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Chapter 1201 Incurable obsession

Song Shuhang asked, “Great, but Senior Turtle, can you send me back to Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s place first with a spatial gate?”

When he was headed to the market, he had to fly with Senior Turtle for a long time… Now that he knew that Senior Turtle could still use his spatial abilities, he couldn’t possibly let him fly back all the way, right?

“No.” Senior Turtle shook his head seriously, and said, “I have to get to refining the Ice Soul Pill now. In order to avoid any accidents, I have to completely focus my essence, qi, and spirit in their best state. As such, I won’t be able to send you back with spatial teleportation anymore.”

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Turtle, I haven’t been cultivating for that long, but can you not lie to me?”

When we left the cultivator market just now, you have still used your spatial abilities to take me out of the market. The eyes of the little follower of Yu Jiaojiao, Little Snow, behind us even lit up!

Now you’re telling me you can’t use spatial teleportation anymore?

Senior Turtle solemnly said, “It does not matter whether you believe it or not, but if I fail the refining of the ‘Ice Soul Pill’, don’t blame me.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Do I really have to fly back?

“Alright, I’ll give Senior Turtle the permission to open the Palace of Winter.” Song Shuhang sighed. After that, he extended his hand and sent the sea turtle to his Inner World’s ‘Palace of Winter’ pill refining palace.

After that, he brought out his treasured saber Broken Tyrant and rushed to Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s immortal cave while his invisible saber insect quickly followed him.

The green sea turtle let out a sigh filled with emotion and climbed to the edge of the huge pill furnace.

“The Palace of Winter.” It sighed softly.

Originally, this was its home… Later, its ownership was transferred to Song Shuhang by the Great Northern Emperor.

After losing the Palace of Winter, it felt uncomfortable.

Previously, after waking up for a while, it would go to the Palace of Winter to climb around and inspect its territory. However, after waking up this time, it could no longer tour around the place.

As such, recently, its heart always felt quite stuffy, and it kept on getting the feeling like it had something important to do. Now, when it finally got to revisit the Palace of Winter, the stuffy sensation in its heart instantly disappeared.

The sea turtle said, “Heavens- I finally know what I’ve been longing to do. I haven’t finished my round of climbing around the Palace of Winter yet.”

And so, he began to climb around in the Palace of Winter just like in the past.

This obsession of Senior Turtle’s had already reached an incurable state, and he could no longer be saved.

He climbed and climbed. The green sea turtle was familiar with all the palaces it passed. As it crawled, it remembered the scenes from the time when the Palace of Winter was most prosperous. At that time, the ancient Heavenly City had yet to be destroyed, and the Great Emperor was also the Heavenly City’s outstanding and famous Great Northern Emperor, who was second only to the Heavenly Emperor.

The sea turtle sighed, and said, “I remember that this place is the place where the Great Emperor and his good friends would gather to chat. Due to having quite a lot of fellow daoists, this place was made to be large and spacious.”

Afterward, it opened the gate to the palace.

In the next moment, the green sea turtle subconsciously retracted all of its limbs and tucked its head into its turtle shell. Its turtle shell has been refined into a magical treasure and had a large space, unlike ordinary turtle shells.

In front of it, there were guided missiles, atomic bombs, and hydrogen bombs all over the place.

Each and every single weapon there emitted power of the tribulation and terrifying pressure.

If such a large number of heavenly tribulation weapons were to explode, in its current state, it would not be able to handle it-after all, its realm had been sealed by the Great Northern Emperor.

“Heavens~ Could little friend Song be preparing to do some arms dealing business? Why are there so many heavenly tribulation weapons here? Also, how did he seal all of them up? Did he get all of these from the Heavenly Tribulation Realm? In addition, what would happen if all of them exploded inside the Palace of Winter? Would the Palace of Winter get destroyed?”

The good mood it had just gotten from being able to patrol the Palace of Winter immediately disappeared. Now, it was left worried about the future of the Palace of Winter.

After letting out a sigh, the sea turtle carefully closed the gate of the palace. Afterwards, it continued its patrol.

As a patient with an incurable obsession disorder, if it did not get to do its routine climb all over the Palace of Winter, its heart would be in a mess and its mind in turmoil.

It climbed and crawled, all the way until it arrived in front of a small room.

“This should be the room for storage,” the sea turtle said softly. It then stretched its forelegs and pushed the door open.

At this time, Song Shuhang’s voice sounded out. “Wait, Senior Turtle.”

It was a pity that Song Shuhang’s reminder came too late, and the door to the room was already open.

