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Chapter 1284 If you got buddhist disciples to be your groomsmen, it would be the start of a tragedy

Rest is something for the dead?

Song Shuhang couldn’t help but glance at Senior Brother Liu Jianyi, who was in the first row… Is Senior Brother already considered a dead man?

“C’mon Teacher. What saber technique are we going to learn next? There’s also the fourth layer of the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯, can I start learning that? Moreover, Teacher, I’ve got a hunch that I’ve already reached the master level for the ❮Steel Hands Technique❯, do you want me to show it to you?” Little Cai restlessly bounced up and down on the ground as she spoke.

Soft Feather said, “Senior Song, it looks like your disciple broke.”

Song Shuhang nodded, then reached out, and gestured to Little Cai.

Little Cai flew to his palm. “Is Teacher going to teach me a special technique? Let’s go, let’s learn something.”

Song Shuhang said, “It would be better if you consolidate your realm first. Only once you’ve consolidated your realm can you go further on the path of cultivation.”

Little Cai replied, “But Teacher, I’m full of energy right now! I don’t think I can stay idle.”

“Consolidating one’s realm is also part of the process to strengthen one’s will. Now, go and meditate in your teacher’s world.” Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and sent Little Cai beside that field in his Inner World.

Lady Onion was there as well. She had taken root on the enlightenment stone, and Song Shuhang had sent Little Cai over to her in hopes that the special effects of the enlightenment stone would be able to make Little Cai calm down.

Dharma King Creation pinched his chin. “Having such a diligent disciple is pretty cute. That aside, should I still sing another song?”

Song Shuhang said, “Senior, since Little Cai is already awake, you can sing another time.”

“You have a point,” Dharma King Creation said, but he still looked somewhat disappointed.

“Senior, what should we do with these fellow daoists?” Song Shuhang asked as he pointed at the many fellow daoists below the stage.

Dharma King Creation said, “Just leave them. They will all wake up sooner or later.” After that, he moved his gaze to the remaining 40% of the fellow daoists, who were still stuck in their inner demon tribulation, and sighed.

He had already done his best. These remaining fellow daoists that were still stuck in their inner demon tribulation would have to look for a different opportunity to get through their tribulation; otherwise, they might simply fall deeper into their inner demon tribulation… and perhaps even die.

The inner demon tribulation was still part of the heavenly tribulation; it carried the same threat to one’s life as the heavenly tribulation did.

A string of beads appeared in Dharma King Creation’s hands. He placed his palms on his chest and began to silently recite prayers for the fellow daoists who were still trapped in their inner demon tribulations.

Song Shuhang and Soft Feather silently stood behind him, not daring to disturb him.

After about the time it would take for half a stick of incense to burn, Song Shuhang suddenly rubbed his eyes as he sensed a scholarly aura exuding from Dharma King Creation’s body.

He was obviously a buddhist monk, and a beefy monk from the ❮Warring Buddha Sect❯ at that, but at this moment, Dharma King Creation’s body was emanating a scholarly aura.

The corners of Song Shuhang’s eyes became slightly wet… Director, isn’t there something very wrong with this script?

At this time, the bored Soft Feather casually asked Song Shuhang, “Senior Song, why did you end up bringing Doudou to the concert?”

Song Shuhang replied, “I met with Doudou earlier today; he happened to come to my house as a guest. Then, he asked me to help him get a group of groomsmen for his wedding. However, at that time, I already had to hurry to Senior Creation’s concert, and so Doudou ended up accompanying me.”

“So that’s what happened.” Soft Feather nodded, but she suddenly remembered another thing. “Wait, there is something wrong. Senior Song, isn’t Doudou the bride? Why is he getting himself a group of groomsmen? Isn’t is supposed to be a group of bridesmaids instead?”

Song Shuhang explained, “In the end, Doudou is also a male dog, and having a team of bridesmaids would be very strange for him. As such, I suggested for him to get himself a team of groomsmen instead.”

As Dharma King Creation and Soft Feather’s live broadcasts had already ended, he could freely talk about cultivation-related matters.

“I see.” Soft Feather nodded again, asking, “Then, Senior Song, who did you recruit for your groomsmen team?”

Song Shuhang shrugged his shoulders. “I haven’t found anyone yet, but I have gotten Little Guoguo to be our page boy.”

Soft Feather happily said, “Senior Song, would I be fine?”


Soft Feather said, “I can be a man dressed as a woman, no, that isn’t right… I meant a woman dressed as a man. I can dress up as a handsome male cultivator and act as Doudou’s best man.”

There were other thoughts in her mind that she had not said aloud. If Doudou’s best man team does not get True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s approval, then I can become a bridesmaid, wouldn’t that be just fine?

Song Shuhang asked, “Are you really fine with this?”

“Of course, I guarantee that there will be no problem with this. In addition, Senior Song, look at me carefully. I look quite similar to my father; as long as I dress up the part, I would immediately look like a handsome male cultivator.” Soft Feather put her long hair up, and then moved closer to Song Shuhang.

A sweet scent wafted from Soft Feather as her small face neared.

Besides, those who say that Soft Feather looks like Venerable Spirit Butterfly are definitely blind!

Song Shuhang said, “Alright, if we don’t get enough groomsmen, you can join in.”

After saying that, he remembered another thing. He took out a brooch from the magical bracelet—the shapeshifting brooch.

Song Shuhang smiled, and said, “I’m giving this back to you. After I borrowed it from you last time, I kept on forgetting to give it back to you.”

