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Chapter 1348 Profound Sage Tyrannical Song died?

The hunger got worse and worse. The fish, squid, and sea urchin she had just now couldn’t even be considered appetizers to her.

Not only were they small in size, but she also only had a small quantity of them, and they didn’t contain much energy.

The girl in the black dress put away the small handkerchief, and her eyes fell on the group of sea urchin warriors.

She sniffed with her little nose and then shook her head in disgust—these stinky guys weren’t appetizing at all. Seeing that they didn’t appear to be delicious, she had no desire to eat them.

The sea ​​urchin warriors had escaped a calamity!

Afterward, the girl’s eyes fell on the ‘Sea King’.

The exposed body of the Sea King was composed of a huge eye and squid-like tentacles. A larger part of its body was also hidden in the thick mist.

Looking at the plump tentacles, the girl in the black dress began to salivate uncontrollably.

“Hey~ Big guy,” the little girl exclaimed, her voice mellow and languid.

The Sea King felt rather uncomfortable under her stare. After hearing the girl in the black dress call it, it subconsciously turned its eye to look at her.

The girl in the black dress grinned, and said, “You look delicious.”


Seeing the girl drooling, the Sea King didn’t even think twice before wrapping its tentacles around the nearby several ‘sea urchin warriors’. Then, with no regard to illusory techniques or the mist, it mustered all its energy to flee as far away as it could.

After flying for a long distance, it looked behind with a lingering fear.

The girl in the black dress stood still and looked at it grinningly.

Is she not going to give chase, or has she simply abandoned the idea of chasing?

Perhaps she has some other terrifying method?

Or… Was she just joking around?

A variety of possibilities emerged in the Sea King’s mind.

In the next moment, it saw a scene that brought it despair.

The girl stretched out her hand toward the void. Afterward, a spatial gate opened, and the little girl raised her pure white foot and kicked hard into the gate.

A Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender!


The Sea King yelled miserably in its mind.

The little white foot crossed through space and hit the face of the ‘Sea King’—indeed, it did still have a face, although most of its face was made up of its eye.

With a bang, the Sea King’s huge eye almost burst apart, and the small foot was accompanied by a force that nearly made it collapse.

“Aaaah~” the Sea King screamed repeatedly while being kicked back down to the beach where the little girl was standing.

It fell to the ground with a boom, and the sea urchin warriors that it had picked up ended up scattered on the ground.

This little girl was a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender, a veteran who was extremely skilled at using spatial abilities at that. Being able to use spatial gates in such a way was definitely not something that a newbie Tribulation Transcender could do.

The Sea King itself could use an ‘ancient formation’ to play with spatial gates, so in this regard, it did have the right to speak about it.

I divined my fate before I went out today. The divination clearly said that everything was going to go well. How did I come to encounter such an old monster as soon as I came out?

“I’m very hungry.” The girl’s eyes shone as she stared at the Sea King.

The Sea King quickly said, “Senior, what do you want to eat? I can catch it for you immediately. I know of many delicious foods on the seabed. As long as Senior tells me, I will immediately have my subordinates acquire what Senior desires.”

“Those things don’t contain much energy; I don’t need them. I want to eat your tentacles,” the little girl said. “You have so many tentacles, cut a few for me. Anyway, your tentacles should be able to regenerate, right? I remember that the tentacles of a squid are similar to the tail of a gecko. They can grow back after being broken off.”

“But I’m not a squid.” Sea King burst into tears… because it was kicked in the eye before, tears were really streaming down.

The girl in the black dress smiled, and said, “Cut five off for me. Otherwise, I’ll cut them off myself.”

The Sea King looked at its tentacles and gritted its teeth.

Cutting off an arm to survive… There were times when it simply had to be done. It was just five tentacles anyway, and it should still be able to grow them back after cultivating for a while!


Five plump tentacles detached from the Sea King’s body. With its strength having reached the realm it was in, it could perfectly control every part of the body. It only took a thought for the tentacles to detach themselves.

The girl nodded in satisfaction. She then dragged the five tentacles away and squatted back to her small fire.

The Sea King cautiously asked, “Senior, can we leave?”

The girl in the black dress waved her hand. “Go ahead. Don’t disturb me while I’m grilling my squid tentacles.”

The Sea King let out a breath of relief. It rolled up the sea urchin warriors with its remaining tentacles and got ready to leave.

The girl in the black dress suddenly raised her head, and asked, “By the way, do you know of a person called Papa Song?”

The Sea King cautiously replied, “Papa Song? Whose dad are you talking about? Isn’t this kind of address pretty common in the human world?”

The girl in the black skirt pinched her chin, and said, “Oh, I feel like I’ve got a very close relationship with this person, but I suddenly can’t remember him. It’s quite strange; it’s as if my memory had been erased.”

Afterward, she said to the Sea King, “Oh right, my surname is Chu. You can call me Pavilion Master Chu. If there ever comes a time when you’ve got trouble that you can’t handle, you can come to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion to look for me… Mm, we can talk about this later, after my Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion is re-established. Every time you ask for my help, you will have to sacrifice five tentacles. This price is rather affordable, don’t you think?”

