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1277 Huh? The sound of nature?

Heavens, it’s Dharma King Creation x9!

Song Shuhang couldn’t help but grip his earplugs… Was this thing really going to be effective?

The sea turtle looked at Song Shuhang doubtfully, and transmitted its voice to ask, “The opening special effects weren’t bad, but why are you wearing earplugs?”

Song Shuhang was getting ready to transfer ‘Ye Si’ over from the Inner World. After hearing Senior Turtle’s question, he replied, “The impact of Senior Creation’s singing is relatively strong, and since I’m not strong enough to withstand it, I wear earplugs to dampen the impact.”

“What concert did you come to listen to? Were you looking to suffer?” The sea turtle got a bad hunch.

Song Shuhang replied, “It’s because Senior Creation’s singing has the effect of destroying inner demons. Since my ghost spirit, disciple, and monster pet are all stuck in their inner demon tribulation, I brought them over to see if this could help them.”

While they were talking, Dharma King Creation already began speaking on the stage.

Dharma King Creation shouted, “The first song, ❮Seven Deaths Song❯, is dedicated to those dearest to me. Come, don’t immerse yourselves in the old and decayed music of the past, follow my songs and enter the hell of singing!”

Violent guitar strumming sounded out.

Dharma King Creation loudly yelled, “Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!” He shouted every word with his soul, almost spitting his lungs out.

Every time the word ‘die’ came out of his mouth, sound waves visible to the naked eye would propagate from him. That series of ‘die’ created shock waves akin to a nuclear bomb’s.

At the same time, the Dharma King Creations in the eight light beams jumped up and flew to the aircrafts.

The aircrafts took them to the sky, allowing them to surround the entire arena.

In the next moment, the eight Dharma King Creations simultaneously shouted, “Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!”

Each of the Dharma King clones was like a loudspeaker. With all of them singing, their voices were transmitted from all directions, and the sound waves filled the entire closed concert venue.

Dolby Atmos had entered the stage.

There were some cultivators who had not brought earplugs, and so were not even able to handle the first line of the song.

Their bodies went soft, and they could no longer move. They couldn’t even beg for mercy.

At this time, there were no longer any thoughts in their mind other than the word ‘die’, which continued reverberating in their heads.

Each time Dharma King Creation shouted the word ‘die’, their bodies would twitch like how a fish would when thrown onto shore.

“Die!” The cultivators without earplugs twitched alongside the rhythm.

“Die!” Their bodies twitched once again.

“Die!” And again.

This infinite loop gave birth to a strange scene at the concert.

At this time, Liu Jianyi, who was at the first row and not wearing any earplugs, had collapsed right where he was, his mouth foaming as he almost fell unconscious.

However… Liu Jianyi’s eyes showed a happy look.

He was too lazy to wear earplugs.

In addition, he did not resist Dharma King Creation’s singing.

Liu Jianyi was not as immune to the singing as Soft Feather was, but he was willing to accept the consequences.

Dharma King Creation’s singing could make people weak, leaving them unable to move and paralyzed on the ground—but this was the state that Liu Jianyi dreamt of being in.

His whole body was weak, which meant that he would not need to move nor consume energy. He could simply lie down and rest in a fair and decent manner.

Well done, well done!

The feeling of weakness ran through his entire body. He remained motionless, and he could not feel any of his energy being consumed.

Although he was about to faint, he was very happy nonetheless. Because that meant that he wouldn’t even need to think.

The sea turtle, who was also in the first row, shook violently.

The impact of the song was so violent that even its Ninth Stage body was affected.

It subconsciously retracted its head back into its turtle shell—after all, its shell was different from that of ordinary turtles as it had been modified to protect its entire body.

But after it did, it regretted it greatly.

Now, its turtle shell was like a sound resonator and vibrated along with the singing.

The turtle shell that was supposed to protect it from harm became the accomplice of Dharma King Creation, causing double the damage to its owner.

The sea turtle felt weak and its limbs went soft.

The sea turtle cried, “Song… Song… Shuhang, I can’t take it anymore. This concert is too dangerous, transfer me back into your Inner World.”

But at this time, Song Shuhang did not have the time to care about Senior Turtle.

When he moved Ye Si over from the Inner World, Dharma King Creation had already begun singing.

The earplugs couldn’t hinder Dharma King Creation’s singing at all.

His singing directly went through every pore of his body, reaching even his brain and his soul.

This was a genuine singing storm.

The Soul King had begun singing, and it was time to listen to the wonderful voice of hell with your soul.

The effect of the earplugs was only to delay everyone’s death for a small bit.

There was only one person in the audience who remained unaffected.

Soft Feather waved her arms excitedly. She held a selfie stick in her left hand and was performing a live broadcast of the Soul King’s deadly and hellish concert. The several hundred fans who were watching her livestream were now undergoing the baptism of the hellish sound.

