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Chapter 1365 Hello, the daoist name you picked has already been taken Vice-Island Master Tian Tianwei’s inference was justified and well-founded!The person who disappeared was Seven’s junior, so she was definitely quite young. And this was also why Seven could love her like she was his own little sister.

Then, if her talent for cultivation was exceptional, it further supported Seven calling her a super genius with her having reached the Fourth Stage Realm despite being so young. Such a person would naturally cause the group of fellow daoists at the Fourth and Fifth Stages to feel pressured. After that, in order to maintain their face as a ‘senior’, they would obviously have to work hard every day, and even on the holidays.

Finally, there was the most important point. She was very likely to have an affair with Thrice Reckless, or perhaps Thrice Reckless simply had a crush on her. This fitted all of the assumptions stated by the seniors in the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’.

The inference deduced by Vice-Island Master Tian Tianwei was realistic and suffocating.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber hurriedly explained, “Wait, there must be some misunderstanding. I am not a siscon into young ones. I prefer older sisters.”

He felt that Su Clan’s Seven was about to explode right outside his door…

Afterward, Thrice Reckless felt that what he said before was right—if a siscon with a younger sister was to get violent, they would become terrifying.

Vice-Island Master Tian Tianwei added, “It’s alright, Senior Thrice Reckless. Who has stipulated that Senior Seven’s junior can’t be a ‘big sister’? We’re cultivators, not ordinary people. Even if she’s Seven’s junior, she’s already at the Fourth Stage. It is possible that her appearance has already matured to that of a big sister.”

Thrice Reckless screamed, “Fairy Tianwei, please be merciful.”

His voice was mixed with the sound of breaking doors and the sound of a blade being dragged on the ground. It sounded like it directly came from a horror movie.

The fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group nodded silently—the ‘Su Clan’s Seven vs. Thrice Reckless Mad Saber’ battle had already begun.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer pushed up his glasses, and his lenses reflected the light of wisdom. “Everyone, I have one thing to add. Actually, the one who’s making my heart feel stifled should be a man.”

Vice-Island Master Tian Tianwei: “This is not necessarily in conflict… Since Senior Seven has a fuzzy memory, perhaps his junior is a man?”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said, “But it wouldn’t make sense for them to be Thrice Reckless’ lover.” After all, Thrice Reckless liked the big sister type.

Daluo Sect’s Fairy Rain Moon: “How could it not make sense? Is it really certain that Thrice Reckless is a man who likes older sister types?”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: “True Monarch Rain Moon, don’t lead the fellow daoists of the group astray.”

…Senior Yellow Mountain had not modified his name in the group. He had used the name ‘True Monarch Yellow Mountain’ for a long time, and he was rather used to it himself. Anyway, everyone knew that he had become a Venerable, so there wasn’t a need to change it.

I’m that little white crane at the edge of the Earth’s End asked, “Senior White hasn’t finished closing up yet?” After that, it added, “Actually, I remember a little bit more than you guys. I remember the ‘first Sage in a thousand years’ Tyrannical Song should be someone of our group. They should also be our junior.”

Daluo Sect’s True Monarch Rain Moon said, “Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song? Impossible, if he really were our junior, where are we supposed to keep our face?”

**DM: “Could that ‘junior’ that everyone has forgotten about be related to me?”

“Could they be someone from Fellow Daoist When the Bright Moon Appears’ sect?” True Monarch Yellow Mountain nodded silently; this was indeed very likely.

**DM: “It’s very likely that they have practiced our cultivation technique to the master level, and have been able to make it so that their existence has completely disappeared from others’ minds.”

Several of the fellow daoists in the group felt that this was possible.

Recently, **DM’s skills had become more and more profound, and his existence had also become more and more difficult to sense. Previously, everyone could still recall a small part of his daoist name, but now, nobody could remember even a single part of it.

In addition to the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group… the teachers and students of Jiangnan University Town also had this feeling in their hearts. They would always feel that there was one student missing from their class, but they couldn’t remember who it was no matter how much they racked their brains.

While the fellow daoists in the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ were in the middle of a discussion, all of them suddenly felt something in their hearts.

Everyone raised their heads and looked towards the sky.

This kind of heart-stirring feeling meant only one thing—A Profound Sage’s Divinity Show!

Fairy Lychee said, “It should be Venerable Spirit Butterfly. He is similar in strength to Senior Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue, and it was about time for him to break through to the Profound Sage Realm. Calculating the time, he should have become a Profound Sage by now.”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: “In this way, including Sage Monarch Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue, we now have two Eighth Stage Saints in the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Congratulations.”

Fairy Dongfang Six said, “Senior Yellow Mountain, how could you forget about ‘Sage Monarch Seven Lives Talisman’?”

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said, “Don’t pull me into this. It’s not like everyone doesn’t know about how that went. Anyway… I felt that I went through the tribulation together with ‘Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’, but I can’t remember what happened later. I’m actually quite sure about this.”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said, “It’s here! Eh? I feel like there’s something wrong with this environment.”

The ‘picture’ that everyone saw was not of the bright Heavenly Tribulation Realm; what everyone saw was the evil, purple-black, and filthy atmosphere of the Demonic Tribulation Realm.

Scholar Xian Gong asked, “This place feels like the Netherworld, doesn’t it? Does anybody have any understanding of the Netherworld Realm?”

Scholar Xian Gong had originally closed up to recuperate, but this Divinity Show had startled him awake.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain affirmed, “This is the ‘Demonic Tribulation Realm’. I remember that we once entered the Demonic Tribulation Realm in order to study heavenly tribulation guided missiles and atomic bombs. This matter seems to involve one of our lost members.”

