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1355 Song Horizon? There“s no such thing!

The monster bird Little Cai suddenly said, [Teacher? Is that you? I can feel your presence.]

Similar to Miruru’s voice, Little Cai’s voice was directly transmitted into Song Shuhang’s mind.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Little Cai asked, [Teacher, Teacher, is there any way for me to ascend to the Fifth Stage faster?]

Song Shuhang’s heart moved. [Little Cai, do you want to quickly ascend to the Fifth Stage and take on a human form?]

After Little Cai transformed into a human form, she was probably going to look for that monster hunter, right?

Although Little Cai was very cute when practicing, her behavior had been changing for the worse lately. As she was his eldest disciple, Song Shuhang still hoped that Little Cai could return to normal soon.

Little Cai excitedly said, [I have to, Teacher. I want to transform into a human form earlier so that I can practice the saber technique with you. Although I can practice the ❮Steel Hands Technique❯ even when I’m in my bird form using my wings instead of hands, it is ultimately different from the real saber technique. I want to quickly transform into a human form, then commence an unending cycle of practice.]

Song Shuhang: “…”

Little Cai asked, [Teacher, you ascend really quickly. Is there some kind of trick to it?]

Song Shuhang replied, [When it comes to the path of cultivation, persistence is the key. Is there anything wrong with the old way of taking it step by step? You don’t have to worry about taking shortcuts, diligence in practice is the best path.]

Little Cai replied, [Yes, Teacher!]

Afterward… Song Shuhang hung up the connection with Little Cai.

She was not an ideal target to impart strength. If Little Cai’s realm were to soar, it wouldn’t be good for her. If she ended up being unable to deal with her ‘heart knot’, the inner demon tribulation of the Fifth Stage would definitely kill her.

Therefore, I absolutely cannot impart my strength to Little Cai! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

However, if he didn’t impart Little Cai with any strength, whom was he supposed to impart to?

The two youths from the Ancient Lake Temple? The three muscular monks from the Warring Buddha Sect? Loli Shi?

No, no, they were all sent to him by the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group so that they could be protected from Daoist Priest Horizon.

This was the trust that his seniors had placed on him.

If he became Song Horizon and imparted his strength to the disciples of his seniors, what face would he have left to meet with the seniors in the group?

Moreover, with Song Shuhang’s character… He wouldn’t be able to bear doing such a thing. The only exceptions were those like Miruru, who were in a dire situation and required a huge amount of energy. It was only to those exceptions that he would be able to impart his strength without hesitation.

After giving it some thought, he couldn’t find a person to impart his strength to, and his heart felt stifled.

Song Shuhang said to Senior White Two, [Senior White, I can’t do this anymore. If things continue like this, I’m going to ascend to the Fifth Stage and condense my golden core. Our Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure will be taken out of the picture.]

He no longer had any cards to play, so he wanted to see if Senior White had something that he could do to help.

Senior White Two replied, [Wait and give me some time. I am busy right now.]

Song Shuhang casually asked, [What are you busy with?]

Senior White Two replied, [Hehehehe, I’ve discovered a moving treasury that’s got some interesting things. I’m tracking his location. I absolutely cannot let him run away so easily.]

Song Shuhang suddenly thought of something, and he blurted out, [Are you talking about the Almighty Merchant?]

Senior White Two laughed, and said, [You call him the ‘Almighty Merchant’? Tsk, a mobile treasury like this dares to call himself the Almighty Merchant? That’s quite the big tone there.]

Song Shuhang: […]

Senior White Two focused his attention on the Almighty Merchant.

Isn’t that robbery? That’s not a nice thing to do.

[You feeling that what I’m doing isn’t nice is completely right!] Senior White Two said. [Remember, I am the ruler of the Netherworld. The most evil and chaotic existence in the world. It is natural for me to do something like robbery. In fact, it is actually very unusual for me not to be doing so.]

Song Shuhang patted his forehead.

In gaming terms, Senior White Two belonged to the evil camp. Something like robbery was perfectly normal for him. If the evil camp didn’t rob others, were they supposed to go and rescue the wounded?

But I’m getting the feeling that something isn’t right here. I just can’t put my finger on it…

[Tsk, he got away again. This guy is so witty and slippery. Every time I’m about to get near him, he just runs away.] Senior White Two sighed.

Song Shuhang: “…”

It seems that the hide-and-seek game between Senior White Two and the Almighty Merchant has been going on for several rounds?

Senior White Two said, [Forget it, his luck was good today. I’ll go and catch him in a few days. What’s happening on your side? Didn’t I put you into a Fixed Health Undying State? I created that function myself after studying the laws of the Netherworld. That fat ball shouldn’t be aware of it.]

Song Shuhang said, [Ah~ Let’s get back to the main problem. Senior, I’m going to transcend my tribulation soon.]

Senior White Two said, [Then, why not just transcend your tribulation? Anyway, it’s not like you’re going to die there.]

Song Shuhang replied, [If I transcend my tribulation, I’m going to be forced out of the Demonic Tribulation Realm, right? After all, what I’m transcending would be the heavenly tribulation. At that time, wouldn’t the Fixed Health Undying State be rendered useless? More importantly, our ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure’ hasn’t been completed yet. As soon as I ascend to the Fifth Stage and condense my golden core, I will no longer have the chance to assemble my Combined Magical Treasure.]

The Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure was different from ordinary sets of magical treasures. It had to be assembled before the Fifth Stage to be able to combine the 33 parts into one.

If it were done after the Fifth Stage, then it wouldn’t be a single complete set, but 33 separate magical treasures instead.

Of course, Song Shuhang could also choose to equip all the 33 magical treasures. It had never been said that there was a limit to the number of magical treasures that a cultivator could use.

Senior White Two asked, [Have you condensed your nine immortal bones?]

Song Shuhang said, [Yes, and the energy in my body is still skyrocketing. My fat whale illusory core is constantly being tempered, and I’m getting closer and closer to transcending my tribulation. There’s not enough time for me to impart strength through my Sage Seal, either.]

It wasn’t only his realm, but also his ❮Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique❯ that was advancing by leaps and bounds due to his physical body being tempered by the Eighth Stage demonic tribulation.

Currently, there were one large and eight small apes, making up a total of nine ancient Holy Apes behind him, each holding a scholarly classic in their hands.

His physical strength had already surpassed that of normal Fifth Stage cultivators. When added together, the effects of the two top-tier body tempering techniques he practiced were not as simple as an addition.

If he was placed against an ordinary Fifth Stage heavenly tribulation, he should be able to tear it apart with his bare hands.

Senior White Two pinched his chin, and said, [In this case, you can only try to have your Combined Magical Treasure forged faster.]

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly, and said, [I’ve already done everything I could. I have found all 33 materials, and I have enough auxiliary materials as well. I’ve also given Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue a forging team, sending them to the Time City and increasing the efficiency by 12 times.]

The speed of Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue’s forging had already reached its limit.

Unless another team of Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue came over, there was no way of making things go faster.

Senior White Two praised, [You actually used a temporal secret realm? Shuhang, you’re a lot more capable than I thought.]

After that, he said, [Since the speed on that side has already been accelerated, then we can only slow down time on this side.]

Song Shuhang was surprised, and said, [Slow downtime? Can that really be done?]

Senior White Two said, [It’s not a problem. I am the ruler of the Netherworld. However, we must find a way to make the fat ball ‘freeze’. After that, I can interfere with the passage of time in the ‘Demonic Tribulation Realm’.]

Song Shuhang thought for a while, and said, [Senior White, don’t you feel that it’s easier to get me out of the Demonic Tribulation Realm so that I no longer have to deal with the demonic tribulation?]

Senior White Two said, [No… I want you to transcend a tribulation in the Demonic Tribulation Realm.]

Song Shuhang: [???]

Senior White Two thought, and said, [I want to conduct an interesting experiment. I want you to transcend your Fifth Stage heavenly tribulation in the Demonic Tribulation Realm. Don’t worry; let me look for a way to get that fat ball to ‘freeze’ first.]

Song Shuhang: “…”

After about 10 breaths of time.

Song Shuhang asked, [Senior White, is it done?]

He felt that his fat whale illusory core was close to saturation. It would go from illusory to material very soon!

Senior White Two said, [I guess I have no choice. I’ll have to send out my main body to stimulate the fat ball.]

Song Shuhang thought for a while, and said, [Senior White, I’ve got a question. If Senior Skylark is greatly affected by something, is the fat ball going to ‘freeze’?]

Senior White Two said, [Definitely. The fat ball is currently possessing Skylark.]

Song Shuhang said, [Then, I might have a solution.]

While saying that, he took out an eyeball.

It was the Scholarly Sage’s eye that could impregnate anyone that it stared at.

Song Shuhang took a deep breath, pulled out his left eye under the cover of the ‘demonic tribulation’, and quickly installed the Scholarly Sage’s eye in his empty eye socket.

When he installed the Scholarly Sage’s eye, the nine ancient Holy Apes behind him seemed to have been stimulated.

They stood in an arranged manner, and neatly opened the scholarly books in their hands.

The ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯ circulated, and Song Shuhang could feel righteous qi emerging from his body.

The nine ancient Holt Apes each had a faint scholarly robe on their person. After they opened the books, they began to chant the contents in a language ​​that Song Shuhang could not understand.

Then, Song Shuhang suddenly raised his head and stared at Fairy Skylark, who was transcending her tribulation.

The liquid metal ball said, “Naive, I know the function of that eye better than you. Do you really think that you can use it on me?”

It had been paying attention to Song Shuhang, and saw him secretly pull out his left eye to install the Scholarly Sage’s eye.

The liquid metal ball controlled Skylark’s body and had her upper body swing slightly to avoid the Impregnating Gaze.

However, just as it swung its upper body, Skylark’s waist suddenly twisted into an S-like shape.


The Impregnating Gaze struck Skylark.

“Impossible!” The liquid metal ball’s eyes widened. It had completely suppressed Skylark this time. Why was her body still out of its control?

Was Skylark’s will just that strong?

If it was so powerful, why had she let herself be controlled?

But regardless of that, the Impregnating Gaze had hit its target.

At this time, Skylark’s body was only at the pinnacle of the Seventh Stage, so the technique worked.

Her waist quickly bulged up, and after 10 breaths, she was already nine-month pregnant.

Taking advantage of this moment, Senior White Two quietly tampered with the Demonic Tribulation Realm.

Then, he sent Song Shuhang the Divine Dog General’s Ring and the Fairy Jade Rabbit’s Cloak.

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