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Chapter 1094: Bone of eternity
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Throughout the ages, the ultimate goal of all practitioners of the universe was to achieve immortality and wield the Will of the Heavens.

If the Will of the Heavens had a master… then the practitioners of the universe could only settle for the next best thing and tread their own path, going further than the ‘Tribulation Transcender’ realm and obtaining eternal life.

At this moment, the ball of liquid metal had placed Skylark’s body in a crystal coffin. A pair of illusory human arms appeared on its body and consecutively formed six seals.

This crystal coffin was a magic treasure which it’d obtained from humans in the past, modified by it after some time. Therefore, whenever it wanted to use the crystal coffin, it would have to use human arms to form the hand seals.

After the six seals were completed, the ball of liquid metal poured huge amounts of evil energy into the crystal coffin.

The crystal coffin brightened up.

In the next moment, 1,000 runes condensed around Skylark’s body, and then spun around it.

In the crystal coffin, Skylark’s body slowly floated.

Every time those 1,000 runes completed a revolution around her body, her body would become a bit more ‘transparent’.

This event kept repeating itself many times.

After the 1,000 runes had revolved around her body over 20 times, Skylark’s body suddenly turned into light particles that scattered everywhere.

…These light particles contained the secret of Skylark’s physical body.

All the light particles, however, remained trapped within the coffin, unable to escape.

“Very good.” The ball of liquid metal nodded with satisfaction. It then reached out and pressed on the crystal coffin once again to analyze the light particles as it hoped to figure out the reason Skylark’s body could perfectly accommodate its power.

In the crystal coffin, the light particles were scattered everywhere. However, under the control of the ball of liquid metal, they smoothly arranged themselves in a row, waiting to be examined.

After all the scattered light particles lined up, the ball of liquid metal suddenly froze.

At the center of the crystal coffin, it saw that there was still a piece of bone which remained intact and had not been melted by the crystal coffin and its power.

Before this, it had been shrouded by the scattered light particles, but now, with the light particles neatly arranged, it could be easily noticed.

The ball of liquid metal mumbled to itself, “Strange, even if the body of an Immortal was placed inside the crystal coffin, their body would be completely dissolved by me… yet a piece of bone of the body of a Seventh Stage cultivator could actually remain intact?”

Then, its eyes lit up.

Perhaps… this piece of bone was the secret hidden in Skylark’s body? Could it be that it was the reason she could perfectly accommodate its power?

“…I have to dissolve this bone and study it carefully,” the ball of liquid metal said excitedly as it mobilized the power of the crystal coffin once again.

The 1,000 runes lit up once again, and spun wildly around the bone as they tried to dissolve it.

Revolution after revolution, the 1,000 runes revolved around the bone tirelessly.

However… after hundreds of revolutions, the bone remained intact, and continued to float in the crystal coffin.

These runes which were able to dissolve the body of an Immortal unexpectedly could not do a thing to damage the bone.

This bone was simply like an ‘eternal’ existence.

The ball of liquid metal became silent.

After a few moments, it reached out to the crystal coffin once again.

The mouth of the coffin opened slightly, and the bone was taken out of the coffin.

It felt a cold feeling as the bone was grasped in its hand. It appeared just like any other ordinary bone, without anything strange to it. The ball of liquid metal felt like it could crush it into pieces with just a pinch.

In fact, it did just that. Its fingers pinched hard on the bone… but the bone in its hands wasn’t affected at all.

No matter how much power it used—even when its own fingers had deformed from the huge amount of power it was exerting—the seemingly ordinary bone did not budge at all.

This bone was too hard for it to destroy with it its physical strength!

“Impossible,” the ball of liquid metal exclaimed lightly. It activated the evil energy of the Netherworld, and ferociously poured it into the bone.

When the energy came in contact with the bone, it was like a drop of water entering the sea… no longer anywhere to be found.

After receiving the immense power of the ball of liquid metal, the seemingly ordinary bone brightened up slightly. The power of the principles of the ‘Great Way’ flashed on it.

It was the principle of eternity.

That meant that this piece of bone could never be destroyed and would never disappear. Whether it was the past, the present, or the future… the bone would keep existing!

“The eternal body of the Wielder of the Will…” the ball of liquid metal blurted out subconsciously.

Other than the eternal body of the Wielder of the Will, it couldn’t think of anything else which could possess such characteristics.

In the universe, only after wielding the Will of the Heavens would a practitioner be able to obtain a body that was eternal and everlasting.

Could this piece of bone be something that had come from the eternal body of a Wielder of the Will?

“Impossible… this is ridiculous.” The ball of liquid metal shook its head.

After wielding the Heaven’s Will, the wielder would become eternal and obtain a body that couldn’t be destroyed. Such being the case, who would be able to take a bone out of their ‘indestructible’ body?

