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Chapter 1276 You’re all too naive

Song Shuhang coughed lightly. “I’m sorry, I was distracted.”

As soon those words came out of his mouth, Song Shuhang felt that something wasn’t right… That was quite ambiguous, wasn’t it?

At the side, Doudou said, “Don’t be uncomfortable, Soft Feather. Be confident, be proud of your long legs! With such long legs, it’s very normal for Shuhang to look at them and become distracted.”

Heavens, Doudou, does your explanation need to be so timely?

The corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched. He’d originally wanted to defend himself, but as soon as Doudou interjected, it was as if yellow mud had fallen onto his crotch—it wasn’t shiet but it definitely looked like shiet. No matter how he explained it, it would give a sense of sophistry.

“It’s not that I’m not confident,” said Soft Feather as she giggled, waved her little feet. “However, it is the first time that Senior Song stared at my legs.”

“It’s because there was a problem with his preferences before,” Doudou said. “Shuhang used to think that women’s legs weren’t good-looking. He believed that men had their own legs anyway, and that women’s legs were simply whiter and longer, and that was also why he was never able to understand the reason his roommates were obsessed with legs.”

Song Shuhang gaped, and said, “F*ck, how do you know that?”

I’ve never mentioned that to Doudou, have I?

Does Doudou also have mind-reading techniques?

No, I never even thought about this when I was in Doudou’s presence!

Doudou proudly said, “When that last movie was being filmed, I heard your roommates bring it up while chatting. Hehe, your roommates really lack vigilance to a cute Pekingese, I simply lay down beside them and listened to their conversation.”

“Senior Tyrannical Song~ Your previous thoughts were very dangerous. Fortunately, you didn’t become obsessed with men’s legs.” Riverly Purple Mist covered her mouth and chuckled. The purple light in her eyes flickered, making her look particularly devilish.

Song Shuhang responded, “Senior Sister Purple Mist, please don’t call me Senior Tyrannical Song, and we’re still good friends.”

Riverly Purple Mist smirked, and said, “If not Senior Tyrannical Song, do you want me to pronounce that first word twice in a trembling voice?”

Soft Feather curiously asked, “Pronouncing the first word of his Sage Name twice in a trembling voice? What about it?”

Doudou said, “You don’t know about this matter, Soft Feather? When the first word of Shuhang’s Sage Name is read in a trembling voice, it sounds the same as Da~ddy Song in Mandaring, which makes it particularly interesting.”

Song Shuhang seriously said, “I don’t have a son like you, Doudou.”

Doudou responded, “Huh? F*ck… Tyrannical Song, do you want to fight?!”

Doudou flew up and then bit Song Shuhang’s arm.

Song Shuhang shouted, “Let go! Otherwise, I’ll use the ❮Steel Hands Technique❯ to destroy your teeth. I’m going to count to five, if you don’t let go by then, don’t blame me for being impolite!” After saying that, he swung his arm around, but Doudou was biting his arm so hard that it seemed like he wasn’t going to release his grip unless he died. And so, Doudou was swung up and down along with Song Shuhang’s arm…

“It turns out that it’s indeed a homonym for Daddy.” Soft Feather squinted and smiled.

She then thought of other possibilities.

If she had a chance to ascend to the Eighth Stage one day, it would be nice if she was able to have a Sage Name that was a homonym with ‘Mama’, such as ‘Fairy Mama’ or something of the sort. As soon as others called her by her Sage Name, they would get trolled.

Nope, that would be seeking death too much. I would have to pay a high price for it, and I don’t want to die just yet.

Soft Feather would occasionally do interesting things and make big news.

However, before she made such news, she would consider the price that she might have to pay after doing it.

This was a good habit that allowed her to always restrain herself and avoid engaging in major incidents.

Meanwhile, Song Shuhang was finally able to fling Doudou off of his arm.

At the same time, he looked around the concert venue. “The concert venue is already filling up. Is Senior Creation really going to start singing at four o’clock?”

While he was talking, he got a bad hunch.

He felt that Dharma King Creation was likely going to cause a ruckus.

There were many that had prepared a pair of ‘strong earplugs’ when they came to the concert.

For example, Riverly Purple Mist prepared earplugs that could completely seal one’s hearing.

If Dharma King Creation were to sing at four o’clock, which was when everyone would have already taken out their earplugs, wouldn’t the effect of his singing be weakened greatly?

As such, was he going to conduct a surprise attack on everyone and start singing in advance?

Just as this thought emerged in his mind… Eight beams of light suddenly shone on the stage.

Subsequently, the other lights in the entire venue were all turned off.

The venue was originally in a sealed space. After the lights were turned off, the entire place became dark, leaving only the eight beams of light on the concert stage as a source of light.

[Heavens, Senior Creation is really going to conduct a surprise attack!] Song Shuhang hurriedly took out the earplugs.

At the same time, he willed it and summoned the ‘sea turtle’ from his Inner World.

Senior Turtle had told him that he wanted to listen to the concert, but he got caught up in this conversation with Soft Feather and forgot to bring it out.

Nevertheless, the timing was just right. Senior Creation’s concert was just about to start, so Senior Turtle wasn’t going to miss the grand concert.

The sea turtle said, “Yo, I almost thought that you forgot about me.”

