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Chapter 1333 A complete Eighth Stage set! Not a dream, it’s not a dream!
in the end, song shuhang piled up all of the body parts into the valley of the sword saber peak, and set it as a forbidden area.

next, he headed to the palace of winter.

he was going to check on fairy sixth cultivator of true virtue’s progress.

he remembered that she had been forging the second ‘defiant whale warrior glove’ and ‘tyrant king expert’s shield’ before. if the second defiant whale warrior glove was finished, he could use it for the time being.

otherwise, if either of his hands were to accidentally touch anything right now, the secret appraisal technique would activate, and this was simply too nerve-wracking.

moreover, when he combined the ‘tyrant king expert’s shield’, he also needed to stamp his own sage seal onto it to strengthen his connection with the life-bound magical treasure.

song shuhang did not choose to teleport directly to the ‘palace of winter’, as he still needed some time to calm down.

but just as song shuhang had walked a distance of about a kilometer, he suddenly fell into a trance.

“what’s happening?” song shuhang frowned.

he took a few steps back, and the headache and trance disappeared. but when he moved a few steps forward, his brain began to swell and his spirit was stimulated.

song shuhang gritted his teeth and walked a few more steps forward.


however, his body fell straight to the ground, and he lost consciousness.

in the air, the hovering ‘invisible sword insects’ saw this and flew down collectively. they carefully carried song shuhang, and brought him to the foot of the mountain.

the invisible sword insects were senior white’s contracted pets. however, they had been living in song shuhang’s ‘inner world’ for quite some time, so they were familiar with his aura. as such, when he passed out, they took the initiative to rescue and move him to a place with soft grass.

after an unknown amount of time, song shuhang opened his eyes again.

this time, he found himself lying among a pile of treasures. besides that, there were two hands pressing on his temples and gently massaging them.

“???” song shuhang was confused.

“yo, shuhang is finally awake.” senior white’s voice sounded.

song shuhang turned his head and found that senior white was driving a hand tractor, drifting handsomely in the air.

a walking tractor that could fly was an essential means of transportation for going out. it was something that everybody deserved to have.

in addition, it was su clan’s sixteen that was massaging his temples.

“mm-hm, i’ve finally woken up.” song shuhang sighed, and asked, “thank you, sixteen. how long was i asleep?”

su clan’s sixteen replied, “going by the time, you should have been asleep for more than 24 hours.”

song shuhang responded, “so long?”

“also, senior song, you were talking in your dreams.” soft feather was sitting at the back of the tractor. similar to song shuhang, her body was buried in a pile of treasures with only her head exposed.

song shuhang asked, “what did i say?”

soft feather giggled, and said, “f******ck!”

song shuhang: “…”

su clan’s sixteen asked, “also, you looked like you were in pain while you were dreaming. did something happen in your dream?”

song shuhang smiled bitterly, and said, “something did happen, and i’m afraid that i wasn’t simply dreaming. while i was asleep, the ‘resurrection magical treasure’ that senior white made for me was activated.”

senior white turned his head, and said, “huh? but aren’t you still alive and well?”

song shuhang said, “that’s why i was confused. just now in my dream, i was inside the body of the ‘giant turtle of disaster’. the ‘resurrection magical treasure’ was activated, and a ‘profound sage tyrannical song spare body’ was born. now, that physical body is still lying in my inner world.”

he initially thought that he merely had a nightmare, but just now he checked his inner world, and found that there was a profound sage tyrannical lying at the foot of the mountain of the sword saber peak. in addition, there was also a pile of skylark’s body parts in the valley. this meant that what had taken place before wasn’t a dream but the cruel reality.

“such a magical thing can actually happen? despite your main body not having died, the resurrection magical treasure was activated. this is the first time that i’ve ever heard of such a thing happening.” senior white pinched his chin, and said, “well, just wait until we get back to the main world. once we do, let me have a look at your ‘spare physical body’ and see what’s going on.”

“mm-hm.” song shuhang nodded.

senior white then asked, “by the way, can your consciousness control two bodies at the same time?”

song shuhang shook his head. “nope. even if i’m capable of doing two things at the same time, i can’t do that.”

senior white replied, “that’s a pity. if you could, you could just take it as if you have an extra ‘clone’ and that would be great.”

soft feather said, “senior song, maybe it’s just that you aren’t proficient enough yet. perhaps you’ll be able to control two bodies at the same time if you try a bit more.”

“perhaps,” song shuhang said.

senior white’s clone said, “after we go out, there are a lot of other things that you’ll have to test as well. for example, can you achieve ‘realm synchronization’ with your main and spare body, so that when your main body ascends, the spare one would ascend as well? if you can, then you could have your spare body play around in the future when your main body is closed up.”

with the improvement of a cultivator’s realm, things such as closing up became inevitable, especially after the fifth stage as there was a chance that one could close up for hundreds of years at that point.

song shuhang was now about to step into the fifth stage realm.

if he needed to close up for a long time one day in the future, he would at least be able to have a spare body moving about outside to facilitate his actions.

song shuhang nodded silently.

the walking tractor continued to advance steadily.

song shuhang asked, “by the way, senior white, where are we now?”

senior white replied, “we’re currently inside the breach in the barrier. while you were asleep, we were able to gather a lot of good things from the treasures that spewed out of the breach. as such, it was time for us to enter the breach and have a look inside to see whether or not we could leave the small black room this way.”

song shuhang asked, “is everything here a part of your harvest?”

