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Chapter 1150: Senior Melon Eater, your landing point is off!

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Speaking of fellow daoists who could use the light of virtue, Sage Monarch Winter Melon and the reporters there immediately thought of the first Sage in a thousand years, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.

Well, it was no surprise—the empress made of light of virtue tha Profound Sage Tyrannical Song had materialized was truly impressive. Profound Sage Tyrannical Song might not be the person with the strongest light of virtue in the world of cultivation, but his light of virtue was definitely one of the most incredible. An empress filled with dignity who could also play dead… That was truly something only his light of virtue could accomplish.

However, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song had already left.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon asked, “Fellow Daoists, is there any of you who can use the power of virtue?”

The reporters looked at him as he looked at them.

After a while, the reporter from the Daily Cultivator asked, “Sage Monarch Winter Melon, what level of virtue does Senior Melon Eater require? Also, another question… how are we supposed to cooperate with him?”

At this time, Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s voice rang from the phone. “I have a secret technique that allows me to move past the limitations of space through the power of virtue and manifest myself briefly. This secret technique does not require much power of virtue; as long as a fellow daoist has already condensed a light of virtue that can protect their body, it would already be enough to cooperate with me. Don’t worry, this old man’s secret technique won’t do any harm to the fellow daoist who will be cooperating with me, and it will actually bring that fellow daoist great benefits instead. Are any of you fellow daoists able to cooperate with this old man?”

The reporters heard what he said, and their hearts were greatly moved.

As long as they possessed such light of virtue, they could help an old Profound Sage, allowing him to cross through space and have a fight with Sage Monarch Winter Melon. Moreover, they could gain great benefits.

This was simply a great opportunity that had fallen from the sky!

In addition, they could even take this opportunity to form a good relationship with an old Eighth Stage Profound Sage and have greater fortune in the future.

It was a pity that despite their hearts being moved, the reporters from the Daily Cultivator, Secret Information Center, Shengang Broadcast Station, and Magician Hub could all only shake their heads and smile bitterly.

Practitioners from the just path were not averse to accumulating some power of virtue, as such a thing would only do them good.

In fact, the reporters present more or less had some power of virtue, however… most of them hadn’t been able to condense theirs into ‘protective light of virtue’.

Only the reporter from the ‘Temple Channel’ smiled.

The reporter raised his hand, and asked, “Sage Monarch Winter Melon, I am not a cultivator, but my power of virtue happens to have condensed into ‘protective light of virtue’ last month. Do I meet the requirements?”

He was a practitioner of the Western ‘Holy Knight System’. The practitioners of this system tended to have a lot of virtue. This reporter had some good luck and got to condense a layer of protective light of virtue in the previous month.

At this time, Sage Monarch Melon Eater’s voice echoed from the phone. “It doesn’t matter which system you’re from as long as the light of virtue you have has already reached a protective state. What’s your name, young practitioner?”

“Tyrhea, but I also have a Chinese name, ‘Hu Beidong’,” the blonde reporter said in high spirits.

North-East Tiger?

Reports from the Daily Cultivator: “…”

Reporters from the Secret Information Center: “…”

Sage Monarch Winter Melon: “…”

Who gave this guy his Chinese name? Could it be that this fellow watched Animal Planet and randomly picked one?

Sage Monarch Melon Eater gently said, “I’ve remembered your name. Alright, tell me your coordinates. Then, after a minute, activate your protective light of virtue. I will use your light of virtue for a short time and complete my assessment of Winter Melon.”

“No problem, Senior Melon Eater. I’m all ready!” Hu Beidong shouted as he reported the coordinates of his position.

Such a great opportunity actually fell upon him.

Today was really his lucky day.

Inside the Inner World.

Song Shuhang woke up Shi and Little Cai.

“Senior Brother Song, has Sage Monarch Melon Eater arrived?” Shi asked as she rubbed her eyes.

Song Shuhang replied, “He’s coming soon… This Sage Monarch Melon Eater apparently got the wrong meeting place. Now, he’s going to use a secret technique that makes use of another person’s light of virtue to cross through space for a short time. Having such mysterious methods, he’s worthy of being a Profound Sage.”

“He’s borrowing someone’s light of virtue? From whom is he borrowing it?” Little Cai subconsciously looked towards her teacher after hearing that—after all, her teacher’s light of virtue was too incredible.

Song Shuhang pointed at the blonde reporter in the live broadcast screen, and explained to Shi and Little Cai, “He’s going to appear with the help of that blonde reporter. That guy’s Chinese name is ‘Hu Beidong’. He should be a practitioner from the West’s Holy Knight System, and his protective light of virtue has already condensed. Sage Monarch Melon Eater will use the secret technique to appear using his light of virtue.”

Thus, Shi, Little Cai, Song Shuhang, and Su Clan’s Sixteen all sat side by side in front of the live broadcast screen.

Song Shuhang stared at the blonde reporter in the screen as he thought about the secret technique that Sage Monarch Melon Eater was going to use to appear for a short time. For some reason, he felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

One minute later.

“It’s almost time,” Sage Monarch Winter Melon said deeply.

After hearing that, ‘Hu Beidong’ quickly released his protective light of virtue.

In order to allow ‘Sage Monarch Melon Eater’ to successfully cast the technique, all the other reporters had already retreated away from ‘Hu Beidong’.