No one should be able to do so, not even the wielders themselves, because even they couldn’t damage their own bodies.

If this was not a bone from the body of a wielder of the Heaven’s Will, then what was it?

Other than things related to the Heaven’s Will, was there anything else that could possess an ‘eternal’ characteristic?

Could it be possible that… there had been a freak cultivator that was able to realize the secrets of the eternal Heaven’s Will and integrate them into their own ‘path’, becoming an Immortal with an ‘eternal’ body?

As the ball of liquid metal was in thought, the ‘bone of eternity’ left its hands, and exuded a strong attractive force.


The extremely hard crystal coffin burst open. Then, the light particles gathered towards the bone of eternity.

The particles appeared to be ‘going back in time’, and the reconstruction began with this piece of immortal bone at the center. It began with the bones, then the flesh, the skin, and finally the hair.

In just a short ten breaths, Skylark’s body was reconstructed, and her long black hair spread out like a cape behind her new body.

The ball of liquid metal took a step back and allowed the changes in her body to take place.

It had to see what changes the piece of eternal bone could bring about. Would it also be able to reverse life and death?

In the crystal coffin, all light particles returned to reform Skylark’s body.

Skylark’s body recovered to what it had been before.

Then, there was a flash of light that came from her body. A variety of magical treasures emerged, including rings, jewelry, and daoist robes… automatically dressing Skylark one by one.

Before this, the ball of liquid metal did not even know where these magical treasures were stored. In retrospect, it seemed likely that they had been stored in Skylark’s eternal bone.

After getting dressed, Skylark’s body descended slowly, leaving her lying on the ground.

The ball of liquid metal continued to look at the changes that took place—her body had already recovered, so next should be her soul?

Could she really reverse life and death and come back to life?

If she could really come back to life, maybe it could understand what Skylark’s death-seeking personality was all about.

Second after second, minute after minute, time continued to flow.

However, Skylark still had yet to revive.

She still hasn’t come back to life?

The ball of liquid metal once again invoked its authority of the ruler of the Netherworld to investigate Skylark’s body.

This time, it got different results than before.

Skylark’s body was at the junction of life and death. Her body was neither dead nor alive; there was no life in her, but neither was there any death aura around her.

It was as if a physical body had simply lost its soul.

Although she didn’t revive, she seems to have left the state of death. Given some time, she may really be able to reverse life and death, the ball of liquid metal thought to itself.

It was currently more confident in its guess that Skylark was able to revive.

If she did come back to life, then it could continue with its plan.

The eyes of the ball of liquid metal grew brighter.

If Skylark revived, then it would be able to arrange her to enter another ‘demonic tribulation’ and ascend to the Eighth Stage.

This time, it could arrange a more exciting demonic tribulation for her according to her preferences. If she wanted guided missiles, then there would be guided missiles, and if she wanted nuclear bombs, then there would be nuclear bombs. As long as she could successfully transcend the heavenly tribulation of the Eight Stage.

…No! Wait.

The ball of liquid metal suddenly stared at Skylark’s physical body.

This body was one that was neither alive nor dead: it had no life, yet it wasn’t dead. It was at the junction of ‘life and death’ and had no soul.

Perhaps it could change its plans!

It could simply use this body directly, without having to wait for Skylark to revive. And if it could completely occupy this body, maybe it could even study the mystery of the ‘eternal bone’ and profit greatly.

The secrets of eternity…

For the ball of liquid metal, this was something very attractive.

“Okay, the plan needs to be changed.” Thousands of plans emerged in the mind of the ball of liquid metal in an instant, and it began to deduce which would be the most suitable for it.

First of all, it had to prevent ‘Skylark’ from reviving, and it was best to keep her body in this state between life and death, for it was the most suitable for its next plan.


Song Shuhang and Young Master Phoenix Slayer had completed their CPU exchange. With the help of Phoenix Slayer’s Fifth Stage Realm CPU, Song Shuhang’s understanding of the ❮Strong Gale Saber❯ reached a new level. At the same time, his understanding of the flying saber riding technique and the saber controlling technique increased rapidly, and his proficiency in riding a flying saber and the saber controlling technique had improved by several levels.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer rubbed his face, and said, “There are still two more times.”

Why in the world had he even agreed to lend his CPU to Song Shuhang three times back then?

“Senior Phoenix Slayer, hurry up and ascend to the Sixth Stage already.” Song Shuhang gave him thumbs-up.

Young Master Phoenix Slayer responded, “Scram.”

Song Shuhang smiled, and changed the topic. “By the way, has Senior Skylark already transcended her demonic tribulation? I forgot to ask the hamster whether the Netherworld Realm has its own version of the ‘showing divinity in front of the masses’…”

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