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Chapter 1347 The sea urchin-eating girl

Song Shuhang replied, [Ah, yeah. One of the kinds of materials I’m missing is the tail fur of an ape.]

Senior White Two asked, [The tail fur of an ape? Are you referring to the fur on their tail?]

Song Shuhang replied, [That ought to be so.]

[The main materials used to forge Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure truly are interesting.] Senior White Two laughed, and said, [Give me some time, I will give you two shares of raw materials in a while. Speaking of which, are the ‘main materials’ used to forge the Combined Magical Treasure horns, claws, tentacles, hair, teeth, and the like, which are mostly easy to collect and can be regrown?]

Song Shuhang replied, [After all, the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect came from the ‘Divine Beast Department’, which had members that were beast trainers who had a ‘partner-like’ relationship with their spirit beasts. It’s likely due to this that the main materials for the magical treasures are mostly parts of spirit beasts and monsters of this type.]

About five or six minutes later.

[I got it. My pet no.3 has a pitifully short tail. In order to obtain the two shares of the material, I had to use the ‘healing technique’ and the ‘hair growing technique’ together to make its tail hair grow back six times. Only then was I able to acquire enough tail hairs.] After Senior White Two said this, he sent two boxes of ape tail fur to Song Shuhang.

[Pet no.3? ] Song Shuhang recalled.

Oh, right, in addition to the little sun, You’re Busy T2333, and the swordsman hamster, Senior White Two also took in a new Buddhist Holy Ape.

It was said that its background was rather formidable. It had supposedly been the Western General of the Beast Realm, and had an appearance similar to apes.

Song Shuhang had originally thought it was a gorilla, but it apparently had a tail.

He looked at the short hairs in the two small boxes in his hands…

The Western General’s tail was very short, and the total amount of hair on it wasn’t much. He could just imagine Senior White Two grabbing its tail, shaving it, and then letting its fur regrow… before shaving it again.

The picture was really something.

Senior White Two asked, [You’re only missing four more materials, right? The squid, dolphin, cat, and bear?]

Song Shuhang nodded, and asked, [Senior White, could it be that you have some in stock?]

Senior White Two replied, [No, I don’t usually collect lowly Eighth Stage materials. That is, unless they have some special effect or use.]

A rich man’s aura assaulted his senses, causing Song Shuhang to be unable to breathe.

After Senior White Two sent him the materials, he disappeared once again.

I’m still missing four kinds of materials. I have to look for a way to acquire them as soon as possible, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Inside the forging room, Seventh and Fourth Cultivator of True Virtue, as well as the group of forging masters, were all helping Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue. As such, the forging speed had definitely improved.

Therefore, he had to gather the materials as soon as he could.

Now, where am I supposed to get the remaining four kinds of materials?

He wasn’t Senior White, so it was impossible for him to simply carry a hoe, go to the space to dig, and acquire what he wanted. In addition, he was still limited by the Skylark’s body parts distance limit, and so could not leave the Inner World right now.

I need to hurry up…


After the night, a mist filled the coast of Wenzhou City.

The mist acted just like a blindfold.

Soon, a group of figures who had spikes poking out of their body and were wrapped in black clothing quietly reached the land.

They were sea urchin warriors.

After two teams of sea urchin warriors came ashore, a huge eye floated up from the sea and remained suspended in the air before finally descending to the ground.

It was the ‘Sea King’.

This was the first time that the Sea King had brought its main body out of its nest and came ashore.

The body of the Sea King was exactly that huge eye that had many squid-like tentacles stretching out of it.

However, the eye and the tentacles were only one part of its huge body; the greater portion of its body was hidden within the thick mist, completely concealed from others’ sight.

The Sea King solemnly said, “Expand the illusion and avoid the pedestrians. We are to directly head to Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s home.”

It had given up on its plans to seize the silver gloves from ‘Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’; this time, it came ashore to impress Song Shuhang with its sincerity.

Human beings were social creatures. When they gathered together, they would often start to make transactions.

The Sea King had been studying humans, and then introduced advanced concepts to the sea urchin warriors—such as ❮Sea Urchin Warriors’ 20 Years of Mandatory Education Manual❯.

According to the Sea King’s research, there was nothing that couldn’t be exchanged between people, and this included morals. If you could not exchange for what you wanted, it only meant that the price you were paying wasn’t high enough.

Therefore, the Sea King had prepared a lot of treasures, each of which was a treasure that fitted in with the preferences of human cultivators. In terms of value, each of them might not be equal to the silver gloves, but it was still possible to make up for that difference in quality with quantity.

Sea King thought, That silver glove is of no use to Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, but that glove is the only thing I lack to complete my set. As long as I am sincere, I should be able to move him.

The sea urchin warriors began to expand the illusory formation and prepared to enter Wenzhou City.

A fat sea urchin warrior said, “Be careful. Don’t let humans discover us as our actions this time have to be kept secret.”

A short sea urchin warrior asked, “Then, what if someone sees us?”

