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Chapter 1349 Customer, would you like to purchase something? The blond man, the form that the Sea King had transformed into, thought to himself, Could I have found the wrong person? Does this family just happen to have a dead son that was called Tyrannical Song?The Sea King solemnly said, “My condolences.”

“Thank you,” Papa Song replied with a serious face.

The Sea King left Song Shuhang’s home on Baijing Street with a confused expression.

Papa Song closed the door, locked it, and then drew the curtains.

The Sea King frowned. It looked at the sea urchin warriors beside him, and asked in a deep voice, “Are you sure that this is the home of ‘Tyrannical Song’?”

The sea urchin warriors nodded vigorously—Song Shuhang had a ‘Mark of the Sea Urchin Slayer’ on his body, so even if the sea urchin warriors forgot everything about him, they could still find him as long as they followed the mark.

In addition, the [kill your entire family] line of the sea urchin warriors was not spoken casually. By following the aura left behind by the ‘Sea Urchin Slayer’s Mark’, they could locate the place where the ‘Sea Urchin Slayer’ had once lived for a long time.

The Sea King murmured, “Could it be that it weren’t only our memories that’ve been erased, but also those of Tyrannical Song’s family?”

Was Tyrannical Song killed and his presence completely erased by some powerful expert?

If Profound Sage Tyrannical Song had fallen, then that would’ve truly become troublesome. He was the only one that knew of the whereabouts of its glove.

The sea urchin warriors asked, “My Lord, what do we do now?”

The Sea King said, “Let’s find a place to stay nearby first. After a while, I’ll sneak into this house.”

It sensed that there were several cultivators hidden in the vicinity of Song Shuhang’s house.

These human cultivators were meditating and practicing. The positions wherein they were situated were similar to those of the stars around the moon, protecting Song Shuhang’s home.

If the Sea King broke into Tyrannical Song’s house, these human cultivators would certainly not remain idle.

As a result, the sea urchin warriors cast the same magical technique as earlier, creating a fog that covered the Sea King, and then left Baijing Street.



A bell jingled, reaching the ears of the Sea King as well as the sea urchin warriors.

They raised their head and directed their gazes toward the source of the sound.

At the end of Baijing Street, a stall had appeared.

A figure whose face couldn’t be seen and who was wrapped in a thick cloth was sitting right beside the stall.

Both the stall and the stall owner wrapped in the cloth had appeared out of thin air.

The Sea King and sea urchin warriors were slightly stunned.

Spatial abilities… It’s another Ninth Stage big shot?

What’s going on today? Why are Ninth Stage big shots appearing one after the other?

The Sea King ordered, “Don’t mind him. Avoid him.”

With the lesson they had learned from the girl in the black skirt, it did not want to provoke any other big shots today.

Just as the Sea King thought about the girl in the black skirt, she suddenly appeared beside that stall.

She had similarly crossed through space and appeared directly where she was now.

She squatted by the edge of the stall, reached out, and checked out some of the goods in the stall.

The stall owner looked at the girl, and said, “Customer, would you like to buy something?”

The girl said, “Everything that you have here’s quite good, but I don’t really want any of it.”

The stall owner smiled, and said, “The products displayed at the stall are merely some of the more popular items that a lot of people want to buy. However, the stall is only so big, so I can’t add more. If you want to buy something, it will be best for you to simply tell me. In this universe, there’s nothing that I can’t acquire and give you. Of course, that is under the premise that the customer can afford it.”

“I want to buy a head.” Pavilion Master Chu Two poked her own head, and said, “My own head, can you sell it?”

The stall owner took a look at Pavilion Master Chu Two, smiled, and said, “The thing the customer desires to purchase is quite novel.”

Pavilion Master Chu Two stared at the stall owner. “Are you selling it?”

The stall owner asked, “I don’t have any stock of that novelty here. I will need some time to acquire the good. Will the customer be willing to wait for me?”

Pavilion Master Chu Two asked, “Can you sell it?”

The stall owner said, “I’ll repeat—in this universe, there’s nothing that I can’t acquire and give you. However, what is the customer prepared to pay for it? I would like you to tell me in advance, this stall does not charge on credit.”

Pavilion Master Chu Two thought for a while, and took out the four uncooked squid tentacles she had. “I currently have these with me.”

The stall owner calmly replied, “Such a thing is too low in value, and it’s worth a strand of hair at most. Moreover, I only collect spirit stones… If you sell things to me, I can only accept them at half their price.”

The Sea King, who was in the distance, suddenly burst into tears.

Too low in value…

Pavilion Master Chu Two said, “Alright, I’ll take the hairs for now. I want to know if you have the ability to sell me what I want.” After saying that, she gave the four squid tentacles to the stall owner.