Inside the room was a Seventh Stage Venerable.

He was the Venerable that threatened Fairy Fleeting Life and was prepared to kill her previously on the roof of Jiangnan University Town. However, he ended up locked up inside the Palace of Winter by Song Shuhang.

With this person having the strength of a Seventh Stage Venerable, this Venerable Wintry was still alive and well.

At the exact instant when the sea turtle had opened the door to the room, Venerable Wintry used everything he had to rush out of the room!

This place is a fragment of the ancient Heavenly City, then… it should have been hidden inside some secret realm by Profound Sage Tyrannical Song. As long as I can escape from this fragment, I might be able to get a chance to escape, Venerable Wintry thought to himself.

When it saw the sea turtle that was in front of the room, the Venerable did not have any intent to get held up by the other party. He cast an ice magical technique on the sea turtle, while at the same time jumping up high to try and cross above and past the sea turtle.

He felt that the sea turtle was probably not too strong, most likely at the Third or Fourth Stage Realm. Such a monster turtle would definitely not be able to stop him!

Senior Turtle angrily said, “Asshole, you actually want to cross over my head. Junior, are you trying to humiliate me?”

In the next moment, the Venerable only saw its body swell up as the size of its body soared.

Venerable Wintry, who was just about to get past it, was caught by its turtle shell and violently got stuck against the ceiling of the room.

Even if its realm was sealed, the sea turtle’s turtle shell was still a Ninth Stage magic treasure with terrifying strength.

“Aaaaaah- Hissss~” Venerable Wintry shouted in pain while sucking in cold air. It seemed that angle at which Senior Turtle struck him had really caused him great amounts of pain.

The sea turtle forcefully urged its own shell. “You actually tried to cross over me and humiliate me?! Keep dreaming!”

“Hisssss~ Aaaaagh-” Venerable Wintry’s eyes looked like they were getting squeezed out of their sockets. The pain he was experiencing was simply that extreme, leading to his screams becoming hoarse.

The sea turtle took a step back in satisfaction and threw the Venerable off of its turtle shell.

The sea turtle coldly said, “Such a naive guy. When faced with an enemy turtle of unknown strength, the most stupid thing you could do would be to try and cross over it. Did your master never teach you this?”

“Aaaah~” Venerable Wintry did not answer the sea turtle’s question and simply continued rolling around on the ground while screaming loudly.

Song Shuhang watched the entire process while flying on his treasured saber. Just watching the scene actually let him feel the pain that the Venerable felt.

The sea turtle asked, “Little friend Song, who is this guy? Why did you lock him in the Palace of Winter?”

Song Shuhang replied, “He should be someone from an enemy camp. He knows something about the destruction of Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect’. Oh, right, the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect is an inheritance of the ‘Divine Beast Department’. At the time, he had made a move on a survivor of the Divine Beast Sect, and so I captured and locked him up. I was planning on trying to get some insider information about the destruction of Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect from his mouth.”

Originally, he was planning to borrow the Great Northern Emperor’s ‘momentum’ to threaten this guy for some information. Unexpectedly, the heavens experienced a change, causing the Great Northern Emperor to hurriedly retire from the world.

After that, he had planned on borrowing Senior White’s ‘momentum’. However, after Senior White finished eating the Eighth Stage Sage whale feast, he immediately went into cultivation. As such, Song Shuhang had still not found an opportunity to borrow his momentum.

“Do you mean torture? I’m good at that, let me do it for you.” The sea turtle immediately became energetic.

Song Shuhang: “…” He wanted to rant. Senior Turtle, didn’t you just say that you wanted to focus your ‘essence, qi, and spirit’ to avoid any accidents while refining the Ice Soul Pill? Why does it seem like you now have the energy to torture Venerable Wintry?

At this time, the Seventh Stage Venerable who was wearing a demonic mask finally stopped rolling. However, his body was still curled up and twitched from time to time.

This collision with this seemingly ordinary tortoise’s shell had actually directly ignored his nearly 10 layers of defense. This turtle was extremely terrifying. Since you have such strength, why are you making it seem like you’re only a small monster turtle at the Third or Fourth Stage? Do you think it’s interesting?

At this time, the sea turtle crawled toward him.

“Yo, it’s actually a cultivator who practices the ice system. How wonderful. My master is the strongest user of the ice system, so I also know the ice system quite well. I’ve got at least 100 techniques for giving you a lesson. I hope that your mouth is tight enough. Let’s see how many kinds of ways you can bear. Come on, Junior, I feel quite optimistic about you.” The sea turtle let out an evil laugh.