At the same time that Hu Beidong stimulated his protective light to virtue, a golden glow blossomed in the night sky.

Subsequently, that golden glow turned into an unendingly expanding golden cloud.

In the cloud, a holy song resounded as cheers and laughter could be heard coming from it while bringing with it a strong dignified aura.

The methods of this old Profound Sage truly were worthy of his identity, being simply beyond imagination.

If one wasn’t a practitioner, they would be unable to see such things. Otherwise, the sudden appearance of a gigantic golden cloud would definitely cause a wave of panic.

Afterwards, the golden cloud descended towards the reporter ‘Hu Beidong’. Then, similar to a funnel, the golden cloud poured down.

With a cheerful face, Hu Beidong cooperated by strengthening his light of virtue to make it as bright as he could to allow it to resonate with the golden cloud in the sky.Read the next chapter on our

Inside the Inner World.

“Huh? Senior Brother Song, my eyes hurt, and my mental energy also feels a little weird. I feel dizzy,” Shi said, her little hand rubbing her eyes strenuously as tears kept flowing down.

Song Shuhang explained, “Don’t worry, it’s because you directly looked at the technique of an Eighth Stage Profound Sage and were influenced by it. If a cultivator’s strength is insufficient, they would find it difficult to directly look at the methods of a Profound Sage. Shi, what you’re currently seeing is already filtered. If you were actually there at the scene itself, you would likely end up falling unconscious when you see a Profound Sage’s fighting techniques. However, looking through this live broadcast, you only need to calm down and adjust yourself for a while.”

At the same time, he poured some innate true energy into Shi’s body to ease the pain in her eyes and her mind through the connection between the ‘Sage Seal’ in his body and the ‘seal’ on Shi’s body.

As for how he came to know how to do this, Song Shuhang learned it from Fairy Lychee during the war between the scholarly faction and the netherworld demons. Now, it just so happened that he could do it for Shi and Little Cai.

Shi questioningly said, “However, Senior Brother Song, when you and Sage Monarch Winter Melon dueled a while ago, why didn’t I feel any pain in my eyes or in my mind?”

Little Cai quickly replied, “It’s because Teacher is a fake Profound Sage.”

The corner of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched. “It’s because Fellow Daoist Scarlet Heaven Sword sympathized with you and secretly protected you when it took action.”

Although he was a fake Profound Sage, Scarlet Heaven Sword was the genuine sword of an Immortal. If it were to truly explode out with its power, it would even slash apart the attack of someone at the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm. Such an attack would cause cultivators at the Fifth Stage and below to fall into a state of mental agony, and maybe even a coma.

“Oh.” Shi nodded, learning something new once again.

At this time, Su Clan’s Sixteen suddenly said, “Hmm? Don’t you feel that the golden cloud’s landing point is a bit off?”

“It does seem like… the golden cloud seems to be getting bigger and bigger,” Little Cai said.

Song Shuhang said, “F*ck.”

The reason the golden cloud was getting bigger and bigger and was about to fill up the entire live broadcast screen was because the thing was rushing towards the eye made of ‘light of virtue’ that they had left back there.

Song Shuhang got a bad feeling in his heart.

In the next moment, the live broadcast screen went black.

Shi curiously said, “What’s going on?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen looked at Song Shuhang and saw his dumbfounded face. She had a vague guess in her heart.

She took a sip of the ‘Spirit Green Tea’, and asked, “Shuhang, the secret technique of ‘Sage Monarch Melon Eater’… couldn’t have fallen on the ‘light of virtue’ you left back there, right?”

Song Shuhang’s expression was still one of disbelief. “Honestly… I’m truly an idiot!”

At the foot of the spiritual mountain.

Hu Beidong’s mouth was wide open as he stiffly turned his head, looking at a place not far from where he was.

It wasn’t only him who did this—the same went for the other reporters and Sage Monarch Winter Melon.

Just now, as they were watching the golden cloud fall on Hu Beidong’s body, suddenly… the cloud made a turn, moved towards some other point, and fully descended at that place that was 100 meters away from Hu Beidong.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon hastened to call ‘Senior Melon Eater’ once again as he wanted to tell him that the landing point of his secret technique was off by a bit.

But when the cloud fully descended, a figure slowly began to condense.

In that place, a dazzling golden glow first appeared. It was the power of highly-condensed ‘light of virtue’.

Afterwards, the cloud’s power and the light of virtue merged. With the light of virtue as the core, the golden light began to stretch and extend.

In the end, it transformed into a figure.

That figure wore a simple robe; it was a daoist cultivator.

His left hand held a horsetail whisk, while his right hand held a dagger.

He had a stern face and a long beard.

At first glance, he seemed a hard-to-come-by expert.

Was this Sage Monarch Melon Eater?!

The reporters quickly recorded the scene. In their minds, they also compared the appearance of ‘Sage Monarch Melon Eater’ with the recordings of the ‘people who became Profound Sages a thousand years ago’ as they tried to figure out which old Profound Sage this ‘Sage Monarch Melon Eater’ was.

This Sage Monarch had an outstanding temperament, with a unique appearance, making him look very recognizable. As long as there was a record of his ‘Profound Sage Speech’ from a thousands of years ago, they would be able to confirm his identity.

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