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Chapter 1151: The strength entirely depends on the roar
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Sage Monarch Melon Eater praised, “Eh? Little Fellow Daoist Hu Beidong, your protective power of virtue was formed just a month ago? Its quality isn’t bad.”

The Holy Knight ‘Hu Beidong’ heard his words and suddenly felt like crying. “Senior Melon Eater… You didn’t descend through my light of virtue.”

“Huh?” Sage Monarch Melon Eater asked out of curiosity, “I didn’t use your light of virtue? Then, how did I take shape?”

[That’s what I want to know as well!] Hu Beidong cried inside.

Only, Sage Monarch Melon Eater didn’t have time to delve into this issue too much. He traveled through space with a secret technique, and he did not have time to waste.

Anyway, the secret technique worked—as for whose light of virtue was used, it was the same.

As long as the secret technique worked, it didn’t matter.

He needed to hurry up and keep his promise with Sage Monarch Winter Melon while the secret technique had yet to lose its effect.

Facing Sage Monarch Winter Melon, Profound Sage Melon Eater slowly said, “Winter Melon, I didn’t expect you to finally take this step. To be honest, I am very glad to see that you have finally gotten to show your divinity.”

“Thank you Senior Melon Eater. One of the reasons I could hold on until now is thanks to your teachings back then,” Sage Monarch Winter Melon said with a serious look. Sage Monarch Melon Eater occupied a very important position in his heart.

Sage Monarch Melon Eater smiled gently and said, “Anyway… let me test out your path of defense today.”

He really envied this junior of his. This guy was very determined to tread on the path of defense, and he was even somewhat obsessed with it. Winter Melon insisted on treading this path, and in the end, he was able to follow by it and show his divinity.

As for his own path… he felt like he was at a dead end, unable to advance further.

Nonetheless, he would test Winter Melon’s path of defense today, it was the last thing that he could do to help Winter Melon.

Profound Sage Melon Eater held the horsetail whisk in one hand and a dagger in the other. He slowly raised his dagger and pointed it at Winter Melon.

Because of the previous experience they got from witnessing the fight between Profound Sage Tyrannical Song and Sage Monarch Winter Melon, the reporters quickly retreated to a safe position and set up their recording equipment to start recording the second battle between Profound Sages tonight.

At the same time, several reporters, including that of the Daily Cultivator and the Shengang Broadcast Station, racked their brains as they tried matching ‘Profound Sage Melon Eater’ with the information they had on the various Profound Sages in their memories.

However, even if they compared Profound Sage Melon Eater with Profound Sages from a thousand years ago, they still could not determine his identity—there appeared to be no Profound Sage whose appearance was similar to Profound Sage Melon Eater’s.

Was Profound Sage Melon Eater really who Sage Monarch Winter Melon said him to be, someone who became a Profound Sage 1,300 years ago? Could Sage Monarch Winter Melon be wrong?

“Are you ready?” Senior Melon Eater said lightly as countless golden rays between the heavens and the earth condensed towards the tip of his dagger.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon said gravely, “I’m ready, Senior Melon Eater, please advise.”

Once again, he prepared his defenses.

Armor intent + life-bound magical treasure giant shield + Western holy light system enhancing techniques + holy knight halo + daoist Indestructible Body of the Buddha + inscription resistances linked to his cultivation technique

At the same time… At the bottom of these defenses on the surface, Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s strongest defense, the Iron Fortress of Absolute Defense, was hidden below.

Facing the Senior he admired, Sage Monarch Winter Melon immediately activated his strongest defenses.

In the next moment, Senior Melon Eater made his move.

Senior Melon Eater had a horsetail whisk and a dagger, so everyone subconsciously thought that he was a master of swordsmanship or an expert whisk-user…

But when Melon Eater took action, he actually roared.


A thunderous sound came out of Senior Melon Eater’s mouth, scaring all the reporters.

When he roared, a golden shock wave erupted from the dagger in his hand.

The dagger looked like it was a giant cannon opening fire.

“BOOM!” The golden shock waves slammed straight into Sage Monarch Winter Melon.

“HAH!” Sage Monarch Winter Melon similarly shouted as he erected his shield. The defensive spells, holy light, and the secret techniques on his body all lit up. A barrier, a formation, and a halo emerged from him.

The shock wave hit Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s defense, and the two went into a deadlock.

“ROOOOOAAAAR~!” Senior Melon Eater’s battle cry had become fiercer.

As he roared, the shock wave released from his dagger became stronger and stronger.

The louder his roar, the stronger his attack!

“HAH!!!” Sage Monarch Winter Melon shouted loudly, maintaining his unbreakable defense.

Even though his body was forced backwards under the power of the shock waves, his unbreakable defense remained standing.

As for the scene of the battle after that… it continued on the same way.

Senior Melon Eater: “ROOOOOAAAAR~”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon: “HAH!”

Senior Melon Eater roared even louder. “ROOOOOOOAAAAAAR~”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon grit his teeth. “HAH! HAH!!”