A sea turtle was actually letting out an evil laugh, the scene was so demonic that Song Shuhang got the urge to take a screenshot of this scene and make it into an emoji pack.

“Thank you for your kindness, Senior. However, there is no need for you to do anything to me. Whatever Senior wants to know from me, I will definitely not resist and I will tell you everything I know.” Venerable Wintry gritted his teeth and sat up on the ground while looking directly at the sea turtle.

Senior Turtle was silent.

“Senior, please ask your questions,” Venerable Wintry urged.

Senior Turtle responded, “Heavens, are you not even going to try to resist?”

“Would there be any point?” Venerable Wintry asked back.

Senior Turtle replied, “Of course there would. During the process of torturing you, I would feel really refreshed. So, you should resist a bit. If you don’t resist, how am I supposed to feel refreshed?”

Venerable Wintry: “…”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Venerable Wintry said, “Also, Senior Tyrannical Song, I know that you can hear me As long as I’m willing to tell you everything I know, can you consider letting me out?”

“Do you think that there’s even a possibility that I would let you out?” Song Shuhang’s voice resounded.

From the moment he locked the Venerable in the ‘Inner World’, he no longer even considered letting him out. The Inner World was his biggest secret, and the Palace of Winter was also something that was best not revealed to outsiders.

Venerable Wintry said, “In fact, previously, I only wanted to talk to Senior Tyrannical Song.”

Song Shuhang said, “Speak.”

Venerable Wintry said, “I’ve got an important piece of information. Senior Tyrannical Song will definitely be very interested in it. I wanted to use this information in exchange for a chance to free myself. After completing this transaction, you can completely erase my recent memory. I will cooperate with you and you don’t have to worry about me disclosing your ambitions.”

Song Shuhang asked, “What kind of information? Introduce it to me first so that I can decide whether or not it’s worth your freedom.”

Also… my ambitions?

Heavens, I myself don’t even know what ambitions I have.

“It’s related to the era of the ancient Heavenly City, it’s about the inheritance of the Divine Beast Department,” Venerable Wintry said. “I know that Profound Sage Tyrannical Song practices the (Thirty-Three Divine Beasts ‘Technique), but the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect has a lacking inheritance. However, I do know that after the destruction of ancient Heavenly City, there was a hidden inheritance passed down from the Divine Beast Department that has the complete Divine Beast Department inheritance.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Do you know where the inheritance is?”

… There’re actually people that know about Slow-Witted Song leaving behind a hidden inheritance?

Venerable Wintry calmly said, “I don’t know where the inheritance is, but I do have some clues. If you are willing to continue with the exchange, I will tell you all of those clues.”

Song Shuhang paused for a moment, and said, “The clue that you know… Is it that the hidden inheritance of the ‘Divine Beast Department’ is not on a ‘human’ practitioner?”

Venerable Wintry’s eyes widened, and he said, “Eh? Impossible, how did you know?!”

Song Shuhang said, “Hehe.”

Venerable Wintry said, “However, I’ve got more clues. I also know that the secret inheritance was given to a spirit beast and…”

Song Shuhang said, “It was handed over to an alliance of spirit beasts and monster cultivators, and this alliance is an organization that nobody would be able to guess would have it, right?”

Venerable Wintry: “…”

Song Shuhang said, “If you only know so much, it is of no value. Do you have any other clues? If their value is enough, perhaps I might consider letting you out.”

“Yes, I also know another important clue.” Venerable Wintry gritted his teeth, and said, “The secret inheritance of the Divine Beast Department is hidden in some kind of doubly secret text of that monster cultivator alliance. If you want to get the complete inheritance, you will first have to find the monster alliance, and then crack their secret text to find another secret text. After that, you will have to use a technique of the ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect’ to crack the secret text and restore it to the complete inheritance of the ‘Divine Beast Department’.”

He had not planned on saying such an important clue. He did not expect Song Shuhang to know so much about the hidden inheritance of the Divine Beast Department.

Song Shuhang asked, “Where did you get this information?”

Regarding the ‘hidden inheritance’, Slow-Witted Song only had a few friends. How did this Venerable Wintry know so much?

Venerable Wintry said, “That’s something that I can’t answer.”

“Hahahaha, you finally rebelled.” Senior Turtle, who had been silent, jumped up in excitement. “Come, come, let me give you a taste of my 100 techniques.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Venerable Wintry hurriedly said, “Wait, Senior, I really can’t answer that.”

However, the sea turtle didn’t listen to his explanation. It flew up and waved its forelimbs to fix itself in the air.




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