She was going to sell the tentacles first, and then use the money she got from them to buy the hairs.

“Customer really is quite cautious. This stall accepts the payment and delivers the goods at the same time. It has uncountable years of credibility, and has cheated neither the old nor the young,” the stall owner said with a smile.

Inside Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

Pavilion Master Chu had her eyes closed, and was resting when she suddenly felt something stir in her mind.

Afterward, she contacted Song Shuhang using the ‘thousand mile sound transmitter’ ability, and said, “Little friend Shuhang, can you temporarily open the entrance to the Inner World? There’s a friend of mine who is looking for me. I can guarantee that he is harmless. Also, I can limit the range of his actions and guarantee that he won’t be able to peep around your Inner World.”

Song Shuhang replied, “I understand. I will only open the Inner World’s ‘living spring’ portion to facilitate the exchange between you and your friend, Senior Chu.”

After the Inner World had upgraded, it gained more functions, and there were more operations that could be done with it.

After two breaths of time.

A figure with their whole body wrapped in cloth was projected beside Pavilion Master Chu. “Oh, Fellow Daoist Chu, long time no see.”

“Sure enough, it’s you.” Pavilion Master Chu’s brow rose.

The figure in the sheet said, “Tsk, what is this world? It’s even harder to break into than the Heavenly Tribulation Realm. I can only project a little bit of my power into it.”

Pavilion Master Chu replied, “Why have you come looking for me? There isn’t anything that I want to buy right now.” Moreover, as she had lost the ‘Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion’, she didn’t have the money to purchase anything.

The projected figure smiled, and said, “Don’t worry, Fellow Daoist Chu. The reason I came this time is to buy something from you.”

“Have you changed your job? You aren’t selling things anymore, but buying things instead?” Pavilion Master Chu’s beautiful eyebrow rose.

The figure in the cloth smiled, and said, “Can I not stock up on goods? It’s not like the things I sell just fall from the sky, I collect most of them myself. If there’s something that I don’t have in my inventory, then I will have to find a way to stock up on it.”

Pavilion Master Chu said, “What are you going to buy from me? You can see my current state yourself, I don’t have any treasures on me.”

The figure in the cloth said, “I want to buy two strands of your hair. For the payment, I will give you two Eighth Stage squid tentacles, what do you think? When they’re roasted, they smell especially fragrant.”

Pavilion Master Chu rolled her eyes, and asked, “Did you know that I wanted this thing?”

The figure in the cloth smiled, and said, “Oh? Does fellow Daoist Chu happen to need Eighth Stage squid tentacles? Then, could I take this opportunity to raise the price?”

Pavilion Master Chu solemnly said, “I’ll give you two strands of my hair for the two Eighth Stage squid tentacles, and you have to tell me who wants to buy my hair.”

“Pavilion Master Chu should know this herself,” the figure in the cloth replied with a smile.

Pavilion Master Chu said, “I understand. Let’s proceed with the trade.”

And so, two long strands of black hair were exchanged for two plump squid tentacles.

“Well then, may we meet again when we have the chance.” The figure in cloth waved and disappeared.

After the figure wrapped in cloth disappeared, Pavilion Master Chu contacted Song Shuhang again with the thousand mile sound transmitter ability. “Come to the living spring. I’ve got another kind of Eighth Stage material for you: two squid tentacles.”

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Chu’s friend is so polite, he actually came by and left behind such a valuable gift.”

Pavilion Master Chu rolled her eyes and continued to blow bubbles in the living spring.

At Wenzhou City, Baijing Street.

The stall owner opened his eyes, and brought his hand out of the cloth along with a strand of long hair in his hand, and passed it to Pavilion Master Chu Two.

Four Eighth Stage squid tentacles for a strand of hair…

In addition, the stall owner had only used two squid tentacles for two hairs.

There’s the traveling fee as well. Moreover, business is not good these years! The stall owner sighed in his heart.

“It really is her hair.” Pavilion Master Chu Two clutched the strand of hair tightly.

This hair still carried the aura of Pavilion Master Chu One, showing that it had just recently been plucked off.

“Do you know where she is?” Pavilion Master Chu Two stared at the stall owner.

“Mm-hm, do you need this information? I can sell you this information as long as you’re willing to pay.” The stall owner revealed a sunny smile, causing two rows of shiny teeth to gleam under the light of the street lamp.

“I’m going to go and get some money!” Pavilion Master Chu Two put away the long hair and stretched out her hand to open a spatial gate.

The stall owner said, “Customer, do hurry up. My time is precious, and I might leave soon.”