Soft Feather took the brooch and stuck out her tongue. “I almost forgot about this brooch as well. With this, my disguise would be even more perfect.”

After he finished reciting the scriptures, Dharma King Creation turned his head around, and asked with a smile, “What are you two talking about?”

Soft Feather replied, “We’re talking about Doudou’s team of groomsmen.”

Dharma King Creation squeezed his chin, and said, “Right, does Doudou’s wedding have a singing event? I can be said to be a rising star in the world of singers, how about I sing a song for Doudou and his partner when the time comes?”

Song Shuhang said, “Doudou will definitely be very happy to hear Senior Creation’s suggestion.”

If the wedding could become even more of a mess, Doudou would surely feel very refreshed.

“I’m just kidding. If Doudou will be happy, it means that Senior Yellow Mountain will feel depressed.” Dharma King Creation laughed, and said, “I am aware of my limitations. I’m already very happy to have little friend Song and Soft Feather, true fans that can really appreciate my singing. Anyway, who are the candidates?”

Soft Feather raised her hand, and said, “Me, me, me! I’m going to dress up as a man and be a groomsman.”

The corners of Dharma King Creation’s mouth twitched.

Song Shuhang replied, “I am still looking for groomsmen. I asked Senior Brother Three Realms to be one, but he refused. He said that he only wanted to attend Doudou’s wedding as a guest.”

Dharma King Creation said, “It can’t be helped. After all, he is a buddhist disciple. Buddhist disciples generally stay single, and not many of the lay disciples get married, either. If you got buddhist disciples to be your groomsmen, it would be the start of a tragedy.”

Song Shuhang was shocked.

There is such a thing?

I have actually not thought of this at all!

Dharma King Creation asked, “Apart from Three Realms, who else have you asked?”

Song Shuhang answered, “The only fellow daoists I know are the ones in the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’. Other than that, all my acquaintances are ordinary people, and it would not be good for them to participate in Doudou’s wedding.”

Dharma King Creation said, “If it’s the fellow daoists in the group, there are a lot who should be suitable to be groomsmen. It would be best to get groomsmen who are not married and have good looks. Let me tell you about who is single in the group.”

Song Shuhang quickly took out a small notebook.

Dharma King Creation began, “Firstly, the ones who are at the top of the ranks of the single army in the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ are those who have given up on marriage; in short, those who belong to the buddhist system. For example, me, Great Master Profound Principle, and my Senior Brother Swallow Cloud. However, although we are single, we are not suitable to be groomsmen.

“After that are Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, Su Clan’s Seven… No, it’s been said that Seven has already gotten a girlfriend. Although it’s only a rumor, it would be best to remove him first. Continuing on, Old Northern River, Phoenix Slayer, Treasure Forging Heavenly Mansion’s Yang Xian, these guys are all still unmarried.”

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Thrice Reckless isn’t suitable for this. He and Doudou have a dangerous resonance that might cause everyone to suffer. As for Senior Northern River, we can think about it. Senior Phoenix Slayer… Actually, though he isn’t too suitable, we can add him in anyway. As for Senior Yang Xian, although I see him appear in the group every now and then, I’ve never talked to him.”

Dharma King Creation said, “It can’t be helped. In the group, Fellow Daoist Yang Xian is second only to Scholar Drunken Tyrant when it comes to being invisible. It’s due to his personality. Anyway, I can contact him for you.”

Soft Feather asked, “How about Senior White? Isn’t Senior White also single?”

Song Shuhang subconsciously said, “Actually, someone once proposed to Senior White.”

Dharma King Creation said, “Are you talking about White Crane? White Crane doesn’t count, its proposal was very strange. I personally feel that it feels more gratitude towards Fellow Daoist White than love.”

Dharma King Creation seemed very knowledgeable. Was he talking from experience?

Song Shuhang said, “I’m not talking about Senior White Crane, but another person. However, I don’t know the specific identity of the other party.”

“What do they look like?” Dharma King Creation said in wonder.

Song Shuhang replied, “I can’t say. After all, this involves Senior White’s privacy. Unless Senior White agrees, it will be bad for me to reveal something private like that on my own whim.”

Dharma King Creation said, “You’re making us even more curious.”

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly. “It was a slip of the tongue earlier; I really can’t really say any more regarding that, that is unless Senior White himself gives me permission.”

Soft Feather said, “Senior Song, can you at least tell us how that fairy maiden expressed her love to Senior White? How was the scene? For her to have the courage to express her love to Senior White, I’m getting the feeling that they must be like an empress-like fairy that is both overbearing and powerful.”

Dharma King Creation nodded, and said, “I feel the same. That female cultivator must not only be strong, but also have a lot of self-confidence. One that matches that of Fellow Daoist White, allowing her to stand by his side.”

Song Shuhang shook his head. “I can’t say, I really can’t say.”

The confession of that youth in green clothes to Senior White consisted of a single sentence. That sentence was a trigger for the two Senior Whites, and just saying it would greatly annoy them.

So, he truly could not talk about it.

Song Shuhang imagined what he saw in the ‘illusory reality’ at that time.

The youth in green clothes and Senior White sat side by side.

“Little White, you are really handsome.”

“Little White, when your hair reaches your waist, will you marry me?”

Just as Song Shuhang was thinking about this, spatial fluctuation suddenly emerged right in front of him.

Right after that, Senior White emerged together with Su Clan’s Sixteen.

“Senior White, why are you here?” Song Shuhang said.

At this time, his Sage Seal appeared.

The Sage Seal directed itself at Senior White and let out a dignified sound.





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