Senior Melon Eater roared like there was no tomorrow. “ROOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAR!!!”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon was not ready to be outdone. “HAH! HAH!! HAH!!!”

The attack power entirely depends on the roar.

It was the same for the defense, it now relied on the loudness of his roar.

The louder his roar, the stronger his attack power!

Similarly, the louder the roar, the more unbreakable the defense!

If it were not for the two parties exuding Eighth Stage-level pressure, the Sage Seals floating around their bodies, and the terrifying energy being released… The reporters would really doubt that these two were actually Eighth Stage Profound Sages.

In all honesty… The scene of this battle was truly inferior to the ‘one saber to decide everything’ match between Profound Sage Tyrannical Song and Sage Monarch Winter Melon.

Previously, the scene from when Profound Sage Tyrannical Song made his move shook everyone. The sky filled with flames enveloped the entire area, and wherever he went, the vegetation would dry up, the streams would disappear, the water would evaporate, and the sky would appear to be burning.

On the other hand, Senior Melon Eater was just increasing the strength of the shock waves generated from his dagger through his roars… From the beginning to the end, the actions of the two Profound Sages had not changed.

Actually, Sage Monarch Melon Eater was very powerful.

However, he and Sage Monarch Winter Melon were not truly in a duel. He was merely testing out Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s ‘path of defense’. As such, he controlled his attacks and slowly strengthening them instead of going out all at once. He did so not to break Winter Melon’s defenses right away.

This led to the scene that the reporters were witnessing.

Senior Melon Eater praised, “Winter Melon, you have indeed grown up. Your path of defense is stronger than I thought.”

“Senior, thank you for the compliment,” Sage Monarch Winter Melon replied.

Senior Melon Eater said gravely, “However, it ends here. I already have a grasp of how strong your defense is. Take on my next move.”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon also said gravely, “Senior Melon Eater, please advise!”

Senior Melon Eater slowly raised his horsetail whisk and covered his dagger with it. When he combines the horsetail whisk and the dagger, it transformed into a large hand cannon.

“Super Whisk Cannon! ROOOOOAAAAR!” Senior Melon Eater opened his mouth and started roaring again.

This time, the blast from the dagger became even more terrifying and concentrated.


In just one shot, Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s life-bound magical treasure giant shield, Western holy light system enhancing techniques, holy knight halo, and daoist Indestructible Body of the Buddha were destroyed.

His armor intent barely withstood the attack.

But at this time, the roar of Senior Melon Eater became even louder: “ROOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!”

[Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s roar grew louder again, and Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s defense appears to no longer be able to hold on,] the reporters thought to themselves.

The battle had already reached this point, and they had basically figured out the attacks of Sage Monarch Melon Eater. Whenever he increased the volume of his roar, his attack power would rise to the next level.

And, as expected… the power of Senior Melon Eater’s ‘Super Whisk Cannon’ increased by another 30%.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s ‘armor intent’ was finally unable to resist. It burst into pieces, and the Sage’s body was knocked down and thrown back.

The reporters immediately recorded this precious scene—although this Super Whisk Cannon’s shot was not domineering, its power was of a similar grade as Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s ❮Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique❯. It could also break the defenses of Sage Monarch Winter Melon in a single hit.

[Now, it’s time for Sage Monarch Winter Melon to show his final defense!] All the reporters thought in their hearts.

Honestly speaking, the battle between the two Profound Sages had no suspense.

As expected, Sage Monarch Winter Melon activated his final defense after the armor intent was burst apart.

“HAH! Senior Melon Eater, look at my absolute defense—[Iron Fortress]! Please advise me! HAH! HAH!!” Sage Monarch Winter Melon roared loudly.

The phantom of the ‘Iron Fortress’ emerged to protect his body.

“Interesting, you actually combined the defenses of the West’s Holy Knight System and Cultivation System into this technique, the ‘Iron Fortress’. On the path of defense, you are already a master. Let me try out your strongest defense, ROOOOOAAAAR~” Senior Melon Eater roared again.

“Senior, then let’s continue! HAH!” Sage Monarch Winter Melon also shouted.

Next, the scene was a showdown to see who roared louder.

[To be honest, this scene looks quite boring,] the reporters secretly thought.

It was a battle between Profound Sages, something rare to see even in a thousand years, but a trace of disappointment couldn’t help but grow in their hearts.

They felt that a battle among two Profound Sages shouldn’t be so monotonous.

Actually, if they had nothing to compare it with, then they might not be thinking this way…

If not for Profound Sage Tyrannical Song and Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s battle that took place earlier, perhaps they would have been very excited to watch this ‘roar battle’ between the two Profound Sages?


“HAH! HAH!! HAH!!!”

The sounds coming from the two Profound Sages went on, but the scene of the battle was now shrouded in golden light. The reporters were no longer able to see the figures of the two Profound Sages and couldn’t distinguish them apart.

They could only vaguely judge the battle according to the loud roars coming from both sides, and it seemed that Sage Monarch Melon Eater had begun to prevail.

They could tell from Sage Monarch Winter Melon’s shouts that he was now short of breath.



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