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Chapter 1354 Farewell? It’s too early, don’t give up!

The ninth immortal bone in Song Shuhang’s body was formed under the effects of various things, such as medicinal power, his ghost spirit, and tribulation lightning. The nine immortal bones pierced the fat whale illusory core and covered it with a full set of body armor. The fat whale was armed to the teeth and looked majestic.

After the nine immortal bones had condensed, only the final step remained—the power of the immortal bones would strengthen the illusory core, tempering it to the extreme and changing illusion into reality, finally condensing the Golden Core.

For a cultivator, this process was extremely important as it would affect the rest of their life.

The golden core would decide their future and had a total of nine patterns, which could directly affect how far a cultivator would be able to go. The higher the level of one’s golden core, the further they could go on the path of cultivation.

For those with golden cores with one to three patterns, if they did not have any fortunate encounters, they would remain a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor for the rest of their life.

As for the cultivators with four to six patterns on their golden cores, as long as they didn’t die along the way, they would have hope of ascending to the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm, and even the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm!

If one wanted to go a step further and have any hope of showing their divinity and becoming an Eighth Stage Profound Sage, then they would need a golden core with at least seven patterns.

There were several members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group who were at the Fourth Stage Realm, and had been at the peak of it for a very long time. They’d chosen to stay there so that they would have a better chance at condensing a golden core with seven dragon patterns while advancing to the Fifth Stage.

After condensing the ninth immortal bone, a cultivator could use various methods to estimate how many dragon patterns they would condense when they rushed to the Golden Core Realm.

Then, before transcending their tribulation, they could use some methods to increase the number of dragon patterns. For example, using precious treasures, modifying special cultivation techniques, making big oaths, or accumulating virtue.

Back then, Young Master Hai of the Limitless Demon Sect had done everything in his power to obtain the Blood God Crystal in order to increase the number of dragon patterns that he would condense when he rushed to the Golden Core Realm.

…Meanwhile, Song Shuhang had rushed to the ninth immortal bone in a single breath—he didn’t even know of any methods to estimate his own dragon patterns.

Therefore, he had no idea how many dragon patterns his golden core was going to have after he transcended his tribulation.

“Damn it, give me a little more time!” Song Shuhang hammered the ground hard.

His strength during the Fourth Stage Realm had skyrocketed the entire way, and his foundation was very likely still unstable.

Under such circumstances, how many dragon patterns would his golden core end up having?

One? Two? Maybe three?

None of the seniors in the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ had a ‘dragon pattern number’ below seven.

If he only had one, two, or three dragon patterns, where would he be able to find the face to stay in the Nine Provinces Number One Group? It would be no different from taking off his clothes and running around naked!

And this wasn’t the most important thing.

The completion of his ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure’ was already in sight; was he really going to end up falling short at this critical time?

[Thank you, Senior Tyrannical Song~ I am truly happy to have been able to meet you during this life of mine. I’m very sorry for having failed to live up to your expectations… Farewell, Senior Tyrannical Song.] At this moment, a faint voice sounded out in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Song Shuhang: “???”

This was obviously not Senior White’s voice—his voice wasn’t as thin as this.

Where is this sound coming from?

And, whose voice is it?

Why was it suddenly transmitted into my mind?

It had to be noted that he was currently in the Demonic Tribulation Realm, a closed world.

How high did their realm have to be able to transmit their voice to him?

However, the other party had called him ‘Senior Tyrannical Song’, and it seemed that they weren’t that strong.

While Song Shuhang was in thought, the ‘Sage Seal’ on his body shook slightly.

Immediately afterward, the ‘Sage Seal’ delivered a picture to his mind.

It was a remote desert world.

There was a small tree that was about a meter tall, and was suffering the rage of lightning.

The body of this tree was very small, but its roots were very large. It was rooted deep into the desert, and each of its roots was over 60 meters in length.

At this time, the body of the little tree was burnt black, and most of its roots had been damaged.

Around it were shards of beast skin scrolls, books, and wooden magical treasures.

It was transcending a tribulation, and was currently looking like it wasn’t going to last for much longer. Its magical treasures, scrolls, and everything it had was destroyed during the heavenly tribulation, and even its body was seriously injured.

If things were to continue like this, it would surely end up dead.

The little tree sighed quietly. “Farewell, everyone.”

On its back, Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song’s Sage Seal shone brightly. A line could be seen inscribed on it: [I wish Miruru may grow, flourish, and have a luxuriant future!!]

So it’s actually this tree. Song Shuhang finally remembered who this little tree was.

This was the first one he had stamped his seal on after having condensed his Sage Seal.

It was Miruru, a very kind little monster tree and a fan of Song Shuhang. After seeing Song Shuhang, it was so excited that it had even broken off one of its branches to get him to write something on its body.

Through the Sage Seal, Song Shuhang found that the true essence in Miruru’s body had already nearly dried up.

Above its head, the heavenly tribulation was still vast.

Therefore, Miruru had already lost hope.

[Do not give up!] Song Shuhang tried to communicate with Miruru through the Sage Seal.