Soft Feather’s right hand waved a glow stick, and she sang loudly along with Dharma King Creation. “Die die die die die~”

Honestly, Song Shuhang could not understand the scene in front of him. Were Soft Feather’s nerves too thick? Or were her hearing organs just different from everyone else’s?

Or could it be that her ears had their own filtering function, making it such that the hellish singing of Dharma King Creation that rang in everyone’s ears was filtered into heavenly sounds in Soft Feather’s ear?

In addition to Soft Feather’s personal live broadcast, there was also Dharma King Creation’s official live broadcast.

He was now a man with tens of millions of fans all over the world. In the countries with larger populations, he would have two or three hundred thousand fans that would attend his live concerts.

So as soon as he began the live broadcast, nearly 10 million people went online to listen to the sound of his hellish singing.

Dharma King Creation continued to roar, “Die die die! Unfaithful men… should die die die! Unfilial men… should die die die!”

This time, his eight clones synchronized with him and began to yell, “Die die die!”

Nine times the damage plus a critical hit.

White foam appeared at the corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth, and Doudou who was right beside him was already on all fours, looking up with his eyes that had rolled back~

The faces of True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple and Great Master Profound Principle, who were behind them, had also turned ugly.

Riverly Purple Mist said, “I underestimated the power of Senior Creation’s singing!”

“Nine times the damage, Fellow Daoist Creation truly does not want to let us leave this place alive!”

“I choose… to… die…”

“Senior Creation is really going to kill us this time!”

“I’m going to die~ My earplugs can’t handle it, I’m going to collapse!”

“Does anyone have extra earplugs? I need some assistance over here!”

“Die die die die~ Hahaha, everyone is going to die~”

“The fellow daoists at the front have already gone mad, die die die~ die die die~”

“Damn, I just saw the entrance to hell~”

All over the place, the cultivators wearing powerful earplugs used the secret sound transmission method to transmit their inner sorrows~

At this time, someone asked, “Has anything happened to the inner demons? Were they destroyed?”

Song Shuhang immediately looked down at Ye Si, Lady Onion, and Little Cai.

The bodies of Lady Onion and Little Cai twitched continually, foaming at the mouth.

With the two having low strength and being in the first row, they were the ones who were the most affected by the singing.

Ye Si was lying there calmly, motionless and temporarily unaffected by the singing.

Is Dharma King Creation’s singing really effective?

While he was thinking about it, Song Shuhang felt his pocket shake.

He took out his phone and looked at it; it was a call from a stranger.

In addition, there was a remark below: this number had been marked as a scam by 168 people.

Hehehe, it’s a scam call.

Brother, you sought death yourself today.

Song Shuhang pressed the ‘answer’ button without hesitation.

A voice came from the phone. “Hello, is this the owner of 18XXXXX phone? Congratulations, you got the lucky number of the raffle of the “Love My World” program, the prize is 300,000… Aaah~ Aaah~ My ears… I, I surrender, please let me off~ Hahaha, die die die, die die die!

It was a pity that Song Shuhang could not hear his voice clearly.

After a while, the call had still yet to end… It seemed like the other party had passed out.

Song Shuhang shakily extended his hand and hung up the call, and then kept his phone.

He felt like he was almost at the limit; he was currently dizzy and so nauseated that he felt like vomiting. The froth at the corners of his mouth was out of control, and his legs were already quite soft.

[Hello~ Shuhang, where are you?] At this time, another sound rang in his ear.

It was Senior White Two’s voice.

Song Shuhang replied, [Senior White, I am currently listening to Senior Creation’s concert and I will crash down in 30 seconds. Please contact me again in the evening.]

Senior White Two said, [Creation? The one who suddenly started singing when you answered the phone last time? Wait for me, I’ll come over to you right away. I missed the last concert in Los Angeles, but I’m not going to miss the one today.]

In the following moment, his clone appeared right next to Song Shuhang.

He was in a state where only Song Shuhang would be able to see him.

Senior White Two softly said, [Is this the live version of the song?]

Song Shuhang responded, [I’m going to die, I’m going to die~]

Senior White Two said, [Previously, when it rang out from your phone, his singing was full of explosive, destructive power. But after listening to it live, I discovered that is the sound of nature.]

Song Shuhang asked, [Huh? What?]

The sound of nature? Is there something wrong with Senior White Two’s head?

Senior White Two said, [You are the one who’s got something wrong with your head. Are you really unable to appreciate the sound of nature that’s deeply embedded into his singing? It seems that the only one who can appreciate his singing here is that girl over here.]

Song Shuhang glanced at Soft Feather, and then at Senior White Two.

Sure enough, there’s something wrong with Senior White Two’s head.



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