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Chapter 1283 Cultivation_Makes_Me_Happy

Dharma King Creation’s concert was finally over.

Below the stage, the place was littered with corpses.

The only two survivors were Song Shuhang and Soft Feather.

Song Shuhang had Senior White Two’s buff, which allowed him to survive the ordeal. As for Soft Feather, she had relied on herself to survive to the very end. It was clear who was superior between the two.

Dharma King Creation faced the unconscious fellow daoists and put an end to the concert. “The concert of this poor monk has ended. Thank you, everyone!”

Soft Feather congratulated, “Congratulations to Senior Creation for your first concert in the world of cultivation. It was a great success!”

She could naturally see the power of Senior Creation’s ‘concert’.

According to her rough calculations, of the fellow daoists who had been stuck in their inner demon tribulation, at least 60% was able to struggle free!

In other words, Senior Creation’s concert was really effective against inner demon tribulations, and the probability of success was really high!

This time, Dharma King’s concert had attracted reporters from the Daily Cultivator and other major news networks of the world of cultivation. As soon as these journalists woke up from their unconscious state, they’d surely recount the results of the concert, and then spread word of it all over the world of cultivation.

Soft Feather could already predict the future popularity that Dharma King Creation was going to have.

From now on, great forces from all over the universe were likely to send invitations to Senior Creation to have him sing for them. When that time came, his appearance fee would definitely rise.

Dharma King Creation laughed happily, and said, “Thank you, hahahaha.”

Song Shuhang also cupped his fists at Dharma King Creation. “Moreover, the effect that Senior Creation’s concert has on inner demons is most effective in live concerts. In short, the venues will be all filled to full capacity in the future!”

…All this time, he had been coolly rolling around under the gazes of tens of thousands of people, so he now felt very embarrassed.

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Dharma King Creation laughed, and said, “Hahaha, is that so?”

Song Shuhang curiously asked, “Senior Creation, have you practiced any special cultivation technique? In your singing, there’s a strand of the ‘sound of nature’. It is that strand that allows your singing to defeat inner demons.”

At the side, Soft Feather said, “Senior Song, Senior Creation’s singing itself is the sound of nature.”

Song Shuhang glanced at Soft Feather, and nodded—sure enough, Soft Feather’s body structure was different from ordinary people’s, at least when it came to her hearing.

“Eh? Little friend Song, you could actually hear that sound?” Dharma King Creation stopped smiling and looked at Song Shuhang seriously.

Sure enough, Senior Creation also knew about the sound of nature present in his own voice!

Song Shuhang nodded.

Dharma King Creation said, “That sound appeared after I stepped onto the path of cultivation and opened my Mouth Aperture. However, it is completely out of my control and only manifests when I sing with all my might. Also, that sound can only be heard by me, others are unable to perceive it.”

He looked at Song Shuhang and Soft Feather. “Perhaps you two are the only ones who can sense the sound hidden in my singing. You are both special.”

No, no, only Soft Feather is special, Song Shuhang thought.

“So, Senior Creation’s singing is that nice because of the innate skill you acquired when you opened your Mouth Aperture?” Soft Feather blinked.

Dharma King Creation seriously said, “Having innate talent for singing is merely the start for a singer. Hard work is indispensable, and the writing of the lyrics is also very important.”

Soft Feather nodded vigorously. “I understand, Senior Creation. If possible, I’d like to learn how to sing from you in the future!”

Senior Creation said, “Alright, I will accept you as a disciple anytime you want.”

Song Shuhang felt worried for Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

However, was the sound of nature in Dharma King Creation’s singing really only a result of his Mouth Aperture’s innate skill?

For him to be able to forcefully change the setting of an inner demon tribulation, I keep on getting the feeling that his singing couldn’t possibly be so simple…

Song Shuhang did not overthink it. Anyway, Senior Creation having this ability was a good thing.

He moved his gaze to his seat that was below the stage.

There, Little Cai was still trapped in the inner demon tribulation.

“Little Cai.” Song Shuhang sighed then jumped forward, descending to her side before holding her up. “Senior Creation, can I ask you to sing a song again?”

Dharma King Creation’s eyes shone. “Although it’s only you and Soft Feather who are left, it’s isn’t a problem for me to sing another song.”

Song Shuhang lifted Little Cai up. “Senior Creation, when you sing, can you use my disciple as your microphone?”

Dharma King Creation understood his meaning.

It was the care of a teacher for their disciple.

“No problem, then I shall sing a short song for Little Cai. Do you have any songs you want to listen to? I know all popular songs as well.” Dharma King Creation took Little Cai and used her to replace his microphone.

Soft Feather raised her hand, and said, “I want to listen to ‘In this world, only mother is good’.”

“If Senior Spirit Butterfly were to hear this song, he will surely become sad,” said Song Shuhang with smile—speaking of this, he had never heard Soft Feather mention her mother.

Soft Feather thought for a while, and said, “Right, then let’s change it to ‘In this world, only father is good’.”

Dharma King Creation asked, “But, what about your mother in that case?”