Pavilion Master Chu Two stepped into the spatial gate and disappeared.

After seeing the girl in the black dress leave, the Sea King frowned and fell into thought.

Could it be a scam?

However, Ninth Stage big shots shouldn’t have the time to be acting like that to force it to play with them, right?

While it was in thought, the Sea King involuntarily went in front of the stall.

When it saw the goods in the stall, its eyes widened.

The things on the stall were all great treasures. There were natural treasures that could prolong one’s lifespan for thousands of years; there were materials necessary for forging Ninth Stage magical treasures; there were Ninth Stage-level immortal herbs, and there were Ninth Stage talismans.

The Sea King couldn’t help but gasp.

If it robbed this stall, it would be set for life!

The stall owner calmly said, “I urge the customer to put aside this idiotic thought. It’s not that I am bragging, but I can fight an entire army by myself.”

A mind-reading technique? The Sea King was surprised.

“Yes, it’s a little trick to amuse my customers.” The stall owner laughed, and said, “Customer, would you like to purchase something?”

The Sea King replied, “These things are very precious, but I’m not looking to buy any of them at the moment.”

The stall owner replied, “You overheard my conversation with the previous customer, right? This stall is only so big, so I have a lot of products that I can’t showcase here. As such, it would be best for the customer to simply tell me what it is that you want. If I don’t have any in stock, I could still go and stock up on it so that I could sell it to you.”

The Sea King pondered, and asked, “Anything is fine?”

The stall owner replied, “Customer, please do just say it.”

The Sea King said, “Actually, I’m lacking and looking for the glove part of the [Treasured Crusader Armor].”

After saying that, the Sea King revealed its true body.

A huge eyeball for its main body, as well as squid tentacles… and behind this, there was the body of a handsome blond man growing on top of the ‘eyeball’. In its entirety, it looked like a handsome knight riding a monster.

On this blond man’s body, there was a set of silver armor, only that it was missing a glove.

The stall owner asked, “I see, so you want the ‘glove’ part of this set. Do you want the original one? Or would you like it replaced with a new one?”

The Sea King said, “It would be best if I could have the original.”

The original would be the most suitable.

“No problem. Since what you want is the original, then it will take me some time to acquire it. Before that, let’s talk about the price.” The stall owner kept a standard professional smile, causing others to feel close to him, while at the same time causing others to feel a faint reluctance—reluctance to part with their money.

Inside Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

Shuhang was preparing to move the forging team to another location.

He wanted to transfer them to the ‘Time City’ and have them forge the magical treasures there instead. In this way, Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue would have 12 times the forging efficiency.

At the same time, he could take this opportunity to give her the squid tentacles that he just so happened to get from Pavilion Master Chu.

Now, he only lacked three kinds of the main forging materials, namely those of the dolphin, cat, and bear.

For the first time, Song Shuhang felt that he was incredibly close to the complete Eight Stage Combined Magical Treasure!

[Hello, is this little friend Song Shuhang?] At this time, a voice rang in his mind.

The voice passed through the Inner World and appeared directly in his mind.

Moreover, this voice was very familiar.

“The Almighty Merchant?” Song Shuhang remembered.

It was the same big shot that had broken through the restrictions of the ‘Heavenly Tribulation Realm’ and sold him the flat imperial hat, which allowed him to successfully overcome the tribulation.

The voice let out a laugh, and said, [Haha, little friend Song still recognizes me. That’s great.]

Song Shuhang said, “Did Senior come looking for me to sell me something again? Well, I actually do have some things that I wish to purchase. May I ask Senior if you have these three kinds of forging materials: dolphin teeth, bear paws, and cat whiskers? Also, I need them to be of the Eighth Stage.”

The [Almighty Merchant] said, “Eighth Stage teeth, claws, and whiskers are not precious parts. I happen to have some in stock here. We can conduct the exchange immediately. Does little friend Song have the spirit stones ready?”

Song Shuhang just remembered that he didn’t have many spirit stones in stock at all.

The spirit stones that he had borrowed from Senior White previously had all already been used to buy the ‘flat imperial hat’.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior, how many spirit stones do I need to pay you for two copies of each of these three materials?”

As long as the problem could be solved with spirit stones, then it wasn’t really that much of a problem.

If he lacked spirit stones, he could always borrow them.

Senior White Two or Senior White could both lend him some!

The Almighty Merchant replied, “If you want two copies of each, with each costing you two Ninth Stage spirit stones, that will be a total of 12 Ninth Stage spirit stones.”

It was a fair price.

Song Shuhang said, “Okay. Senior, please wait for a bit, I’ll just go and prepare the spirit stones.”

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