“Kill them,” said the fat sea urchin warrior as if it were a matter of course.

The little sea urchin warrior nodded, then pointed his finger somewhere not too far away, and said, “I feel like that human girl has seen us. Should I kill her?”

The sea urchin warriors looked towards where the little one had pointed, and then saw a girl in a black dress squatting barefoot on the beach. Her feet were white as snow, and the color of the flesh on her insteps was so transparent that one could faintly see the few thin blood vessels there. Her toes that were in the sand were of a faint pink color.

There was a small fire in front of her, as well as two big fish, a squid, and several sea urchins, all of which were pierced by wooden sticks, being grilled over the fire.

The hair of the girl in the black dress was very long, almost as long as her body. Because she was squatting, her long hair was draped behind her.

A pearl as big as a pigeon egg was tied to her skirt.

The girl in the black dress had indeed seen the sea urchin warrior and the Sea King.

However, after glancing at the sea urchin warriors, she didn’t pay them any heed. She continued what she was doing as she reached out and grabbed the grilled squid from over the small fire, and then blew on it carefully.

Afterward, she opened her mouth and bit on the tentacles.

The fragrance burst out, and the little girl looked content.

Then, she broke a sea urchin apart and took a sip.

When the surrounding sea urchin warriors saw this, their entire bodies subconsciously shivered; it was as if their bodies were being broken apart.

At this time, the little sea urchin warrior came to the girl in the black dress.

The little sea urchin warrior solemnly said, “Little girl, today, you have come across a bloody disaster. Although there is no grievance between us, you have seen us… Therefore, I must kill you. Remember my name, I am the heroic and agonized sea urchin warrior Jiu Qianjun! Round dance chop!”

After saying that, his body spun wildly.

This ’round dance chop’ could be said to be the signature move of the sea urchin warriors. No matter which realm a sea urchin warrior was in, they were all fond of using it.

Jiu Qianjun’s body rotated into a ball and rolled over to the girl wearing a black skirt. The spikes on its body were very sharp. If an ordinary person were caught in the range of this ’round dance cut’, their corpse would be cut up in an instant. The spikes on the sea urchin warrior’s body were all comparable to an alloyed steel knife.

The little girl raised her head and looked at the sea urchin warrior. She looked confused, but no fear could be seen on her face.

When she saw Jiu Qianjun continuously spinning and rushing towards her, she put down the sea urchin in her hand, and then pouted before blowing at ‘Jiu Qianjun’.

“Fwoo~” The little girl in the black dress looked very cute when she pouted and blew.

Together with her gentle blow, a violent storm rose, condensed into a small tornado that was visible to the naked eye, and moved towards Jiu Qianjun.

Jiu Qianjun was hit by the small tornado storm, and just like that, he flew up while still using the ’round dance chop’.

“Aaaaah~” Jiu Qianjun let out a crisp scream as he flew higher and higher and turned into a black spot in the sky.

All the sea urchin warriors were stunned, and they raised their heads to look at the increasingly tinier Jiu Qianjun… At first, they had been waiting for him to fall from the air. However, he didn’t fall down at all. It seemed like he had only flown higher and higher until he eventually disappeared.

Was he sent directly into space amidst the sea of stars?

For her to have been able to send someone into space with a mere blow, just how powerful was this black-dressed little girl?

All the sea urchin warriors subconsciously turned to look at the girl wearing a black dress.

Their senses told them that the girl in the black dress was just an ordinary mortal—could it be that the gap in their realms was just that vast? So vast that they couldn’t sense the true realm of the girl?

At this time, the girl in the black dress grabbed her skewers of grilled fish, sea urchins, and various seafood, and quickly stuffed them into her mouth as if she was worried that the sea urchin warriors would snatch her food.

[Avoid her.] At this time, the voice of the Sea King rang in the mind of sea urchin warriors.

The Sea King’s strength had yet to fully recover, and it was still at the pinnacle of Seventh Stage Realm right now. However, even if it recovered its Eighth Stage strength, it believed that it would not be able to blow a ‘sea urchin warrior’ into space with a single breath as the girl in the black dress had done.

The strength of the girl in the black dress was higher than its peak strength. Fortunately, the other party’s state appeared to be a bit off, and she had not directly gone for the kill… Since this was the case, the best decision they could make was to avoid the opponent before a greater conflict arose.

As for the heroic sea urchin warrior, Jiu Qianjun~

It would forever remain a warrior in the hearts of the sea urchin warriors!

The Sea King was very wary of the girl in the black dress because it had been unable to sense the other party’s strength.

It truly was reasonable to avoid bothering the old, the women, and children when wandering the world.

In the end, the sea urchin warriors obeyed the orders of the ‘Sea King’ and quietly backed off.

After retreating a certain distance, they continued to avoid the girl in the black dress and headed towards Wenzhou City.

At this time, the girl in the black dress took out a small handkerchief and wiped her mouth and small hands.


A clear rumbling sound came from her stomach… She wasn’t full yet.

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