“Hey, what do you think Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s demon name is going to be?”

“The Demon Seal is the opposite of the Sage Seal. As such, his demon name should also be the opposite of his sage name. Since his sage name is Tyrannical Song, isn’t his demon name going to be Song Tyrannical?”

A lot of discussions unfolded all over the universe and the Netherworld.

Among the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

As **DM stared at Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, who had appeared in a ‘show’ the second time, he felt a sudden desire to cry.

What a luxury!

If he could have this opportunity even a single time, he would already be satisfied.

**DM murmured, “As I ascended to the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm, I felt that my sense of existence has been getting lower and lower. If this trend continues until the Eighth Stage, I might just end up being forgotten by the fellow daoists in the group.”

**DM had quietly become a Venerable.

However, no one in the Nine Provinces Number One Group knew about this, and no one paid it any attention.

Even if Song Shuhang had ascended one more time, he still couldn’t see the comments from the universe and the Netherworld Realm.

When genuine Profound Sages or Demon Sages conducted a show, the discussion within the universe and the Netherworld Realm would appear before them like a barrage on a screen.

Senior White Two said, “Someone suggested that you might pick ‘Song Tyrannical’. I think that this reversal of your sage name is really interesting.”

Song Shuhang shook his head vigorously. “No, absolutely not!”

He didn’t want others to call him Song Daddy or Song Tranny instead as it would be equally tiring.

Senior White Two urged, “Then hurry up, even if I’m intervening, the time you have to choose a daoist name is limited. After the Demon Sage Show, there is still another stage. You can’t keep on staying here and wasting time forever.”

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples and fell deep into thought.

Two of his scholarly daoist names had been taken by the Netherworld demons, and the daoist name ‘Tyrannical Saber Song One’ was also no good, because his sage name was already ‘Tyrannical Song’. Besides that, a daoist name with a ‘Tyrannical’ was simply too stressful. One ‘Daddy/Tranny Song’ was already enough; he didn’t want to have another one.

He had already given Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman to Little Cai.

As for the daoist name ‘Virtuous Cultivator’, he had a plan for this in mind, but it depended on whether or not his relationship with the little loli in the Beast Realm would cement in the future.

Among the remaining daoist names ‘Daoist Priest Wood’ and ‘Baijing Street’s Sabersman’, he was planning on leaving one for Chu Chu.

After all, he had given the ‘Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman’ daoist name to Little Cai, and he couldn’t show that he favored one over the other.

Chu Chu was a swordsman, so the daoist name ‘Baijing Street’s Sabersman’ didn’t need to be considered. This meant that Chu Chu’s daoist name would have to be drawn between ‘Daoist Priest Wood’ and the two scholarly daoist names.

It was also best to leave Daoist Priest Wood as a possibility first; in the case that Chu Chu didn’t want any scholarly daoist names, there would still be something left to choose.

So… only Baijing Street’s Sabersman is left?

Song Shuhang was a little unwilling to go with this because the full version of [Baijing Street’s Sabersman] was ‘China, Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou City, Baijing Street’s Swordsman’. This style was terribly distorted, and Song Shuhang didn’t want to use this daoist name.

If he wasn’t fine with any of the seven daoist names, he still had the ‘Cheng Lin’ daoist name.

But he directly canceled this thought.

Besides Cheng Lin being a feminine daoist name, Empress Cheng Lin had too many ‘karmic ties’ during ancient times. If he chose this daoist name, all those ties and faults would fall on him.

Senior White Two again urged, “Hurry up.”

Song Shuhang pinched his brows and thought quickly.

Since none of the seven daoist names could be used, and he didn’t want to use the daoist name Cheng Lin, he only had one choice.

Come up with a new daoist name.

“Divine Sword Song One!” Song Shuhang said loudly. “I’ve decided, this will be my daoist name.”

Senior White Two asked, “Are you sure?”

Song Shuhang said, “I’m sure.”

After a while.