[The times of greatest adversity are also the times when you aren’t far from great fortune!]

[The cruel heavenly tribulation can bring us down, but we should not succumb to its violence!]

It was as if Miruru heard Song Shuhang’s voice; its body turned in surprise and it looked around. However, it did not see his figure.

Miruru whispered, “Am I hallucinating? Could I be having auditory hallucinations of Senior Tyrannical Song’s voice as my life approaches its end?”

Song Shuhang solemnly said, [Miruru, it is too early to say farewell right now! Release your spirit and receive my strength!]

In the next moment, he poured the ‘innate true essence’ that was constantly flowing in his body into his Sage Seal.

Between the Sage Seal and the marks, there was an invisible ‘strength transfer channel’.

There was a lot of energy that would be lost during this transmission. However, this transfer of strength was the most convenient, and could be done regardless of where each party was.

At most, it was only going to be a huge waste of energy!

On the other side, Miruru, who was in despair, suddenly felt warmth emanating from its back.

At the same time, the majestic voice of Senior Tyrannical Song emerged in its mind.

[The cruel heavenly tribulation can bring us down, but we should not succumb to its violence!]

[Miruru, it is too early to say farewell now! Release your spirit and receive my strength!]

Receive Senior Tyrannical Song’s power?

While it was in thought, a frightening amount of pure innate true essence came pouring out from the ‘Sage Seal’ on its back.

After this innate true essence entered its body, it was like nectar that nourished its depleted meridians, and its energy was quickly replenished.

The purity of this innate true essence was 100 times that of Miruru’s own true essence!

Song Shuhang’s innate true essence was tempered by his Sixth Stage Realm ghost spirit at all times. In addition to Ye Si, there were also the Inner World, the Eighth Stage Sage Seal, the Eighth Stage Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove, two top-quality body tempering techniques, and the virtuous lamia, which all had an effect of increasing the purity of his true essence.

It was equivalent to having a group that consisted of Sixth Stage and Eighth Stage existences that were constantly purifying his true essence.

This, of course, led to the purity of his true essence being at a terrifying level.

In addition, the explosive true essence in his body was further tempered under the Eighth Stage demonic tribulation, raising its strength by another notch.

It was not an exaggeration to say that his true essence was a hundred times purer than Miruru’s.

Miruru yelled, “Aaaaah!”

On its back, the ‘Sage Seal’ was still continuously transferring Song Shuhang’s power.

“Right, how can I give up! Even though I no longer have anything on me, no magical treasures, no medicinal pills, I still have Senior Tyrannical Song supporting me. I have to move forward with my head high and with big strides.” Branches continuously fell off its body.

Afterward, new shoots grew out.

The new shoots were stronger and tougher than the old ones!

The same was true for the roots under the ground. The old and dead roots were cut off, and the new, stronger roots grew out, replacing the ones from before and absorbing the spiritual power in the ground.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!!!”

The heavenly tribulation of the Fifth Stage transformed into a powerful magic weapon with the intent to kill Miruru.

Miruru, who had no magical treasures on hand, stretched out its branches and met it firmly.

The branches were blown apart by the tribulation, and a splitting pain assaulted its senses, but it was not afraid.

More branches went on to meet the tribulation, and Miruru used what it had learned to its extremes.

Although I have nothing with me, I will use these arms to pave a path to my future! For Miruru, the branches were its arms.

The branches were constantly being blown apart, but new branches were also constantly growing out and replacing the old ones.

The ‘true essence’ that was being transferred from Senior Tyrannical Song contained tremendous vitality.

Miruru’s branches were blown apart and fell in the desert.

However, these branches still contained Song Shuhang’s transmitted true yuan.

In the next moment, they took root and sprouted, taking root in the desert and growing rapidly.

Even if they were under the heavenly tribulation, there was no way of stopping their growth.

After five waves of the heavenly tribulation, a small sea of ​​trees had grown beside Miruru.

Miruru firmly said, “Don’t give up, don’t retreat, don’t give in!”

Because Senior Tyrannical Song is supporting me!

In Miruru’s heart, Senior Tyrannical Song’s figure had grown much bigger.

At this moment, Senior Tyrannical Song, who was as tall as a mountain in Miruru’s heart, was lying in a deep pit and being roasted by the ‘demonic tribulation lightning’.

Song Shuhang said, “Aaah~ No, Miruru alone is not enough.”

Even if he poured his ‘true essence’ into Miruru with all his strength, the amount that the channel could transmit at a time wasn’t big enough.

Moreover, Miruru couldn’t withstand all of his power.

As a result, despite Song Shuhang desperately transmitting his power, the strength in his body was still soaring.

[I love cultivation, Cultivation_Makes_Me_Happy.jpg]


Another voice emerged inside Song Shuhang’s mind.

It was the voice of his eldest disciple, the monster bird Little Cai.

Right, he had also stamped his Sage Seal on Little Cai.

However, imparting strength to Little Cai wouldn’t be good, would it?

Song Shuhang still had a bottom line; he was very much not keen on becoming ‘Song Horizon’

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