Fairy Lychee curiously asked, “Then, is this the Netherworld’s Demon Sage Show? Why is it projected to the main world? Could it be that the Netherworld has completely invaded the main world? Or is it that the main world and the Netherworld have merged?”

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman said, “I’m more curious about something else… Who exactly is showing their divinity?”

The screen of the Demon Sage Show slowly became clearer.

The first thing that caught everyone’s eyes was a fairy maiden who was half human and half snake. At this moment, the fairy raised her hands up high while holding something in her hand.

She seemed to be holding a seal. It was just that the screen hadn’t been enlarged yet, so nobody could see what exactly this seal was. When everyone looked at this ‘seal’, they could all feel a familiar feeling surging from within their hearts.

The camera of the ‘Demon Sage Show’ slowly zoomed in.

Then, one big and eight small ‘Ancient Holy Apes’ appeared in front of everyone.

These Ancient Holy Apes were holding thick scholarly scriptures in their hands, and wore scholarly robes, exuding a strong scholarly aura.

A beast cultivator from the Beast Realm said, “What the hell! Aren’t those Ancient Holy Apes the ones condensed from our ❮Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique❯? However, what’s with the scholarly robes and scriptures on those Holy Apes’ bodies?”

Had these Holy Apes been converted to the scholarly faction?

The cultivators from the scholarly faction were also dumbfounded—the seniors of the scholarly faction could recognize the ‘scholarly scriptures,’ which should be projections that would only appear after one successfully reached the master level in the ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯.

“What a great show!” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said—thanks to the blessing of this ‘Divinity Show’, the battle between him and Su Clan’s Seven was suspended.

The camera went round and round, and finally focused on the lead.

A young man in a T-shirt and shorts appeared in front of everyone.

This suit was Song Shuhang’s only remaining set of clothes. The previous ones had all been destroyed during the tribulation.

This casual dressing made everyone unable to adapt at first. The lineup before was so powerful, yet it ended up that the owner was dressed so casually. Was this deliberate?

“Huh? Am I seeing things? Isn’t this Profound Sage Tyrannical Song?” Everyone finally recognized who the person in the ‘Demon Sage Show’ was.

This was because Song Shuhang was still under the effect of the [Nobody under the heavens doesn’t know of me] that lasted for a year after one became a Profound Sage.

Everyone could recognize who he was as long as they stared at him.

“Profound Sage Tyrannical Song ran to the Netherworld to transcend the demonic tribulation? And he even succeeded and became an Eighth Stage Demon Sage?” The members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were very confused.

This was the case not only for the members of the group, but also for the cultivators of the universe.

Although the Wielder’s small black room had caused everyone’s impression of Profound Sage Tyrannical Song to have weakened to the extreme, the content of his ‘Divinity Show and Profound Sage Speech’ had impressed everyone. The first Sage in the thousand years, who was destined to be recorded in the ‘History of the World of Cultivation’, had now gone to the Netherworld?

Could it be that Profound Sage Tyrannical Song had fallen and become a demon?

Young Master Phoenix Slayer said, “Song Shuhang, I remembered… Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s original name was Song Shuhang. Strange, why would I know this? Could I have known him before?”

At the moment when Song Shuhang’s ‘Demon Sage Show’ displayed, the little memory of Song Shuhang inside Young Master Phoenix Slayer’s mind had emerged.

“I remember this too. Tyrannical Saber Song One’s name is Song Shuhang. What True Monarch White Cran said previously was right, he should be a member of our Nine Provinces Number One Group.”

“He is the member of the group that had disappeared from our memories? Then, is he Seven’s junior? Thrice Reckless’s loved one? Are our hearts stifled because despite being our junior, he’s already at the Eighth Stage Realm? No wonder we were forced to suffer and work hard every day. If we don’t practice, we could lose so much face that we’d leave the group.”

“What I’m more interested in knowing is how Shuhang ended up in the Netherworld Realm and transcended the demonic tribulation when he’s already a Profound Sage.”

Daluo Sect’s True Monarch Rain Moon said, “No, no, there’s something wrong with your priorities. In my opinion, the most important thing is: how did Profound Sage Tyrannical Song steal Thrice Reckless’s heart?”

[System prompt: Daluo Sect’s True Monarch Rain Moon has been muted by True Monarch Yellow Mountain for 5 minutes.]

True Monarch Yellow Mountain said, “Even if you’re an administrator, I can still mute you.”

Compared to the members of the main world, the evil demons of the Netherworld Realm were even more dumbfounded.

How did the first Sage of humankind in a thousand years, ‘Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’, get to the Netherworld and appear in the Demon Show?

Could he have come to challenge them?

Or maybe Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was simply an expert of both the demonic and daoist cultivation? Could he have cultivated the path of daoism while also cultivating the path of the Netherworld demons?

This f*cker was the protagonist of a template from novels hundreds of years ago. A protagonist like this was no longer popular these days.

In the Demonic Tribulation Realm.

“Senior White, I have tried my best to put on a good show. Now, can you let me choose the name on my Demon Seal?” Song Shuhang said in his mind.

During the Divinity Show, he had not been strong enough when condensing his Sage Seal, so the words available for his seal were randomly chosen, leading to him being nicknamed ‘Daddy Song or Tranny Song’.

Now that he was in the Demon Sage Show, he wanted to be one to choose the name on the Demon Seal.

Senior White Two asked, “No problem. What do you plan to engrave on your seal?”

Song Shuhang said, “Does that even need to be asked? Of course it’s Scholar Mountain of Books.”

Senior White Two said, “No problem, I’ll do it for you.”

After a while.

[Hello, the daoist name you picked has already been taken. Please pick another daoist name.]

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