[Hello, the daoist name you picked has already been taken. Please pick another daoist name to continue the Demon Show.] This voice sounded in Song Shuhang’s mind again.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Who is so shameless that they would even pick a daoist name like Divine Sword Song One?

At this time, Senior White Two said, “Time is up.”

Song Shuhang responded, “Huh?”

Senior White Two said, “I told you that time is limited. Now, we’ll be entering the ‘Demon Seal’ random selection mode.”

Song Shuhang was anxious. “Senior White, you are a ruler of the Netherworld, give me another chance.”

Senior White Two said, “Even as the ruler of the Netherworld, it is impossible for me to completely ignore the ‘rules’. Your senior can only help you this far~ I hope that you will be satisfied with the daoist name that you get.”

Song Shuhang’s eyes immediately became wet.

In the next moment, many runes appeared on his ‘Demon Seal’.

There were four choices: Daoist Priest Wood, Baijing Street’s Sabersman, Virtuous Cultivator, and Cheng Lin.

Even the option of ‘Tyrannical Saber Song One’ did not appear.

Only Song Shuhang himself could see these daoist names. Before the ‘daoist name’ was determined, the practitioners of the universe and the demons of the Netherworld could only see the bright runes.

“In the end, I’ll have to choose from these four numbers? Are there no more choices?” Song Shuhang was unwilling.

The first three were okay, but if he got ‘Cheng Lin’, he would rather die.

As if sensing his thoughts, there was suddenly another option, [Scholarly Sage].

Scholarly Sage?

This is a cool name! Can I really use it?

Still, why would this name appear for him? Could it be because of the Scholarly Sage’s Eye he had on him? Could it be that the Demon Seal had detected that eye, and simplified ‘Scholarly Faction’s Sage’ into ‘Scholarly Sage’?

Song Shuhang hurriedly said, “I want this one, I want this one!”

Although this daoist name might cause him to be beaten up by the scholarly faction, it was truly the best daoist name out of everything.

There was a flash of light on the Sage Seal, and then… the five daoist names began to spin as if they were on a big turntable.

Song Shuhang loudly said, “Scholarly Sage, Scholarly Sage, Scholarly Sage!”

After a few flashes, the screen paused.

In the end, what appeared on the Demon Seal were two gleaming runes.

Two choices left!

Either Scholarly Sage or Cheng Lin.

The best daoist name VS the worst daoist name.

Song Shuhang’s heartbeat quickened.

What will it be?

On the Sage Seal, the light of the runes faded…

The one that finally appeared on the Demon Seal was—[Tyrannical Song].

The result of those innumerable shouts was Demon Sage Tyrannical Song!

Song Shuhang: 😳

F*ck, I’m going to flip the table!

Why would a large turntable with the five daoist names [Daoist Priest Wood], [Baijing Street’s Sabersman], [Virtuous Cultivator], [Cheng Lin], and [Scholarly Sage] end up with a ‘Tyrannical Song’ appearing at the end?

Were dirty tricks played? Unspoken rules?

However, the ruler of the Netherworld ‘Senior White Two’ was supporting him, so how could there be the possibility of any dirty tricks?

In addition, his Sage Seal was already ‘Tyrannical Song’, so why would Demon Seal also have the choice ‘Tyrannical Song’?

After all, if a daoist name was already taken, it couldn’t be chosen by another, right?

Just as he was in thought, the rune on the Demon Seal changed again.

The word ‘Song’ disappeared from [Tyrannical Song].

Then, it was replaced with the word ‘Scholar’.

[Tyrannical Scholar]. The two words formed, and Song Shuhang’s demon name had been finalized.

The first Sage in a thousand years, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, had successfully transcended the demonic tribulation in the Netherworld Realm and earned the name ‘Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar’.

At this moment, the prestige of the name ‘Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar’ spread throughout the universe and the Netherworld.

In the skies of the Netherworld Realm, strange phenomena appeared.

This was a salute to the birth of Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar.

Why does the word ‘Tyrannical’ have to be there? Just give me the ‘Scholarly Sage’ daoist name!

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