“mm-hm. there was no longer any space in the spatial magical treasures, so we ended up having to store them here. the things in here are some rather weak treasures; though there isn’t much value in storing them, it would’ve been a pity to just throw them away. in a while, we can divide the treasures here into four so that we can each have a share,” senior white said.

all the spatial magical treasures were filled?

then they really did benefit this time.

song shuhang said, “senior white, i have the magical bracelet that you forged for me. it should still be able to store some things, so shouldn’t we head back and dig for some more treasures?”

“it’s already full,” senior white said without looking back.

song shuhang’s magical bracelet was refined by him. as such, apart from song shuhang, only he could open this magical treasure. while song shuhang was asleep, he had already filled it with treasures.

song shuhang sighed, and said, “was it such a great harvest?”

“mm-hm. check it yourself, you should now only be missing nine kinds of forging materials for the thirty-three divine beasts’ combined magical treasure in there,” senior white added.

song shuhang’s eyes widened. he immediately swept the inside of the magical bracelet with his consciousness.

among the 33 kinds of materials, he had already collected 10 of them before he had gone to sleep.

and now, there were more materials, namely those of the [donkey, camel, lion, tiger, leopard, wolf, fox, mink, chicken, crane, wild goose, eagle, rat, and shark] in his spatial magical treasure.

and each was material at or above the eighth stage level…

moreover, there were two copies or more for each of the materials. most of these materials were teeth, claws, hair, shed skin, and the like, and eighth stage monsters were generally able to provide several copies for each of them.

now, he only lacked nine kinds of forging materials, namely those of the [crab, shrimp, squid, dolphin, pangolin, pig, cat, bear, and ape]. once he gathered these, he could summon shenlong…

song shuhang asked, “am i dreaming right now?”

in the beginning, he’d only wanted to refine the ‘thirty-three divine beasts’ combined magical treasure’, and he hadn’t even thought about having the luxury of forging the magical treasure components of this with eighth stage materials.

he just happened to have a stock of whale bones and turtle shells, so he thought about using eighth stage materials to refine one of his life-bound magic treasures.

at that point, song shuhang was still planning to create the remaining over 30 kinds of magical treasures using ordinary fourth or fifth stage materials.

however, he hadn’t expected that when he woke up, the materials that he needed for forging the rest of the magical artifacts would go down to nine. and of course, all the materials that he got were at the eighth stage or above. among them, the snakeskin had originally been at the ninth stage and had merely degraded into eighth stage material.

song shuhang smiled bitterly, and said, “now, i’m getting the feeling that if i don’t use eighth stage level materials for the rest of the stuff, the combined magical treasure won’t be complete.”

a ‘thirty-three divine beasts’ combined magical treasure’ made entirely out of eighth stage materials, just thinking about it blew one’s mind!

senior white said, “you still have several extra copies of dog teeth, whale bones, whale scales, and a ‘calamity substitution gem’. if you trade using these, you should be able to exchange for several more copies of eighth stage materials.”

song shuhang said, “a combined magical treasure made of eighth stage materials, it feels so cool just thinking about it! if i were to combine the 33 magical treasures, will it directly reach the ninth stage?”

senior white laughed, and said, “the gap between the eighth stage and the ninth stage cannot be made up for by mere quantity. even if the 33 magical treasures were combined, it would be difficult for it to reach the ninth stage in power level. moreover, if you want to use a tribulation transcender-level magical treasure, you will have to provide it with energy at the same level. only things like scarlet heaven sword are an exception because when you use it, it is completely consuming its own energy, and your energy is merely used as a ‘catalyst.’ that is also why it requires a long time to regain its strength every time you use it. scarlet heaven sword has it very hard.”

song shuhang nodded—senior scarlet heaven sword did have it hard.

while talking, senior white suddenly braked. “oh, a dead end.”

the walking tractor had reached the end, but there was no way out.

sure enough, trying to escape the ‘wielder’s small black room’ wasn’t so easy.


in space.

the battle between thirty-three divine beasts’ sect and ‘deities’ had finally come to an end.

originally, when the big-eyed planet had come to intervene in this battle, the members of the thirty-three divine beasts’ sect had already decided to retreat.

however, nobody could have thought that so many things would take place.

the big-eyed planet was taken away and locked inside a small black room.

everyone’s memories about the big-eyed planet were affected and became vague.

in this way, the thirty-three divine beasts’ sect and the deities resumed their battle.

at this time, the bow-wielding old man began to count the spoils of war.

when counting the spoils, he subconsciously pulled out a portion and put them aside.

“strange, why am i putting aside so much of the spoils?” the bow-wielding old man was confused.




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