On the surface, the Sea King nodded again and again—but as to whether it was ever going to look for Pavilion Master Chu? No way!

Its tentacles were precious, how could it exchange them so casually? It still had some dignity left.

Pavilion Master Chu grasped the huge tentacles and magically raised a blazing fire on the beach. Then, she fixed the Sea King’s tentacles over the fire and began to cook them.

This little black-haired girl was precisely ‘Pavilion Master Chu Two’. She had originally told Song Shuhang that she would look for him in a month’s time and take Pavilion Master Chu’s head from him to completely integrate it with herself.

However, yesterday, she lost all of her memories of Song Shuhang because of his body being locked inside the small black room of the Wielder.

She only remembered that Pavilion Master Chu’s head was in the hands of a mysterious little cultivator, but she couldn’t remember who that cultivator was. She could only vaguely remember that the cultivator was called ‘Papa Song’?

The distraught Pavilion Master Chu Two stopped meditating and followed her instincts, which led her to the seaside of China’s Wenzhou City.

However, since he had failed to close up for a whole month, her ‘evolution’ was still incomplete, causing her to have many minor problems.

One of such minor problems was her excessive consumption of energy. Without the ‘Withering and Prospering Trees’ to provide her with nourishment for her evolution and rebirth, she was extremely hungry, and no matter how much she ate, she wouldn’t feel full.

Because of the lack of energy, all her abilities were at their lowest, and her reactions were quite slow sometimes.

Pavilion Master Chu Two concentrated on grilling the big squid tentacles.

The Sea King let out a sigh of relief, put down the sea urchin warriors, and said in a deep voice, “Go, take me to Baijing Street to look for Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.”

Pavilion Master Chu Two had completely forgotten about Song Shuhang.

However, the Sea King still remembered a little bit about Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.

…Though it couldn’t remember what he looked like, what he had done, and what techniques he had.

It only remembered that there was a person who went by the name ‘Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’ in the world, and that it had suffered in their hands. It also knew that this person had a home in the mortal world, at Baijing Street in Wenzhou City. Lastly, it knew that its ‘silver glove’ was still in that person’s hands, and it was prepared to exchange for it with the other party.

These memories, in fact, weren’t memories that were stored inside the Sea King’s mind; instead, they were stored in its [Treasured Crusader Armor].

Currently, this set of armor only lacked a glove.

When the Sea King wore it, it could sense short strips of memory from the ‘Treasured Crusader Armor’.

The sea urchin warriors took the Sea King to Baijing Street.

At the same time, Pavilion Master Chu Two, who was grilling squid tentacles, seemed to have realized something when she heard the Sage Name [Profound Sage Tyrannical Song].

“Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song… Right, it’s Profound Sage Tyrannical Song!” Pavilion Master Chu Two’s eyes narrowed.

The one who she was looking for wasn’t Papa Song, but Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.

This big squid was also looking for Tyrannical Song; could their target be the same person?

And so, Pavilion Master Chu Two quietly separated a portion of her consciousness, attached it to a sea urchin warrior, and had it follow the Sea King’s group to ‘Baijing Street’.

Pavilion Master Chu Two was an Immortal. Originally, with her mental energy, she could have covered the entire Wenzhou City with a casual thought.

However, her current state was flawed. The one-month ‘evolutionary period’ had yet to end, and Pavilion Master Chu’s head was also not integrated with her yet. On top of all that, her path of immortality was also lacking.

At Baijing Street, Song Shuhang’s home

Papa Song was quietly watching TV on the sofa. Recently, it was as if he was getting younger and younger in age.

Maybe it had something to do with the special rice and spirit tea that my son bought? If he went out and said that he was only in his late twenties, everyone would believe him.

Similarly, Mama Song also seemed to be getting younger and younger and more beautiful.

After Mama Song arrived at the sofa, she reached out to massage Papa Song’s shoulders, and then leaned against his ear, and said, “I want a daughter.”

Papa Song licked the corner of his mouth. “At this time next year, we will have a daughter!”

The two looked at each other affectionately.

“Knock, knock.” At this moment, a knocking could be heard coming from their door.

Papa Song’s face froze.

Damn, in the middle of the night? Who is it?

The knocking on the door was persistent.

Papa Song opened the door with a grouchy face. “Who is it?”

At the door, two rows of people in black clothing stood neatly. In the middle was a handsome blond man, but his eyes were a bit weird. He had definitely undergone double eyelid surgery, causing his eyes to look especially big.

The blond man softly asked, “Hello, are you Papa Song? Is your son, Tyrannical Song, home?”

“My son? Tyrannical Song?” Papa Song rubbed his brows, and after a while, he sighed and said, “Actually, my son Tyrannical Song died a long time ago. May I ask mister where you heard about my son?”

Died? What? Huh? Nani?

Could I have asked a fake Papa Song?

Profound Sage Tyrannical Song died?

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