Soft Feather waved her hand. “It’s alright, my mother loves me very much. She won’t feel jealous over such a thing.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Would it better to change it to ‘In this world, only parents are good’?”

“But there are still… grandfathers and grandmothers. They would definitely… express their disapproval. The love of grandparents is also love. If you only sing for the parents, the grandparents will definitely express their disapproval.” A trembling voice sounded—it was Senior Turtle. In the entire venue, it was the one with the highest strength, so it was also the fastest to wake up.

Song Shuhang inquired, “By the way, who wrote that song?”

Dharma King Creation said, “Forget it, let’s just change to another song.”

While they were talking, Little Cai, who was in Dharma King Creation’s hand, suddenly let out a cry. “Chirp~”

After that, her little eyes slowly opened.

Dharma King Creation, Soft Feather, Song Shuhang’s eyes immediately focused on her.

Little Cai blinked in confusion.

In the next moment, she found that she was caught in someone’s hand and began struggling.

“Stop moving around, Little Cai.” Song Shuhang reached out and took Little Cai from Dharma King Creation.

Little Cai tilted her head. “What happened?”

Soft Feather giggled, and said, “Just now, Senior Song saw that you had yet to wake up from your inner demon tribulation, so he asked Senior Creation to sing a song for you. Senior Creation’s singing has the power to assist others with their inner demon tribulation.”

Little Cai nodded, and asked another question. “But teacher, why was I in Senior Creation’s hand?”

Dharma King Creation chuckled, and said, “Because little friend Song wanted you to be my microphone; that is when the effect is strongest.”

Little Cai was so moved that she burst into tears. “Teacher, you are so kind, thank you.”

…If I hadn’t woken up just now, I would have actually become Senior Creation’s microphone! As Little Cai recalled this, a lingering fear coursed through her body as she almost fainted right then and there.

However, it was clearly an act of love and care on the part of her teacher, so what else could she do? She could only tearfully thank her teacher for his kindness.

“You’re welcome,” Song Shuhang said. “This is what teachers ought to do for their disciples.”

Little Cai had tears in her eyes. I hope that teacher would care for me in a different way next time.

Song Shuhang asked, “So, you’ve gotten through your inner demon tribulation?”

Little Cai waved her wings, and proudly said, “Yes, Teacher. I finally defeated my inner demons. From now on, love is no longer an inner demon of mine!”

Soft Feather curiously asked, “How did you break through your inner demon tribulation? Can you share?”

Little Cai said, “No problem. For a long period of time, I was trapped in my inner demon tribulation because of an emotional injury I had received a while back, it was my biggest weakness. But today, a heavenly sound echoed in my ear, and it encouraged and comforted me. Every time the inner demon tribulation tried to strike me down with the emotional injury, the heavenly nature would appear and help me out.”

Song Shuhang and Soft Feather’s eyes lit up—it was the effect of Dharma King Creation’s singing.

“After numerous cycles of defeat and comfort, I was finally able to beat my inner demon,” Little Cai said, and then announced, “From today onwards, love can no longer restrain me, because there are things that I value more than love!”

Song Shuhang said, “Yes, love is not the only thing we can treasure in life. There is always friendship and family.”

Little Cai looked confused. “Teacher, isn’t the thing that’s more valuable than love ‘cultivation’?”


Little Cai waved her wings, and said, “For the practitioners of my generation, cultivation is the most important thing. Love is just a small part of our endless lives. Therefore, I shall love cultivation more in this life of mine; only cultivation can make me happy and satisfied.”

“I love cultivation, Cultivation_Makes_Me_Happy.jpg”

“If I don’t practice, I_Would_Prefer_To_Die.jpg”

“If I don’t practice for a second, I_Will_Feel_Sick.jpg.”

“I don’t want love, there is only one thing in my mind now, and that is Cultivation.jpg”

“Love is but a superfluous and unnecessary thing, I_Like_To_Cultivate_More_Than_Anything_In_The_World.jpg”

Little Cai issued a series of sentences that seemed to be a manifesto.

Was this the manifesto of the single dog?

Wait a moment, she was a monster bird. So, was it a manifesto of the single bird?

Looking at Little Cai, Song Shuhang felt after her inner demon tribulation, her worldview had been greatly distorted.

Little Cai happily said, “Teacher, please teach me more advanced saber techniques. I shall follow in your footsteps and reach the Fifth Stage Realm as soon as possible. On that day, I will finally be able to match the daoist name you gave me, ‘Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman’!”

Little Cai had just transcended the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage, so she was now a Fourth Stage monster bird.

Song Shuhang seriously said, “Your teacher’s saber techniques are no trivial matter, you have to be prepared to endure hardships.”

Little Cai responded, “Teacher, so be it if I have to endure hardships. Ever since I gave up being a mere bird to become a monster, I had readied myself for such hardships.”

Song Shuhang said, “Alright, for now, you should rest in my world to consolidate your realm. After you have finished consolidating your realm, I shall impart a profound saber technique to you.”

Little Cai said, “Teacher, time is precious and should not be wasted! Rest is something for the dead. Let’s start practicing right away! Rest assured, my body is completely fine.”

Song Shuhang: “…”



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