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Chapter 1202 Shiet, that planet has an eye

The sea turtle saying that it had 100 techniques to give the other party a lesson was just to scare him. It did have a deep understanding of the ice system, but as for those for giving others a lesson? What was it going to do with those techniques? Moreover, master 100 of those? If it really did that, then it meant it really had a lot of spare time.

It was just talking bullshiet to try and deal some damage to the other party’s psychological defense… If it couldn’t, there was no loss-it was just talk.

Regardless of which realm of trash talk it was, it would always end up working at some point. After some time, even an Immortal would be affected by trash talk.

The sea turtle waved its forelegs and was about to hit Venerable Wintry.

But before it could, Venerable Wintry yelled, “I-I said, I said everything I know!”

Does this guy seriously not even have a shred of discipline? He does not have a will to resist at all. How did he even reach the Seventh Stage? Could he be a fake?

The sea turtle felt rather regretful. It then gravely said, “Where did you get the information?”

“Actually, I got all of this information from Brother Google and Brother Baidu. For foreign affairs that I could not understand, I asked Brother Google for them, while for internal affairs that I could not understand, I asked Brother Baidu. I searched for everything online.” Venerable Wintry suddenly grinned, and said, “In this era, everything can be found online. I’m telling you, if you can’t find something, then you simply have to go to a neighboring country and go online there.”

The sea turtle: “…”

Song Shuhang: “…”

“Interesting,” The sea turtle grinned. “I underestimated you.”

This guy was playing with them!

“My hands are tied here. After all, there are some things that I really cannot say.” Venerable Wintry kept his posture fixed and his mouth tight.

The sea turtle said, “A while ago, you said that you would speak without reserve, so what’s this? With this, you break the trust between people, as well as the trust between people and turtles.”

Venerable Wintry replied, “Actually… As long as it doesn’t reach my bottom line, I am open to say anything.”

In other words, when it reached his bottom line, he would no longer say anything, not even if the sea turtle really did have 100 kinds of ice system techniques for giving someone a lesson.

“Do you really think that I can’t deal with you?” the sea turtle said with a cold smile.

“Hahaha.” Venerable Wintry responded with a laugh.

“Let’s see how long you’re going to be able to last under me.” The sea turtle stood up, and said, “This will be your first lesson.”

After that, it began to recite an incantation. The incantation was in the language of the ancient era, and it sounded very mysterious.

Venerable Wintry pupils shrank.

At this moment, the sea turtle suddenly took out an ice ball-shaped magical treasure and used it to perform a powerful hypnosis ability. A vague projection of the Great Northern Emperor appeared behind the sea turtle. The power of the Great Emperor assisted the sea turtle by strengthening the magical hypnosis technique.

Venerable Wintry’s mind remained set on defending against the various methods of tortures that the sea turtle might torment him with, but in the next moment, his vision turned dark and all he could see was darkness. With that, his consciousness became muddled too.

Against the raid of a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender-level sea turtle + a magical treasure that had been bestowed upon it by an Immortal, the poor Seventh Stage Venerable could do nothing but become completely hypnotized.

This was bullying.

“It seems that I can now ask you anything.” The sea turtle held the orb, and asked in a deep voice, “Where did you get the information?”

Venerable Wintry, whose eyes no longer had any spirit in them, calmly replied, “I got all the information from the archbishop, ‘Kogyaroa’.”

Song Shuhang said, “Archbishop? Could it be someone like the one from the church of the Holy Knights?”

There are also cultivators that join those kinds of cults?

Venerable Wintry said, “Our church is the Church of the End. We worship the true God that has existed ever since the beginning of ancient times. Our power is spread all over the universe, don’t compare those small churches of the West with us.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

It sounded rather pitiful?

They actually looked down on the practitioners of the Holy Knight system? If Sage Monarch Winter Melon were to know of this, he would definitely turn this Venerable into an entirely new person.

“Tsk, tsk, you’re a cultivator, yet your goal isn’t actually to become ‘immortal’, but rather to believe in some true God that existed in the ancient times. You might as well try and become an immortal today. Although the one there now is about to retire, before he retires, he remains to be the only truth in the entire universe.” The sea turtle sneered.

Venerable Wintry was silent.

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment, and then asked the questions that he most wanted to be answered. “Who was the one to destroy the ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect’? And, why was it done?”

Could it be that the force that had destroyed the ancient Heavenly City was also the one that later destroyed the Divine Beasts’ Sect?

At this time, Venerable Wintry suddenly roared. “The Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect must die, all the remaining sins must die!”

In the next moment, there was a gush of divine light that came from his body.

Unlike the holy light practiced by the Holy Knights and priests, the ‘Holy Light’ that emerged from Venerable Wintry’s body did not give a sensation of ‘life’, but rather emitted an aura of lifelessness and the end of everything.