Song Shuhang replied, “Haha, Senior Turtle, the concert is about to start, so the timing is just right.”

“Clang, clang, clang, clang~”

The heavy sound of iron meeting iron sounded out.

Subsequently, eight small aircraft directly appeared above the beams of light—these should be magical treasures made by Dharma King Creation.

“Eh? The concert is starting? Wasn’t it said that it was going to start at four?”

“Perhaps it’s a rehearsal? It isn’t four o’clock yet. There should still be people on their way here, it’s impossible for the concert to start this early.”

“I heard that large-scale concerts still need to take some time to adjust the lighting and so on. Fellow Daoist Creation has recently mixed in with the music industry. Although this one’s a rather small concert that’s just for us, the lighting and the other stuff probably still need to be checked.”

“All kinds of audio equipment and electronic equipment have to be prepared in advance, concerts really aren’t simple.”

Comforting voices sounded out one by one.

When everyone heard those statements, they felt that they were very reasonable.

The concert was only going to start at four o’clock. It was normal for the lighting and audio equipment to be checked before the actual thing began.

At this time, Song Shuhang quickly plugged the earplugs he got from Riverly Purple Mist into his ears.

As soon as he put on the earplugs, he felt as if the entire world had gone quiet.

He could not hear a single sound.

“Phew~” Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief.

In a while, when Dharma King Creation sings, I’m going to be able to remain completely calm regardless of how much he sings as none of it will reach me. Hahahaha.

“Dong, dong, dong, dong~”

A series of noises could be heard as the beams of light brightened up the stage.

Within the beams of light, a total of eight figures appeared.

The figures in the four light beams on the left half squatted down on the ground as if they were terminators.

The figure in the four light beams on the right rested their chins in one hand as if they were meditating.

Every one of them had naked upper bodies, with their muscles bulging, and their figures full of raw beauty.

“Wait, am I seeing things? Are there eight Dharma King Creations?” Song Shuhang’s eyes widened.

The eight figures in the beam of light are all Senior Creations!

Could it be a cloning technique? A puppet technique? Mirror images?

No matter what technique it was, one Dharma King Creation was already enough to send people to heaven. As for eight Dharma King Creations… they were probably enough to destroy the world?

However, after the eight Dharma King Creations appeared, they did not sing, and they simply remained motionless.

After a moment, the beams of light dimmed and the eight Dharma King Creations disappeared.

It seems like it really was just a lighting check? The fellow daoists who had taken out their earplugs and were about to put them in their ears were secretly relieved and lowered their hands.

However, what was the deal with the eight Dharma King Creations just now?

There were some that were worried about their earplugs—it was merely a single set of earplugs, was it really going to be able to prevent the power of Dharma King Creation’s singing x8?

Uneasiness welled up in their hearts.

A fellow daoist said, “Could it have been some kind of technology that’s able to project 3D images or the sort? I’ve seen similar technologies before, but I don’t remember it being perfected. The 3D projection technology used by Dharma King Creation seems to already be very complete. It was as if there were eight Dharma King Creations that had come to life.”

A fellow daoist said, “If it really was just a projection, then that’s good. I was afraid that Dharma King Creation had put together eight clones and was getting ready to summon Shenlong.”

A fellow daoist said, “It isn’t easy to create eight clones, unless they were all puppet clones. However, puppet clones would be very different from the main body. Even if they were to sing, they wouldn’t have the lethality of the main body’s singing. There’s no need to worry.”

While they were talking, another beam of light shone on the stage.

This light beam was thicker and larger than the ones from before.

Within the beam of light, countless light particles appeared.

The light particles dispersed, and a Dharma King Creation in a white suit appeared, his long hair fluttering.

He didn’t speak, and had his eyes half-closed and his hands raised.

The eyes of all the fellow daoists in the venue were drawn over, and they couldn’t help but stare at Dharma King Creation.

A voice was transmitted into Song Shuhang’s mind. “The light particles from when Fellow Daoist Creation appeared are a simple spell that can attract people’s attention, and belongs to the magical techniques of the charm category.”

It was True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple’s voice.

Song Shuhang quietly looked around him.

Other than Soft Feather and Liu Jianyi, the other fellow daoists of the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ had already put their earplugs on.

Sure enough, everyone had guessed Dharma King Creation’s thoughts.

Soft Feather did not put on her earplugs, because she and Dharma King Creation enjoyed music of the same kind. She honestly felt that Dharma King Creation’s singing was nice and beautiful.

As for Brother Liu Jianyi, perhaps he was just too lazy to put on earplugs? Or perhaps it was to save face for Soft Feather?

At this time, Dharma King Creation snapped his fingers.

In the next moment, a cheerful accompaniment of musical instruments sounded.

He strode forward and the lights gathered on his body.

As he moved around, the clothes on his body changed.

Bursts of light converged and dissipated.

Subsequently, Dharma King Creation, who was wearing only a pair of leather pants, appeared in front of everyone. In his hand was a silver microphone.

As the wind blew, Dharma King Creation’s hair fluttered along with it.

“Ready? Go!” Dharma King Creation vigorously waved his hand.

Behind him, the eight beams of light appeared once again.

The eight Dharma King Creations that had disappeared a while back reappeared, and each of them also had a silver microphone in his hands…




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