The vast holy light swallowed Venerable Wintry, and projected countless strange things after that.

It projected the scene of a group of people cutting off a giant’s head, burning the giant’s head, and nailing the giant’s body to a giant stone …

After that, there was a scene of a huge bird of light being shot down from the sky; a divine arrow penetrated the body of the bird of light and nailed it to the sun…

Then, there was a dazzling snake that was cut open and had all of its internal organs taken out. In the end, all that was left was the husk of its body, which was then wrapped in layers of fine linen and placed inside a golden coffin…

There were countless similar scenes that were projected by the vast holy light. All of these scenes were those of killing.

In the next moment, Venerable Wintry’s body dissipated into the holy light and he turned into ashes, and was completely removed from the world.

However, that strange holy light continued to shine.

Song Shuhang quickly backed away and avoided the deathly qi of the holy light. His intuition told him that it was very dangerous.

The sea turtle gravely said, “No wonder I kept on getting the feeling that something was wrong with this guy. It turns out that this guy wasn’t a cultivator from the world of cultivation at all. The essence of his internal strength was this strange holy light. The ice spiritual energy that he had showed before was merely a camouflage.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Then why did he suddenly die? Was it a curse?”

“It should be something of the sort. I guess that something that he has said just now was forbidden to be said. Once he mentioned it, the curse or backlash would be triggered by some contractual force,” said the sea turtle while it stored away an image crystal.

He filmed the entire process of Venerable Wintry’s death, and sent it over to the Great Northern Emperor to see if the Great Emperor could find anything useful from it.

Song Shuhang frowned, and said, “This holy light… Why is it still here?”.

As he said that, the various images projected by the holy light all dissipated.

Next, the holy light condensed its final scene.

The setting was a dim universe. There was a huge planet quietly floating in this universe. There were no stars, no satellites, nor any other planets around it.

This planet emitted a faint light. As the holy light dissipated, the planet continued to float all by itself in its universe.

At the moment when this planetary projection appeared, Song Shuhang was shocked. At the same time, the Inner World proactively projected a lotus flower, covering both him and the sea turtle.

All the power that the Inner World had converged into this lotus projection.

This was something that had never happened before. It was as if the Inner World had been ‘invaded’.

“Tick, tick, tick-“.

In the empty space, the sound of a clock hand slowly ticking could be heard.

After 15 ticks, a single huge eye opened on the huge planet that was projected by the holy light. The eye was proportional to the size of Asia on Earth. From that eye came nothing other than an aura of destruction and end.

It was as if that gaze was simply watching and waiting for everything to end.

At this time, the eye that had emerged on the planet ‘looked’ towards Song Shuhang’s position past the constraints of time and space.

The lotus projected by the Inner World shone brightly, concealing Song Shuhang and Senior Turtle from the sight of that eye.

The planet’s eye looked around but found nothing, and finally closed slowly. Everything was back to how it was before—the huge planet remained motionless in the universe while emitting a faint light.

The holy light completely went out and the projection of the planet disappeared.

After another 20 breaths of time.

The lotus projected by Inner World also dissipated.

The Palace of Winter returned to peace, leaving only the few magical treasures that had been left by Venerable Wintry to witness what had just taken place.

Song Shuhang let out a breath. “What was


Senior Turtle said, “I don’t know, but it definitely wasn’t something good.”

Song Shuhang guessed, “Senior, do you think it could be that so-called god of the ‘Church of the End?”

Although there was nothing to compare that planet to and they couldn’t really determine how big it was… Intuitively, Song Shuhang and the sea turtle believed that the planet with the large eye would not be small.

Song Shuhang asked, “What realm would such an existence belong to? Tribulation Transcender? Immortal?”.

“Heavens, don’t ask me, I don’t know, either.” The sea turtle sighed. “I’m going to try looking for a way to pass this information to the Great Emperor and see what he thinks.”

Song Shuhang nodded.

At the same time, he lightly touched his chest.

The Inner World was created by the third Wielder of the Heaven’s Will, the Striped Dragon. It was a special space that could even sneak into the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

When that planet just now opened its eye and looked directly at the Inner World, the Inner World had to gather all of its strength just to resist it.

Could it also be something created by a Wielder of the Heaven’s Will?

After a while.

Song Shuhang could be seen playing with a spatial bracelet-this was one of the magic treasures left behind by Venerable Wintry after he was swallowed by the holy light. All of the other spoils went to Senior Turtle, and Song Shuhang was left with this bracelet.

After the sea turtle finished climbing around the Palace of Winter, it began on refining the ‘Ice Soul Pill’.

All in all, Song Shuhang was able to gain quite a bit-both information and a magical treasure.

While he was in thought, his phone rang.

Song Shuhang took a look and saw that it was Senior Phoenix Slayer calling. Could he have finally arrived?





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